Big Fig Mattress Review 2024-Should You Buy It? (#1 Reason)

Whether it’s moving our house or recovering from a back injury we need to decide on which mattress is suitable for us. There are a variety of mattresses that can be suggested by your doctor or close friends and family depending on their experience and condition.

Did you know that if you are obese and you have problems sleeping with your mattress well then this Big Fig Mattress Review is the best read for you? In this Review, you will get to know all the things to consider before buying the mattress.

Big Fig Mattress Review

Big Fig Mattress Review 2024– Is it Worth The Money?

I have heard a lot of heavyweight people complaining about discomfort and sagging in their mattresses which have led most of them into severe back pains and injuries. In this article, I will review in detail everything you need to know about the Big Fig mattress and how it is one of the best mattresses for heavy individuals. We will also be covering the construction and formation, ideal sleepers types, pricing, and support.

Big Fig Mattress Company Review

Well, let me also tell you that there may be numerous mattresses available online but this specific mattress stands out of them all. There may be a lot of websites talking about various mattresses as I mentioned already about them above, but you should know whom to trust and who do not. Let me assure you that now, you are on the perfect website for all your queries.

With my personal experience and usage, I would recommend Big Fig mattresses as they are super durable and perfect for those that have suffered from a lack of support, discomfort, hot sagging beds, or are looking for a firm mattress. 

About the Big Fig Company

Big Fig is a US-based manufacturing company that was launched in 2016 under a century-old mattress manufacturing company. It is a premier mattress specially created for people with bigger figures. The company makes durable and supportive mattresses that are designed to help plus-sized sleepers sleep comfortably and peacefully. It has the strength to bear weight up to 1000lbs. Also, these mattresses come with a 20-year warranty. The mattress has shown immense results and comfort to its customer and is one of the highly recommended mattresses for obese and huge people.

These mattresses are specially designed for keeping the problem of heavy people in mind. For more doubts you can go through all the Frequently Answered Questions below, I’ve tried answering as many as I can and if not, you can drop in your queries in the comment section below.

For Whom Big Fig Mattress is Ideal?

For the following people, Big Fig Mattress is ideal-

  • Heavier Individual – If you are someone with a plus size figure then this product is made keeping you in mind. The different types of layers in the construction were made in such a way that they don’t sag over time, making this the best choice for heavier folks.
  • Sleep hot – This mattress combines several cooling traits that help keep those who are finding themselves throwing off the covers in a cool and comfortable environment. The layers of these mattresses are designed to enhance airflow that helps hot sleepers relax.
  • Want comfort and support – This mattress comes with hybrid technology which is designed to give support to plus-sized people. The elements used in this product have been layered to give you comfort.
  • Couples. It makes it uncomfortable for many couples to share beds because of reinforced edges and limited motion transfer without experiencing disturbance from each other’s movement. It is also ideal for couples in which one partner is heavier.

Big Fig Mattress Hybrid Technology

You might not like this mattress if you:

  • Are lightweight – The product is designed and constructed for heavier figures and hence people with lightweight would find it firm not allowing them to sink in the comfort layers making it a bad choice for them.
  • People who are easily awakened. If you are a sensitive sleeper then this mattress is not for you as it makes some noise because of its hybrid technology.

Construction (Materials & Quality) of Big Mattress-

The Big Fig Mattress is delivered at your door in its complete size. As it is a heavier bed, optional delivery and mattress removal & installation facilities are available to interested customers.

The company also produces the frame for the mattress but if the customer wants to go with their own frame they are suggested to choose a metal one. Which gives stronger support and should have at least 5 legs to it. The product comes with a warranty of 20 years as heavier people’s beds wear out more often compared to the lighter ones.

The construction of the cover is blended with thermally treated fabric that helps to pull the heat away from the body and allow the sleeper to rest on a cool surface. The cover also has a form that helps you to relax comfortably on the bed while lying.

There are 5 layers to the mattress each consisting of different substances making it more comfortable for the user.

  • First layer: The very top layer of this specific mattress is like half an inch of gel which is infused in latex foam. This helps give the cover a slight bounce that promotes repositioning. The latex allows airflow completely to provide increased regulation and cooling in the temperature of the bed’s properties. Which has worked wonders for people who like to sleep warm at night?
  • Second layer: It consists of three sheets of 4-inch poly foam which helps in no sagging in the cushioning. This layer is a bit firm compared to others as it adds necessary support. This layer also has an immediate response to pressure.
  • Third layer: it is filled with a 7-inch layer of pocketed coils. This cover works well under pressure and provides deep level support, stability, and bounce. The pocketed coils create further space inside the mattress that improves airflow through the deeper layers.
  • Base: it is a 1-inch foam layer that provides protection and push-support for the coil layer in the mattress.
  • Perimeter: This bed is also constructed from about 3 inches of thick density edge made of foam that acts as an extra supportive side.

Big Fig Mattress Comfort Layers

Firmness (Support & Feel) of Big Fig Mattress-

Firmness is subjective to different body shapes, sizes, and an individual’s overall preferences. Hence it cannot be the only criteria while rating a mattress.

Regardless that this product is made for people who weigh 300+ lbs. The bed’s sleeper should experience the firmness between medium-soft and medium firmness because more the weight of a person more easily they can sink into the mattress. 

When first lying down you should feel well supported in a gentle bed, relaxing on the mattresses’ top comfort layer. The latex layer. The polyfoams and coils of the pocket give the bed a great deal of bounce. This helps sleepers to reposition while sleeping.

Here are a few sleeping positions that can help you sleep easily on this mattress.

Back sleepers: These kinds of sleepers feel foam cover filling in the spaces between their shoulders and their hips. While latex helps to adapt the curves of the body. The back feels completely aligned; this bed provides complete support and comfort.

Side sleeper: These sleepers often deal with pressure when lying on the bed it is due to increased weight in the hips and shoulders. Hence most side sleepers enjoy a softer surface. The ones with an average weight range and may find a big fig mattress too firm but the heavier ones will feel their needs are fulfilled.

Stomach sleepers: Some people sleep on their stomach that makes their hips elevated, keeping their body comfortably aligned. The top layer cushion provides soft comfort that these sleepers enjoy.

Features of the Big Fig Mattress 

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer beds are a preference that couples look for in a bed because of its capacity to isolate movements to one side. The Big Fig mattresses have quite a good response to the motion which is very reasonable. As when we consider its overall firmness in the latex and coil layers, it turns out to be better. The pocket coils are still bouncy which helps minimize motion as they are wrapped and segregated from the other coils. 

Edge Support

Edge support is very comfortable for the people who like to utilize their entire sleeping surface area. Heavier people who take up more room will enjoy the edge optimization features that are included in the product.

Back Pain Relief

It is a blessing for the heavier folks as it is designed in such a way that it does not sag, you can be rest assured that this mattress won’t aggravate your spine problems, and will eventually even help to give your back a good relief while you lay down on it.


This mattress has amazing cooling capabilities which make Big Fig very unique compared to other mattresses. It’s the top sheet of the mattress and the gel latex layer that helps hot sleepers to sleep comfortably.


Big Fig mattress has recently been released in the year 2016 under and hence our analysis of its durability is based essentially on information about the nature of its materials and construction. The initial breakdown of the mattress is generally the comfort layer. In a Big Fig bed, it uses latex and high-density polyfoam, both of which last longer than other foams.

Big Fig Mattress Durability


It emits some odors when it is first delivered, but they completely wear off within the first few days. Every foam mattress has some gases when it is unpacked from the box. This is a result of volatile organic compounds being emitted into the air. But the best part about a Big Fig mattress is that all the foams used to produce the product are free of ozone depleters and low in VOCs. It normally is not harmful to people until and unless you are sensitive to smell.

Pressure Relief

Fig mattress has done a really good job of relieving pressure points in all sleeping positions. Back and stomach sleepers tend to experience minimal pressure points. People with heavier bodies exert more pressure on the mattress layers and sink in a bit more, which forms a better cradle.

Temperature Neutrality

Big Fig bed grasps some heat. This is quite obvious depending on the layers of high-density polyfoam in the comfort layers. Big Fig mattresses are also known to trap good heart and polyfoam which is of high density and it also tends to trap more heat when compared to low-quality mattresses. However, this sleep mattress is noticeably cooler than an all-foam mattress. 

Big Fig Mattress Temperature control


This product tends to produce some noise while changing sleeping positions at night. This is because of the hybrid technology in the mattresses, where the coils produce some squeaks and creaks.

Keypoints To Consider while Purchasing the Big Fig Mattress

  • Trial Period – The company provides its customers with a 101 night trial period that permits them to return the product for a full refund within this period if they are not satisfied with their purchase.
  • Warranty – It comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Big Fig Foundation – This product is free with every purchase of their mattress.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free only in the United States.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – Foams used in the mattress have been certified by independent and accredited laboratories that test for standards in content, emissions, and durability.
  • White-Glove Delivery – For an additional fee the company offers in-home installation facilities for the product as well as the removal of your old bed.

Big Fig Mattress Things to keep in mind while purchasing

Big Fig Mattress Pricing Review

The Big Fig mattress is priced at an affordable rate in the online mattress industry considering the thickness and quality of the product. This bed is the best option for obese people as it is very comfortable, supportive, and also helps in back pain. This product is freely shipped in the USA and can be shipped in other parts of the world with a minimal charge. 

Here is the pricing break down of the Big Fig mattress depending on there 

Size  Price (MSRP)
Twin  $1,299
Twin XL  $1,399
Full  $1,499
Queen  $1,699
King / Cal King  $1,999

Chill don’t get hyper when you look at the price of the product. Big Fig company regularly runs promotions on their website to make the mattress more affordable. In most cases, you can expect a discount of about $100-$200 off your purchase. Be sure to check the discount box on your screen for the ongoing promotion. The company also provides installation facilities for your bed.

Big Fig Mattress Pricing Review

Big Fig Mattress Compare to Other Mattresses

Big Fig Mattress v/s Saatva HD

Big Fig and Saatva HD were both constructed keeping in mind the heavier individuals. The mattress has the utmost similarity to each other right from the construction to features. The only thing that slightly separates them from each other is the thicker layer of the latex as compared to the  Saatva HD. Though it makes the mattress a little more breathable than the one we are opting for. Saatva is also priced higher than the Big Fig. So eventually Big Fig becomes a more convenient option. 

Big Fig Mattress v/s Brooklyn Bedding Titan

This Brooklyn Bedding which is specially created by Titan Mattress is to target the heavy bodyweight sleepers. Both the mattresses have a similar type of features and formation but Titan helps the mattress maintain better temperature neutrality as compared to Big Fig. Also, Titan is sold at a lower price compared to the Big Fig.

Big Fig Mattress v/s WinkBed Plus

WinkBed Mattress is a hybrid mattress constructed for heavier individuals, The mattress is taller than Big Fig and has a cotton padding to it. Apart from that WinkBed Plus is pretty firm and it has a moisture-wicking Tencel lyocell surface which makes it cooler. 

Big Fig Mattress v/s Awara

The Awara Mattress is a latex hybrid and in addition, has a plush Euro-top cover containing organic cotton and New Zealand wool. These kinds of mattresses perform strongly on temperature neutrality. It is also priced relatively low for a latex hybrid.

Big Fig Mattress v/s Brooklyn Bedding Plank

The Plank is designed for individuals who prefer a very firm sleep surface and it is also best suited for heavyweight individuals. Plank offers relatively good edge support for a foam mattress but Big Fig beats it in this regard. Plank is quite affordable compared to Big Fig and the best buy for people who prefer an all-foam mattress.

Big Fig Mattress v/s Leesa Legend

Featuring a dual-coil construction with micro coils and pocketed coils, the Leesa Legend is ideal for heavyweight people. This mattress is relatively firm compared to Big Fig, Which makes Big Fig beds a more suitable choice for individuals who require a sturdy edge. Leesa Legend is also rated at a higher price-point than Big Fig.

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Big Fig Mattress Customer Reviews

Here are some honest and reliable customer reviews about big fig mattresses for you:

  • kanishka333

I have never laid on this kind of mattress, it is just as it promised. Too good and loved it to the extent. Very happy with the product.

  • harsh1600

I am skeptical when it comes to getting things online and mattresses are a very different thing. But this is just what I actually needed for my body size. I am a big fan of this product and it is so good that I can not express it in words. Thank you big fig. 

I’m your customer for life now!

  • wylson68

My wife and myself, we have been having neck issues for a while now and maybe that was due to our previous mattress, but this was more comfortable and happy. We woke up fresh and happier every morning and since we have bought this we are constantly relaxing every night. We feel less pains and aches and we are now recovering. Thank you so much for the big fig mattress.

Big Fig Mattress Customer Reviews


👉Where to buy a Big Fig mattress?

You can easily find Big Fig mattresses online from their official website or shopping websites like Amazon. The shipping throughout the USA is free and shipping outside the USA includes an affordable shipping charge.

👉Who owns a Big Fig mattress?

Alison is the cofounder of Big Fig mattresses. These mattresses are produced and manufactured under her late great grandfather 90 years old mattress business. Big Fig mattresses are a legacy of generations making this product.

👉How much is a Big Fig mattress?

There is a varying price for this mattress depending on the size of the mattress. The range of the mattress starts from $ 1299- $ 1999. You can also avail of these mattresses at good discounts directly from the website.

👉Is Big Fig a good mattress?

Big Fig mattresses is an absolutely awesome product for people who are obese or heavyweight as this product is specially designed keeping there comfort and support in mind.

👉Where is the Big Fig mattress located?

Big Fig mattress is located in Cleveland USA.

👉Where are Big Fig mattresses made?

Big Fig mattress is made in Cleveland USA.

Conclusion- Big Fig Review 2024– Should You Buy It?

Big Fig mattresses are considered as one of the best mattresses for heavier people. Though it is a bit expensive. Nonetheless, every penny spent on it is worth the buy. The mattress is thick, durable, comfortable, supportive, and also helps in back pain relief. This mattress is exactly what heavy sized people are looking for. In addition, this mattress doesn’t sag making it even more worth a buy. 

The mattress has a 20 years warranty period and the price range for the same starts from $1299 to $1999. You can buy this product from their website directly and avail amazing offers on the same. The product is also available on Amazon.

The shipping for the product is free in the whole of the USA outside the USA you will have to pay an affordable delivery charge for the same. The company also provides reinstallation and removal services of the bed with an additional charge.

If you are someone with a lighter weight I would suggest you go for a more affordable softer mattress as Big Fig is not made for you but if you are some with the heavyweight I would really recommend you to go for this mattress and experience the best of your sleep. It is an even more rational option as it relaxes all kinds of sleepers especially the back and stomach sleepers will find these mattresses mesmerizing. 

Let me know what you think about this Big Fig Mattress review in the comment section below and keep us informed of your experiences as well.


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