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If you are looking for reviews for the best of hotels and resorts across the world you are at the right place.

Here on this website, you will find all the information you need regarding hotels, and resorts in various locations across the world that will help you decide whether staying there would be an incredible experience for you or not.

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Selecting a hotel or resort for a vacation, honeymoon, adventurous or romantic trip, etc may not be easy. If you book a hotel online, you must first know about the hotel. If you don’t, you may end up wasting money and more importantly, time that you expected to be good.

I realized this when I went for my honeymoon. Let me tell you why I am writing reviews on this website. I am a writer and I booked a hotel for my honeymoon in Dubai.

The hotel turned out to be terrible even though it charged a lot. The pictures on the official website of the hotel were really fascinating, but when we reached there, we found out that the hotel was very old and nothing like shown in the pictures. We later had to book another hotel for triple its cost.

That is when I realized how important it is for people to first have honest reviews about the hotels in various locations. Today, I didn’t enter a hotel without reading enough reviews about it.

I have been working on this website for a very long time now, and I personally travel a lot. Also, I have gathered a team that helps me with honest and detailed reviews for various hotels and resorts.

My website has all the information you need. This includes the present pictures of the place, the staff behavior, room sizes, and types, cost, distance from tourist attraction places and airports, and many more.

I don’t want what happened to me to happen to my readers too. I would recommend everyone to read a trusted review of the hotel or resort before paying a hefty amount of money and taking out time from your busy schedule to visit it.

A hotel that is different from what you needed is a total mood killer. A bad mood on a vacation is the worst that can happen to anyone.

I also have mentioned coupons for most of the hotels that can help you get massive discounts from them. All you have to do is enter these coupons during the checkout and you are good to go.

About the Author – Soma Lian

Soma Lian is the author of this website. She is a writer by profession and writes part-time. She is also a traveler and visits at least one location every month.

She spends most of her time either writing or traveling. She loves going on adventures and relaxing in resorts and hotels. She is a big foodie as well and hotels with the best foods are always her priority. She is also certified in hotel management.



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