How To End a Relationship On Good Terms 2024?: 10+ Ways To End It Gracefully

Despite the fact that breakups are hard to go through, they don’t always end badly. Relationships can be ended peacefully if you know how to end them.

Getting a good end to a relationship is the first step towards being ahead of the curve. The majority of people would rather be ghosted than have the upper hand during a breakup. Because of your loss of each other, you cannot win the breakup.

Even though we confess to feeling the same way about an ex, it doesn’t mean that you must hate each other and wish the worst for them! Keeping your relationship on friendly terms is a great way to appreciate all that you’ve experienced together without resenting the other person.

The end of a breakup doesn’t have to end in anger and bitterness no matter who broke up with who. It’s as simple as just being honest, communicating, and letting them do things their way.

There’s nothing to worry about. After all, you’ve been through together, your relationship deserves compassion.

How to End a Relationship on Good Terms?

Irrespective of how long a relationship has lasted, it is entirely possible to know how to end it on a good note. Breaking up with someone can be challenging, but you have the option of being mature about it. Grudges are easier to hold, but you can still be civil about them.

1. Prepare yourself

prepare yourself

Avoid projecting what you think the other will do before you break up. That’s not the case. The people involved will likely not react well to a breakup, since nobody likes a split.

It says a lot about your intentions for the breakup that you’re eager to learn how to end it on good terms. 

2. Respect them

respect them

A good relationship will end when you have respect for one another. Don’t belittle them. They should not be patronized. Be kind to them, even when things are almost over.

Do not sugarcoat anything, and be as straightforward as you can. If you are respectful even when they are upset, good terms will follow. 

3. Do it in person

How To End a Relationship On Good Terms

At least meet in person when you’re ending things. You can’t break up with them through text, e-mail, or even a phone call because their resentment will grow.

Although it is difficult to break up face-to-face, it is necessary if you want to end the relationship on a positive note. Rather than ending the relationship on good terms, you’re careless about avoiding awkwardness rather than thinking about their feelings.

4. Be honest

How To End a Relationship On Good Terms-speak the truth

People have a hard time understanding this for some reason. Sugarcoating or even lying about the real reason for your breakup won’t make things better.

You can’t expect them to be nice to you if you ghost someone over insincerity. Why hide the truth if they’ll find it out anyway?

5. Thank them

thank them

Despite its cheesy nature, let them know how much you value them. In order to end a relationship on good terms, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Your relationship with them and the support they have given you is appreciated.

Being overlooked or rejected outright is not something anyone wants to experience. Thanks will appear that you’re really trying to be civil to them even if they end up hating you *which is completely normal by the way!*

6. Do not ask anything of them right now

When you just dumped them, it’s not a good idea to ask them to be friends right away. It is unfair of you to ask anything of a person who is suffering from heartbreak, anger, or shock at this moment. You should wait to ask any favors from them until they have processed their feelings.

They probably didn’t see it coming, so let them think about their feelings. Since you have been contemplating this for some time, give them an equal amount of time to process.

7. Give them space

How To End a Relationship On Good Terms- give space

It doesn’t mean you are going to be BFFs right away just because you are ending the relationship on good terms. Having closeness with an ex can be a huge barrier to moving on for some people.

Let go of any expectations that they’ll laugh at your jokes or accept your friendship. You’re the one who broke up, so let them deal with that. When and if they’re ready, they’ll return.

8. Don’t comfort them at the moment

When kids are upset or crying, it’s hard not to comfort them. It’s not a good idea. Breaking up with them took away your right to comfort them.

Even though I understand your instinct, I think this might only cause a further escalation of anger and confusion for them.

It won’t make things any better to comfort and console them before you say goodbye if you try to comfort and console them. Even if you mean well, you won’t benefit from the breakup by saying this.

Just allow them to be upset on their own terms when ending a relationship on good terms. It will not be possible for them to benefit from the good terms until the relationship ends without you. 

9. Let them cry

let them cry

You should not think otherwise if you’re crying after a breakup. You are more interested in stopping the crying than they are. They are releasing their feelings when they cry, so you probably feel guilty or even shame when they do it.

In essence, you are saying that they are not human if they don’t cry. In reverse, you’d probably be crying too!

10. Answer their questions

breakup with someone

People involved in a breakup are prone to asking questions, especially if they weren’t prepared for it. You should be direct in your answers. They rely on it for closure, so you should at least give them some peace of mind.

You shouldn’t be patronizing about your answers – that’s just patronizing. As well as making you feel better, the truth provides more closure to them than a soft lie. 

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So, how to end a relationship on good terms?

Respect and compassion are essential for ending a relationship on good terms. We shouldn’t confuse their feelings, but we should at least validate them and let them process their hurt and pain.

The process of ending a relationship on good terms is easier than you might think. You might just end the breakup civilly if you are honest and respectful. The question is, who knows? Even friendship might be possible for you.


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