Fitbark Review 2024 : Is It Really The Best Dog Activity Monitor?

Today we have featured Fitbark Review. What began as a Kickstarter idea in the summer of 2013 by a team of brothers and sisters quickly became a successful product sold to tens of thousands of pet parents worldwide. Read more about the Fitbark Review…

Canine Journal recently had the opportunity to speak with the FitBark co-founders and test the product (they gave us one so we could see if it followed the bark).

We wanted to tell you the story at the same time with our thorough review of this outstanding selection of our best dog farm tracking review.

Fitbark Review - Exercise

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Background And History Of Fitbark

The FitBark idea is relatively new when Italian brothers Sara and David thought about how their dogs’ health/activity can be measured against other dogs.

There appeared to be no follow-up data, metrics and/or benchmarks for comparison.

They used FitBit as a solution to capture and record data that could then be used by other pet owners, veterinarians, researchers and so on.

Since it is not financially viable for veterinarians and clinics sell a device like Fitbit, and there is no way to compare the dog data in isolation, Sara and David thought that a product made from this material would be helpful to collect who they want to compare and track the dog’s activity.

The product was originally funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Then they joined the good advisers and formed a small but strong team of engineers to help them realise their vision.

Although the hardware is very similar to the original prototype, the software is constantly updated. Once a solid hardware product has been created, the software is smoother and therefore easier to work with. FitBark can be advised by its customers, as this loyal user group is constantly commenting on possible improvements and innovations.

Co-founders Sara and David speak directly with customers and remain accessible to their customers.

Since its inception, the team has relocated its headquarters from Italy to New York to Kansas City, where it currently resides.

They found that Kansas City is a large start-up community because of its many resources, such as Google Fiber and Sprint Accelerator, offices for other companies and technology entrepreneurs.

The product is manufactured in the US (New Hampshire) and FitBark plans to maintain production in the US for as long as possible.

Fitbark Activity Monitor

Fitbark is in the form of a small bone and comes with a solid rubber band that attaches to both sides of the device so it can be attached to your dog’s collar.

From this position, it can follow a puppy’s behaviour in terms of activity, play and rest/sleep.

You can reload it while it is attached to your dog’s collar. When you are next to your smartphone, you can get real-time feedback (thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology).

Fitbark Review - My Pet

However, you must first enter your dog’s basic information on the device and choose a lifestyle.

Turn on the device, collect the data and display it on the application interface and in the Web Control Panel.

Your dog’s activity level is measured at the points designated by Fitbark as “Barking Points.” There will be daily goals, which means you know if your dog is optimally trained or not.

The device even compares the data with other similar dogs. Later, you’ll get results that help you understand your dog’s standard behaviour in terms of race, height and age.

Although the current hardware of the device is a copy of the original prototype, this is not the case with the software, as it needs to be constantly updated to correct errors and meet the ever-changing needs of users.

Design And Functions

FitBark Best Price on Amazon is, as the name implies, an activity tracking system for dogs. The device itself has a 3-axis accelerometer.

This is not suitable for cats or humans because the underlying software was not developed for this species. That means I could probably follow a cat with a minimum of precision.

The dog-shaped plastic bone unit measures only 0.28 ounces, which is comparable to $ 26.99 at Tractive Motion at Amazon (the lightest tracker has ever seen at 0.25 ounces) and half the weight of the pipe. It measures 1.1 by 1.6 to 0.4 inches (HWD) and is available in five colours: blue, grey, green, pink and red.

Fitbark Review - Interview

It is waterproof (IPX7 rating) as long as the rubber plug covering the micro USB charging port is properly sealed.

The size and shape of the FitBark offer an advantage and a disadvantage over the whistle. The latter is heavier, bigger and also suitable for a necklace, but it is big enough that it does not work for toy breeds. However, the size is due to Whistle’s built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, which allows you to send activity data directly to a smartphone app and send it to your home router and online.

This allows Whistle users to receive information about their dog’s activity even when they are away from home.

With FitBark, you will only receive Bluetooth unless you pay $ 79.95 more for the FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station. Connect to the FitBark smartphone app and keep it running near your router.

Then send the FitBark data to your online account.

The battery department is getting better and better. The FitBark charges its lithium-ion battery via a micro-USB connection

(the battery life is calculated between 10 and 14 days, depending on use).

This is a big step forward compared to the patented chargers used by other trackers like Whistle and PetPace for $ 249.95 at Amazon

Fitbark Review - Dog Paying

(and by the way, even the majority of Fitbits). The animated GIF below shows that the

FitBark logo on the device gives a calming impulse while charging, but that the light on my device just lights up when plugged in.

The most surprising thing about the box is that the FitBark sticks to your dog’s collar. No clip like the Tractive or a belt like the Whistle is used. Only a sturdy rubber band is used, which snaps into two slots on both sides of the tracker. Luckily it will be shipped with additional ribbons. The FitBark is designed to allow you to remove and fold your dog’s collar to recharge the device.

It can, however, depend on the collar.

Performance And Application

Every dog ​​health monitor is good at one thing: to make sure that people feel really bad about the lack of activity in their animals’ lives. I tied one on my 10-year-old dog Madison.

I gave him a goal of 7,000 BarkPoint a day, an active lifestyle in the middle of the road for a dog of his size and age.

FitBark explains that a puppy with the same values ​​earns an average of 5,400 crusts per day, while a dog from Olympia earns 9,600 crusts per day.

It can go up or down depending on the dog. Imagine my horror (and that of my fiancée) when I realised that poor Maddie had barely had 4,000 points a day without taking a long walk.

How Does Fitbark Bark Calculate Points?

According to the company, a patented algorithm is used to try to quantify “all physical activity according to the best veterinary practices”. But according to my observations, you earn points when your dog moves or plays. These are not steps in themselves, as is the case with a human using a Fitbit.

Fitbark Review

The FitBark app is available for Android or iOS, and there is also a web-based control panel (pictured above) that is exactly what Whistle offers. After creating an account, you can invite people (such as your dog walker) to follow your dog or receive invitations from other FitBark users.

As mentioned above, if you are away from home and do not have a Wi-Fi hotspot, you will not receive updates until your smartphone and tracking are near Bluetooth (up to 30 meters).

Anyone considering using FitBark should ensure that the dog walker is introduced to Fido’s daily constitution will most certainly want a base station for $ 80.

The app will show you a battery indicator and a short summary of the dogs in your account (The Home Pack) with a visualization of the Bark Points received for that day.

Each dog gets a count of the time in the game (move a lot), rest and activity (in progress). Tap the number of the center and you will see exactly when the activity/game is executed.

Touch each quadrant of the center pie chart to get more details on your dog’s activity per hour.

Fitbark Review - Watches

FitBark also has a unique social/professional aspect of your service. You can compare your dog’s barking points with those of other dogs of the same breed.

Recently a TopDog table was added. So any dog ​​that follows can immediately categorize your friends or friends using FitBark.

FitBark Explore is a public interactive map that shows the health status of dogs in the 54 countries where FitBark devices are currently used.

What You Can Do With The Fitbark 2

You can control your dog’s sleep and activity throughout the day. You will receive detailed information about your dog’s activity and sleep quality.

You can also display your health information with that of your dog. You can link your Apple HealthKit, Fit or Fitbit device to Fitbark 2 to track your progress and that of your dog.

You can also closely monitor your health status. With Fitbark 2, you can find out if your dog has anxiety or mobility problems. It can also control skin diseases.

All of this is indicated by changes in sleep patterns and behaviour.

You can be sure that your dog has enough exercise and maybe even more than other dogs of the same type.

Properties Of Fitbark 2

Features of the Fitbark 2 include:

1. Easy To Handle

Place the Fitbark 2 on your dog’s collar and follow its activities. The Fitbark 2 is protected by a polycarbonate shell that makes it more waterproof to your dog’s bites while making it more durable.

Fitbark Review - Easy To Handle

The device is IP67 rated, which means that it is safe for half-hour at a depth of one meter.

The bone-shaped device measures 1.6 cm wide, 1.1 cm is high and a half-inch thick. At just 10 grams it is very light.

2. Metric measurement

The Fitbark 2 comes with a three-axis accelerometer that lets you measure different metrics. The device can measure the sleep quality and activity of your beloved dogs.

With full-day data about your dog’s activities and the quality of your sleep, you can get more information about your pet’s behaviour and health.

You can also monitor behavioural changes and even have a good record to share with the vet. Fitbark 2 can track and measure activities as BarkPoints points.

You know how long your dog has been active, playing or resting. She also knows how many calories have been burned, how many miles have been covered, how much sleep and how much health your dog has overall.

3. Long battery life

The Fitbark 2 uses a polymer lithium-ion battery that lasts up to six months with a full charge.

And if you need to recharge the battery, it is convenient to do so while still attached to the collar.

Fitbark Review - Goal

data storage
With Fitbark 2 you can save up to 100 days of data. This means that you know for every minute of the day what your dog did.

It works in any place and in any climate. The Fitbark 2 works everywhere.

In addition, it withstands all weather conditions with an operating temperature range of -20 ° C to 50 ° C. In addition, Fitbark 2 is suitable for all dogs, regardless of size or breed.

Fitbark 2 Explore Health Data And Baseline Values ​​For Your Dogs.

Fitbark has created baselines and rules that help you determine if your dog’s behaviour is changing and the sleep patterns are normal or not.

The company has received contributions from researchers from at least 45 research institutions and universities around the world.

In addition, over time, data will be added by Fitbark 2 users. According to the company, the user base includes dogs of more than 250 breeds from at least 125 countries.

Among other things, the amount of data you have at your disposal will help you:

Find out how your dog’s weight and age can affect his lifestyle and activity.

Fitbark Review - Screen

  • Learn about trends in lifestyle, sleep efficiency, health, and activity based on your dog’s breed.
  • Look at a histogram that shows the percentile of your dog’s activity.
  • See how an activity or lack of activity is related to cancer, osteoarthritis, and heart disease.
  • Know how to feed your dogs according to their activity.
  • Know which diseases limit your dog’s activity and interrupt his sleep.

Some Ideas That Discovered By Fitbark Includes:

  • Puppies need only 11 to 13 hours of sleep. This means they need less sleep than newborns.
  • Maltese dogs are particularly nervous during fireworks, while beagles and golden retrievers generally do not care.
  • Puppies are more active than adult dogs but expect to be more active at the age of three to six months. You also have trouble sleeping at night.
  • Some dog breeds, like terriers and spaniels, need more activities than others.
  • People around the world usually go for a walk with their dog at 18:00.
    Osteoarthritis reduces your dog’s speed by 30%.
  • Among the US states, Massachusetts has the most active dogs. Pennsylvania and Florida dogs tend to be lazier. Switzerland has the most active dogs in the world.
  • Older dogs are also active.
  • If you have trouble sleeping at night, you should envy the Golden Retrievers for their high quality deep sleep.

What Makes The Fitbark Activity Tracker So Special?

Is your dog exposed to specific health problems? If so, you’ll be glad that many parents found the Fitbark Health Index great for keeping track of their dogs.

A good example would be the French bulldog, which does not normally require a lot of exercise outdoors.

If they are over-trained, they are therefore prone to health problems that may affect their mobility.

Fitbark Review - Monitor

The other problem the French face is the difficulty of controlling the temperature of their bodies, a situation that often leads to overheating.

However, with the Fitbark Activity Monitor, you have the opportunity to ensure that your Frenchie dog or any other dog with a variety of health issues has the right balance of activity and rest.

Another feature of Fitbark that I fall in love with is that it helps you to determine your dog’s calorie needs and calorie consumption.

In this way, you can determine how much food your dog should eat according to their physical activity.

Due to its effectiveness, dozens of veterinary schools and even research institutes use Fitbark to conduct studies on nutrition, various medical topics, mobility, and other issues.

This is possible in a number of ways, including the option of inviting your veterinarian or dog walker as a user into the dog’s profile where the collected data is shared with them.

Price Policy: Fitbark Review

FitBark 2 costs $ 69.95 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Keep the receipt and the original packaging.

The manufacturer also provides a one-year limited warranty for all hardware and software issues.

Fitbark Review - Walking

Pros And Cons: Fitbark Review 


  • Tracks behaviour changes (rest time, active time, and game time).
  • It is compared to similar breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs.
  • It weighs only 8 grams and is suitable for every dog.
  • Waterproof and withstands hard movements and games.
  • Free smartphone app
  • No monthly fees
  • The battery life of 6 months, rechargeable via micro USB cable (included)
  • 5 colours available
  • Excellent customer service


  • This device does not have GPS tracking as compared to some competing products.
  • Some reports indicate that it is easily broken or not charged (but returns/changes are easy).

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Conclusions: Fitbark Review 2024

If you are a dog lover and you fear that your four-legged companion will do enough to stay healthy, you should invest in a dog tracking device. FitBark is a good example.

It is a lightweight and attractive device with an intuitive complementary application and a clean social aspect. However, for the price, you simply can not beat Whistle, which includes built-in Wi-Fi so you can sign up for your pet no matter where you are.


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