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The COVID-19 virus has created a lot of fear and panic across nations. People must not panic; instead, steps must be taken to avoid getting infected with the virus and preventing others from infection as well.

How to prevent novel coronavirus

With COVID-19 cases rising up to 1000 in Malaysia, it is extremely important to take preventive measures seriously and observe self-isolation and regularly use hand sanitizer.

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Best Buy Hand Sanitizers In Malaysia 2023: Our Top-3 Picks

Our top 3 picks for hand sanitizer in Malaysia are:-

  • Instant Hand Sanitizer 500ml

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  • [Ready Stock] Greenwipes Sanitizer Combo Set

Greenwipes hand sanitizers in MalaysiaGreenwipes hand sanitizers in Malaysia


  • Dettol Hand Sanitizer Original 50ml / 200ml / Dettol wet wipes

Dettol Hand Sanitizers and wet wipes combo set

What Must One Do To Tackle COVID-19?

How to use hand sanitizers

  1. Wash your hands regularly using hand soap and water. You can also use an alcohol-based sanitizer for the hands.
  2. Do not keep touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as hands pick a lot of germs and they can get transferred into your body easily through your face.
  3. Learn to follow respiratory hygiene – covering your mouth as well as nose while coughing, with a tissue or bent elbow. Discard the tissue appropriately.
  4. In case you experience the symptoms of the COVID-19, get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible and take the necessary steps.
  5. Follow social distancing which means you must keep a distance of about 3 feet between yourself and another person who coughs or sneezes.

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Conclusion: How To Buy Hand Sanitizers In Malaysia 2023

In addition to this, please ensure that you are kind to others and do not panic and overstock on the essentials.

Stay updated on the situation and follow the advice offered by various healthcare providers.

A lot of people would be in need of it. Still wondering where to buy hand sanitizers in Malaysia? Click the link below and buy your hand sanitizer in Malaysia. 


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