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Many things need to be taken care of while making oneself ready. The most strenuous task is to color the hair, till one gets the best of the hair colorist. Everyone has a vision of coloring their hair and if the colorist is right, it is like a dream come true.

A lot of time is spent in the salon and with huge money spend on the basic service and still, there is huge anxiety being there that how the color will look like or whether it looks appealing or not.

We have a solution for your this problem, Madison Reed. With Madison Reed you can color your hair at home. Read the further Madison Reed review to know more.

Shades, By MadisonReed

What is MadisonReed?

Amy Errett has founded the company for hair color Madison Reed who has faced the struggle in its life for coloring the hair. So, this way a new medium has been presented for easy applying.

The business concept is not different, but there was an online quiz conducted for the women who do not want to go to DIY as well as Salon. They just need to answer a few simple questions and they will be getting customized Color bar as per their need at their doorsteps. Women who are in San Francisco and New York City, the Color Bar, is one of the essentials for them just the same as that of Drybar. 

Madison Reed was founded in the year 2013 with headquartered in San Francisco. It caters to the products related to hair color and hair care. It is an American brand, having service based on subscription from its online store or through partnerships such as QVC, Ulta, Sephora, and many others.

  • Products offered are:

    • Permanent Hair Color
    • Root Reboot
    • Root Touch Up
    • Color Reviving Gloss
    • Treatment
    • Shampoo + Conditioner
    • Styling
    • Accessories


What makes Madison Reed different from others?

Hair Shades, MadisonReed
  • The hair color provided by them is gorgeous and different. These hair colors are available all across wherever and whenever anyone wants to have it. Customer does not have to go for collecting this, as these are available at the convenience of their home. 
  • If any of the customers want to have the services of colorists and look for which suits them best, then Color Bars could be visited.
  • All the colors give a natural look. You won’t be feeling that the color has been applied to the hair. There are more than 50 shades of color that would suit every hair type, color as well as textures. This will give you a look like natural hair color. 
  • For finding the perfect shade of hair color, there is a color quiz. It is a virtual tool through which different colors could be tried on, so that best could be found. For assistance, there are colorists available for 7 days a week. 
  • All the products are free form harmful chemicals such as SLS, parabens, ammonia, PPD, gluten, titanium dioxide, phthalates, resorcinol.
  • Best of the oils and products such as ginseng root, argan oil as well as keratin is used for softness, shine, and extra nourishment. 
  • In these products, there is no odor, free from cruelty, bunny leaping certified, testing on animals are not done.

Color system by MadisonReed:

  1. ColorThis is two types of the secret for a salon, which includes coloring of hair with the shine. The professional colorist will not apply permanent hair color to the hair as that can make the hair dull and darker in the shade. So, they use permanent color to the roots for giving the best coverage to gray hair. With this the semi-permanent gloss is given from the middle portion to end of hair so that there will be gentle toning, dimensions got added, the shine of hair enhances, and gives a refreshing color again.Those who are looking for the touch up of their roots will get the refreshing color which will in turn reduces the dullness of hair look.

2. ProtectThe hair color takes off due to daily routine wash, as well as environmental factors, also harm it a lot as exposing hair in the sun. For the hair which is being treated with colors needs special care for maintaining its nourishment and hair color, for which 2 best solutions provided by them 

  • Boosting the color more – For ensuring the color stays longer, professional treatment for strength could be given which will lock the color, nourishes the hair, rich in antioxidants, and using it after color. This treatment of Pro Boost: Seal gives extra care to the colored hair.
  • Special shampoo and conditioner for protecting colored hair – These shampoos are free from sulfate, cleanses the hair gently, keep it hydrated and color of hair is locked with softness as well as shine maintains. It also gives resistance, from UV protection. 

3. TreatThere are times when the hair needs extra care for maintenance. For this, there are Prime for protection and Pro Boosts. Prime for protection helps in removing excess of buildup color on the hair so that the hair looks as if the coloring happens for the first time. If this is not used then it makes the look dull as well as dark in color. This is being used before coloring the hair every third time. 

Pro Boosts gives strength to the hair and should be given to hair every week for 5 minutes. There are 3 boosters in it: Hydrate – helps in fighting the frizz and protect the hair for becoming dry and dull. Shine – it locks the moisture in the hair and makes every strand of hair smooth. Strength – it repairs the damages and strengthens the hair. 

4. StyleStyling of hair is also necessary so there are specifically designed products to give style for colored hair. These products nourish the hair and protect the color of hair. It does not contain any ingredients which are harsh on the hair and could cause hair color to fade. The products in these help as 

  • Loud + Proud – It helps in giving volume to the hair. It comes in foam for giving instant volume. 
  • Sleek Attack – It is a soft touchable used for styling the colored hair. 
  • Let’s Bounce – It is cream that helps to define the curls for giving soft, free from frizz flexible holding.
  • Tame – It is the cream that smoothens and controls the hair frizz. 

5. Fast Fixes When there is an urgency for fixing the colors then this helps in covering the grey hair. This could be done in two ways Root touch up and Root Reboot. In Root Touch up the roots get covered and all the grays with the brush and powder. The ingredients used do not make feel uneasy or different. It gives instant touch up to the gray hair. 

6. Root Reboot – It fixes the gray roots for a 2 week with just 10 minutes. The color is sort of permanent and gives a new look to the hair which covers gray and more time could be taken for getting the next color done. These come in around 7 shades which get off easily with any color of hair.

Ingredients Used by Madison Reed:

It is necessary to keep a look at the ingredients of the product being used. Especially for hair the ingredients used should nurture it and avoid any harmful effects on it. The ingredients used in Madison Reed have the best quality which meets the safety standards among the European Union (EU) which does not allow the usage of any chemicals that are not safe for usage. 

Some Products Offered

Ingredients used:

  • Argon oil – It helps in nourishing the roots of hair from the root to tip. It maintains shine and smoothness of hair. It keeps hair hydrated and softens it, which makes the hair look silky and healthy. 
  • Keratin – With color the natural protein of hair changes off. So, for maintaining hair strength additional keratin is required both inside and outside. This will help it from the breakage and color does not fade. 
  • Ginseng Root Extract It gets deeper penetrates to the hair cortex which improves every strand of hair by softening it, eliminating spilt ends, strengthening it. 
  • Mongongo oil It comes from the Mankett