TravelPayouts Review with Coupon June 2024: Is It The Best Travel Affiliate Network? (How do I use Travelpayouts API?)



Earn commissions for every sale you make while earning free travel experiences! Travelpayouts is the first and only travel affiliate network. Thousands of traffic partners from around the world buy, sell, and list products for travel clients every day. Interest: Travelpayouts is a virtual affiliate network that allows you to earn commissions by promoting websites.

Out of 10


  • Free of cost
  • It is very Easy to Access
  • The customer service is really good, Helpful Support Staff
  • Complete Security
  • Affiliates can make use of free case studies
  • The platform, as well as tools, are multilingual
  • If you are a developer, make use of Travelpayouts’ excellent API and mobile SDK.
  • The network offers a 30-day cookie lifetime
  • Cutting-edge tools ensure high conversion rates on your site.
  • A CPA model allows you to take advantage of an increase in traffic and earn more.


  • The links which they provide are usually direct links to their partners.


Price: $ 40

Are you an experienced affiliate marketer?

Do you want to be paid for referring other travelers?

Solution: They help visitors to book their dream trip, discover alternative places to visit, and save money by traveling. Create your own travel itinerary, convert the best possible deals and earn more.

At Travelpayouts, we focus on earning as much as possible – so if you’re looking for a business that pays you for promoting your business online, we’re the business for you!

You’ll receive a commission from TravelPayouts every time someone clicks through or signs up on your site.

This is a full review of Travelpayouts with coupon codes for June 2024. You’ll learn about the network advantages and features, available verticals and programs, affiliate tools, acceptable traffic sources, customer support, and more. 

This Travelpayouts Review will not only help you understand what the site is about but also teach how to sign up on the platform, and earn some quick and easy money!

Bottom Line Up Front

Travelpayouts is the Best CPA Travel Affiliate Network. You can access exclusive tools and the best travelaffiliate programs, which includesbooking flight seats,
car rentals, hotel rooms and more, to make it as easy as possible for travelers.. JOIN TODAY. And learn how to start earning on your travel content in 10 minutes!

Travelpayouts is the pay-per-action travel affiliate network takes less time and money than traditional affiliate networks.

Furthermore, you don’t have to keep track of your affiliates’ earnings or monitor conversions.

TravelPayouts Review

accepts commission payouts for those who use their referral link when signing up to earn affiliate commissions.

High earnings from travel traffic monetization. They cover flight, hotel, car rental, insurance, transfer fees, and more. Earn enough to buy your own island.

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TravelPayouts Review 2024: Is It an Ideal Choice For Travel Website??

You might have questions like this for Travelpayouts : 

What is travel payout?

How do I use Travelpayouts API?

How do you make money on Travelpayouts?

What does Payments to Affiliates mean?

Who is considered an affiliate?

How do I remove powered by TravelPayouts?

What Is Travelpayouts?

TravelPayouts is an affiliate pay-per-action travel affiliate network, giving webmasters an opportunity for extra earning in the travel market. The platform combines offers in various niches, including:

Travel Payouts Review

How Does Travelpayouts work?Travel Payouts coupon

To start earning with Travelpayouts, you will have to complete the following steps:

  • First, sign up with the Travelpayouts affiliate network.
  • Next, add the Travelpayouts tools to your own website. This will help encourage your site visitors to book flights, hotels, and other travel services.
  • Once the visitor books a flight or hotel through your affiliate link or tool, you will get up to 70% revenue share.

Why Choose Travelpayouts?

Why choose Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts allows webmasters to earn money simply by placing a few links and tools on their websites. That way, they can increase traffic and earn a good amount of money for promoting advertisers’ products.

It seems like a win-win situation for both an affiliate and an advertiser. All you have to do is sign up on the network and place tools.

Besides, you can save time by registering with Travelpayouts rather than with each advertiser separately. How? The network accumulates offers from over 90 travel companies, so you can connect to any of them and manage partnerships in a single interface. 

Another advantage is that When you sign up for several programs, it won’t take long to earn a minimum payout amount and get your first check, then if you work with advertisers directly and get paid by each one of them separately.

How can you make money with Travelpayouts?

How can you make money with Travelpayouts?

There are four ways to earn money with Travelpayouts:

  • Direct Link –The best way to earn money with Travelpayouts is by posting a text link or high-quality banners provided by the network.
    For example, if you write a post about your latest vacation to Corsica, you can link to Travelpayouts at the end of this post to encourage blog visitors to book their hotels and flights to Corsica right away.
  • Search Forms – The next option would be to use a travel search form on your site. Travelpayouts provides pre-made search forms that you can easily use and copy-paste to your own website. This way, whenever a visitor uses the given search form to book a flight or hotel, you receive a specific remuneration for the booking.
  • Mobile Application – This is a very popular option thanks to huge traffic in mobile applications. Attach a Travelpayouts’ link to mobile apps, so once the visitor of your blog installs the application, you will earn money from every reservation they make within a year. (This way, you won’t have to worry about your cookie being overwritten by a fellow competitor nor will you have to worry about the length of your affiliate cookie.)
  • Second Tier Affiliates – The last way to earn money via Travelpayouts is with the two-tier affiliate program, which allows you to earn money by referring Travelpayouts to fellow travel bloggers and website owners. Thus, you can earn 5% of the Travelpayouts income generated through your sub-affiliates.

Travel Payouts Review


High earnings from travel traffic monetization. We cover flight, hotel, car rental, insurance, transfer fees, and more. Earn enough to buy your own island.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

New algorithms used

😩  Cons

Have to get specific approval for some affiliate programs.


Travelpayouts is the platform that I am personally using, one that I have tried tested. What I love about it is that you can use this network no matter where you are and who your audience is. You can use this to monetize both international and local traffic, as this platform has 80 travel affiliate programs and 59 language options.

Rating 4/5

Key Features Of Travelpayouts

Here are various features of the Travelpayouts affiliate network that make it unique on the market:

  • 30-day cookie. Every user who follows your link gets a 30-day cookie. Meaning that if they make a purchase or booking within 30 days from the first click on the link, the sale will be attributed to you.

Travelpayouts Review

  • Money Script. It is a tool for website owners that allows them to automatically turn all site links into affiliate links. It can greatly save time so that you don’t have to work on links individually. 
  • Educational content. Travelpayouts puts a lot of effort into educating its affiliates to help increase their earnings. Take advantage of regular free webinars, an enormous collection of useful posts on the blog, white papers as well as online meetups with advertisers.

Travelpayouts review and testimonials

  • WordPress plugin. This is a dedicated plugin for WordPress-powered blogs allowing webmasters to place different widgets such as hotel and flight maps, low price calendars, etc. as well as tables with information on flights, hotels, train tickets, etc.

Travelpayouts Review

  • Regular special offers and giveaways. Travelpayouts’ partners are leading brands in the travel and niche and more, for example, SEMrush or Visme. They often run special deals and discounts for Travelpayouts’ affiliates and allow them to save a buck while using their services.


  • High conversion rate. Travelpayouts provides affiliates with a high conversion rate, which is possible thanks to the well-crafted tools the network offers and regular updates. 


  • High earnings. Revenue shares can go up to as high as 70% per sale. Thus, the more you end up selling, the more you end up earning. On average, the network affiliates earn around 1.6% per flight booking and around 6% per hotel booking.


  • Monthly payments. Payouts are made via different payment systems such as Paypal, SWIFT, Epayments, Webmoney, and


  • Inspirational content. Travelpayouts regularly shares travel news and success stories of its affiliates, as well as the information on how much earn, for example, top ten affiliate payouts each month.


  • Promotional tools. The network shares multiple tools that will help you increase earnings, such as links, banners, widgets, search forms as well as advanced solutions like API, White Label, etc.

Travelpayouts review

Don’t these features make you want to avail a Travelpayouts demo right away? Let’s wait no further and take a quick look at the pros and cons of joining the Travelpayouts affiliate network.

TravelPayouts Review | Allowed Types Of Traffic

There are more than 90 affiliate programs on Travelpayouts. Each one has its own rules regarding the allowed forms of traffic. The rules are readily available on the pages of each program within Travelpayouts.

Below, you’ll are the various traffic types allowed on the Travelpayouts affiliate network and some notes on them.

  • Contextual advertising 
  • Teaser advertising – Teaser advertising whereby an advertising campaign is shown in a series of ads, without a complete reveal of the product or brand till the last of the series. Teaser advertising is allowed.
  • Doorways – Doorways are created for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. This helps sites that might have low traffic but are still able to generate sales. Doorways are allowed.
  • Click-under
  • Pop-up 
  • Pop-under 
  • Email marketing 
  • Groups and pages in social networking – Advertising on Facebook, Reddit, VK, and other social networking sites are very welcome, but spam is not. Spam is forbidden by default.
  • Targeted ads in social networks
  • Messengers (Telegram, Viber, and similar apps) – Spam is forbidden by default, but if you have a blog or a community in a messenger you are free to use the links.
  • Mobile apps – Using built-in advertising or advertising via ad networks through mobile applications is forbidden.


  • Motivated traffic – Motivated traffic usually motivates a user to go through a particular advertisement and take quick action. This is also forbidden.
  • Cashback – This refers to returning a part of the money paid by the buyer. This is allowed.
  • Toolbar – Toolbar often causes fraudulent traffic. This usually happens when Partner A distributes its browser plugin, causing a change in the cookie of Partner B, who was the one to actually attract the buyer. This causes a commission based on the cookie to go to the wrong person. This is forbidden.
  • Retargeting/Remarketing 
  • Type-in – It is entering the site’s name directly in the browser’s address bar. Creating a site with a similar name in hopes that a user will enter the name of the site incorrectly is forbidden.
  • Promotional codes – Using promotional codes of the particular advertiser for other marketing activities merely to attract the user is forbidden.
  • Iframe – Iframe often causes fraudulent traffic and is forbidden. 
  • Applications in social networks 
  • Adult traffic – Traffic brought in from adult sites is forbidden in most, but not all affiliate programs on the network. Read the rules carefully!

Pros And Cons 

Like every other site, Travelpayouts too has certain pros and cons which you must know of before you take a plunge into their site. 



  • The interface of the platform is user-friendly. You can easily navigate the site and move within tabs.
  • Different affiliate programs have different rules. You have to read carefully before joining, and some of them require pre-approval.
  • The platform, as well as tools, are multilingual, so working with customers all around the world becomes smooth and easy.
  • Although affiliate tools are available in more than 15 languages, the site itself is only in English and Russian.
  • The network offers a 30-day cookie lifetime, so in the event, a visitor decides to return to the website within a month and complete a booking, you’ll still earn your commission.
  • The links which they provide are usually direct links to their partners.
  • Every installed mobile application and browser plug-in is permanently associated with your account.
  • Cutting-edge tools ensure high conversion rates on your site.
  • A CPA model allows you to take advantage of an increase in traffic and earn more.
  • If you are a developer, make use of Travelpayouts’ excellent API and mobile SDK.
  • The platform has a brilliant and super fast support team that manages to process 99% of requests within an hour.
  • Affiliates can make use of free case studies and webinars to better understand the niche and earn more. Travelpayouts is gladly sharing the niche secrets to help you grow.

Pricing And Income TravelPayouts Review

The signing-up process is absolutely free. Your earnings will depend on how many successful conversions you generate.

You can get up to a total of 70% revenue share for every successful flight or hotel booking. Usually, 1.6-2% can be earned for every flight booked and around 6% for every hotel booked.

Travelpayouts review

Customer Support

In case of any confusion and query, you could always mail their prompt customer support who are available at all times to clarify any and every doubt you may have. Reach out to [email protected].

Travelpayouts review

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Final Verdict: TravelPayouts Review & Coupon Codes June 2024 

If you’re looking to make money by promoting travel brands on your site, then joining Travelpayouts may be just the right thing

It allows you to simply place links and earn a decent remuneration every month – enough to maybe sponsor your next trip.

The whole sign-up process is hassle-free, just like applying for the programs within the network. Remuneration is also good, so there is clearly nothing to not like about Travelpayouts. The best part is, once you reach $50, you will be able to claim your earnings! 

Learn more about Travelpayouts and apply for a 25-dollar welcome bonus here.

Help your audience organize their trips easily with trusted travel brands and get paid for each booking they make.

In short:

Features: Makes it easy to earn a commission from any travel activity. It’s simple and engaging. All you have to do is click on the link.

Advantages: You don’t have to spend time or money on creating your own affiliate links. All you need is a website and a pool of traffic. The Affiliate Network can automatically generate the appropriate affiliate codes for you, and most importantly, no previous experience with affiliate networks is required!

Benefits: Travelpayouts provide an efficient way to earn travel affiliate revenue while staying safe. It provides a low-risk environment where you can generate income without worrying about any third party tracking your data or spamming your inbox, etc..

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