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The name Angara comes from the Greek Sanskrit, which means “the inner fire”, perhaps to evoke the company’s emphasis on gems such as sapphire, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, and a collection of diamonds.

What began as a family business grew in 2005 in the field of e-commerce jewellery with a collection of over 7,000 products.

Their jewellery is mainly made in Los Angeles, but also in Thailand and India, headquartered in the jewellery district of Los Angeles.

Angara Review With Coupon

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The key benefits of Angara are price balancing, GIA trained valuation services and generous reimbursement policies.

In the Bizrate Surveys, a global consumption-rating website, Angara scores 9.1 out of 10, with customers extremely satisfied with return policies, product availability, and clarity of product information.

In BBB, nine complaints are listed for the Angara. The few complaints relate to the confusion of the product or the order and the rings, which are not as good as expected. It is unclear whether these complaints are okay or not.

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Angara Coupon Codes with Review: Get 50% Off

About The Angara

Angara ( is a well-known jeweler competing with brands such as Alex and Ani, Zales and Blue Nile. The Angara is compared to its competitors a medium-sized or poorly performing brand in its class.

Anyone can post reviews on the Angara in Knoji, but our own writing team also investigates to answer questions and give reviews for that brand.

So far, our team has spent approximately 90 hours researching and reviewing the 2,743 best jewelry stores based on 370 data points, z for free and (see the full list of criteria).

The advantages of Angara are:

  • Provides free shipping details
  • Offer free returns and edit details.
  • It provides details on the money back guarantee.
  • Provides the official details of the coupon page.
  • It offers international shipping details.
  • Details about the offer of affiliate programs.
  • Allows the stacking of coupon details
  • It provides information about the security and confidentiality of the website.
  • Accept PayPal details
  • Accept the details of the debit and prepaid cards.
  • Offer details on promotional codes.
  • Details of the offer of contact information
  • Details on the Black Friday sale offer.
  • Provides sales details from Cyber ​​Monday.

Certificate of authenticity

Angara jewelry box

There is a small difference here as the Angara also provides a 75-day money back guarantee. It is unclear how this is consistent or conflicting with your standard 30-day strategy.

Angara coupon codes

Optional additional warranty plan: If you buy a ring worth several thousand dollars or more, most experts recommend jewelry insurance. Angara offers its own extended warranty plan for protection against general wear and tear.

Do you still dream of this expensive solitaire ring or this luxury gemstone pendant that you noticed while shopping? Thanks to the precious stones made in the laboratory, these beautiful jewels can be yours.

Although natural gems are undoubtedly impressive, their rarity and popularity make them an exorbitant purchase. On the other hand, gemstone jewelry made in the lab is both affordable and eye-catching.

What are the gems made in the lab?

These gems are made in a controlled laboratory environment. The use of technology to produce these stones ensures that they contain fewer inclusions and defects than natural ones. Here are three more common features for lab-created gems:

Angara discount codes


The gems created in the laboratory are grown in the laboratory. Their availability and their offer are thus superior to those from the ground. Its appearance almost always reproduces its natural counterparts and promises the same charm without burning a hole in the pocket.


The production of these gemstones in laboratories with controlled environmental parameters in no way affects their durability. This special feature makes it ideal for everyday use and is also an excellent substitute for gems. These gems are very durable and require less maintenance.

Angara Review With promo codes


In terms of color, hardness, gloss and sometimes composition, gemstones made in the lab often look identical to their natural ones. The process by which they are performed also reproduces the natural formation with controlled environmental parameters, which are often the only difference.

Lab-made jewelry is a great option for those looking for an affordable price without sacrificing quality. The Angara has an exciting jewelry collection featuring sapphires, rubies, and emeralds made by the lab.

Not only are they a great addition to your jewelry box,  but they can also be a wonderful gift for someone you love. Visit today and buy a beautiful piece of jewelry that not only fits your style but also your budget.

Diamonds Didn’t Come First, Do We Care?

If you are unfamiliar with the toilet, you may wonder why we play with diamonds. Of course, we still love all the diamonds, but colorful gems are the main target of RN and it’s really fun to see couples mix traditions in marriage. In the Angara, gems are your gold mine.

Angara offers and deals

Your point about wedding rings and engagement is that a colourful stone will certainly surpass your diamond if you are not one of those following the traditional path.

Couples can choose from dazzling blue sapphires, rich green emeralds, velvety purple amethysts, intense red garnets, and many other beautiful gems, all sourced directly from mines and manufacturers.

From original styles to sophisticated designs,  to classic and sleek designs, there’s something for everyone – a quality that’s extraordinary. Superior craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service.

However, the best thing about the Angara is that her team helps couples find the perfect gem to live up to their love relationship.

And if the couple can not solve it themselves (on the website, you can literally personalize every ring of your dreams), you can count on experts and innovators dedicated to the Angara to help you find or create one. ‘It is a promise.

Whether you’