CBDMD Product Review 2024 | {Detailed Guide} Get 76% Off Now

In this article, we have featured CBDMD Review, CBDMD is the US CBD company that owns its farm and facilities in Kentucky’s agriculture. The purchase of CBD in this day and age is not the same as it was before.

You have never faced such a dilemma as the fact that nineteen brands are fighting for your order at CDB. However, with the sudden upturn in the industry, this has become a widespread phenomenon.

With the growth of the CBD oil industry, hundreds of CBD products have hit the market, and new businesses are added daily.

That’s why we have so many CBD brands that address every need, making it difficult to get ahead with a brand. In 2018, the CBD sector was estimated at $ 1 billion.

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My goal with this website is to provide honest reviews to help customers navigate this exciting new range of wellness products.

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CBDMD Product Review 2024 | Get 76% Off Now

CBDMD is one of the most affordable facilities for producing CBD oils and a whole range of complementary products. They are based in Ireland but claim to use US-grown organic hemp and domestic production, for their products.

full-spectrum hybrid extraction method
full-spectrum hybrid extraction method

They use a full-spectrum hybrid extraction method to differentiate their products, which contains all the plant’s essential cannabinoids, terpenes, and amino acids without THC. There is no risk of your customers being tested for drugs.

Although they are recently offering third-party testing on their website, the results deserve careful consideration, which I will analyze in detail under Product Summary.

CBD Oil Products

Through extensive CBD research and development activities, CBDMD offers a variety of products that increase customer loyalty. Here is a complete list of products available on their website:

Buy CBD Oil - cbdMD

  • CBD Oil Tinctures CBDMD strives to supply only the best and purest CBD oils. Through their Broad Spectrum extraction process, the beneficial compounds of the plant are preserved. CBDMD also uses sophisticated, world-class equipment and a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory to produce pure and safe CBD oil. The most popular products, CBD-based Tinctures, are available in 30 and 60 ml bottles with different concentrations (300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 300 mg). These tinctures are available in different flavors such as nature, mint, orange, and berry.
  • CBD Oil Capsules-: For a more comfortable intake of CBD, CBDMD has pressed its CBD products into capsules. These capsules are also present in varying concentrations from 450 mg to 1500 mg.
  • CBD Vape-Oil – CBDMD offers three very basic flavors: vanilla, mint, and orange. You can buy bottles of 300 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, or 3000 mg. The more volume you buy, the better you will get the price per mg. Its mixture uses both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, although the PG / VG ratio is not listed on the site. They use natural flavors in the product.

More CBDMD Products

  • CBD Topicals – If you do not want to ingest or smoke CBD, CBDMD has another option for you. Their motifs are made of high-quality ingredients that have been specifically formulated with CBD. Currently, CBDMD has CBD Freeze for pain relief, CBD Recover for anti-inflammatory, and CBD Revive for moisturizing skin. Like the products mentioned above, these subjects also have different concentrations. Customers can also choose between tub form, roll-on form, or squeeze from.


  • CBD for Animals – With various CBD pet food options, including those labeled for dogs, cats, and horses, it appears that the CBDMD has covered animals. They offer dog tinctures with peanut butter extract and horse-whitening apple-flavored drinks. They have dog strains with an infusion of CBD based on natural ingredients.
  • Companion Boxes – Here is a gift for all pet owners. The CBDMD companion boxes contain a CBD oil Tincture for you and your pet. This is a great option for parents who want to enjoy two products in one game (along with the discount!).

How And Where To Buy CBDMD products

CBDMD has set the goal for itself; of providing consumers with the best possible customer service. For all your orders, regardless of the quantity you order, free shipping is available anywhere in the United States. They use UPS as a Courier. Once the order is placed online, you can receive the product within 2 to 4 business days.

These CBDMD Difference Counts

cbdMD - Buy CBD Oil Cannibidiol Discover the Benefits of Hemp Oil

CBDMD cultivates hemp in Kentucky with a special permit from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as a member of its industrial hemp pilot program.

This means that hemp is 100% organic and grown under optimal conditions at the junction of the rivers Ohio and Mississippi.

CBDMD claims to use Vermicompost and Aquaponics, carefully hand-sewed each seed to ensure the best possible quality.


  • 100% organic.
  • The USA Grew/ processed.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten-free.
  • High quality.
  • Fast and free delivery.
  • Fantastic service.
  • Vegan.
  • Free shipping on all orders in the US.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Third-party lab tested.
  • It also produces products for animal origin.


Here Are Some Detailed Benefits Of CBDMD

Cost friendly

Certainly, at the end of the price range in mg, this is an economical option. However, you may get what you pay for in the end.

Domestic Sourcing

The website indicates that the hemp used in the United States for its product is made from organic, GMO-free, vegan hemp. Besides, they claim that they manufacture all products in their plants in the United States. Their products carry a label of “Made in the USA”.



MCT Carrier Oil

MCT coconut oil, one of the highest quality base oils, is a sign that the manufacturer is a quality conscious because it is not the least expensive carrier oil.

Natural flavors

Attention, the use of natural flavors, as in the mint, orange, or berry tinctures is dedicated, is a good sign. Many CBD oil users want to use the healthiest products in the market, and attention to ingredients is an important factor.


CO2 Extraction

CBDMD refers to its patented “Full Hybrid Spectrum” process. They claim to use low-temperature CO2 extraction to obtain a full range of cannabinoids and industrial hemp pills. However, laboratory reports indicate that they could use other extraction methods, at least for their products with CBD isolation.  

Customer Support Number

CBDMD - laboratory report products

They provide a free to use customer support phone number, for their users, on their website. It is a good sign that customer service is a priority for this company.  

30-day Guarantee

There is a 30 days guarantee available, reducing the risk of purchasing to try this line of products out for yourself.  


Full Spectrum

CBDMD indicates that their CBD oil has the full spectrum, and the entire spectrum of cannabinoids of the original hemp was obtained during the extraction.

Another section of the site states that they do not contain THC because they produce a pure CBD isolate. These things are contradictory, a serious alarm to consumers.


From the lab reports, it seems they may be producing both kinds of products: an isolated crystal and a full spectrum of oil. However, it is unclear which is being used in their products, and in what ratio it is used.  

Lab Results Are Irregular

There were two laboratory reports of products available, and in light of the recent test, transparency had originally encouraged me. However, there were worrying signs in the labs.

The first report concerned a crystal isolated from CBD. They tested 99.95% pure CBD but also had arsenic, cadmium, lead, and heptane in the sample.

Lead is sometimes a sign of bad hemp quality, and heptane is often a sign of fossil fuel residue from low-cost mining operations.

hemp quality, and heptane

The second report concerned a CBD oil sample, which was, in fact, a broader spectral analysis with a profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. Overall, however, this sample lacked heavy metal tests.

No pesticide analysis was performed on any of the samples. This is a problem if you think the manufacturer claims to use 100% organic hemp.

No Domestic Physical Address

To complicate the credibility issue, the only physical address I could find on its website was in Ireland.

No Domestic Physical Address

A company that specifies a national delivery and manufacturing facility in the United States also needs to manage and publish a physical address in the United States.  

Little Information About the Company

With so many questions of trust between consumers and manufacturers in this industry, the best companies have difficulty in giving customers an idea of who is behind the product. This company decided not to do so and lowered the overall rating for me.

About Higher Medical Claims

There are several places on their website where the company goes beyond the effectiveness of their product.


Bad English On The Website

This may seem like a minor concern, but frankly, one of my concerns about seeing bad English on the site is the only way for a business to depress its potential customers. In this case, it gives a kind of general impression of “night flies.”

The Opinion Of CBDMD As A Brand:

I have already seen it with some of the best prices compared to the CBD. This Kentucky company is doing well compared to other companies in the market.


Not only that, but they offer you the best full-spectrum oils at a great price, which are as noble a hassle like any other.

Their Ingredients

The brand gets its CBD from industrial riverbed hemp, grown in Kentucky, and feeds its products with additional phytocannabinoids and terpenes to provide a full spectrum product.

Their products are completely free of THC, and there is no way to conduct their screening tests.

can you fly with cbd - guide to flying with cbd oil

Drugs Overview

Third-party lab testing products are selected so that they do not have the THC that can activate the test result. Therefore, you can safely consume your products without worrying about work.

Delivery Policy

True to the motto of keeping the CBD accessible to everyone, they offer free shipping no matter how many items you buy. It will take you two to four business days to ship your product, and it will arrive safely.


Return Policy

The company also values customer satisfaction. That is why they offer a refund policy if, in any case, a customer is dissatisfied with the product.

A customer can return the product within 30 days after the initial order, and CBDMD will provide a full refund.

For packages that have been damaged during the shipping process, customers may submit a claim within three days after receiving the package.

Bulk And Wholesale Offers By CBDMD

For customers who want to buy in bulk, CBDMD offers its products at wholesale prices. Customers can become an official distributor by joining the CBDMD Wholesale Team. A wholesaler can provide his or her customers with premium products directly from their online store, shop, or dispensary.

Moreover, CBDMD provides wholesale pricing that is sure to bring impressive returns of investment.

Compared to other wholesale offers by other companies, CBDMD stands out. It’s safe to say that another benefit of wholesaling their products is that the company is considered a trusted brand, and wholesalers will not have difficulty in making sales.

Buy CBD Gummies - cbdMD

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are CBDMD products third-party tested?
Yes, all their lab results are available, and their products are tested regularly, so you only consume the best.

2. Will CBDMD products get me high?
Under no circumstance. The high which we associate with marijuana comes from THC. For a product that does not contain THC or high CBD levels, the risk is not high. This is also the reason why these products are legal in all 50 states of the United States of America.

3. What is the source of hemp?
The brand cultivates hemp on Kentucky farms, and the waters of two rivers supply nourish its industrial hemp. Farms offer you the best of the best cannabidiol and continue to experiment with the kind of CBD that is right for you.

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Conclusion: CBDMD Product Review 2024

CBDMD is probably one of the most professional and legit CBD companies all over the market that we have encountered. Their website is super up and professionally designed. Each section of the product is well defined and alone speaks for itself.

Aside from providing utmost customer satisfaction through great customer service, their CBD products are unrivaled when it comes to quality, packaging, and purity. They also have 30 days money-back guarantee for their users.

You have got full information about the product through this article, so you can now easily consume it without hesitation.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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