Care/of Reviews 2024 | Does It Deliver Best Vitamins Products??

Today we have featured care/of reviews, In today’s era, we are facilitated to customize all our needs – be it watching movies and TV shows, creating music playlists, or even managing our vitamin intake every day.

Just like how Netflix can manage your TV shows, how Spotify can manage your music playlist, there is something to manage and recommend the right vitamin intake for you.

Care of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs - Care of Review

Are you surprised? Yes, Care/Of, the new vitamin packs are trending in the market, which can recommend the right vitamin intake per day by asking you some simple questions.

Yes, the Care/of reviews are quite positive, that is why we thought to give you detailed care of vitamins review. 

Well, it is amazing that our vitamins need so simplified; however, what people wonder is whether a computer-generated prescription based on the few standard questions can really help?

Adding to it is the unresolved argument and research on whether vitamin supplements are necessary in the first place. 

What Is Care/Of?

Care/Of is a trendy, personalized vitamin pack that you can subscribe to as the monthly plan to fulfill your vitamin supplement needs.

The personalized vitamins in 30 packs get delivered to your doorstep when you subscribe to this monthly service.

According to the brand, the advantage of buying a Care/Of vitamins pack is that you can get them at a discounted price when compared to the other local health food products.

care of vitamins review
care of vitamins review

It is possible because the company makes the direct sourcing of the ingredients and manages the manufacturing on its own. 

Another advantage of subscribing to Care/Of vitamins pack is that it offers additional services to subscribers, such as guiding them on how much vitamin intake is right for their body and lifestyle, scientific explanation on the ingredients used, etc. unlike other health food brands.

Going by the hundreds of thousands of Care/of reviews, people are really benefiting from the care of vitamins. 

How To Subscribe To Care/Of Monthly Service?

Care/Of has set a detailed three-step process to help the consumers buy the monthly subscription service quite easily. Let’s look into these steps below. 

Step 1: Care/Of learns about your lifestyle, your health goals, your values, etc. by asking you to reply to a few quick questions. Based on your answers, it analyses your vitamin requirements.

Step 2: Care/Of gives you recommendations on your vitamin intake based on the answers you give. You have the flexibility to either go by the recommendation or make the necessary adjustments in the order as you feel right. 

Care of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

Step 3: You subscribe to the Care/Of vitamins monthly subscription pack and get a box that contains personalized 30 daily packs of vitamins for your consumption. You can always modify or cancel your subscription if needed.

When you subscribe to Care/Of, you get a free iOS app that you could use to learn more about the importance of vitamins in your day-to-day life, to unlock savings, and also to set reminders so that you don’t miss out on any of your daily intakes.

Of course, the brand’s marketing and promotion plans are excellent, but it won’t be sufficient to attract the customers unless it supports easy usage as well as low pricing.

Care/Of knows it very well. Also, Care/of reviews suggests that people find it very easy to answer the questions and take the subscription as the website is made user-friendly. 

Let’s learn below whether Care/Of works in helping you achieve your personal health goals, as the company claims.

How Does Care/Of Work?


When I tried to subscribe to Care/Of vitamins pack, I found the whole process quite easy and quick.

I could complete the quiz-questionnaire in just about five minutes. The questions involved some basic demographic questions like name, age, gender, place to begin with.

It also had questions on supplements to know knowledge level, to understand whether any supplements were taken before, etc. 

Premium Quality - Testing Process

After finishing these questions, I marked the option to indicate why I want to subscribe to the vitamin supplements and picked my health goal.

The different health goals given in the quiz are brain, heart, skin, bones, energy, immunity, stress, and digestion.

Once I chose the goal, I got another few related questions like whether I sleep adequately at night, do I feel fatigued and weakness often, etc.

The final set of questions was about the lifestyle involving my food habits, fitness regime, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, daily interaction with the computer, allergic nature, diet plans, etc.

The questionnaire also revolved around how open I am towards Ayurveda and new clinical approaches.

Premium Quality - Testing Process
Premium Quality – Testing Process

Care/Of believes in classifying the ingredients on the basis of various research reports already existing, such as how many studies were conducted, how consistent the results were, what is the scale of the results, the methodology used, etc.  These classifications are as follows.

Classification Based On Mixed Research:

It is based on studies wherein some of them have given positive results while a few other studies were inconclusive. 

Classification Based On Emerging Research:

It is when the studies are mostly the recent ones, but the expected results are positive.

Classification Based On Strong Research:

It is based on the studies that are of superior quality studies that have given positive results.

Classification Based On Very Strong Research:

It is also based on high-quality studies but with results that are very close to the scientific consensus.

Traditionally Used Products:

It is when the products have been trusted for centuries, and the same trust factor is the base for classification.

While Care/Of gives recommendations based on your answers, you also have the flexibility to choose different vitamins and create your own pack.

When you customize your pack by yourself, you can choose 30 different vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and herbs in total. Depending on the ingredients, each of these should be at 1-3 doses per day.

Care of Personalized Daily - Vitamin Packs

Once you make your final selection, you can complete the subscription process by placing the order.

You will receive your vitamin pack in a box that would contain 30 individual packs, one each per day.

When the monthly subscription period ends, it will automatically renew so that you have your monthly packs without any miss.

Care/Of has its own Scientific Advisory Board that includes scientists, nutritionists, doctors who give the right advice to the company to develop its own vitamins and supplements. The company has associated with reputable suppliers to source different ingredients.

Care/Of tests each of these ingredients while sourcing to ensure the health and safety standards, labeling accuracy are met, and there are no harsh elements and materials in them. 

How Does Care/Of’s App Add Meaningful Functionality?

When you subscribe to Care/Of vitamin monthly pack, you also get an iOS app, which is more like an extension to the brand’s website. The Care/Of app allows you to perform the following functions.

Care/Of App

  • You can make better health goals
  • View and check the products in the vitamin pack
  • Set reminders so that you don’t miss out on any doses.
  • You can track how much supplement you consume each day
  • Learn and understand more about the ingredients used in your health intake
  • You can earn rewards which you can use to gain free stuff when you subscribe to packs regularly

How much do you spend for Care/Of Supplements and Vitamin Packs?

Based on your customization and the ingredients, the price of the vitamin pack differs. However, the price of the ingredients is as follows.   


Care of Vitamins Packs

  • Vitamin B12: $5/mo
  • B-Complex: $16/mo
  • Vitamin C: $5/mo
  • Vitamin D: $5/mo
  • Prenatal: $25/mo
  • Vitamin K2: $9/mo
  • Multivitamin: $15/mo


  • Magnesium: $8/mo
  • Calcium Plus: $12/mo
  • Iron: $5/mo
  • Zinc: $5/mo

Care of Create Your Minerals Pack


  • Ashwagandha: $8/mo
  • Rhodiola: $8/mo
  • Bacopa: $8/mo
  • Turmeric: $8/mo
  • Elderberry: $8/mo
  • Milk Thistle: $8/mo
  • Garlic: $8/mo
  • Evening Primrose: $10/mo
  • Saw Palmetto: $8/mo


Probiotic Blend: $8/mo

  1. boulardii: $16/mo

Care of Create Probiotics Packs


  • Fish Oil: $16/mo
  • Veggie Omega: $18/mo
  • Astaxanthin: $9/mo
  • Digestive Enzymes: $5/mo
  • CoQ10: $9/mo

You can place an order for Care/Of vitamin pack from whichever the state you are in as the company supplies to all 50 states.

There are shipping charges of $8 if the order is below $20, and for all the orders $20 and above, the shipping charges will be free.

Care of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs


Once you subscribe to the vitamin pack, the company automatically renews it every month; however, you can modify or cancel the subscription whenever you feel so.  

When you subscribe to the Care/of vitamin pack, you can apply for the refund within 30 days from the delivery, in case if you are unhappy with the product.

You can contact the customer care by dialing 877-227-3631, or you can email to [email protected]

Pros And Cons Of Care/Of


  • You can customize your order
  • Placing the order is easy and convenient
  • You can track your health goals 


  • An individual pack involves multiple pills
  • Pricing of the vitamins pack varies which may not be very easy to understand

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Final Thoughts on Care/Of

Care/Of has been promoting the products extensively; however, it is also true that no company can sell their products purely based on marketing strategies unless the product has high quality and results. 

Care/Of products have received good reviews from the customers, and the company seems legitimate.

With an easy order placing process and door delivery services, you can consider Care/Of vitamin packs, especially if you are looking to add supplements to your daily routine.

Thus, overall we give a thumb for Care/of reviews and hope you liked our care of vitamins reviews, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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