Rainbow Light Coupon Codes 2024: Up to 25% OFF (Free Shipping)

Following is the article on Rainbow Light Coupon Code, which talks about the coupons available on the products now, and reviews some products of theirs. Hope this article proves to be helpful in some way.

In this post, we have featured Rainbow Light Coupon Codes May 2024 with its products and deep insight. Use Code and Save Up to 25% OFF on all products.

Best Buy Rainbow Light Coupon Code 2024 

Given below are some active coupons that you can get on the products that you buy from Rainbow Light. They will help you save some money and make your health at the same time.


  • 10% off on your order

Use the coupon code SPRING10, and apply it at check out while shopping for your health supplements.


  • 20% off on Any three Items

Use the coupon code SPRING20 to avail a flat 25% off on all the multis that you buy from their site. Offer valid online only.


  • 20% off 2 or more Prenatal Vitamins

Use the coupon code 20OFF2KD,

Expires soon, valid online only.


  • 15% Off on any 2 Items

Use Coupon code SPRING15 


  • 15% off on personalized vitamins

You can use the coupon code 15OFFVIBRANCE while shopping for your favorite, personalized vitamin supplements.


  • Free shipping on orders of over $69

No coupon code needed to avail this offer, just head to their site shop for products worth $69 or above and get free shipping.



Apart from all the coupon code or promo codes, you can also avail some exciting and exclusive offers (15% off) as well as updates from Rainbow Lights, if you sign up for them.

So, without any delay, just head to their site and sign up, and get the chance to avail some exciting offers, along with some health tips.

How to grab Rainbow Light coupon?


To use these coupon codes, you just need to follow some quick steps, which are given below:

  1. Tap on the coupons given here, and you will be taken to the official site of Rainbow Light.
  2. Choose the products and supplements, that you want or what is prescribed to you, and add them to your cart.
  3. At check out, apply all the necessary details required to place your order, along with the applicable coupon code.
  4. Choose the payment method as needed and as convenient, and place the order accordingly.
  5. Once the order is placed, you don’t have to worry anymore. The rest is upon the Rainbow Light team to deliver your products at your doorstep.

Rainbow Light Coupon Codes May 2024: Up to 25% OFF 

About the company

The company Rainbow Lights was founded in 1981, in California. Behind it, was a team of people with the same passion among them for health, and providing nutritional supplements curated naturally.


Their first product was – spirulina. And the history behind this product recites one more story- the story of the naming of the company. During the testing process of the nutritional content of spirulina, the researchers found that it refracted the white light into its constituent 7 colors, the colors of a rainbow under a light spectrophotometer. And this spectrum revealed all the nutritional constituents of spirulina. And through this, came the name of the company – RAINBOW LIGHT.

And spirulina is the basic constituent in all of the multivitamin products today, along with a customized mixture of many more different nutritional components, specific to each formula and product.

Business Principles:

It’s been more than three and a half decades since Rainbow Light is creating natural food-based supplements to create a better difference in the well-being and health of their customers. They also believe in fighting against global malnutrition, along with promoting sustainable ways to promote planetary wellness.


Rainbow Light’s mission has always been and remained to be a leader in building something that creates the best state of health for their customers, natural trade partners, the planet as well as the global community. Their core principles in this journey include:

  1. Global impact, and that too of high-impact
  2. Sustainable and environment-friendly Stewardship
  3. Leadership in natural products
  4. Transformational wellness and health formulas 

A glimpse of their product guide

Following is a short and quick glimpse of the product at Rainbow Light and a lot more- from the new launches to their reviews, their motive, and everything around. You can also have the access of their product’s guide by going to their official website, and it’s a complete guide of all the things that you can get at Rainbow Lights, and how they stand apart from their other competitors in this industry.

Rainbow Light’s Product Categories

Rainbow Light has a list of various categories of supplements that they have to offer to their customers. Following is the list:

  1. Energy
  2. Omegas
  3. General wellness
  4. Prenatal
  5. Calm
  6. Condition-specific
  7. Probiotics, Enzymes, and Fibers
  8. Children’s and teen wellness
  9. Vitamins and Minerals
  10. Proteins


Product Description

1. General Wellness 

  • 50+ Mini tablet Multivitamin supplement

This product is a complete food based multivitamin for adults in easy to swallow mini-tablets, that are easy to have. They help you to stay energetic and active all day long with their research-based, age-specific formulas. Plus, they are compatible with many other common prescriptions. These are gluten-free, and iron-free, wheat free, nuts free, eggs, fish, and shellfish free, no peanuts.


They aid in digestion, promote cellular protection, increases immunity, and has anti-aging defense, boosts energy, normal healthy blood sugar, and stress management, also increases eye, bone, heart, and brain health.

  • Active adult + food based Multivitamin supplement

Preferred for mature active adults with a complete range of vitamins and minerals, CoQ10, lycopene, and lutein, to promote the health of eyes, heart, brain, and increase immunity strength. Easily compatible with other common prescriptions. Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, free from tree nuts and peanuts, free from soy, egg, fish, shellfish.


They contain probiotics, which is good for digestion, helps in cellular protection, and anti-aging defense, it also promotes energy levels, maintains normal healthy blood sugar and stress management.

2. Children’s and Teen wellness 

3. Active Teen health Multivitamin

This is a complete food-based nutrition supplement for active teens. It also has support formula for acne-prone teen skin. Teen’s diets have gaps, obviously due to a lot of reasons, and this supplement makes up for all that. It supports, clear, healthy skin, and along with this, meets the demands of rapid growth in teenagers.

It contains no gluten, egg, fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, tree nuts and peanuts.


It helps in promoting a clear skin complexion, and brings healthy skin from inside out, Good for bones, teeth, hair and nails’ health, it is absolutely easy to digest and can also be taken on empty stomach. It boosts energy levels, increases immunity, and provides stress support and is really good for the brain.

  • Brain and Focus Multivitamin for Teens and Adults

This product is also completely food-based and is good for both teens and adults. It offers special support for health, memory, and brain. It delivers a calm and stable state of mind and that too without the use or help of stimulants. They come in easy to swallow mini-tablets which easily makes up for the irregularities in teens’ diets while supporting for healthy n=brain and mind.


The product is vegetarian, gluten free, wheat free, milk free, egg, fish, shellfish free, does not contain soy, tree nuts or peanuts.

This product from Rainbow Light supports mental focus and memory, boosts energy levels. It provides stress support and strengthens the immune system, and it is easy to digest so, it can also take on an empty stomach.

You can check rest of all their products by reaching the official site of Rainbow Light, i.e. rainbowlight.com and going through their product manual. It has all the description of all the products they offer to their customers. So, head to the page and find all the necessary information you need to have about the products offered to you by Rainbow Light.

Rainbow light Best seller

What makes Rainbow Light different?

The difference lies in their formulas, the combinations, the potencies, and the right nutrients in the correct form, and this all makes them stand apart. That is why, Rainbow Light have clinically certified key nutrients in the forms that are used and absorbed by the body optimally, and helps the body in every way.

And so, they are able to provide targeted health benefits regarding your body, its condition, and your lifestyle. The superfood concentrates, non-GMO fully organic spirulina and natural herbs, are all mixed and blended well in adequate quantities to prepare what is available at Rainbow Light.

Rainbow Light’s unique blend of enzymes, which are plant-based, soothing botanicals, probiotics is something that helps in making these medications all unique and are also helpful for the body to absorb it all.

Not just this, Rainbow Light is also contributing to the good of the global community, as 1% of all the sale is used in the 1% for a GLOBAL good move. Under which, the share is used to provide multivitamins and mineral supplements for children and women in food-insecure regions around the globe. This way, they are not only providing wellness, they are also contributing hugely in the well-being of the world altogether, and trying to ort problems related to undernutrition in families everywhere.

Rainbow Light is also committed to maintain the sustainable ways to creating a healthy environment by trying to its fullest, to reduce the total carbon emissions an making sure that the glass bottles do not end up in the oceans, landfills, or any other natural habitat, that can hamper the living of any other living being.

They are currently the only health supplement brand that is using EcoGuard bottles made from 100% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. The bottles are even FDA-approved and are also BPA free. This way they reduce the risk that plastics have to offer t the environment.

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Contact Rainbow Light

You can contact them with any of your doubts, queries, and suggestions about ay product, or website or any other relatable issue on their phone line.

If you have any business related issue, then you can contact them through their business phone line.

You can also reach out to customer care executives of Rainbow Lights by the email contact form of theirs. There, you need to fill out some required details and leave your query there, and they revert back as soon as they can.

Rainbow light products are also sold in over 6000 stores across the UK. You can visit the nearest store and get your favourite health supplement. Some of the discounts are only available at the online purchase.


Conclusion: Rainbow Light Coupon Codes 2024 Up to 25% Off

Rainbow light is a trusted name in this industry now. They are not only working for the well-being of their customers, but also contribute a share of what they earn through sales to the ones who are not that privileged to afford the daily necessary nutrition, and not just this, they are also the only supplement brand that also works by taking into consideration the importance to develop sustainable ways so that the environment remains healthy too.

Their products are highly reliable and are made from complete food-based products. They are gluten-free.

The supplements that Rainbow Light provide with is curated with the passion to provide their customers with the best of what one could attain so that while taking something for their health, they do not go wrong. This is the belief with which Rainbow Light works.


I don’t think there is any reason that you should not try the products that are made by Rainbow Light. Their supplements are one of a kind, and one can only know that by actually trying them. So, make use of the available Rainbow Light coupon codes  2024 and go and shop for your supplements today.


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