The Mattress Firmness Guide Scale Explained: How to Choose the Right Firmness Level?

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Mattress buying is really no laughing matter. It seems to be a never-ending process of analyzing the benefits and drawbacks unless you reach a choice.

Among the most crucial factors that should be considered is mattress firmness. But how can users determine which firmness is ideal for them?

Mattress firmness is just an extremely subjective and personal affair. Whatever you considered hard might not have been firm for many others, and also what someone else considers soft might not even be delicate to you.

How To Sleep Better on mattress- Mattress firmness guide

So, in this article, we’ll guide you on how anyone can choose the right mattress by firmness scale guide.

We’ll go through the mattress softness scale, various mattress softness degrees, and also which firmness grade is optimal for regular sleeping patterns and physical features in this article.

Scale of Mattress Firmness:

The chart under assigns a number from 1 to 10 to the smoothness or hardness of mattresses”

Very soft 1 Both medium and heavy sleepers will find this accepting.

Uncomfortably terrible to rest over.

Soft 2-4 There’s a good deal of yet not too much. It’s ideal for sleepers who enjoy being ‘grabbed.’

A well-built mattress can provide considerable support yet remaining comfortable.

Medium to medium-firm 5-7 Stability, firmness, and relaxation are all well-balanced.

It’s also known as the ‘global levels of satisfaction.’

Firmness is beneficial for back problems.

Firm 8-9 All in all, it’s a wonderful support structure that’s also really comfy.


Very firm 10 Too stiff to be comfortable.

Rather than soothing joint pain, it may aggravate them.

Mattress firmness level

Most individuals only have to consider mattress stiffness every few years whenever they open a decent mattress, even without a thorough grasp of mattress firmness grades, this customer experience may be perplexing and stressful.

Mattress firmness scale chart
Source: Duroflex

To acquaint the readers with how each firm-level felt, we’ll further eliminate and define the broad varieties. We’ll additionally go through the benefits and drawbacks of every other mattress firmness grade, which is a crucial consideration when picking your ultimate selection.

  • Very soft: It is a really soft sort of mattress. These would be mattresses that are completely responsible for providing adequate support. The moisture absorption is significant, but you should avoid it at all costs. It will only cause injury to the spine and therefore is going to be particularly pleasant. Human beings have not yet evaluated any beds with such a firmness grade.


  • Soft: Such mattresses are velvety or fluffy, with a moisture absorption of 1.5 to 2.5 inch. These were all typically accessible in 2 styles: depth cushion hugging and conventional deep contouring foam. For all those who desire to rest on the sides, they are ideal. These are really not, though, suitable for people who sleep on their backs or stomach.


  • Medium to Medium-firmness: Here in the marketplace, medium-balanced mattresses are the most popular. It is always believed that roughly 80 per cent of individuals fit into such a range, however most of the mattresses we’ve looked at fit into this group. Based on your own tastes, you should go with the usual 6, or some milder there in face of a 5-10 mattress firmness score. These varieties are suitable for various applications.


  • Firm: Such mattresses are considerably stiffer than that of the intermediate versions, with less hug and moisture absorption. Although, there are several exemptions, and the fact is that they’ll be for folks who desire a bit extra hardness beneath their feet. The proportion of persons, on the other hand, might consider these more difficult.


  • Very firm: Extremely stiff mattresses exactly what it is considered. In reality, just only a few mattresses can fit in it, and several of them are medical. That’s the major reason why only a small percentage of individuals appreciate these types of devices.

What is the Appropriate Comfort Level For Oneself?

The mathematical mattress stiffness scale provides a much more overall evaluation of how each hardness grade feels. Let’s just have a glance at the types of sleepers which are most fitted to every level, so now you know what they’re about.


Mattress weight and scale guide
Source: The Most Popular

People who are light (130 lbs or less)

Lightweight folks do not exert that much force on a bed as heavier persons do. The above implies that even when individuals fall asleep, they prefer to remain on the top pleasure surface of a mattress rather than sinking into foundation core layers.

In addition, those who are incredibly light (just under 125 pounds) must look for such a mattress that is a little firmer than what has been normally advised for their typical resting position.

Sleepers of average weight (130-200 lbs)

For just an average-sized person, several considerations like sleeping pattern, if they sweat at nighttime, if the bed with a companion, and if they require a bed to assist relieve spinal discomfort really will play a role in determining the optimal mattress stiffness degree.

A soft mattress might give the amount of stability you should be relaxed if you already have back discomfort or rest on a flat stomach for the majority of the time.

People who weigh more than 200 pounds

Whenever overweight people take a nap on a bed, they make more touch with the mattress’s supportive foundation than ordinary or lightweight persons do. It can cause a drooping impression, the sense of sliding too profoundly into the bed, or even the sense of being totally unfounded when sleeping.


Males are often bigger than females. Once you’re a little heavier, the usual guideline is that you’re using anything stiffer to avoid spinal dislocation. That’s also critical, and you should compensate for it completely. That is quite important.

Females have a little more delicate body parts and need to choose mattresses that are even more accommodating. As a result, you should opt for a moderately firm mattress that is matched to a particular sleeping posture. This is extremely significant.


Back Discomfort Mattresses that can serve both sides and tummy sleepers seem to be ideal for dealing with chronic pain. Regardless of your body weight, the stiffness must be around 5 & 8. This is vital to maintain that your bottom back is properly contoured.

Mattress firmness guide and chatrt

Shoulder Ache: A variety of factors might trigger shoulder pain, but the most common reason is a mattress that is excessively hard. That was especially true for persons that favour resting on the sides over napping in some other posture. As a result, we highly advise choosing a gentler mattress with a firmness rating of 3 – 6.

Hip Ache: Hip discomfort can be affected by a multitude of factors, each of which is incorrect spinal orientation. With all of this in consideration, a moderately firm and even gentle, yet highly supportive mattress for the lumbar spine may be an excellent choice. That is the major feature that you’ll be anticipating.

Sleeping position

  • Those who sleep on their sides:

Whenever you lie on one side, the primary portions of the body which makes a connection with the bed include the shoulder or hips. That’s why sleepers benefit from a gentle to medium-soft bed. Physique shaping is provided by the relaxation layers, which enable the certain human body to settle further into the bed.

Mattress for side sleepers- mattress firmness guide

Stiffer mattresses really aren’t ideal for side sleepers because they condense the regions that come into contact with the bed, causing trigger points.

  • Those who sleep on their backs:

Back sleepers distribute their load evenly throughout the night, avoiding the uncomfortable stress spots that side sleepers experience. Back sleepers can however take solace on a huge assortment of mattress hardness ratings. Additional criteria we’ve mentioned, like body mass and probable backache concerns, will influence how well you fit.

Stiff mattresses are best for spine sleepers experiencing severe discomfort, while medium-firm mattresses function well during usual.

  • Those who sleep on their stomach:

Most of the force is concentrated all-around hips and buttocks whenever individuals lie on flat stomachs. With only a soft bed, individuals may experience a strong inner curve of the backbone when sleeping. Lumbar discomfort can be exacerbated by resting one’s spine outside from position within that manner.

Stomach sleepers- mattress firmness guide

No matter what sleeping posture users have, the most important thing to remember when looking for a mattress is just to keep your spine in a healthy posture all throughout the duration.

  • Those who sleep in a mixture of positions:

Mixed sleepers want a mattress that can do many functions. This should give enough assistance to back and shoulders napping thereby shaping and relieving trigger points in the hips and shoulders when resting on one’s sides.

If people sleep almost all the nighttime on their backside, medium-firm stiffness is really a good option, whereas medium-soft stiffness would provide everyone with an additional piece of differential pressure whenever they flip around infrequently and risk ending up at the sides.

Conclusion: The Complete Mattress Firmness Guide

As you have seen, there seems to be plenty to recognize and respond to the mattress’ stiffness. This problem was that it was linked to such a variety of distinct features, each of which is being taken into consideration. This is extremely significant.
However, this all gets down to how people feel upon on bed in the end. Even when you are most likely to choose a moderate mattress, you may favour anything else.

This would be determined by individual sleeping habits, resting postures, personal opinions, as well as overall mass.

We believe also that preceding has provided you more adequate data on anything you could need to understand. Let’s hope, you’ll be willing to alter the sound decision.

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