28 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise You

Are you feeling a bit bored with your relationship lately? Want to bring some excitement back into your relationship with your boyfriend with some fun things to do? We will show you 28 fun and exciting dates you can have with your boyfriend or partner!


The Importance Of Fun Activities For Couples

Relationships with that “special someone” can be the most wonderful experiences of ones life. The world seems to stop for others and revolves only around you two. Is that right? (Haha, that’s not true.)  


There are times when this lasts for a long time, though. Is it a good or a bad thing to keep repeating the same things of your partner? In a relationship that is becoming routine rather than romantic, what happens? 


It might feel great at first to go to the same “favorite” restaurant for dinner, come home to watch some movies, and then go to bed, but it will eventually become monotonous because there is no excitement involved. 


A routine like this will definitely lead to a gap in your relationship and eventually boredom will take over – and that’s the last thing you want.


Engage your partner in exciting activities frequently so that your relationship remains exciting. Check out these 28 fun things you can do with your boyfriend!


Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Are Fun and Unique


  1. Picnic

It’s much more exciting and adventurous to go out on a picnic date than to watch Netflix at home, as long as the weather is good. You can take your relationship to a whole new level by spending time outdoors with your partner. 


  1. Camping

Better yet, you could stay out and explore nature for a few days. There is nothing as romantic as an evening out with your love; no phone calls, no distractions… just you and your man cuddling and enjoying the sounds of nature.


  1. Trivia Night

You can shake things up a bit by attending one of the numerous Trivia Nights that most restaurants host if going out for dinner has become as boring as counting to 100 backwards. 


You won’t know how good (or how bad) you both are until you try it. It’s also healthy for a relationship to have a little competition.


  1. Trampoline World

You should also go to the trampoline world with your boyfriend, as it is a ton of fun. 


  1. Go Canoeing

The nearby river can provide some fun to your relationship if you reside in a coastal area. Another unforgettable memory you can create with your man is going kayaking with him.


  1. Attend A Concert

Attending concerts can heighten your passion for each other, allowing you both to dance all night. You don’t have to see the entire Beyoncé concert.  Your friends or neighbors may perform locally, but the event will still be fun!


  1. Work On A Project 

Another way to change things up is to take an idea from Pinterest and turn it into a project. On top of that, working on projects with your baby (or dad) is fun. The difference in story will at least make your workday more interesting than the usual dull one.


  1. Play Video Games 

Video games are popular with guys, as you already know. Play soccer or car racing games with your boyfriend on his PS5 (or perhaps you can surprise him with a PS5? I’m not suggesting anything here…just saying), if he happens to be one of those game freaks in town. 


  1. Visit A Local Museum 

Is there something you’ve always wanted to see in your local community? 


You will not only learn about your local community when you visit a museum, but will also have a glimpse into what it is like to participate in an actual expedition! How about you and your boyfriend give it a try?


  1. Have A Goofy Photo Shoot

You can do this with your boyfriend when you have some time off work. Your boyfriend and you can take pictures in funny outfits with a friend who has a camera! Aside from the fun, you’ll also make cherished memories.


  1. Visit The Zoo

Zoos are commonly thought to be for kids, which is just hilarious. Visit the zoo with your man on a free day and watch the monkeys perform tricks to keep yourselves entertained.


  1. Visit An Amusement Park 

There are no words to describe how adrenaline will rush through your veins here. It’s also nice to take your partner on a Ferris wheel (as long as none of you throw up, of course). 


  1. Or Just Go Hiking…

Why not hit the trails with your boyfriend while you’re wearing your hiking boots? 


  1. Finger Painting

A moment of nostalgia might come to mind if you are reminded of your childhood. Imagine reliving those memories with the one you love!


  1. Go Ice Skating 

You won’t just have fun with your boyfriend here, but you’ll also be totally adventurous as well. It is possible to go ice skating for the fun of it, not just for special occasions, if you and your partner are good skaters. The worst you’ll do is trip each other on the ice, so it’ll be really funny to watch. 


  1. Build A Blanket Fort 

Rather than watching a movie in a theater, you should build a blanket fort together and watch it in there instead! You can recreate the fun of your childhood here. It will feel like a kid-like experience for you both.


  1. Just Watch People

Your boyfriend and you will have the best time doing this. If you want to observe passers-by, sit with your partner on a bench on a cool street corner. Distinguish between them while avoiding getting caught!


  1. Play A Ping Pong Game

There is a lot of fun in the rules of this game. There can be a rule that anyone who loses will slave for the winner for the remainder of the day… Interesting but risky!


  1. Play Strip Poker

Your romance will be spiced up today. You can strip together on a good day, and…see what happens in the evening.


  1. Homemade Spa Day

Light some candles, arrange some aromatherapy oils, put out some romantic music, and presto, your spa day is ready! 


  1. Dress Each Other Up And Go Out For Dessert

If your boyfriend dressed you up for a date, what would his choice be? (Yeah, sure, it might be worrisome to think that he would decide what you wear, but try it!).


You’ll have a more lively evening with this… Not the usual dinner and bedtime routine.


  1. Make A Bucket List

Our lifetimes are filled with a lot of things we want to accomplish. Write down all your wishes and read them out to your partner on paper. 


You will learn a lot about your boyfriend, his preferences, goals, and ambitions by creating such bucket lists. The two of you will also become more acquainted. Boosting the relationship in such a way will certainly do a lot to make it stronger and even further develop.


  1. Scavenger Hunt 

This game is loved by everyone, right?  Scavenger Hunting is a great way to revitalize a dying relationship. 


You can make a few riddles with your boyfriend and set a prize for the winner. Prizes could include a massage, gift card, or trip to their favorite store.


  1. Have A Psychic Reading Session With Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend will love it. It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do with him. Listen to any psychic that stays around and see what you can learn from them. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun to hear their side of the story, even if you don’t believe them.


  1. Sing Karaoke Duet Songs

The most romantic thing a couple can do for each other is to sing a love song at a Karaoke duet. What an amazing sight!


  1. Take A Cooking Class Together

It is definitely not a bad idea for you and your boyfriend to learn a couple of new recipes and practice them at home. It will be a great opportunity (and something useful) for you both.


  1. Just Cuddle Away 

The last (but certainly not the least) of fun things you can do with your boyfriend is cuddle. It is a unique way to cultivate intimacy by snuggling with your boyfriend and listening to each other’s heartbeat. If you haven’t been cuddling lately, you should learn to do so more often.


Thus, these are the fun and unique things you can do with your boyfriend and spruce things up. Do let us know which thing you like the most.  



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