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Detailed About Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear as the name suggests is the clothing company for mountaineers. They are the famous and reputed company for making the accessories that are needed by climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor athletes.

Mountain Hardwear Climbing - Clothing Outdoor Equipment
Mountain Hardwear Climbing – Clothing Outdoor Equipment

Also, they have supported maximum trips of mountaineers on the world’s highest peaks. The products are of ace quality and are sure to give the user the best of support while performing the sports.


  1. Open the website and click on the coupon codes available.
  2. Be wise while selecting the coupon code.
  3. This will redirect you to the page of products. Select the product you need and it will automatically add to the cart. You can add multiple products in the cart.
  4. Complete the order for the final checkout.
  5. If you have any other discount or promo code, enter it before checking out.
  6. At checkout, the system will ask for some personal details such as name, contact no. and billing address. Mountain Hardwear Coupon.
  7. Pay the desired amount which is priceless the discount.
  8. The product will be delivered to you at your doorstep in the prescribed time. We have our logistics partnered to give you fast and reliable delivery.
  9. At last, enjoy the product and review us on our official website.

About Mountain Hardwear

Started by a bunch of iconoclasts, Mountain Hardwear was established in 1993, based in Richmond, California.

This company designs equipment to empower outdoor athletes. They are the manufactures and wholesale distributors of sports apparel, accessories, and equipment.

Mountain Hardwear believes that anyone who enjoys outdoor is an outdoor athlete. The mountain Hardwear started its journey from roots to the height of mountains.

Mountain Hardwear Coupon - For the hikes ahead
Mountain Hardwear Coupon – For the hikes ahead

This company provides a variety of comfortable clothes made with different material that suits all weather. It is a successful journey of Mountain Hardwear and within a few years, the business will reach the top level.

It offers a versatile line or wide variety of clothes for women, men as well as for children.  This company offers products that are tested to ensure high performance, and suitable for all ages. You can find the perfect clothes as per your requirement.

History and Foundation

Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks was the first sponsor of the Mountain Hardwear clothes.

This man helps to develop several of the company’s products. Today, mountain Hardwear reaches to the top of the ranges to associate with elite Alpine athletes. In 2013 Columbia sportswear acquired mountain Hardwear.

Mountain Hardwear opens its first location in Portland, Oregon in April 2008.

Men Featured New Arrivals - Mountain Hardwear

On December 5, 2008, another Mountain Hardwear retail shop was opened in Seattle, Washington.

The company has more than 85 people in its California office, more than 35 sales reps, and associates in the United States and in other countries. Nowadays, Mountain Hardwear touches the top of the sky. It has thousands of retail shops all over the US.

Sponsored athletes:

There are various numbers of athletes sponsored by Mountain Hardwear. Most of them are alpinists, climbers, or skiers. Various sponsors help to put your business front and center. Get in front of your target market.

It increases our brand awareness and media exposure. They help us to increase our reach to our new customers.  The various sponsors are listed below:

  1. Vivian Bruchez
  2. Tim Emmet
  3. Cheyne Lempe
  4. Mike Libecki
  5. Angela Payne
  6. Ethan Pringle
  7. Freddie Wilkinson


Mountain Hardwear offers a wide range of sports appeals. Our expertise shows the products before purchasing by the customers. After the full satisfaction of the customer, you can purchase your documents.

Mountain Hardwear - Fan Favorites

We will provide you thousands of products of various variety, color, and size.  We will provide you internet service as well. We will take our customer order in both. Mountain Hardwear takes care of every choice of its customer.

The range offered by this company listed below:

  • CAMPING AND HIKING: Camping describes a range of activities and approaches to outdoor accommodation. Camping may be combined with hiking as well. It includes activities such as climbing, fishing, and hunting. You can get your whole wearing dresses as well as thousands of equipment in Mountain Hardwear shops. This includes various things inside it such as Tents, Hiking backpacks, Sleeping bags, and accessories, etc.
  • Men’s Clothing: At the mountain Hardwear shop, you can get a wide variety of clothing from shorts to jacket. They also provide adventure sports men’s wear such as climbing, skiing, etc.  They provide multiple ranges of good quality clothing. Prices at Mountain Hardwear are very reasonable and can be afforded by everyone. They range of mountain Hardwear includes designer shorts, casual as well as formal pants, men’s classy shirts (printed as well as plain), cool insulated jackets that can suit your look, and a lot more.
  • Women’s clothing: Mountain Hardwear also checks for women’s clothing as well. Women are not far behind men in the field of sports that’s why; this company provides the best in class sportswear and equipment for women. Visiting Mountain Hardwear collection then doesn’t fear for quality as we provided equipment and gear with tested quality. The range for women covers insulated fleece jackets, raincoats, shells, vests. The pants collection at this website is amazing as it includes pants suitable for hiking, climbing, Baselayer, etc, Skirts and dresses, Shells.
  • FITNESS: Fitness is an important aspect in today’s world to stay active and energetic; therefore, the website provides fitness gear for all-purpose. The quality and pricing for this fitness gear are great and affordable. Fitness makes you feel happier. It can help you with your weight loss and gain muscle strength. It increases your energy levels providing healthy skin.  To keep all these factors in our mind we are also provided different fabric materials for fitness. These include clothes for Running, Yoga, and Training.
  • Hiking: For climbing and hiking purposes it provides mountain gears as well. This will help you to reach the top of the mountains easily. These gears are of good quality and of reasonable price as well. The range you find inside includes Mountain and hiking gear.
  • Skiing: This is one of the most interesting activities while reach on to the top of the mountains. We will provide different types of equipment for skiing to provide you with immense pleasure driving down to the mountain. There will no question regarding prices and quality. Because we will provide every accessory at the very best quality and at a very good price. It also provides you everything in the new and latest fashion.  The product listed in our catalog includes Skiing clothes and Skiing accessories.
  • SNOWBOARDING: The activity or sport of moving over a snowboard. As the same skiing, this is also one of the most important and interesting things to do. It is a recreational activity and winter Olympic and Paralympics sports that involves descending a snow-covered slope.

The accessories in this section include Snowboarding clothes, Camping tents backpacking, and Expedition tents.

Mountain Hardwear - 50% Off Kor Preshell

  • PACKS AND BAGS: For the trip towards mountain bags and packs are very important things for packing materials. Even bags play an important role in every trip and for this best quality is necessary. And Mountain Hardwear is one of the platforms that provides the best quality of bags and packs for the trip. The bag price is very reasonable as well and the size is also good enough so that you can pack your all material. Range of bag packs includes are climbing backpacks, Mountaineering backpacks, Backpacking packs, Daypacks, Duffel bags, etc.
  • Kid’s wear:  mountain Hardwear also deals in Kid wears. At mountain Hardwear, we manufacture and distribute clothing for both boys as well as girls. Even kids need specific accessories for adventure sports such as hiking and camping. The range of kid accessories includes Baby carrier packs, Baby backpacks, Sleeping bags, kid‘s cycling, Kid’s bikes, Kid‘s helmets, Kid’s accessories, and a lot more.
  • SLEEPING BAGS: The sleeping bag is an insulated covering for a person, essentially, a light wear quilt that can be closed with a zipper or similar means to form a tube, which functions as lightweight, portable bedding in situations where a person is sleeping outdoors (e.g.. camping, hiking, hill walking, or climbing. These are also provided at a very low price and superior quality.
  • These bags trap air and keep it from circulating. The body remains warmed by the heat created by your body‘s metabolism. This bag forms a barrier between this air and the colder ground or outside air. These bags have almost 13 different designs and variants and you can choose your desired variant in mountain Hardwear shops.

The various types as follows:

Womem Outdoor Clothing - Mountain Hardwear

  1. Expedition sleeping bags-a a wonderful made with quality material, expedition sleeping bags are the ace and the choicest product of our company.
  2. Cold weather sleeping bag- this product is made with A1 quality of material to ensure the best camping experience even in the cold weather. The material used keeps the inner tent area warm and protected to ensure the sleeper has a peaceful sleeping despite chilly weather.
  3. Camping sleeping bags- this is the most favored and preferred sleeping bag by our customer. The material used is of great quality and also the space in the tent is ample in quantity. The bags are comfortable and give a delightful and cozy feeling to the user. It is our first rated product and made with outstanding material to give the user great feeling.

Mountain Hardwear men’s shirts, men’s jeans, men’s pants, and men’s jackets are the zenith of engineering and mountain- tested quality.

The same quality is provided in women’s hats, women’s shirts, women’s pants, and women’s jackets.

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When its time to play in the snow, Mountain Hardwear is your go-to source for your sitting in the mountain as well as for your climbing on mountains.

You can rock everywhere while wearing this Mountain Hardwear clothes. It will provide snowboarding clothing in very high quality.

Mountain Hardwear takes you through the urban landscape with luggage skiing and snowboard clothing.

Athletes also find their various equipment in Mountain Hardwear at a very reasonable price. Mountain Hardwear has sponsored various numbers of sponsors to put our business front and center.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy

We provide a limited time warranty Policy that covers any manufacturing defect or flaw. Mountain Hardwear covers only unaltered, genuine, and unmodified materials.

This lifetime warranty does not include any wear or tear to the material that happens over time. The natural breakdown of the material overtime is not included in this policy.

For human-made damage to the product such as misuse, improper care, or normal wear tear, the company will withdraw its policy.

The company will only accept return if the product to be returned has to be given back unused in the same packing if any damage to the product is found, then return will be declined. Once the product passes the quality check, the refund will be initiated.

Humans Of hardwear - Our very own, annabel

This policy can last up to the practical life of the product. We the customer wished to sell or transfer the product then the warranty will collapse.

You avail warranty; the original bill would be required or any other proof of purchase. Any damage in the product will be repaired or virtual merchandise credit can be issued for the customer.

Any damage due to improper care can also be repaired at a reasonable charge. This policy is valid only to the customers reciting in the United States of America.

Returned part inspection

The warranty department at Mountain Hardwear will inspect the purchased product with no extra charge.

After complete inspection if our team finds it in sole discretion, i.e., the product has any manufacturing and workmanship defect, then we will repair the product or provide you with virtual merchandise credit.

The value of the credit notes will be equivalent to MSRP value. The refund or repair will be done within four weeks of inspection. In some cases, the repair may take a longer time depending on the season or nature of the product.

If you desire to get your original product back instead of a virtual merchandise credit, then please see the warranty form printed on the box or call the customer care team at Mountain Hardwear. Don’t take more than 10 days to decide.

How to claim warranty service

If you like to claim the limited time warranty then you can directly visit the retail store where you bought the product. Or you can send the product back to us. In many cases, an executive at a retail store can assist you.

Outdoor Clothing Outlet Special Priced Jackets - Mountain Hardwear

Shipping Information

If you wish to send the product for inspection, please ship it through a courier service that provides tracking data. We recommend you to courier the shipment through trusted shipping companies such as UPS or FedEx.

The company will not be held responsible for any loss in shipment during transit. The customer is responsible for any item shipped to mountain Hardwear.

The cost of return shipping will be covered by us. It is recommended to ship the product with a reputed carrier with proof of shipping and consignment tracking features.

 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How do I use Mountain Hardwear coupons?

To use a Mountain Hardwear coupon, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it while checking out.

⭐ How to save money at Mountain Hardwear?

Mountain Hardwear coupons from Slickdeals. Right now, the most you can save is 60% off.

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Conclusion – Mountain Hardwear Coupon Codes 2023

To provide warmth and comfort primarily against the elements of the weather but secondary as humans developed they allowed us to portray our preferences and personality.

Mountain Hardwear will provide you every product in a very high range and quality. We will also provide some different items also such as a tent, sleeping bags, packs, etc.

Our quality, prices, servicing, online & offline servicing in mountain Hardwear is always found in better quality as compared to others. We always take care of our customers in every manner. After delivering the products to customers we take the customer’s feedback.

We do this to realize our weak points and can implement the changes and work on the problems to improve the functioning of the company.

Feedback helps us to reduce the customer‘s issues and it also helps to increase the productivity of our company as well. It is valuable that will be used to make important decisions.

We always want to give the best services to our customers. Also, MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR PANTS and MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR JACKETS are some of the best and recommended products from our customers.

Mountain Hardwear sleeping BAGS AND  MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR TENTS are most liked by the people who are regular with camping.

Also, we are giving up some amazing discounts to all our customers to let them try all of the amazing products offered by us in the same budget as yours.

The discount coupons are available on our official website which can be easily downloaded and used for your upcoming purchases of our products. The steps for the Same are mentioned above. Mountain Hardwear Coupon is a limited time offer.

Avail it before it lasts. Also, visit MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR OUTLETS for more goods. 

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