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Medical alert systems are also referred to as the personal emergency response system. A medical alert is the largest independent medical alarm facility in North America. The main purpose of the medical alert is to provide the medical facilities to the elderly people and to those seniors who live alone and in case of emergency needs help. The elderly people or the senior citizen of the world are the ones who face a lot of medical issues and sometimes are helpless, so the companies like medical alert reach to them and provide all the medical help they need.

The important feature of the medical alert system is that it not only gives help in cases of medical emergency but it also works in the case of any emergencies that need a quick response such as fire, a fall, etc. It gives you the immediate response so that you never feel that you are alone, works for the peace of mind of people.

Let’s checkout the Medical Alert promo coupons & offers and then get detailed idea about the plans.

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How does it work?

The basic system only contains the traditional landline setup and a portable help button that you wear on the wrist around the house that connects you to the live agent in the case of emergency. This cell button contains many features such as automatic fall detection; GPS based mobile solution for the people in outdoors. Some features also help you in reminding to take your medication in case you forget the system automatically inform the person in charge or the active family member who takes care. So the working of the medical alert is totally automatic and serves you the best.


The installation process is quite easy; the only requirements for the setup are the telephone connection and a portable help button. Just simply plug the unit in phone jack using the phone cord and plug your phone into the secondary jack on the unit. Now simply plug the power cord, the LED indicator will turn green and your setup is ready to use.

This system is made in a way the seniors find it convenient and after all the installation of setup the person checks it by pressing the help button to test the installation, the call will be attended by the agent she or he may ask to question and you just inform them that you are taking the test and verify your name there. Simple you are ready to go.

About the help button:-

The help button is generally the red colored and the largest on the unit and the easiest button to reach, it is clearly marked theirs with name help button or emergency button. The unit also consists of the speakers and the main purpose of speakers is to connect you to the agent for the immediate response without having to pick up the phone. Also, have the speakers, microphone LED indicator and reset button and many other features depending on the system.

Some systems also contain the reset button which usually cancels your call and some just simply make silent to the beeping alarm but not cancel the call and you can talk to the agent and inform them that everything is ok with you. Make sure that you always built up the battery backup if in case of power cuts or outrage.

The help button is portable in the form of a pendant or wristband which you can wear all the time. Although mobile buttons are embedded with the GPS location, in some case you left the phone you can have your pendant or wristband with you even outside the home or even in the shower because the pendant is waterproof and can communicate up to the distance of 1500 ft.

Fall detection pendant is also almost similar to the normal help buttons but has the built-in sensors that can detect if you have taken the spills and after detecting will inform to the response centre and they will charge you some extra.


No medical alert system will offer you no monthly subscriptions, they might ask for the yearly commitment from your side. The basic landline in-home setup may charge you up to $25 to $35 per month. While the cellular pricing is the bit high compared to the landline setup, it may cost you $35-$45 per month. At last, the mobile systems are high in cost compared to both landline and cellular, it charges you $65-$75 per month.

The company offers discount and various coupon codes for the system you want to install and you can get them at a low price by applying the Medical Alert promo coupons & offers.

Its Accessories

Some systems also offer the day to day checkup in which the agent call you at the particular time and ask you if everything is ok or need some help from them and also remind you to take your medication.

If your house is really big and the detection range does not go in some areas of your house then you can ask for the long-range pendant. Wireless wall – mounted help buttons are some other accessories and can expand the range of detection in your house.

Lockbox accessory is some other common accessory which is hanged on your house door box. The box has a compartment where you keep your house key and is opened using some combination. When the help is dispatched the response centre gives the combination of keys to the emergency holder and he or she opens the door of your house without breaking them down if you are unable to open the door for them because breaking the door may take some extra time and can cost a life of the person seeking for help.

So, the features of the help button have the common purpose of providing the help immediately in time of emergency and save someone’s life.


  • The system has many features and works mostly automatic which helps the seniors and give them the convenient life.
  • The advantage of the medical alert system is that you never will feel like you don’t have anybody to take care of you if you live alone. The medical alert agents are always there to help their customer in every possible way and satisfy their needs.


  • The only complaint with the medical alert is that the pricing for the modified version of systems goes really high that everyone can’t afford.

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 Conclusion: Medical Alert Promo Coupons & Offers 2024

The only thing that can be said for the medical alert is that they work to give the best to their customers and provide the best medical facilities all over the world. With their new innovation, they always help their customers to the best. They provide the great medical service throughout the world and people are receiving the great medical facilities in the world by joining medical alert. Hope you find these Medical alert promo coupons & offers amazing and worthwhile.

Hope you will enjoy the Medical Alert promo coupons & Offers and also share it with your friends and relatives.


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