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In this current era where we’re surrounded by tall infrastructure all the time, who doesn’t dream to be surrounded by greenery? Bloomscape is here to help you relieve nature by bringing it to your home.

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From your living room ready full-grown plant to pet friendly and to aesthetic plant that fits your table right, Bloomscape ships all the plants with their innovative shipping – Fresh, lively, and to your doorsteps! 

Bloomscape Overview

Bloomscape is one of those websites which will leave you in awe of their plant collection. From their roots going way back in the Netherlands’ horticulture industry, they come from five generations of greenhouse growers. Let’s dive into the details! 

Bloomscape - Home Ready Plants Delivered to Your Door


Bloomscape Features


How many times have you left your cart filled during checkout because of the shipping price? Well, they know your concern. When you order worth $50 (or above) the shipping is FREE. 

And if your order is less than $50, the shipment charge is $7. 

All you need to do is 

  • Select your plant and make sure it’s $50 or above. 
  • Enter your details (shipment address, email address)
  • Enter your payment options and voila!

Our Favorite Plants for Father's Day | Bloomscape

Just 3 steps to get your plant within 12-14 business days. 

Their packaging is made of 100% recycled material that prevents your plant to be a mess when it arrives. We love this eco-friendly approach towards sustainable growth, don’t we? 


It amazes me how rich they are in terms of diversity in plants. Long, medium and short, they’ve all the plants that one needs.

Their richness in the diversity of the collection is versatile. Their plants come in a ready package that you can unpack and place in the corner you like and enjoy!

You can go through their website to see various options and select the one that you like.

They also provide different color pots so that it matches your bedroom theme! Perfect isn’t it? 

Bloomscape Coupon Codes

Uh, oh! That cart is looking at you to set it free by clicking on the payment option. Price exceeding your budget? Don’t worry go ahead and grab that charismatic plant by availing the Bloomscape coupon below.

The Plant Care Chronicles - Bloomscape

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Additional Benefits of ordering from Bloomscape

Bloomscape is as pleasing as the name sounds. By ordering from them you can avail a number of additional benefits.

We all love the additional benefits, yes we do! I’ll list down all the extra benefits that follow as you order from them. 

Additional benefits of ordering from Bloomscape
Additional benefits of ordering from Bloomscape
  • From your expert solution for the plant to your small queries, Bloomscape will always be ready to help you. You can email, chat or tweet them and they’ll get back to you leading a helping hand. 
  • If your plant dies within 30 days, they’ll replace it for FREE. 
  • With plants, you’ll receive expert-level tips and tricks to look after them. 
  • Your ultimate guide towards the plant reaction towards your pet. They care about the issues that the plant can give to your pet. 
  • Proper drainage pot with matching saucer.

Planet MOM

One of the astonishing features of them is their ‘Plant Mom’ which is basically an expert that is an aid for your plants.

Plant mom always has your back be it from small queries regarding how many times you need to water it to your major issue about why it is dying.

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The expert is always set to lend their helping hand. Try it out yourself you’ll be startled too. 

Pros And Cons

Every coin has two sides. Before we get ourselves into something, it’s always better to look at the bright and the dark side to ensure the utmost safety from our side.

Let me guide you through the pros and cons of Bloomscape.


  • Eco-Friendly pot based on 80% recycled plastics with a matte finish. 
  • Shipping package made of 100% recycled products that ships the plant fresh, stable and without any mess.
  • If the plant or pot comes damaged, they will replace you for FREE. 
  • Expert tips are always handy and your queries are always solved. 
  • You can order a small plant to fully grown. You can simply unpack and place it. 
  • On their website, you can shop for the accessories and tools under the section PLANT CARE


  • They currently only offer returns or exchanges on their care products and accessories.
  • Shipment cities are limited.

Personal Review 

Having plants around you gives a lively environment. Bloomscape has a rich diversity in plants from long, completely grown plants to the plant that will cause no harm to your pet.

Personally, it is very important that the company take steps towards protecting our environment and with their recycled packages, we can reduce the risk of harming the environment.

It is really a good step for a healthy environment. 

Bloomscape - Arch Propagation Kit

There’s more to just adding water in the plant, Bloomscape provides a proper guide to keep our plants alive and healthy.

When you go to their website you can see a section where they have guided you with tips for taking care of your plants from indoor plants to a specific plant.

Bloomscapes goodwill has increased over the years with their truly sensational dedication and their history in the horticulture industry. 

They play a key role in making your relationship with plants better and they have made everything convenient and easy for us. 

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Conclusion – Bloomscape Coupon Code 2023

To sum it up I would like to tell you that if you’re looking for plants, be it for your room decor or for your balcony to relax and sit next to it then Bloomscape is hands down one of the desirable websites. 

What surprised me that they also guide you towards the plants that are safe and healthy for your pets. They said pet rights! 

My personal reason to go with them is their recycling products. I’m touched by their solicitudes about the environment, especially now when it’s cluttered. As I see it, it gives me a sense of relief.

I highly recommend it for you to go ahead with it without any fret. 


⭐ How do I get my plants delivered to my house?

Bloomscape gives you a perfect choice for plants and with their innovative shipping, they bring your favorite plant to your doorsteps.

⭐ How long will my order be delivered from Bloomscape?

Once you place your order, it usually takes 7-9 business days for shipment. Additionally, it takes 3-5 days more to arrive at your door once your order leaves their greenhouse. You can keep a track of your order by their tracking information you receive once you place your order.

⭐ Where can I get live plants?

There are various platforms that ships live plants. Bloomscape is one of the websites that assures your plant reaches your doorstep in 100% satisfactory condition.


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