Cruise Direct Review with Coupon Codes July 2024: Up To 50% OFF

Cruise Direct is your ultimate destination for booking unforgettable cruises to exotic destinations worldwide.

Your passion for adventure and relaxation is matched only by their commitment to exceptional customer service. With a wide range of carefully curated itineraries, they bring you the most breathtaking destinations and cutting-edge cruise ships.

Embark on a journey of a lifetime, where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure an unforgettable voyage. Discover the wonders of the sea with Cruise Direct

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Cruise Direct Review with Coupon Codes July 2024: Up to 50% Off ❤

What is Cruise Direct?

Cruise Direct is a one-stop site which helps you compare over fifteen different cruise lines, all at once. The cruise lines include the likes of – Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Carribean Cruises and Princess Cruises.

These cruises travel to various destinations such as – Hawaii, Carribean, Alaska, Mexico, Africa, Bahamas, Europe and Australia, with departures from up to twenty different ports, including those at Miami, Los Angeles, Galveston, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Port Canaveral.

Available Cruise Lines

Cruise direct discount coupons

The various cruise lines to which you can book through Cruise Direct are –

  • Cunard Line
  • Costa
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • MSC Cruises
  • Holland America Cruise Line
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Royal Carribean Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Azamara Club Cruises
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Oceania Cruises
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Viking Ocean Cruises
  • Silver Sea Cruises
  • Seabourne Cruise Line

They also have a scope of booking for river cruises. The three cruise lines to which you book via Cruise Direct are –

cruise direct promo codes

  • Crystal River Cruise
  • Ama Waterways
  • Viking River Cruises

Why book through Cruise Direct?

Cruise Direct helps you compare prices between different cruise lines with the utmost ease. The website interface is extremely easy to use, especially if you are confused as to where you might want to go.

The various features of the site include giving information necessary to give you a specific cruise liner.

If you are able to provide ‘destination’, ‘departure port’, ‘month’, ‘length’ – they’ll provide you details accordingly.

You can also provide your preferred cruise line and they will provide you information pertaining to that specific cruise liner.

Cruise direct coupons

Those who are unsure of where to go and which port to board their cruise from, they simplify the decision-making process, with ease.

For example, if you’re unsure of your destination but are sure of the date, all you have to do is give a specific date, depending on when you want to go and then click on ‘any destination’ and/or ‘any departure port’ and you’ll be given every detail about available liners and pricing of each.

After this, you can easily choose the liner you wish to opt for and select your cabin according to your preference and make a smooth and easy payment. Also, if you are lucky, you may also be able to avail a Cruise Direct last-minute deal.

Cruise direct offers

Sounds hassle free and perfect, doesn’t it?


Their motto is simple – ‘We love cruises and want everyone to love them too!’ This does say a lot about the kind of service they offer to their patrons.

We have had an extremely smooth ride when booking for cruises through them because not only are they extremely helpful to the various queries you may have, they try to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.


They make sure that no matter what the issue, nothing should come in the way of a smooth ride, showing how much they actually wish to stick to their motto.

Each and every information you may provide to them, they keep it strictly confidential unless absolutely necessary (special cases in which they might have to share the information, will be given below in the section – Privacy Policy.)

Booking is easy because they don’t charge anything extra.

Pricing of Cruise Direct

The prices of the cruise liners are different based on the location, length, destination, and date preferred. However, the starting rates are, as is given below –

Cruises Prices 
  • Cunard Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Holland America Line
  • Costa
  • MSC Cruises
  • Princess Cruises


  • Royal Carribean Cruises
  • Azamara Club Cruises
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Oceania Cruises
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Seabourn Cruise Line
  • Silversea Cruises
  • Viking Ocean Cruises
  • AmaWaterways
  • Crystal River Cruises


cruise direct enquiry

P.S. – If you are lucky, you can avail Cruise Direct last minute deals and avail of Cruise Direct promo codes or Cruise Direct coupon codes in order to get a discount in the prices mentioned above. Sometimes, they even give last-minute Cruise Direct late deals which you should definitely look out for if you are hoping to get a hefty discount in the prices mentioned.

Features (Cruise Liner specific)

As is obvious, every cruise liner has something specific or special to it, which will make you want to opt for it, instead of the others. Given below are the features – specific to a given cruise.

  • Carnival Cruise Line

If you want to avail a cruise ride in a limited budget, then this is the cruise you should opt for. They have various ports, situated at suitable locations to make it easy for their patrons.

Some of their ports include – Long Beach, Port Canaveral, Miami and Jacksonville. They provide for an array of activities such as – live entertainment, movie nights, mini-golf courses, casino, bowling dens, spa treatments, dance lessons and fun at sea (water rides).

Their ticket prices vary based on the length of the trip taken by you, your room type, the ship you have chosen, the length of your ship and the destination.

Like every cruise line, they provide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as free beverages such as lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, milk, tea and coffee.

They have a total of 1,699 cruises and also provide for discounts of up to 75% with the use of various Cruise Direct coupon codes.

  • Celebrity Cruises –

For people looking at premium vacations, enjoying royalty and comfort like no other, and those that are willing to splurge a little, then this is one cruise you should definitely consider.

They provide itineraries which cover worldwide destinations – ranging from Europe to Asia to the Panama Canal to Hawaii. You name it and they have it.

They have various beverage packages and gratuity options based on the room chosen.

Other than that, they also have designated smoking areas and have the option for internet access (which you must avail by purchasing a package).

They have a total of 546 cruises and have some of the best rates available with the help of Cruise Direct promo codes which you can make use of.

  • Costa –

Costa sails to exotic locations such as Dubai, Norway, Thailand, and Bombay. Costa is one of the most preferred European cruise lines and every ship is known to sport a specific theme.

They have a total of 1,178 cruises under them.Costa cruises provide for room services and have the main dining area which provides for different cuisines and beverages along with a kids activity section and spa and fitness.

Overall, if you wish to enjoy a theme-specific cruise experience, book a Costa liner. Also, don’t forget to avail a discount with the help of Cruise Direct coupon codes.

  • Cunard Line –

Cunard is one of the oldest cruise liners in the world, proving that its renowned legacy, ranging from the Queen Mary 2 to the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria is what has kept it running all this while.

Cunard Line cruisers are known to provide some of the best onboard entertainment ranging from live Jazz to dancing to a casino.

You name it, they have it. Other than that they have some amazing dining options and beverages on offer.

The kids’ activities and spa and fitness complete their total royal package. They have a total of 210 cruises. Don’t forget to avail a Cruise Direct promo code which may help you avail this cruise at a complete steal!

  • Disney Cruise Line –

Disney Cruise Lines like the name itself suggests provides for Disney theme wonders onboard each cruise.

Some of their themes are seasonal such as Halloween and Christmas while others provide an overall Disney experience. They have a total of 265 cruises under their line.

What makes the Disney Cruise Line a dream for Disney fanatics is the attractions and entertainment it provides for borders, ranging from magic shows to Broadway-style productions and live musical shows all centred around various Disney characters.

So, if you’re looking for an overdose of Disney, this is the cruise line you should opt for. Don’t worry about the high prices because you can easily catch a Cruise Direct last-minute deal.

  • Holland America Line –

Covering a wide array of destinations right from Europe to Asia, what makes Holland America Line a sought after one is the enriching cooking experience you have on-board.

Learn how to make exquisite pasta and decadent wine while listening to some amazing Blues – a wholesome experience like no other.

They provide for a total of 1,160 cruises and every ship comes with an array of entertainment options and activities for adults and kids alike.

Other than that, there is the ‘As You Wish’ dining option and spa and fitness. A complete package, if you ask us. And like every other option, avail a quick discount using a Cruise Direct promo code available on their site.

  • MSC Cruises –

MSC Cruises offer trips to a total of over 190+ destinations. For couples looking for some ‘me time’ all the while keeping their kids busy in activities, this is the cruise liner you should opt for.

From Jazz performances to acrobats jumping around you have an abundance of entertainment onboard. They have an onboard specialty dining along with complimentary meals.

Kids can have a gala time in the Junior Club and Mini Club while you and your partner enjoy a quick spa session.

For sport addicts, there is volleyball, tennis, basketball and an array of other sports. There are a total of 1,933 cruises. There’s something for everyone. Enjoy all this and more by availing a Cruise Direct coupon code.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line –

A family favorite, the Norwegian Cruise Line is known to provide something for everyone.

For the thrill-seekers, there is the never seen before free-fall slide, for those seeking to relax a little there is the spa and for the music lover there is the Tony award-winning hair metal show – ‘Rock of Ages.’With a total of 934 cruises under them, each cruise provides for an abundance of entertainment and an array of activities for everyone, whether kid or adult.

They also provide for some exquisite dining options to enjoy after a relaxing spa session.

Avail a trip on the Norwegian Cruise Line and enjoy a Norwegian experience at special discounted rates with the use of a Cruise Direct Promo code available exclusively on their site.

  • Princess Cruises –

Why do people opt for Princess cruises? The answer is as simple as it gets – because they provide fun and entertainment in abundance.

A special mention goes to the curated tours by Animal Planet and Discovery for stargazers and wildlife lovers.

Having a total of 1,655 cruises under them, the Princess cruises provide for live production shows along with movies under the stars.

Enjoy scrumptious meals on-board while your kids enjoy some cooking classes at the Jr. Chef@Sea activity.

You could also enjoy spa therapy sessions and fitness classes. If Princess cruises are what you would like to opt for, then remember to check for Cruise Direct late deals that may help you avail some discount on your booking.

  • Royal Carribean Cruises –

Want to enjoy driving a bumper car or do some ice-skating while at sea? If you seek adventure and fun, the Royal Carribean Cruise is what should be your one-stop answer.

Learn scuba diving while little ones enjoy some mini-golf. You could also take part in some wine tasting or jewellery making.

They provide trips around the Mediterranean, Arabian Gulf, Carribean and in and around Hawaii.  Enjoy all this and more, aboard the Royal Carribean Cruises.

If you wish to avail a lower rate while enjoying all the above-mentioned benefits, avail a Cruise Direct promo code and get a special discounted rate, making the trip all the more memorable.

Pros and Cons of Cruise Direct:

Honestly, we really couldn’t point out cons as such but then if we really had to say something specific, we would say that their customer service could improve a little.

At times people might face a dilemma regarding which option to choose, based on the discount rates, and speaking to a customer care executive could help ease out the worries.

They should try to put every question to rest so that the booking can be made quickly and smoothly.

Cruise direct customer reviews

As for pros, we are surely at a loss because there are too many to state. First of all, they have some amazing cruise lines available on their site, having some good rates ranging from budget plans to exorbitant plans, and look into providing for distinct experiences like no other.

Their cruises also have different experiences right from homely to royalty, you name it, they have it.

Also, the Cruise Direct last minute deals and Cruise Direct late deals see to it that you can avail special discount rates so that you can always opt for the cruise you wish to and money doesn’t end up becoming a hindrance.

Also, they have no prior booking fee, which can always be considered a major pro.

Customer Support

cruise direct reviews

You can have a word with their customer care executive via live chat through the website. Other than that they have experts available on call, 7-days a week from 6 am to Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) at 1-888-407-2784.

If you are a customer outside the USA or Canada, you can get in touch with them at – 001-973-256-3136.

You could also leave them a mail, through the website and they will surely get back within one business day.

FAQs related to Cruise Direct

How can I find Cruise Direct coupon codes?

To find Cruise Direct coupon codes, you can visit coupon and deal websites, subscribe to the Cruise Direct newsletter, or follow their social media accounts. These platforms often provide updates on the latest coupon codes and promotions available.

Can I combine multiple coupon codes at Cruise Direct?

In most cases, only one coupon code can be used per booking. It's unlikely that multiple coupon codes can be combined unless explicitly stated otherwise in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Are there any restrictions or limitations for using Cruise Direct coupon codes?

Yes, there may be restrictions or limitations associated with the use of Cruise Direct coupon codes. These restrictions can include minimum purchase requirements, specific booking dates, exclusions for certain cruise lines or itineraries, or limitations on the number of times a code can be used. It's essential to review the terms and conditions provided with the coupon code to understand any limitations or restrictions that apply.

Do Cruise Direct coupon codes have expiration dates?

Yes, coupon codes typically have expiration dates. The expiration date can vary depending on the specific coupon code and the terms and conditions set by Cruise Direct. It's important to check the validity and expiration date of the coupon code before using it.

Can I get a refund if I forgot to use a coupon code at Cruise Direct?

Generally, if you have already completed the booking without applying a coupon code, it may not be possible to retroactively apply the discount. However, it's recommended to reach out to Cruise Direct's customer support and explain the situation. They may be able to provide a solution or offer alternatives to compensate for the missed coupon code.

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Final Verdict: Cruise Direct Review with Coupon Codes July 2024

Cruise Direct is known to have one of the best reputations in the Cruise trip business and we can vouch for that.

This review will tell you as to why you can happily opt for Cruise Direct without a shred of doubt and be sure to enjoy a trip, that will stay with you for a long long time, with your family and loved ones.

They promise to make it worth your while and trust us when we say this, they live up to the promise they make. Enjoy a hassle-free cruise without a care for the world and come back rejuvenated.

We would happily suggest that you consider Cruise Direct when booking Cruise trips because we are sure, you’ll be thanking us later.

Have fun and enjoy a safe sea voyage!

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