Stop Grow Review 2024 | Probably The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Body Hair!

Today we have featured Stop Grow Review. I’ve tried many hair removal creams, but have found that Stop Grow is the best – it’s fast and painless, and, guess what, it works great too!



Product Description:

Stop Grow is a hair removal cream. It’s one of the many hair removal creams out there, but I’ll also argue it’s the best. It’s made with a peptide called Decelerine, which, in a clinical study, reduced the need to shave or wax by up to 82%.

In This Review…

OK, enough chat already. I have plenty of things to say about Stop Grow, so let’s get right to it. In this Stop Grow review we’re going to look at:

  • How it Works
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Formula
  • Side Effects
  • My Results
  • Value
  • Guarantee
  • Conclusion

How It Works:

Stop Grow is a hair removal cream. It’s designed to interrupt hair growth at the root, during the anagen (‘growth’) phase. If you don’t like cream we have the best product i,e. Ultra Hair Away, It is a hair removal spray, read here our Ultra Hair Away Review.

While you are likely to just apply it to the affected area, I had the best results with Stop Grow when I applied it after waxing.

The manufacturer recommends this and says Stop Grow works best after depilation-based hair removal, like waxing or sugaring.


Then you apply Stop Grow and it weakens body hair growth within the follicle. Keep doing this and eventually, the unwanted body hair becomes thin and sporadic – until it eventually gets the message and stops growing completely.


There is a lot to like about Stop Grow. Having used it extensively, I can say the following. The benefits of Stop Grow include:

  • Works On All Body Hair Colors
  • Not a Depilation Cream
  • Allows You to Thin Out Areas
  • Reduces Body Hair at the Root
  • You Can Get Rid of Hair Anywhere
  • Painless
  • Results In About 3 Weeks
  • Clinically Studied Formula


Are there any drawbacks to Stop Grow? Well, there are a few:

  • Needs to Be Used With Waxing or Depilation Hair Removal
  • A Little Expensive
  • You Can’t Buy it in Stores

For the first point, it’s important to recognise the ‘other’ option is a depilatory cream. That’s a cream you apply to the affected area and it just ‘burns off’ unwanted body hair.

Sounds awesome? Consider this, depilatory creams are made with harsh chemicals that can lead to skin reactions and, well, they kinda hurt.

Stop Grow - Natural Health

Also, depilatory creams don’t hit body hair at the root. They just burn it off.

Stop Grow does reduce body hair at the root, and that’s what you want because it weakens the follicle and basically tells your body that you don’t want it to grow hair on that spot.

True, you need to use it after waxing, for best results, but use Stop Grow and give it time. I have a lot less body hair thanks to this excellent product.


Stop Grow works thanks to a powerful formula that discourages unwanted body hair at the root.

We’ve already touched on Decelerine, but there’s a lot going here and it’s worth noting. The Stop Grow formula includes:


This is a topical compound of lauric acid, which is found in coconut and palm kernel oil. So what, you say? Decelerine has proven to be very effective in removing unwanted body hair at the follicle. One study found out that it reduced the need to shave or wax legs by up to 82%.


This is another active ingredient in Stop Grow. If you want to get rid of body hair, it should definitely be on your radar – Telocapil helps seek out and destroy the tyrosine kinase activity of the IGF-1 receptor when body hair is in its growth phase.

What that means in English: it nukes unwanted body hair in a very big way.

stop grow Review

Pilisoft LS7590 

Pilisoft is a botanical derivative of Gymnema Sylvestre. It mimics the effects of gymnemic acids on phosphodiesterase activity where it’s applied. Another plain English meaning required? It reduces cellular activity within the hair follicle.


Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. It helps boost water content in the cellular matrix, encourages regular exfoliation and gives skin a smooth appearance.

DI Panthenol 

This is a humectant for hair. It absorbs deep within hair follicles where applied and helps reduce cellular proliferation. One more Plain English translation: it tells unwanted body hair to stop growing.

Side Effects: Stop Grow Review

I had no problems with Stop Grow and haven’t heard of men or women having problems with it. This isn’t a depilatory cream, which can lead to burning and skin irritations.

I’m not saying it’s completely safe. You should speak with your doctor before using Stop Grow for the first time, especially if you have sensitive skin or a health issue or some issue that might be of concern.

Stop Grow - Natural Health Source

With that said, Stop Grow is made at a CGMP compliant facility in the United States. I used it and had no problems. Barring a skin or health concern that might cause a problem, I think you’ll be fine.

My Results: Stop Grow Review

I used Stop Grow for about 10 months. I’ll put this out there right now: I am a hairy dude. I was skeptical before using Stop Grow but now I completely trust it – and now less hairy.

When I first started using Stop Grow, I just applied it liberally, starting on my chest. I didn’t see a big difference with that. So, I waxed, waited a few days, and then applied it.

Stop Grow Real Review

Normally when I wax, the hair starts growing back within about two weeks. But a strange thing happened when I used Stop Grow – it didn’t grow back for about a month. And when it eventually did grow back, there was less of it, and it was thinner.

If you’re new to waxing, body hair grows back slowly, in stages, until most of it eventually comes back within 3-4 months.

With Stop Grow, it grew back even slower. And 3 months later, when I would normally expect to see the full thickness back, it was barely there.

It took about 6 months for the chest hair to grow back when I was using Stop Grow – and it was much, much thinner when it did.

Make no mistake, you will likely need to wax before using Stop Grow. And you may need to keep using it because body hair tends to get thicker with age.

Still, combine Stop Grow with waxing and it’s going to be much less of a problem. In many people, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stop Grow gets rid of most of their body hair completely. 

Value: Stop Grow Review

Stop Grow is an excellent value product. One bottle is just $49.95. Not cheap, but not brutal – and considering what’s in this formula, and how it will give you the ability to wear whatever you want without being that hairy person, it’s a steal deal.

Still, you want value. For that, you’ll want a bigger package. Buy a 3 Month Supply of Stop Grown and you’ll save $40. At 6 months you’ll save $89.90 and, for best results, opt for the 12 Month Supply. 

Natural Health Source Top Health - Pricing

You’ll save $199.45 with a 12 Month Supply of Stop Grow. And considering you will likely need to use Stop Grow daily for about a year to shut down body hair follicles in those places you don’t want them to be, the 12 Month Package of Stop Grow is your best choice, both for the money you’ll save and the body hair removal you’ll enjoy


Stop Grow is guaranteed for 67 days. That’s plenty of time to try the product and see results – or rather, not see them, in the form of body hair that goes away.

Frequently asked questions (Faqs)

👩‍🦱 Q1. What is a hair growth inhibitor?

Ans: Simply put, a hair growth inhibitor is a cream or spray that can reduce and permanently eliminate unwanted hair growth. Usually the inevitable happens and the hair grows back. Make sure you see the difference between hair growth inhibitors and hair removal methods.

🏷️ Q2. Stop Grow Pricing Policy?

Ans: One bottle is just $49.95, Not cheap, but not brutal – and considering what's in this formula, and how it will give you the ability to wear whatever you want without being that hairy person, it's a steal.

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Conclusion: Stop Grow Review  2024

I’ve tried many hair removal creams over the past years, both for testing and personal use (something about being that hairy dude blurs the line between personal and professional). 

Stop Grow is the best I’ve ever used. It works!, it’s affordable, the value is excellent and the guarantee is generous enough that you’ve got enough time to see results with it and return the product if you don’t like it.

Believe me, Stop Grow works.

I also like the options it brings. Both men AND women can use Stop Grow. I like the fact that it’s clinically shown to reduce the need to shave or wax by up to 82%.

I like that it works on light and blond colored body hair (many laser hair removal options don’t), and I like that you can use it on any area of your body.

Say you just want to ‘thin out’ an area like the chest. That’s an option with Stop Grow. Or you can just hit the area completely.

Stop Grow gives you this choice, in an effective, painless and affordable format.

Stop Grow is the best hair removal gel in the market. Don’t believe me? Take a leap of faith and try Stop Grow for yourself!


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