Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Hanoi | 2022 With Pros And Maps

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In October 2017, I visited Hanoi again for two nights and found some great guest friendly hotels in Old Hanoi: the Hotel the landmark hotel in Hanoi, in the heart of the old town and close to the nightlife.

Hanoi does not have a beer bar yet, but much has changed. Many bars are open late on Ta Hien Street and I have seen many freelancers there. I found a girl in Tinder and brought her to my room without any problems.

 Hanoi Guest friendly hotels

Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Hanoi | 2022 With Pros And Maps

A Sortable List Of Guest Friendly Hotels In Hanoi

The best hotels for guests are close to Hanoi’s nightlife: Old Quarter – Hoan Kiem Lake Area.

Government regulations prohibit Vietnamese girls from spending the night with strangers/foreigners, and most (high-end) hotels strictly adhere to this rule.

Among the exceptions – guest friendly hotels Hanoi list:

Hanoi is the fascinating capital of Vietnam, the city is able to unite in a very unique mix of both western and eastern French colonial influences thanks to the centennial influence of Chinese domination.

Today Hanoi is a city in fast growth and continuous change. As always we focus on nightlife and we talk about the places where the action is concentrated for those who are looking for hours to spend in good company, however, remember that prostitution in Vietnam is illegal.

As often happens for Saigon police checks and so-called crackdowns or operations, we would call them raids, are not infrequent to stem the phenomenon.

Nightlife In Hanoi

Bars and pubs – Despite being the capital of Vietnam, nightlife is subdued compared to what you might expect, but not all is lost and some interesting place to do as many interesting meetings there is.

This is the case for example of the Dragonfly, address 15 Hàng Buồm and this is their web page , but there are several places that stand out on the scene, some of these are Funky Buddha (2 Ha Tien),   Hanoi Rock City (27/52 Tô Ngọc Vân, Tây Hồ), Pubs (25 Hang Be), Half Man Half Noodles (62 Dao Duy Tu).

Hanoi Guest friendly hotels

Red light district – If you want to go without fail you should go to Hanoi areas traditionally dedicated to this activity as Phan Dang Luu road in the Gia Lam district or in Mai Lam road district of Dong Anh and finally in the district of Quoc Oai.

In all these areas you have to look for the red lights that come from the small coffee bars or just look around as there are many classic “walkers”.

Nightclub – This type of company, given the type of place, tends to be quite expensive if you really want to try it we recommend the Nutz Bar at the Sheraton Hotel and the nightclub at the Fortuna hotel.

Massage Centers – Not always in these places is included, or implied, the complete service, often you will have to settle for a hand job or a blowjob at the mass.

They can be both classic massage parlors and the famous (or rather infamous) barbers called on-site Hot Toc.

Here are some names and addresses: Annam Spa (Nghi Tam 129), Tam Quat (Pho Vong street), Oasis Massage inside the Oasis Hotel, Royal Rose Massage (299 Cau Giay) and other parlors you can find Thuy Khue road after the number 200.

How to reach Hanoi City
The fastest and most practical way to reach Hanoi is definitely the plane, thanks to the presence of Nội Bài International Airport in Hanoi, you can reach Angeles from abroad or using domestic flights if you are already traveling in Vietnam.

Guest Friendly Hotel In Hanoi

Precisely because of the laws and police rackets on the premises it is very important to know first whether or not the hotel you want to book for your stay in Hanoi accepts or not unregistered guests.

Remember that in Vietnam, prostitution is forbidden and the minimum age to have a relationship is 18 years, so the risk is not just that they ask you a few dollars to let an unregistered guest enter but they just do not let him in regardless.

We asked the question directly by e-mail and you can read the answer under the pictures, it is not uncommon to request a document to leave before going up to the room (also for your safety).

Here Are The List Of Best Guest Friendly Hotels In Hanoi 

1. Bamboo Hotel

Hanoi Guest friendly hotels - Bamboo Hotel

Hanoi Guest friendly hotels - Bamboo Hotel

Hanoi Guest friendly hotels - Bamboo Hotel





  • Rooms are literally a lot of like residences and embody a separate room, lounge, kitchen/dining space WIth a tiny low balcony.
  • Pool & sauna Available.
  • Free WiFi.

Guest Friendly policy reply by Bamboo Hotel:
“Thank you for booking but we do not charge extra fees if you booked a room for 2 and as long as the guest has an ID we accepted. We do not stay with you while you stay at our hotel. Kindest regards, Hotel Manager Hien Pham “



32 Hang Be Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam


2. Blue Moon Hotel  

Hanoi Guest friendly hotels - Blue Moon Hotel