Top 8 Marvelous Places In Nong Khai: You Must Visit In 2022

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Nong Khai is a city in northeastern Thailand. It is the capital of Nong Khai province. The city of Nong Khai is administered as the district of Mueang Nong Khai. Check Out List Of All Marvelous Places In Nong Khai in the Below Section.

Nong Khai is located on the Mekong, near the first bridge of friendship between Thailand and Laos, which crosses the river to Laos. The bridge of friendship between Thailand and Laos was largely funded by a grant from the Australian government to the Lao government.

It is the gateway to the railways and railways that lead to the capital of Laos, Vientiane, 25 kilometers upstream on the north coast opposite the Si Chiang Mai district in Thailand. The construction of a railway car in Thanaleng on the outskirts of Vientiane began in early 2007 and was inaugurated on 5 March 2009.

Top 8 Marvelous Places In Nong Khai | That You Must Visit In 2022

👉👉 Here is the list of best attractions in Nong Khai:

1. Sala Keoku Sculptures Park

Sala Keoku is also Speel as Sala Keo Ku, Sala Keo Koo. It is located near Nong Khai, Thailand, near the border between Thailand and Laos and the Mekong.

The park was built and reflects the vision of Luang Pu Bundle Sulilat and his followers. Construction began in 1978. It resembles the style of Sulilat’s earlier creation of Buddha Park on the Laotian side of the Mekong but is characterized by an even more extravagant imagination and larger proportions.

Top 8 Marvelous Places In Nong Khai - sala Keoku buddhist monk
Marvelous Places In Nong Khai sala Keoku Buddhist monk

Some of the sculptures in Keoku Hall reach a height of 25 meters. This includes a monumental depiction meditating on the Buddha under the protection of a seven-headed naga serpent.

While the theme (based on a Buddhist legend) is one of the recurring themes of religious art in the region, Sulilat’s approach is unusual in its naturalistic (though stylized) representation of snakes.

2. Nong Khai Aquarium

This big green fish aquarium displays freshwater and also deep-sea fish from Thailand and past, including the neighborhood huge Mekong catfish in a ‘titan tank’ as the star attraction for the majority of visitors. It is an enjoyable place to visit, but strangely located some escape of town, as well as is not served by public transport.

The Nong Khai Freshwater Aquarium is found on the Khon Kaen College school, some 4km out of Nong Khai community, as well as is an excellent area to loosen up as well as see, probably snacking in the barbecue yard location, which has a few beverage stalls additionally available.

Best Marvelous Places in Nong Khai - Beautiful Places

Nong Khai Fish Aquarium displays freshwater and also saltwater fishes. It was developed according to the Cabinet’s resolution No. 44/2003 (unique conference), dated 17 November 2003 to serve as a facility for fisheries research and also research. It includes Mekong fishes and also others on an integrated basis.

The objective is to promote Nong Khai as a city of tourists. With the total budget of 179.39 million baht, its building was started in 2006 and completed in February 2009. It was ushered in on 10 April 2009.

3. Nong Thin Park

Nong Thin public park in Nong Khai is not quite as stunning as parks we are accustomed to in Bangkok, like Lumpini Park, Suan Luang as well as others. However, it is a location for locals of the community to check out for recreation functions and also has the possibility to be lovely.

Nong Thin Park In Nong Khai - That You Must Visit

When traveling to Nong Thin Public Park, Nong Thin Public Park, leave plenty of time for taking in the sights – you wouldn’t wish to miss out ahead tourist attractions like Nong Thin Public Park! And also before you go, see to it to read Expedia’s Nong Thin Public Park sightseeing and tour Guide, loaded with all you need to know for the best Nong Thin Public Park experience possible.

There are two really good lakes at the park, an outside fitness center location, youngsters play area as well as there’s so much possibility for this area to be equally as attractive as the parks and Hotels in Bangkok. However, it does need some loving interest as it’s doing not have in what it could be.

4. Wat A-Hong Silawas

Wat A-Hong Silawas lies in Nong Khai. By using our Nong Khai scenic tour building contractor app, you can organize your see to Wat A-Hong Silawas as well as other tourist attractions in Nong Khai.

Wat Ahong Silawat, 20km west of the resources along Rte 212, is constructed amid ruddy rocks at a river bend referred to as Sàdeu Námkong (the Mekong River’s Navel) because of the whirlpools that rotate below from June to September. A 7m-tall duplicate of Phitsanulok’s Chinnarat Buddha, located next to the straightforward little bòht (investiture hall), stares over the Mekong.

Marvelous Places-Best Wat A Hong Silawas Place