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Nest Bedding


Nest Bedding clearly know what they're doing, and their Mattress is exactly what you need. They make mattresses for the price point, and it's so comfortable and supportive.

Out of 10


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 100% Organic Latex
  • Free Shipping Acrosss US
  • Variety of Mattresses
  • Soft Pillows
  • No Off-Gassing
  • Stellar Customer Service


  • Not all products are on Amazon
  • Latex mattresses are highly priced.


Price: $ 449.10

Welcome to my Nest Bedding Review! You must have heard about this brand a lot and I have read various online reviews about Nest bedding and their amazing varieties of mattresses.

In this article, I will give you some amazing reasons to choose the Nest bedding mattresses.

Are you concerned about bad sleep? Do you have bad bed woes?

Bad sleep leads to various problems such as anxiety and high blood pressure. This often leads to Insomnia which is one of the major concerns for many.

Solution: Nest Bedding offers a line of mattresses with various levels of support at price points that won’t break the bank. The beds are available in three distinct models, each built around its own unique design concept and feel. The company backs up all products with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship—a feature rarely found on other brands’ bedding products.

I found the Nest Bedding mattress and shared it with my team of experts. We have reviewed their mattress products, sleep types, comfort, and firmness in depth. Also, the article has pros and cons of using the Nest Mattress.

Bottom Line Upfront: Nest Bedding is a brand I’ve been watching for quite a while now, and that’s why I tried this brand. It was founed back in 2012 and have been on a mission to provide the best type of matresses.

Their mattress are mostly Organic and Certipur-US certified. The company ensures the highest level of comfort and an unparalleled sleeping experience.

I along with thousands of satisfied sleepers highly recommended,Nest bedding check out now. 

Nest bedding customr reviews

Their range of products is designed to assist with keeping sleepers the right position they are comfortable at. And, the best part is they have som many products for all types of sleepers.

Nest Bedding clearly know what they’re doing, and their Mattress is exactly what you need. They make mattresses for the price point, and it’s so comfortable and supportive. I would recommend you to try Nest Bedding for 100-Night and if satisfied, get them with lifetime warranty.

Table of Contents

About Nest Bedding Mattress: Top Pros & Cons of Nest Mattress

Nest Bedding is among the first bed-in-a-box firms so that you can trust that they understand what they’re on about. Nest offers a variety of mattresses, varying from a low-cost choice to a high-end organic latex mattress, with plenty of alternatives between each.

Nest bedding review-Nest Bedding Alexandar Mattress Review

We’ll go through how each of the Nest Bedding mattresses is made, how often they charge, and also who they’re ideal for in every Nest Bedding mattress review as well as we’ll guide you on how to get the best Nest Bedding mattress for everyone depending on personal sleeping patterns and preferences throughout this review.

We further go through the finest Nest Bedding mattresses for different sleeping positions and the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a Nest bed.

Where is Nest Bedding Made?

All the Nest mattresses are designed and manufactured in the USA. They are made with high-quality materials that do not have chemicals, so they are safe to sleep on.

History of Nest Bedding: 

Nest Bedding is often a cutting-edge mattress company that sells both web and in-store. They had also consistently modified the mattress supplies based on client responses since its introduction in 2011.

Nest bedding hybrid mattress review-Nest bedding journey and historty

The company also created a concentrated attempt to focus on good quality materials and material accessibility for much less budget over name-brands with such a wide choice of reasonably priced mattresses.

Nest Bedding has a lot to enjoy, including thousands of satisfied customers and a customer-focused goal.


The Man Behind Nest Bedding

Joe Alexander is the man behind the mattresses at Nest Bedding — a brand dedicated to better Zzz’s since 2011. Nest bedding offers various, mattresses, beds and furniture and pillows. It has various store locations in different parts of the USA. Joe has been featured in Forbes and other authority sites.

Nest bedding Joe Alexander mattress founder- Nest bedding review

Joe’s Nest Bedding has also featured in:

Nest Bedding Mattress types

We’re delighted to go over each of Nest Bedding’s mattress options and examine these in-depth:

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Review

An Alexander Signature Series Mattress is a 13-inch flippable thin foam mattress by Nest Bedding. It is really a towering mattress for an all-foam mattress. It is the sole flippable bed, having a moderately firm surface across one face as well as a firmer surface on another.

Nest bedding alexander hybrid mattress review

This mattress has an all-foam construction with different structures of polyfoam and gel memory foam covered inside an organic cotton fabric to attract a wider range of sleepers.

These mattresses are adaptable because of their flippable design, and consumers who sleep on their sides and backs have given them positive feedback. There are five layers in total on the Alexander Signature Series mattress.

  • The flippable nest alexander signature series may be suitable for you if…
  • You sleep on either side or back, regardless of your body weight.
  • You would like a mattress with multiple firmness variations.
  • You appreciate the sensation of memory foam although you don’t like being stuck in it.

Price range: $1049-$1899
Rating: Medium Firm Side- 4/5, Firm Side- 3.5/5

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Review

There are three hardness choices for the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress: plush, medium, and luxury firm. The above sensations are mild, medium, and hard.

Nest bedding mattress latex review

Furthermore, the king and California king sizes have an inherent division and various firmness on either side of the bed. Quantum Edge pocketed coils in 16 gauge form the core. Pocketed coils are capable of moving separately from one another, minimizing vibration dispersion throughout the layer.

The above layer additionally gives bouncy and ventilation to the bed. A 1-inch layer of poly foam serves as the mattress’s foundation.

Hybrid nest alexander signature may be suitable for you if…

  • You prefer to sleep on your sides.
  • You’re either a light or medium mass person.
  • You’re a warm sleeper.
  • You must select the stiffness range of your bed.

Price: $949-$1799
Rating: Plush- 4/5, Medium- 4/5, Luxury Firm- 3/5

Love and Sleep Mattress Review 

Nest Bedding Love and Sleep mattress review

This Love & Sleep mattress by Nest Bedding provides a comfortable good night sleep at a reasonable cost. The Energex foam cushions the back while remaining resilient enough to keep you from feeling trapped in bed.

The Love & Sleep mattress features a simple layout and is available in both Medium and Firm variants, making it suitable for customers in every posture.

Love and sleep may be healthy for you if…

  • You’re on to a limited income.
  • You must select the stiffness grade of your bed.
  • You’re looking for either a spare bedroom or a place to stay for a brief span of time.

Natural Hybrid latex Review 

For individuals who prefer a softer, all-natural sleeping combination, the Hybrid Latex alternative is appropriate. The Natural Hybrid Latex Mattress is 12.5” thick and available at three hardness levels: mild (the brand calls it “plush”), medium, and firm.

NestBeddingNaturalHybridLatex mattress review

A 1.5-inch layer of Eco-Flex poly foam sits on top of a 3-inch layer of OEKO-TEX-certified latex as well as a 1-inch layer of poly foam inside the mattress.

Natural hybrid latex could be suitable for you if…

  • You’re an environmentally concerned buyer.
  • You must select the comfort range of your bed.
  • All mass and resting posture are OK.
  • Latex appeals to you because of its bouncy, sensitive feel.

Pricing: $1049 – $1899
Rating: Durability-5/5, Motion Isolation-3/5, Temperature neutrality-5/5

All Natural Latex Mattress Review

Latex mattresses are becoming more significant to the success of their exceptional quality and protection. They’re generally linked to eco-friendly measures and better sleep hygiene.

NestBedding All Latex Mattress review

All latex mattresses may be suitable for you if…

  • You’re concerned about your health.
  • You like to sleep “on” a mattress then instead of “in” it.
  • You’re looking for a latex mattress that’s affordable.
  • You’d really like the ability to add a 3-inch topper.

Price: $1249 – $2299
Rating: Comfort-4/5, Durability-3.5/5

Big kids Bed- NestBedding BKB Review

Its Big Kid Bed mattress is aimed at kids who are upgrading from a crib to a toddler bed or a child’s mattress. The hardness of the Big Kid Bed measures roughly a 7 out of 10 just on the hardness scale, which is great for youngsters.

Bedding for kids- nest bedding BKB Review

All napping postures are supported pleasantly by the Big Kid Bed. Side sleepers will like the additional cushion provided by the foam composition, whereas back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the harder texture. The Big Kid Bed, according to Nest Bedding, could easily accommodate up to 100 pounds.

Price: $349 – $599
Rating: Comfort-4.5/5, Value-4/5, Cooling-4/5

If you are looking to get more such discounts, check our Nest Bedding Coupon Page.

Pros & Cons of Nest Bedding Mattresses


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • There are many variations to choose from.
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • A wide range of pricing points is offered.
  • 100-Night Free Trial
  • Offers natural and organic Latex options.
  • Free Shipping across the US


  • Models made of latex are usually expensive.
  • Nest Bedding’s website and shops are now the only places where you can get it.

Best Nest Bedding Mattress by Sleeping Position

Side sleeper:

Side sleepers can look for a mattress that conforms to their hips and shoulders. We suggest the varieties of Plush mattresses by Nest Bedding because they are soft to medium firm.

Back sleepers:

By cushioning the hips and shoulders, the finest mattresses for back sleepers assist keep the spine in an optimal position. Generally speaking, any of the Nest Mattresses’ Medium-Firm or Firm variants will work well for this sleeping posture.

Nest bedding topper review-Nest bedding sleepers

Stomach Sleeper:

Stomach sleepers require a Nest Mattress with a firmer quality sleeping platform to prevent hip sinkage. Our advice for stomach sleepers is identical to our advice for back sleepers. A certain mattress with a stiffness level of Medium-Firm or Firm will work.

Nest bedding review-Nest bedding for stomach sleepers

Combination sleeper: 

We suggest considering a Nest mattress which is most adapted for the resting position you prefer the most if you are a mixed sleeper. We further suggest checking into Nest’s latex versions, which have more elasticity and sensitive top layers, making it simpler to shift postures during the night.


Nest Bedding Buying Experience 

NestBedding reasons to choose

Trial period: A 100-night sleeping trial is included with every Nest Mattress. This trial process begins when the mattress is shipped, and users should use it for 30 nights prior to actually returning it.

Warranty: Nest Bedding provides the ultimate warranties on all of their mattresses, and that’s unusual in the mattress market. This lifetime warranty, in our opinion, speaks volumes about a company’s faith in its offerings.

They offer the Lifetime comfort guarantee where allows qualified customers to purchase a Nest Bedding mattress years down the road at thirty per cent off. You can check the Lifetime Comfort guarantee qualification criteria here.

Shipping and Delivery: Nest Bedding sells mattresses all over the world and provides free shipping in the continental United States. The majority of Nest Bedding mattresses are delivered as a bed-in-a-box between 8 days of order placement. Residents of the United States can pay an extra charge for white glove shipping.

Availability: is where you can find Nest Bedding items. In addition to online displays, Nest maintains physical locations in Washington, New York, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, California, and Arizona. At the moment, Amazon does not offer Nest Bedding mattresses.

How Does the Nest Bedding Hybrid Mattress Compare to Other Beds? (Nest Bedding vs Competitors)

Nest bedding vs Helix

Helix dawn mattress review-Is helix dawn mattress toxic

One of the Nest bedding alternatives is Helix. We would like to think of Helix as a hipster mattress, in that they have put an emphasis on customization and personalization in their mattresses. Their base model is $875 for a Queen sized mattress and it only comes in one firmness level: medium firm. This mattress uses 1″ of Avena foam, 3.5″ of gel memory foam, 1.5″ of Polyfoam, 6″ coils, and 2” of base support foam.

One interesting design choice is that Helix uses a quilted fabric cover with small squares over the top layer of their mattress which creates an effect similar to latex. It also allows the mattress to provide some bounce, while still having a slower response time.

One potential issue with Helix is that it could be too soft for heavier individuals because Avena foam does not have great support capabilities like latex or memory foam. Another potential issue is their firmness level only comes in medium, which is a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Nest bedding vs Brooklyn bedding

Brooklyn Bedding mattress- best spring mattresses

One of the Nest bedding competitors is Brooklyn bedding. Brooklyn Bedding is another popular bed in a box company that has received lots of recognition for its mattresses, including being named one of the top 5 mattress companies to watch by Business Insider, which is an honor only given to the best.

Brooklyn Bedding’s main claim to fame is they are eco-friendly. Their main comfort layer is made up of 4″ latex that contours around the body. This prevents hot spots by providing great pressure relief and cooling properties.

Although Brooklyn Bedding has improved its coil-on coil design recently, it still tends to be pretty firm for some people, especially those who are heavier. The coils are individually wrapped, which improves the durability and longevity of the coils, but it also makes them feel a little more rigid compared to some other alternatives.

Nest bedding vs Layla Mattress

layla hybrid mattress review

One Nest Bedding competitor is the Layla mattress from Leesa sleep that uses a ton of memory foam, a latex hybrid, and pocketed micro coils.

Layla is a good balance between soft and firm, but still tends to be one of the softer options in our reviews. The mattress has 4″ of Avena foam, 3″ memory foam, and 6″ micro coils with a pillow top which feels like heaven. Another benefit of Layla is that they measure their mattress before it is shipped so they can guarantee the exact height of your mattress.

Layla uses copper-infused memory foam in its cover for cooling purposes, but it also has some drawbacks. The material doesn’t breathe very well and this tends to lead to higher heat retention compared to other alternatives in our reviews. This makes Layla a less ideal choice for those who sleep hot.

Nest bedding vs Nectar

Nectar’s claim to fame is they have an incredible deal of 1.5″ gel memory foam and a comfort layer of 2″ Quilted Memory Foam, along with a slightly firmer base layer made up of high-density support foam.

Nectar sleep mattresses- Nectar sleep coupon codes

Nectar is a medium firmness mattress with a lot of bounce. There are also two layers of individually wrapped coils that provide great contouring and pressure relief, but it’s still fairly responsive compared to another coil on coil mattresses like Nest Bedding. The plush quilted cover gives it nice airflow and cooling benefits as well.

Nectar’s main drawback is that it can sometimes feel a bit warm because of the gel memory foam and a quilted cover. There may also be some issues with delivery as well, at least for those who live in apartments or condos since their mattress comes compressed and rolled up.

Nest bedding vs Winkbeds

WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress - The Best Bed for Better Sleep

Winkbeds is another online mattress company that sells their mattresses for a discount compared to other new companies. Winkbeds use a very similar design as the Layla and Nectar, with a 4″ comfort layer of memory foam and a 2″ quilted cover.

One of the biggest drawbacks of WinkBeds is that they only offer one firmness option: medium. They also use a lot of memory foam and this can be problematic for some sleepers, especially those who already have back pain because memory foam doesn’t conform to the body as well as latex or other materials.

The biggest benefit of Winkbeds is that in many cases, it’s a bit cheaper than some alternatives, but it is often not as durable or long-lasting.

Nest Budding Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Here is what the customers say about the Nest Bedding mattresses:

nest bedding coupon reddit- NestBedding mattress customer reviews

Nest bedding advanced bedding coupon-Nest bedding facebook customers

Thanks. You all were very responsive when my pillow didn’t work out for me. I appreciate it. Jane


Great customer service
This will be our 3rd Nest bed. Love the products. So comfortable and well made. The customer service is top notch.

I love it.

I have neck problems and other pillows have left me with chronic pain. This pillow finally gives me relief and I can get a good night sleep. I have used many other pillows that were organic and clean but they failed in the comfort department.
My puppy ate my first one and I tried to go without but ended up buying another.

Good topper; would buy again

First, the Nest pillow is the BEST pillow ever. However, we purchased a mattress a year ago from different company. It has been fine until we started having pressure point pain recently. After sleeping at friend’s house that had a memory foam topper, we decided to try a topper. We chose the Nest topper since we love the pillows. It has helped, but not completely. As to the “cooling”, I’m not sure it “cools”, but it doesn’t trap heat and get hot which is a definite positive. It seems to stay in place in the bed (no sliding off the side).
For reference, we are side sleepers in our 50s and have an 80 pound difference in weight.

Awesome customer service

The bed came quickly and was easy to set up. We were missing parts for the USB charging ports and the CSR/RSM immediately replied and express shipped me the pieces. Loving my new frame.

Not only is Nest Bedding a quality product, but customer service is the best I’ve seen from a mattress company. They followed up on my order right away and communication is very prompt. Thank you Nest Bedding Seattle!

Nest Bedding On Social Media:


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FAQs on Nest Bedding Review (Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Reviews)

Is Nest Bedding memory foam?

Yes, it is. All foams, from the support layers to the quilted top, are CertiPUR-US® certified and manufactured in the United States. Handmade in Phoenix, Arizona.

Is Nest Bedding nontoxic?

Although not all the memory foams are made equal, they may vary in toxicity from very hazardous to totally non-toxic, as shown by the Love Bed by Nest Bedding. These foams are certified non-toxic by Oeko Tex. So, you don’t have to worry much.

Do I need a special foundation for the Nest Alexander Hybrid?

I strongly advise you to use this opportunity to check your foundation and supports to ensure they are still functioning properly and giving firm support for your mattress. Each time you purchase a new mattress, you should replace your boxed foundation or box spring, since worn-out foundations may adversely impact the comfort of your new bed.

How does the body weight make an impact on the performance of the Alexander Signature Series Mattress?

Over 230 pound individuals may not feel much comfy on a mattress that is softer because they would require a lot more support in order to maintain their own spines aligned correctly. Individuals weighing less than 130 pounds are a little more prone to develop some pressure points onto a hard mattress.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Alexander Signature Series Mattress Best for?

It is ideal for all. Individuals with any body shape or preferred sleeping posture. Individuals with fluctuating firmness requirements. Individuals who are prone to overheating on all-foam beds. Individuals who sleep in a combination of positions and those who like a responsive surface.

Are there any coupon codes for Nest Alexander Signature Mattresses?

You can use the following coupon code to get a 20 % discount – NESTBEDDING. Although coupon codes keep coming and going, you can find more on our Nest bedding coupon page.

What Does The Nest Alexander Signature Feel Like?

From the user experiences and from my personal experience as well I can say it feels like heaven. It is soft and is exactly what you would want after a stressful day.

What is the Nest Alexander Signature Made Of?

The mattress is made entirely of foam and includes several layers of gel memory foam and polyfoam covered in an cover made of organic cotton. The mattress is a total of 13 inches tall. The Alexander Signature Soft's foundation is constructed of four inches of high-density polyfoam. The Alexander Signature Luxury Firm has three foam layers in total. The Luxury Firm mattress, like the other two, is built on a 6-inch layer of high-density polyfoam.

How Does the Alexander Signature Series Mattress Feel?

Alexander Signature Series feels light, great, and comforting. The Alexander Signature Series Mattress by Nest Bedding is a 13-inch flippable memory foam mattress. On both sides, the main comfort layer of 1-inch CoolFlow memory foam is quilted. This foam is very soft and helps shape the body when sleepers first lay down. With this, you get all the comfort that you need.

Does Nest Alexander Sleep Hot Or Cold?

It definitely sleeps cold. It is the best choice you will ever make. Sleeping hot Is uncomfortable. Nest would never let that happen to their customers. In fact, no good company would.

How Well Does Nest Alexander Isolate Motion?

Due to the top layers of foam and the bottom layer of strong coils, the Nest Alexander Hybrid performed an excellent job for isolating the motion transmission. This implies that if you share a bed, you are much less likely to be awakened if your bedmate rolls about or gets up during the night.

How Firm Is The Nest Alexander Mattress?

The Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding is a hybrid model that blends foam and coils. It comes in three hardness levels: Plush, Medium, and Luxury Firm. These versions are rated 3 (soft), 5 (medium), and 7 (hard) on a 10-point firmness scale, respectively.

Can stomach and back Sleepers Use This Mattress?

Yes, of course. People using any position or type can use this mattress. It is optimized for all.

How Is Nest bedding Edge Support?

The Alexander Signature Hybrid's edge support is provided by Quantum Edge coils. The mattress's Medium and Luxury Firm firmness levels are comparable to those of many hybrid products. To the majority of people, the bed's perimeter should feel strong enough to allow them to utilize the whole surface of the mattress freely.

Is a Nest mattress great for Sex or couples?

Yes, certainly it is. It is an important factor that every manufacturer keeps in mind. Nest manufacturers haven’t missed it either. It works really great for couples and will definitely help you get a great time with your partner.

Does Nest Bedding take old mattresses?

While Nest Bedding would happily take up your mattress for free as part of your return, they will often need to contract with a third-party service in your region, and that service will usually be for disposal only.

How long has Nest Bedding been in business?

Nest Bedding is in the business since the year 2012. It is one of the leading platforms in the market for a very long time and hence have had a great reputation and experience as well.

How long does a nest mattress last?

They are expected to last a lifetime. For as long as you are the original owner, Nest Bedding provides a limited lifetime guarantee on their mattresses. If a problem is discovered, the firm will repair or replace the mattress with one of similar quality.

You may have questions like this where we have tried to explain everything in detail in our Nest Mattress Review: 

What is Nest Bedding?

What do they offer and how can we benefit from it?

How does Nest Bedding work?

Nest Bedding different delivery models: online, in-store, and home delivery

Which one should we use? Which delivery model do you prefer?

What are the main features of a Nest Bed?

How to get the best value for your money?

How to pick a Nest Bed?

What to look for when buying one of the most popular brands of Nest Beds?

How to make the most out of your Nest Bed?

What are the Pros & Cons of

Nest Bedding Consumer Reviews

Is Nest Bedding memory foam?

Is Nest Bedding non toxic?

Do I need a special foundation for the Nest Alexander Hybrid?

How Does Body Weight Impact the Alexander Signature Series Mattress’ Performance?

What Type of Sleeper Is the Alexander Signature Series Mattress Best for?

Is There A Nest Alexander Signature Mattress Coupon Code?

What Does The Nest Alexander Signature Feel Like?

What is the Nest Alexander Signature Made Of?

What Is the Alexander Signature Series Mattress Made of?

How Does the Alexander Signature Series Mattress Feel?

How Does the Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Compare to Other Beds?

What The Alexander Signature Mattress Feels Like?

Does Nest Alexander Sleep Hot Or Cold?

How Well Does Nest Alexander Isolate Motion?

How Firm Is The Nest Alexander Mattress?

Can Stomach And Back Sleepers Use This Mattress?

How Is The Edge Support?

Is Nest mattress Good for Sex?

Is Nest mattress Good for Couples?

Does Nest Bedding take old mattress?

How long has Nest Bedding been in business?

Is Nest Bedding non toxic?

How long does a nest mattress last?

Does Nest Bedding take old mattress?

How long can I keep my nest bed in the box?

I hope, we have answered the above questions in this review. In a nutshell, Nest bedding mattress is quite a decent mattress provider and their latex mattress are out of the world. It is indeed the first bed-in-a-box type of mattress that also gives amazing packaging and shipping.

The firmness and the comfort of Nest Bedding are quite satisfactory.

Overall, Nest mattress is proving to be an amazing alternative to Plush Beds, Latex for Less and Layla Mattress.

Conclusion: Do We Recommend Nest Bedding Mattresses? Is Nest Bedding Good? Nest Bedding Mattress Review 2024

Yes, We recommend Nest Bedding Mattress to every type of sleeper. 

Basically, we enjoy what Nest Bedding has to offer in terms of mattresses, customer relations, and brand standards. Their commitment to assisting customers in finding the correct bed, as seen by their sleep review period, delivery speed, maintenance policies, and Lifelong Warranty adds to the brand’s attractiveness.

Features: Nest Bedding mattresses are handmade with utmost care, using eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Advantages: The mattress is a unique design and is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world.

Benefits: The products are made from sustainable wood, cotton, hemp, bamboo and other natural resources that will last for years to come.

We definitely appreciate the fact that Nest provides a huge spectrum of mattress designs, from all-foam to hybrid to latex and luxury latex hybrid, and also that virtually every mattress is available with at least two firmness levels.

We believe you can’t really go wrong with a new mattress from Nest Bedding as well as the prices are within your budget.

It’s not just about waking up feeling rested. It’s about waking up feeling well-rested, and that means a bed that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sinking. You can’t sleep throughout the night with constant back pains.

That’s why Nest bedding mattresses are designed to ensure no back pain woes. We hope Nest bedding mattresses are exactly what you are looking for. If not, check out other posts on our site.

Want to know more about Nest Bedding? 

Check out the Nest Bedding About Us page and FAQs Section

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  1. The bed is great and I started to enjoy sleeping and feeling refreshed in the morning.

    or: Your mom always told you that your mattress was the key to a happy life, but this seemed like odd advice until I received my new one from Nest Bedding. Now every morning I awake with only good feelings about laying on this luxurious, comfortable mattress instead of anxiously trying to think of some excuse for not staying in bed longer. When it comes time for me to buy another bed – which will hopefully be many years down the road – I’ll head straight into their 100% satisfaction guarantee because buying another Nest Bedding just makes sense after having experienced what they have done for my mood first hand! !!!

  2. For the last few years, I’ve gone through mattresses like they were disposable tissues. Every month or so, it seemed like I was having to order another one- and nine times out of 10 it would be an impulse buy because I couldn’t find anything else that worked for me. But after my first night on this Nest Bedding mattress, it’s become crystal clear that I won’t ever need to purchase another bed again! It’s durable (not to mention comfortable) construction has completely revolutionized my sleep patterns for the better; every night sleeping on a cloud is how some describe sleeping on one of these mattresses.

  3. Nest Bedding is improving sleep for customers across the country. We offer mattresses starting at $599 and go up into that high-end luxury category like Tempurpedic or Brooklinen, that run more than $5K. They come in all firmnesses, with organic/natural materials, on beautiful cotton platform beds made in NC; which means you’ll get to say goodbye to your crappy box spring. Seriously Friends – Nest Bedding is where it’s happening! While navigating mattress reviews isn’t always easy – no one really likes reading through paragraphs of text written by people who don’t know what they’re talking about – but trust me when I tell you this is worth your time.

  4. Nest Bedding was such a great last minute decision for my bed at college this year. Not only did I feel like I got incredibly comfortable and supportive mattress, but it was also economical! Guys, you will love this mattress if you work on your laptop lounging in bed because it not only has everything to keep backache and strain away, but the firmness is perfect even when sitting up (and makes me never want to get up)! You won’t regret taking my word that Nest Bedding is the way to go!

  5. If you’re looking for a mattress and want to sleep like a baby every night, then look no further. The Nest Bedding company hands down has one of the best softest mattresses I’ve ever laid on. It conforms to your body like butter and is sturdy enough that I don’t even need my husband anymore (he thinks this is hilarious).

  6. I was so tired of mattresses that never felt right. They were either too hard, too soft, too lumpy … I don’t know- they just didn’t seem comfortable. My friend’s mom suggested trying a Nest bedding mattress and I’m glad she did. The best part is knowing it’s all made in America and you can tell when you lay down because it feels like someone could pick up the whole thing without an issue!

  7. My experience with the Nest Bedding Company was phenomenal. Their service is top-notch, their mattresses are high quality, and worth every penny I spent. I don’t know about you, but mine was anything but a fairytale! You can spend less money but you will not get even half of what this company offers.

  8. I had been sleeping on a $400 queen foam mattress. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just felt like something was off with my back and neck each morning. After buying this mattress for myself as a gift, I felt noticeably better right after laying down on the first night. Now we use this for our son’s room and we already feel like it should be rated as one of those organic mattresses because he’s slept so peacefully since…And plus, their customer service is like pure gold: once during our warranty period they honored us by giving us an even sweeter discount than before!

  9. I usually NEVER trust purchases online. But this time, my search for the perfect mattress led me to Nest Bedding. My new bed is amazing!!!! I love how comfy and warm it feels when I slide in over night with just our fitted sheet! The sheets fit so well on everyone of their sizes that they come in, even if you’re tall or short. I’m not sure how they DO THAT but MY GOODNESS! What an ingenious idea 🙂 And they smell SO GOOD too after about 30 days of breaking them in!! I’ve also found myself SLEEPING MORE DEEPER than ever before since purchasing mine. It’s like my body is finally getting the rest it needs now that its not constantly trying to find a comfortable mattress.

  10. “I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful mattress you have! We are so happy with our decision, and I am so glad we took the time to research before buying. It feels like sleeping on a cloud every night- it is so light, which was very important for us because he gets backaches from pressure points when he sleeps too long in one position. The elastic edges prevent bed bugs while also making it impossible for kids or spouses that move around while sleeping. Your quality control is excellent; we got exactly what we ordered and nothing more! It came quickly and right on schedule, and I love knowing that this beautiful product will last for decades.”

  11. Nest Bedding is the best brand on the market. I feel like a king and my wife is happy with me again: we’ve finally found our dream bed. It’s designed, crafted, and manufactured in Northern California by industry experts who take pride in their work. You can choose from over 18 gorgeous colors that suit your style without breaking bank, and you can set up free delivery directly to your home (or any other location!). This company wants to make sure every customer has a mattress they love for years down the road; if at any point during those years it turns out you don’t want to sleep on this product anymore, Nest will buy it back from you at an unbeatable price! Plus- there’s a lifetime guarantee.

  12. I recently received my Nest Bedding Mattress, expecting it to be snug and suffocating. It was anything but that! My new mattress features great contouring in the right places that made sleep easy for me. I’m happy with the purchase, because now I can’t wait to get up and work on a project or journey more easily.

    The material of this mattress is soft enough to where I don’t wake up with a sore back nor sore shoulder muscles from sleeping on an old bed anymore. The medium plush feel is wonderful as well! With our industry-leading lifetime comfort guarantee, you’ll have years down the road, at an unparalleled discount What customer service promises doesn’t actually come from people who are trying to sell you.

  13. Speaking from personal experience, our mattresses are amazing. They’re nice and tall, which I really like for deep breathing, and they’re super comfy to lay on too.
    In my opinion, the Nest Bedding mattress is a great buy. I love the way it envelops you when you sleep on it plus its pretty affordable compared to other mattresses out there that have similar materials but don’t offer as many benefits as this one does…
    So if you have been looking for a new bed lately or know someone who has been looking here’s your chance!

  14. It seems every time I move in the morning, my sheets are all tangled up and twisted. After using this mattress I found myself covered to the neck with comfort-soft sheets because they didn’t slide around, but hung exactly where I left them. The mattress’ firmness is perfect for people who need a little guidance for back pain relief so they don’t have to strain to lower their body enough to touch it. If I could do more than give five stars out of five, we would!

  15. Mattress is outstanding. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy it. When you lay down on your bed and feel the quality, this mattress will take all of your worries away and allow you to sleep in peace for countless nights. Plus, back pain? GONE! Mattress provides speedy delivery and the perfect level of firmness. The foam is soft yet supportive–it’s a miracle! Other mattresses are bulky, but this one isn’t-so no problem with storage or getting into tight spaces if needed?! You’re going to love Nest Bedding from here on out.

  16. I’ve been sleeping on a cheaper mattress for the last two years and my back felt terrible every day, until I found Nest Bedding. It was honestly a life-changer for me. Now, 3 months after buying their organic latex mattress, it feels like my old self again! I would say that if you have any health issues with your back or neck, this is 100% worth it!

  17. I’ve had my Nest Bedding for three years now and I’m happy to say that it lived up to all of my expectations. Unlike many other mattresses, the handles are sturdy durable fabric with metal hinges, so it’s easy for two people to carry. The zipper also glides smoothly, something that can’t be said about plenty of cheaply designed products on the market. Guests have slept over without complaints too! Lastly but certainly not least is how inclusive their range of sizes is – perfect for homes with lots of room or smaller living spaces alike.

  18. “What would your world be without a really great mattress? I know some good people who might answer that question with a few bad words. That’s not what I want to hear from someone else–because, hey, if you’re reading this then you’ve made it into the Nest Bedding family!”

    “No more slinging and tossing in bed. No more trying to make it through half of the night on one side of your body before succumbing to the misery on the other side. Get yourself a best-in-class luxury mattress from us today.”

  19. I honestly thought I was sleeping better than ever before, but then this bed came into my life. It is like sleeping on a cloud! The mattress is cool (unlike other brands that heat up) and the sheets stay tucked beneath you without pulling off your feet all night long. As someone who has always had problems with tossing and turning over night because of an uncomfortable mattress, I find it hard to believe there are people out there who can’t feel how luxuriously soft this one feels under them. Buy This Mattress!

  20. Nest Bedding is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, hands down. If you’re looking for a mattress with lots of bounce and will keep you cool all night long, this is it.

  21. I’ve slept on my fair share of mattresses, and I can confidently say that Nest Bedding is by far the finest mattress manufacturer in America. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of feathers.

  22. I used to have a cheap mattress from Walmart and I knew it was time for an upgrade, but at three times the cost of my old one? Yeah right. Desperate for something softer than sleeping on blocks, I tried Nest Bedding out of frustration. It was like getting into bed after traveling all day! The design is unique (with accents in blue, green and gray) but still cool enough to make me want to show off my new bed; other people who see it ask me about this comfy item too because they know how much I love having them over-sleep with me. At first it seemed like way too much money to spend on something that would be useless only 3 years later (so the label says).

  23. The Nest Bedding mattress is among the best mattresses I’ve ever had. It’s really comfortable and durable, and it has a lifetime warranty!!! If you’re looking for a mattress that will last you for years, then come browse ours – we can’t wait to meet you in person!

  24. There are two things that happened when I bought this mattress. The first was the moment I scooted my old, saggy, lumpy pillow-top man into the dumpster where it belonged. Finally free from its burden holding me down, I felt lighter and happier than before.

    The second thing happened when what seemed to be mere minutes later, there I was tucking myself in for a well-deserved night’s sleep on the most luxurious sleeping surface you can imagine – my new Nest Bedding mattress! And now every night is an occasion of joy because my body rests easy knowing it won’t be suffering through another back muscle spasm or hip ache today.

  25. I did my spending around for the best mattress, and I’m so glad I found this one. These mattresses are absolutely wonderful. Investing in a nest bedding mattress is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you again!

  26. It feels like a cloud, nestled deep in the mattress. It’s so gentle and soft, you don’t even know it’s there. The Nest herbal memory foam pillow is perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. My old Therapon line from Delta died after only 2 years of nightly use…I wish I had bought from Nest from the start!

  27. The Nest mattress was the first non-hotel mattress I slept on after many years of traveling. It’s such a simple idea: just the right level of firmness and softness to sleep luxuriously well, night after night. The pillow top is wonderfully comfortable and contours beautifully to your head and neck when you’re side sleeping. And it does all this while being Made in America! The best part? We offer what we call Nest Bedding “Comforters,” which covers an entire bed foundation with our nests so you can enjoy our mattresses anywhere – while camping, at work, while visiting family or friends… So no matter where home may take you these days (or who), we’ll be there for you always.

  28. It seems every time I move in the morning, my sheets are all tangled up and twisted. After using this mattress I found myself covered to the neck with comfort-soft sheets because they didn’t slide around, but hung exactly where I left them. The mattress’ firmness is perfect for people who need a little guidance for back pain relief so they don’t have to strain to lower their body enough to touch it. If I could do more than give five stars out of five, we would!

  29. I’ve never trusted mattresses by simply looking at them, but I was always interested because I know how much time people spend on their bed. You deserve to sleep every night knowing you bought the best mattress money could buy for you and your loved ones. Sleeping soundly outside of home is great, except when it doesn’t happen.

  30. I ordered my Nest Bedding mattress, and I’m here to argue that it is one of the best investments you can make. It has an organic over-wrap for natural flame resistance without the use of chemical treatments. The upper removable cover is easy clean with a machine through gentle cycle, cold water rinse, air dry. The design really surprised me – I was expecting something less luxurious but this mattresses are incredibly similar in comfort to those luxe brands you see commercials for on TV.

    The only downside is that this particular model doesn’t work well for people looking for a lot of bounce since it’s “soft”. For us though? This’s actually what convinced us to buy our first mattress from Nest Bedding!

  31. There are lots of brands out there who try to sell an American-made mattress with great customer service. Nest Bedding doesn’t just have great customer service. We have outstanding customer service, lifetime comfort guarantee, industry leading materials, all sourced from the US – what more could you ask for?
    I wanted a high quality bed that was made in America and I finally found it. It has plenty of room for me and my partner’s side sleeper naps too! All backed by their unmatched reputation for exceptional product satisfaction guarantees. On top of all that they are 100% green!, which is really important to me.

  32. Nest Nest is the last mattress you’ll ever need to buy. We’re serious! The number one question people ask their friends these days about mattresses starts with “How do I stay comfortable?” – and that can be translated into how does anyone find a restful night of sleep nowadays? It’s no wonder that reviews for new mattresses are sky-high, because going from stiff or hard to memory foam must feel like going from a crowded subway ride in rush hour to private concert seating. Thanks for thinking of us when making your big purchase.

  33. Nest Nest is the last mattress you’ll ever need to buy. We’re serious! The number one question people ask their friends these days about mattresses starts with “How do I stay comfortable?” – and that can be translated into how does anyone find a restful night of sleep nowadays? It’s no wonder that reviews for new mattresses are sky-high, because going from stiff or hard to memory foam must feel like going from a crowded subway ride in rush hour to private concert seating. Thanks for thinking of us when making your big purchase.

  34. I am currently reviewing the Voyager 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress, which I purchased through It is very comfortable and it took about two days to adjust to sleeping on a mattress that was my own height rather than 6 inches off of the ground. The mattress is very cozy, yet firm enough for back support while staying cool during warm weather. I highly recommend this bedding solution!

  35. I’ve been struggling to find comfort that meets my needs and after years of internet research, I picked this one. Simply put: THE BEST MATTRESS EVER!! I should know—I used to be a mattress store manager! It really is the perfect balance of firmness and softness for someone like me who travels a lot and has chronic back pain. Supportive enough so you don’t feel as if you’re slipping side-to-side but feels softer than most coil mattresses as it cradles your body with layers of foam to support any sleeping positions. Plus thanks to organic cotton, wool, latex layer memory foam, I didn’t worry about toxic odors waking me up in the morning.

  36. The world’s best mattresses are right here, in America. I believe you deserve the best – why wouldn’t I? Why would anyone want to be comfortable for just six hours of their life when they can spend their whole days getting comfortable? That’s why we built Nest Bedding – with luxury materials that last and technology that enhances your sleep experience. We want you to love where you sleep forever.

  37. The world’s best mattresses are right here, in America. I believe you deserve the best – why wouldn’t I? Why would anyone want to be comfortable for just six hours of their life when they can spend their whole days getting comfortable? That’s why we built Nest Bedding – with luxury materials that last and technology that enhances your sleep experience. We want you to love where you sleep forever.

  38. This is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. Comfortable, durable and just great for my back issues.

    This has been the best mattress purchase of my life–so comfortable and supportive! Amazing prices too considering it’s a master bedroom set. Highly highly recommended.

    I am so glad I did some research and found this wonderful quality mattress with such competitive pricing! The luxury feel of your bed is unbeatable- no more getting up in pain from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed that will cause aches during the day after spending all night there!

  39. The last mattress I slept on was an Ikea monolith; it felt like a rock and even though the big blue company is Swedish, I still prefer my USA-made bed.

    The Nest Bedding Mattress: thick and soft like your favorite wool blanket; built to take care of you for generations to come; eco-friendly materials make sure you can worry less about breathing in unnatural chemicals; as much as 65% off what people pay at department stores. The prices might sound intimidating but memory foam not only lasts longer than those cheapest materials that break down after just ten years, but everyone deserves a comfortable place to rest their head. Isn’t that what this life is all about?

  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bed. Without a doubt, it’s the best decision I ever made – thank you Nest Bedding! Shipping was great and quick, and set up took no time at all. No more physical pain from bad mattresses! I get to sleep peacefully every night without any aches or pains. My old mattress would wear me down during the day; but now with this one, I feel like a vibrant person again: motivated and ready to take on life head-on thanks to my perfect supportive mattress!

  41. We know there’s a lot of beds out there, but Nest Bedding mattresses are one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses you’ll find today.

  42. I was nervous to buy this for the first time, because of how expensive it is, but it totally paid off. I’ve been sleeping better ever since switching over from a store bought mattress. And every day its more and more comfortable! There’s literally no comparison between my old one and this bedding company medium-firm pillow top model. It doesn’t change shape as much anymore if you sleep on your side or back now, which has been making those tossing and turning nights bearable again too rather than waking up with numb arms from tension in the morning. Plus there’s also that lifetime warranty I wasn’t expecting either – who knows what will happen 20 years down the line? But at least I’ll have a Nest Bedding mattress.

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