Aurum Brothers Coupon Codes & Promo Codes May 2023

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In the post mentioned, we have listed some of the finest and newest Aurum Brothers coupon codes and promo codes for May 2023.

Aurum Brother’s vigor is enhancing men with custom lavish wrist-wear that is the ideal blend of style and solace.

Best Buy Aurum Brothers Coupon Codes May 2023

Here are these best Aurum Brothers Coupons:

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About Aurum Brothers

Aurum Brothers is a store that has a range of premium stones for men ranging from bracelets, necklaces, and more. Check out more about Aurum Brother on their about us page.

Have some questions about Aurum Brothers? Check out their FAQ page.

You can even follow them on social media channels such as Facebook, and Instagram.

Things We Love About Aurum Brothers: 

1) Superior talented craftsmanship —

The kind that you take a gander at a bit of work, and SEE the time and love that went into making it.

2) Pieces that you CANNOT discover anywhere else —

Pieces simply don’t appear as significant and uncommon on the off chance that they are mass delivered and in each retail establishment.

3) The STORY behind a bit of adornment (or anything so far as that is concerned—

The stories of awesome men who have worn these materials previously tell you where the stones originated from and how it was made.

So, we chose to put this 3-criteria at the very heart of our Men’s Wrist-wear.

We figured you’d love that as well.

Aurum Brothers Promo Code

Products Offered By Aurum Brothers: 

Better beaded bracelets, the amazing invention of Aurum brothers, are amazing. The Aurum Brothers are proud to create a fashion accessory for the modern-day man.

Just like women, men also need fashion jewellery and so they are there with the most amazing and excellent quality products to enhance your personality.

The company embodies those men who have a great desire for success, ambition, strength, motivation, and drive. And each of the products offered gives you honour. They are made of high quality and great in design.

AURUM Brothers provide you premium bracelets that are a perfect combination of durability and comfort. AURUM BROTHERS have used ancient gems and stones that are thousands of years old and are completely antique and that enhance your personality.

They are determined to restore antiquated creating procedures, materials, and stories the stones utilized at Aurum siblings convey inside them.

Aurum Brothers discount coupons

Aurum Brothers offer a wide range of bracelets with luxury beads. This bracelet comes in 4 sizes and is suitable for everyone. The range of these beads is given below.

Aurum Brothers Bracelets

Here are some of the best Aurum Brothers Bracelets”


It is made with Grade A natural stones that are being gathered to create the deep colour and perfect curve of the sodalite Bracelet.

They are made with high quality and with highly resilient elastic cording. It is finished with a solid silver clasp emblazoned with the Aurum Brothers logo which the people are sure to notice.

Mixed / Classic Silver

It is a highly resilient elastic cording mixed bracelet made with A-grade natural stones. These stones give a deep colour and a perfect curve to the bracelet.

The finishing of the Aurum Bracelet is done by a solid silver block embodied with the Aurum Brother’s logo. 16x8mm 925 sterling silver beads are used to develop this authentic bracelet. Other materials used in the making are as follows-:

  1. Gold Sheen Obsidian Stones
  2. Silicone Elastic
  3. Chrysocolla
  4. Chrysanthemum

highly resilient elastic cording mixed bracelet

Onyx/Classic Silver

A beautiful classic silver bracelet made with Grade A natural Onyx stone is perfect for every occasion. The Matte black colour and solid silver emblazoned with the logo of Aurum Brothers make it adorable.

It is made with 0.925 sterling silver beads with Onyx stones bound with Silicone elastic. The Origin of these stones is from the Netherlands. The Silicone elastic gives the bracelet a high resiliency cording.

Gold-Sheen Obsidian/Classic Silver

A black with golden shimmer stoned bracelet gives you an adorable look and people will surely notice it. The Grade A 12mm black golden shimmer obsidian beads gathered from the Netherlands, bound with the silicone elastic is a perfect jewel for you.

The perfect curve of this tone and a deep tone stamped with Aurum Brother’s Logo on silver clasp shows the prestige.

Tiger Eye/Classic Silver

A rare Yellow-brown Beads bound with a high resilient silicone elastic cording is the one everyone desires. This is a 12mm A-grade bead that looks like a tiger’s eye that makes you noticeable in a crowd.

The deep yellow-brown colour and a perfect curve shape make it amazing to wear. These are the natural stones gathered from the Netherlands. Aurum Brother’s logo on the silver clasp.

Tiger Iron /Classic silver

The Tiger Iron classic bracelet is a dark red 12mm tiger iron bead studded with a solid silver block clasp with Aurum Brother’s logo.

This bracelet has a 0.925 sterling silver bead with highly resilient silicone cording. The tiger beads that are collected from the Netherlands are processed to develop this beautiful bracelet.

Tiger iron/Premium silver

Unlike the classic version, this is a dark red natural stone bound with silicone elastic to give you a premium look. This band consists of 12mm tiger iron beads with three 12mm 925 oxidized sterling silver beads and the logo is printed on another solid silver block.

The dark red colour of this stone is the most shimmery part of the bracelet. High resiliency of the silicone band makes it durable and strong. They are determined to restore antiquated creating procedures, materials, and stories the stones utilized at Aurum siblings convey inside them.

Wearing these fashion-forward bracelets will lead you to a successful and ambitious life. The stone used in making this jewellery is brought from ancient materials.

Aurum Brothers Necklaces 

Aurum Brothers give necklaces on sale with a 15% discount code. These necklaces are available at the most affordable costing. This graceful looking, top-quality matte tiger and silver necklace gives the best trendy looks as you need.

Aurum Brothers necklace


Also, Check

FAQs:- Aurum Brothers Promo Codes

🤔Can I place a custom order?

It is, of course, possible to ask to remove, add or switch metals. We can also change the colors of the stones in a bracelet. Keep in mind that we can only do a custom bracelet with the stones/metals and designs that you currently can find on the webshop.

🤷‍♂️Where are you located?

Our office is located in the Netherlands. Here we assemble your bracelets and ship them to you.

🙄What if I need to resize my bracelet.

Of course, we understand that it can be a little tricky getting the size right, the first time. However, we would love to resize it for you. Please send an email to [email protected] for proper assistance on this matter. We will guide you with the steps to follow!

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Conclusion- Aurum Brothers Coupon Codes 2023

Keep your wrist bands in trend with Aurum Brothers. They provide you with one of the best wrist wears. They are at an attainable price and have amazing quality.

I hope the above AURUM BROTHERS Coupons & Promo Code will help you to avail of great discounts.


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