eVitamins Coupon Codes 2023: Get Up to 46% Off

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This is an article on the eVitamins Coupon Codes for 2023. Do have a look and see which one of them are applicable to your order. You may also find some other important information regarding the products, their customer services, and how their products are helpful. So, hope it is of some use in any way.


I’m always looking for ways to save money when shopping for vitamins and supplements.

After all, spending on health should never be an afterthought – investing in your well-being is the best gift you can give yourself!

And as part of my ongoing search, I recently discovered eVitamins – a site that carries thousands of top-notch quality items at steep discounts. One of the smartest things about it?

Their coupon codes allow me to save even more on already inexpensive products! In this blog post, let me share with you what I’ve learned about stretching your hard-earned dollar using eVitamins coupons.


Free Shipping on Order Over $49+

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$5 Off on New Customers

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FAQs of eVitamins Coupon Codes

Are there other ways to save money at eVitamins without coupon codes?

Yes, there are other ways to save money at eVitamins even if you don't have a coupon code. They often have sales and promotions on their website, offering discounts on various products. Additionally, signing up for their newsletter or following their social media accounts can give you access to exclusive offers, discounts, and giveaways. Checking coupon websites or searching for eVitamins deals and promotions online may also help you find additional savings opportunities.

Can I use eVitamins coupon codes on international orders?

eVitamins coupon codes may have restrictions based on the location and shipping destination. Some coupon codes may only be valid for specific regions or countries. It's recommended to check the terms and conditions of each coupon code or contact eVitamins customer support to confirm if the code can be used for international orders.

Can I use eVitamins coupon codes on any product?

Coupon codes may have certain exclusions or limitations on specific products or brands. Some coupon codes may only be valid for certain categories of products, while others may exclude certain brands or items on sale. It's advisable to check the terms and conditions of each coupon code to understand any restrictions that may apply.

Do eVitamins coupon codes expire?

Yes, eVitamins coupon codes typically have expiration dates. The expiration date can vary for each coupon code, so it's important to check the terms and conditions or the coupon itself to determine its validity.

Are there any restrictions on using eVitamins coupon codes?

Yes, eVitamins coupon codes may have certain restrictions. These restrictions can include expiration dates, minimum order requirements, exclusions on certain products or brands, or limitations on how many times a code can be used per customer. It's important to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with each coupon code to ensure it can be applied to your purchase.

About the company

eVitamins offer a range of products varying from health, nutritional supplements, to skincare, to herbs, to natural beauty, to household products and a lot more.

The company has been in the business for about two decades now, and was first established in 1999, and is a trusted one in the industry today.

According to eVitamins, they have shipped millions of orders and that too globally, to over 90 countries within this span of time.

eVitamins is based in Michigan, USA and they carry about 28000 products from over 720 manufacturers, this estimate is huge within itself and is a prediction of the area that eVitamins hold.

eVitamins Coupon Codes -Evitamins

eVitamins is a name that is being trusted by thousands of customer worldwide. They are also a good member of the Better Business Bureau.

eVitamins also works with Trust Pilot, which is a third-party survey company for the customers’ order experience to disclose reviews and provide information from their service.

eVitamins also has a proper health and wellness team for a better service of their customers, which is always active to help the customers out.

They also support a non-GMO project, which is a non-profit organization that is totally committed to building and preserving non-GMO products and also educating their customers about them.

Steps to avail offers

To avail these offers and make use of the given coupon codes, you need to follow these quick steps, which would take only a few minutes but the products that you will shop for are going to benefit you in the long run. So, don’t wait, hurry!

  • Tapping on the codes given above, you will be directed to the official site of eVitamins, where you can go through the products that eVitamins has to offer you.
  • From there, choose the products best suited for your health complications and your body needs, and add them to your cart.
  • At check out, provided with all the necessary details required to place the order.
  • Choose the convenient payment mode, copy the coupon codes and apply them at check out.
  • Place the order with some discounts from these coupon codes, and sit back and relax while the order reaches you at your doorstep.

eVitamins Deals

eVitamins offer various deals and promotions on all the products. The company brings out deals and offers daily on different products.

  • Buy One Get One Free– Here you can get one on one product free with each category of the product. These products include Massage & Body Oil, Antioxidant or Toothpaste, eye relief, and Biotins.
  • Buy One Get 50% OFF- This deal is available on the products such as Cysteine, Green Food, Multivitamins, Fat Burners or Cat Claws.
  • Free Gift with Purchase- This deal is available on the products such as Water Bottles, Pet accessories, Vegetable Protein, Carnitine or Weight loss products.

Product categories at eVitamins and their benefits

1. Vitamins and Supplements

  • 5-HTP

It has cellulose and wheat powder. The product is derived from natural sources with vegetarian formula and is a reliable dietary supplement. It is free from yeast, gluten, corn, soy milk, salt, sugar, colors, and preservatives.

eVitamins Coupon Codes -vitamins Supplement

This is an excellent product for people who have depressive problems due to a lack of tryptophan. It is highly recommended. If taken at night, it also helps in providing with a sound and refreshing sleep. It is also helpful in elevating mood, and you will feel more relaxed and calm after takin this.

Some of the products with this as major content are:

  • Now Foods 5-HTP – 200 mg – 60 vegetarian capsules
  • Now Foods Double Strength 5-HTP – 200 mg – 120 vegetarian Capsules
  • Doctor’s Best 5-HTP Enhanced with Vitamin B6 and C – 100 mg – 120 vegetarian capsules

2. Amino Acids

Nutritional experts suggest that proteins in the form of amino acids are required by the body for better performance.

And its requirement differs with age, gender, weight, state of mind and the kind of lifestyle and many other factors.  On average, a normal healthy adult needs approximately 0.36 grams of protein for each pound of body weight.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are helpful in growth, repair and proper maintenance of body cells and tissues.

Some products with Amino Acids as major content are:

eVitamins Coupon Codes -Amino Acid

  • Optimum Nutrition BCAA – 1000 mg – 200 capsules
  • Now Foods GABA – 750 mg – 100 veg capsules
  • Now Foods L – Tyrosine – 500 mg – 60 capsules
  • eVitamins L – Glutamine – 500 mg – 120 Capsules

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is very helpful in weight reducing, it is suggested to take on an empty stomach, or before breakfast to help in weight reduction. The product helps in boosting metabolism also at a very great extent. A great aid in digestion.

eVitamins Coupon Codes -Apple Cider Vinegar

Some of the products containing ACV that you can get at eVitamins are:

  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic – 16 fl oz.
  • Now Foods Apple Cider Vinegar – 450 mg – 180 capsules
  • Only Natural Apple Cider Vinegar – Grapefruit Cayenne – 700 mg – 90 Capsules
  • Dynamic Health Laboratories Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, Organic – 16 fl oz.

4. Bath and Beauty

  • Acne Treatment

eVitamins offers a lot of products that are very helpful in treating acne, which includes some clay masks, some products that contain silicic acid, which is very good at treating acne.

eVitamins Coupon Codes -Bath and Beauty

  • Soap and bath

You can get a lot of products as shaving cream, essential oils in lemon grass, and lavender, soap bars, black soaps, essential oil diffusers and a lot more.

  • Nail and hand care

You can also get some other products which are categorized as Grocery, Weight loss, Gender, Household items, Baby kits, Sports and Fitness, and a lot more. The detailed information regarding all these categories and products are given at the site. So, head to the site and get a detailed description of all the products before buying them.  

Brands that are supported by eVitamins

eVitamins support around 720 brands, out of which a few are given here. One can also be the one, i.e. they can collaborate with eVitamins to make their products reach a larger section.

All you have to do is to visit the official site of eVitamins, where you will find a contact number for business purposes, contact them. And the brands that are currently supported by eVitamins are:

eVitamins Coupon Codes -Supported Brand

  • About time
  • Action labs
  • Acure organics
  • Advanced naturals
  • Amazon organics
  • Banana boat
  • Baywood
  • Bell
  • Bentley organics
  • Beverly international
  • Camocare
  • Carb boom
  • Carlson labs
  • Dapple
  • Deva
  • Devita natural skin care
  • Dr Oetker
  • Santevia
  • Seabuck wonders
  • Smith Sorensen, etc.

Pros and Cons about eVitamins

Pros Cons
  • Good prices and services
  • Poor communication
  • Responsive customer service
  • Rising delivery cost
  • Simple ordering process
  • Great products
  • Great shop

Contact eVitamins

The customer support team for the eVitamins is quite helpful and your grievances. Your email will be responded within a few hours. You can track orders and solve the issues related to the shipment.

You can return the products under 30 days upon the request.  

Email: [email protected]

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Conclusion: eVitamins Coupon Codes 2023

eVitamins offers products at the lowest prices, where you can avail a discount of up to 75% off, so, just go around and shop. And leave the tension and worries about the prices upon the company as the offer maximum savings to their customers, by keeping their prices low.

Their products are mentioned with expiry dates and are shipped to their customers with 100% climate controlled facility, which ensures that the products that reach you are fresh and authentic.

There are around 16,652 items which are eligible for free delivery options. And for the products, that don’t qualify FREE SHIPPING, just shop for more than $49, and you will get free shipping on them too.

Then what’s stopping you from heading to eVitamins.com and scrolling through the brands and categories and shopping for the desired products.


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