Top 10 Tips You Should Know To While Traveling In Thailand | 2024

Before visiting Bangkok, you need to know something that I have covered in this article (tips to travel in Thailand). Every year, millions of people came to Thailand and the number of annual visitors continues to grow. A basic understanding of what awaits you before you arrive in the Kingdom is helpful to you as well as to the local population on the street.

Thailand is a country that can live up to its expectations and reputation. It can really be a paradise. On the other hand, it can be a disappointing place, filled with drunken bar crawlers, tourist scams, promises in the air and small versions prepared for local tourists by tourists.

Thai rugs made from instant noodles? You will find it everywhere in Phuket and Koh Samui. If you move outside the tourist areas, food is a dream. Thailand requires a little effort.

In the last ten years, we spent about one and a half years in Thailand. We have visited at least once a year and have trouble understanding why this is Asia’s most popular travel destination. Recently, we have “discovered” Thailand so far that we are able to benefit as much as the others.

Top 10 Tips To Travel In Thailand 2024

1. Beware With Tuk-Tuk Drivers

Thailand is a popular destination, so it’s important to stay alert as many people try to take advantage of unpretentious travelers.

Tuk-tuk drivers who offer tours of the city at an unbelievably low price (or more like visiting your friend’s shop) for dealers who are


Beware With Tuk-Tuk Drivers

switching high-quality products for one cheap version at the time of purchase, the best option, if you are in an uncomfortable situation, is simply to go. ”

Here are some of the common scams that you should consider while traveling in Thailand.

2. You know more Thai than you think

The Thai language has adopted many words and phrases of English as well as some expressions of other languages. They call these words to touch the juice. If you then learn to type juice, you will know many Thai words that are already familiar to an English speaker (they are similar to English but have a strange pronunciation).

Here are some examples: guesthouse, hotel computer, taxi, disco, clinic, the same or, as I said, the same. Many useful Thai words are repetitions or couplets that are similar to the same one.

If you receive a message that is too deep, you can say “bow,” which means you can proceed more easily or smoothly. The Thai word in English is often boi, which looks like a boy.

3. Tuk – Tuk are more expensive than taxis

The omnipresent “Tuk Tuk” is named after the sound of its respective engine. They can often travel faster than taxis because of their ability to move around in traffic. this is the best tips to travel In Thailand, One might think that a run-down vehicle driven by a motorcycle driven by a guy who seems to have abandoned a ditch would be cheap.

However, Tuk-Tuk drivers are so used to ripping off recruits in Thailand that they do not drive to locations that match the price of a comfortable, air-conditioned taxi, even during negotiations and relocations.

Tuk Tuk Are More Expensive Than Taxi

Every visitor should experience a tuk-tuk, but in reality, it is not as good as you can imagine: the ceiling is low, blocking the view of the city and forcing you to stretch your neck in dangerous positions.

You are better in a taxi. The motorbike taxi (men with orange waistcoats who are 20 years younger than tuk-tuk drivers) costs the same as a taxi, but is faster and causes a massive heart attack free of charge.

4. Visit The Grand Palace

As one of Bangkok’s main tourist attractions, it can be tempting to dodge the number of playful snappers in the afternoon heat, but it’s worth sweating. The collection of finely painted temples of white and gold offers religion and a history that will give you an insight into Thai culture in 30 minutes. Remember to use layers as a mark of respect.

The Grand Palace Thailand

Inside the palace complex are several impressive buildings, including Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), home to the 14th-century small but famous and revered Emerald Buddha.

HM, the King of Thailand, changes the robe of the Buddha with the seasons and is an important ritual in the Buddhist calendar. The Thai Kings stopped living in the palace at the beginning of the 20th century, but the palace complex is still used to mark all sorts of ceremonial and auspicious events.

5. Safety Tips To Travel In Thailand

  • If you visit Bangkok alone, you should consider joining a legitimate tourist group.
  • Bangkok is a beautiful place, but it is also the home of people living on the unsuspecting tourist scam. As you walk through the crowded streets and markets, put your bag in front of you and hold the zipper tight. Beware of pickpockets
  • Some tuk-tuks and taxis ask for your passport for your safety. Do not believe them
  • Frequent visitors to Bangkok swear by street food in Bangkok to sample authentic and exotic Thai cuisine.
  • In Thailand, you can find and sometimes offer different types of drugs. It is better to avoid drugs than risks.
  • Bangkok’s hotspots can be both intriguing and risky, especially for those traveling for the first time.

6. Visa And Passport 

What do you need to travel to Thailand? Passport valid for at least 6 months from entry to Thailand. Most Western countries receive a stamp on arrival, which allows them to stay for up to 30 days. You can arrive by land.

Until December 2016 you only had a 15-day visa, but luckily things have changed. You will also receive a 30-day visa today if you enter Thailand by land. Note, however, that you can only travel two trips per year per country.

Visa And Passport Thailand
Visa And Passport Thailand

It is not recommended to exceed your visa, but if it only takes a few days you will be charged a fine of THB 500 (USD 16) per day. This has happened to me several times and takes 15 minutes longer at the airport.

After paying you will receive many stamps in your passport and are ready to go. However, be careful with this practice.

If you want to stay longer, you can apply for a 2-month tourist visa at any embassy in the world. I have done it several times so you have enough time to visit all the places in Thailand.

7. Thai massage is incredible.

First, Thai massage is an incredibly famous skill around the world. It’s a full-body massage that starts from head to toe and is considered a great way to relieve the pain and stress of a busy day. Second, it is unbelievably cheap. A good massage costs you only 1000 Baht! Getting a massage in Thailand is a wonderful experience that everyone should try at least once.

Thai Massage Is The Best Massage In The World
Thai Massage Is The Best Massage In The World

The massage technique was an integral part of the Buddhist religion, and although Buddhism itself took four centuries to get to Thailand, the Thai massage method was quickly gaining popularity, “says Pittayakorn.” In fact, Thai massage is so close Related to Buddhism, practitioners must traditionally make a prayer to Palo, the ancient sacred language of Theravada Buddhism, before beginning daily work.

In addition to Buddhism, Thai massage has also been heavily influenced by Ayurvedic practices in India and traditional Chinese medicine. “Due to its strategic location between India and China, Thailand has experienced a steady influx of people, ideas and traditional medicines from both countries and has been influenced by each of them in many ways.

8. Go crazy on Khao San Road

Described as the center of the backpacker universe in The Beach, it would be wrong not to visit Khao San Road. Because if Leo DiCaprio was there, that’s enough for us.

The one-kilometer section offers a constant overlap of bars, restaurants, travel agencies, clubs, restaurants and massage parlors calling backpackers to take advantage of their low prices.

There is no need to walk more than 50 meters or less to find food in and around Khao San Road. There are street vendors selling spring rolls and Pad Thai at the lowest prices in town, pizzerias, burgers and, yes, many Thai.

khaosan road, Thailand

There is even an Israeli restaurant for those who cannot cross Asia without hummus and falafel! The neighboring side streets of Rambutri Road and other narrow streets are also rich in vendors.

Put a big group of twenty, and what do you get? Nightlife and more nightlife. While Khao San Road is not in the city center, its diverse collection of young travelers ensures that many bars and clubs can dance all night.

Highlights include the cavernous Club Lava and the Roof \ Gazebo, which has recently been voted one of the best bars in the world, with live bands, sheesha pipes and lots of fun.

9. Currency And Documents

  • Make at least 6000 baht per capita in cash for visas and other local expenses.
  • If you use odd amounts to withdraw at an ATM, you can get the change. There is a good chance that you will receive the money in 1000 denominations if you withdraw 6000 baht, which would be harder to break. If you remove 5900 baht, you can get small changes.
  • In addition to the original pass and airline tickets, you must have hotel checks and contact information for the agent.
  • Make sure the passport contains at least one blank page and is valid for the next six months.
  • Activate international calls on your SIM card or opt for local SIM cards sold at Bangkok and Phuket airports.
  • Make sure your debit/credit card is international. The bank may charge fees for transactions.
  • For the visa application, 2 passport photos are needed. The background must be bright and have a facial coverage of 70%.
  • Take 200 to 500 Baht per person in cash when you visit Four Island Tours, Phi Phi Islands and more. This amount will be paid as a mandatory national park tax to the Thai Government. Payment must be made locally and cannot be made in advance.
  • Keep a scanned and printed copy of the travel documents. A printed copy of the hotel and other bookings are useful if internet access is not available for any reason.

10. Hanging out with Thai girls is safe?

There are many transgender people in Thailand and it is impossible to travel here without hearing about “ladyboys”. The ladyboys are so pretty that you cannot imagine what it is.


Thai girls Is Really Beautiful

Therefore, make sure that the gender of the “lady” suits you if you want to spend time with her. In most Thai cities, ladyboy cabaret shows are very popular and highly recommended because you can get to know the respective culture here.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best airport tips?

If you are arriving from another country and want to travel to Thailand via Bangkok, you will need to cross the largest airport in the world. International and national terminals are miles away and must be crossed. These mobile gateways do not help, especially because people do not know that they are gateways. You have to pass security checks. Take off your laptop, boots, and belt. They have to climb on escalators or people do not go again but pick up their luggage up the stairs.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Tips You Should Know While Traveling In Thailand 2024

Thailand will give you a lot of pleasure. To make your experience worthwhile, try everything here, from clothing and canal cruises to spicy Thai dishes in street stalls. We can also try to bathe an elephant and even offer a banana to a monkey. With every experience in Thailand, the movement of your life is likely to change.

There is no better way to improve your wellbeing than to leave your comfort zone and go to a strange place. However, there are some things you should know before you travel to Thailand so that you do not get into trouble if you are to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


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