Best Drugs And Vaccines For Coronavirus In The Pipeline

The coronavirus outbreak that took place in Wuhan, China mysteriously and rapidly spread to various countries and has endangered numerous lives in the process.

But, the question is; Are there any drugs and vaccines for Coronavirus yet? 


Does Antibiotics help against coronavirus

The first vaccine for this virus is ready for trials in China. Inovio Pharmaceuticals intends to initiate the clinical trials on the vaccine of coronavirus in April 2020.

A lot of Drugs and Vaccines to Treat Coronavirus are in the pipeline to be tested.

Favilavir is the very first approved drug for coronavirus in China. It has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration of China to treat the coronavirus.

The drug has been quite effective in the treatment of the disease and has very few side effects during the clinical trial of 70 patients, which took place in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Pharmaceutical companies who are involved in the development of coronavirus drugs/vaccines have come up with few experiments and drugs to suppress the virus.

Let’s look out the list of drugs and vaccines to treat coronavirus and that may help you recover.

10 Best Coronavirus Drugs and Vaccines In The Pipeline

Mentioned below are some of the main coronavirus medicines being developed by pharmaceutical companies all over the world which could have the capacity to become vaccines or antivirals to treat the coronavirus infection.

  1. The TJM2 by I-Mab Biopharma

I-Mab Biopharma has created the TJM2 which is a neutralizing antibody to treat cytokine storm seen in patients who suffered a severe case of the COVID-19 infection medicine.

Once the company gets approval from the US FDA for the IND application, it will begin the development.

  1. TZLS-501 – Tiziana Life Sciences

Tiziana Life Sciences has been developing a monoclonal antibody by the name TZLS-501 to treat the COVID-19. The company has given the coronavirus medicine updated.

It helps in preventing damage to the lungs and also prevents elevated levels of the IL-6.

  1. Vaccine by Medicago

Medicago has been creating drug candidates to fight the COVID-19 after it has produced Virus-Like Particles (VLP) similar to that of coronavirus.

Coronavirus vaccine by medicago

The company has collaborated with the Infectious Disease Research Centre of  Laval University to create antibodies to combat the SARS-CoV-2. The research activities of the company are being funded partially by the CIHR or Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

  1. AT-100 – Airway Therapeutics

Airway Therapeutics has been looking into a human recombinant protein by the name AT-100 to treat the coronavirus.

The company has also announced that it will be filing with the National Institutes of Health to have an evaluation of the drug.

AT-100 has been quite effective in some preclinical studies in minimizing inflammation as well as infection in the lungs and also has generated an immune response against a lot of respiratory diseases.

  1. BPI-002 – BeyondSpring

BeyondSpring has created the BPI-002 which is a tiny molecule agent that helps in treating many infections inclusive of the COVID-19. It is able to activate the helper T cells –  CD4+ and the CD8+ cytotoxic T cells.

Coronavirius drugs and vaccines in pipeline


It also builds up immunity in the body. In case this is combined with any other vaccine for COVID-19 the drug will be able to build and provide long-term protection against various viral infections.

The company has also filed for US patent protection of this drug.

  1. OYA1 – OyaGen

OyaGen has developed the OYA1 which has indicated effectiveness against the coronavirus in various laboratory essays. the drug was found to be a lot more efficient than even the chlorpromazine HCl.

The drug was approved earlier as a new investigational drug to treat cancer, however, it was not very efficient in this regard.

  1. Intranasal coronavirus vaccine – Altimmune

Intranasal coronavirus vaccine treatment'

Altimmune has developed the vaccine – intranasal Covid-19 whose design and synthesis are complete. However, it is to be tested out on animals.

The vaccine is based on the technology which is quite similar to the NasoVAX which is a vaccine for influenza that was created by Altimmune.

  1. INO-4800

Inovio Pharmaceuticals collaborated with the Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Company in order to take the development of the INO-4800 a step further.

Pre-clinical testing has already begun for clinical product manufacturing. The company has received a grant of $9m from the CEPI or Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

Inovio aims to generate a million doses of this vaccine by the year-end for performing more clinical trials or for emergency use.

  1. APN01

APEIRON Biologics developed a drug by the name APN01 and this drug is being tested on a pilot trial in China to treat the COVID-19.

Coronavirus lab test and treatment

The trial will test if the drug is effective in minimizing the virus’s impact on patients.


  1. NP-120

Algernon Pharmaceuticals has stated that the company is exploring the NP-120 (Ifenprodil) as a possible treatment to the COVID-19.

Ifenprodil has demonstrated effectiveness in improving the survivability in mice that have been infected with H5N1.


  1. mRNA-1273 Vaccine

Moderna along with the Vaccine Research Center have collaborated to create and produce a vaccine to combat coronavirus. The vaccine focuses on the Spike protein of the virus.

The first vials have already been shipped for the first clinical testing.


✅ What Is A Novel Coronavirus?

A novel coronavirus is genetically the same as old SARS and MERS but it has a different DNA. It is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness

🔥 Are There Any FDA Approved Medicines Drugs for Coronavirus?

There are yet no FDA approved drugs for coronavirus. Many companies are working on developing the vaccines and drugs of the novel coronavirus and treat their patients.

🏆 How Are People Tested For COVID-19?

COVID-19 patients can be tested by using the samples from the nose or throat of the infected patients. The healthcare professional does that by swabbing the back of the throat of the infected patients.

⚡Are Hydroxychloroquine effective against the COronavirus?

FDA hasn't approved the use of Hydroxychloroquine for the corona patients. This drug is used to treat malaria but is still under pipeline for coronavirus.

💥 Who Should I Contact For Drug-Related Questions On Coronavirus?

In case of queries, you can contact your health professionals to call the FDA's Drug Department. You can even call at (855) 543-3784 or email us at [email protected].

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Final Thoughts: Best Drugs and Vaccines To Treat Coronavirus

There are a lot of speculations for these drugs and vaccines that might work against the coronavirus.

Do not consume any medicine or vaccine without the doctor’s consent. If you show any signs of coronavirus, rush to the nearest coronavirus center or dial the helpline number.

Thus, we can only hope that as Drugs and Vaccines to Treat Coronavirus are in the pipeline. We get to hear the good news very very very soon.


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