Travel Payouts Review with Coupon May 2022: Up to 30% OFF

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Given below is a detailed Travel Payouts Review with Coupon Codes May 2022, which includes features, warranty, information about how to register, buying and returning policy, customer support information, pros and cons, any and every other information.

This Travel Payouts review will not only help you understand what the site is all about but will also help you in understanding how to go about the whole process, and learn how to earn some quick and easy money!

Travel Payouts Review 2022: Is It an Ideal Choice for Travel Website??

What are Travel Payouts?

Travel Payouts is an affiliated pay-per-action travel program that works with brands such as,,, providing a network of offers to allow extra earning in the tourist and travel market/industry.

This money can be made via car rentals, insurances, excursions, and transfers.

Travel Payouts review

The individual site information which you can promote through your website is –

  • Hotellook – A site available in English, German, Spanish, and other languages, it helps you compare and look for prices of hotels worldwide, through leading reservation systems such as,,, and Expedia.
  • JetRadar – A site available in English, German, Spanish, and other languages, it is considered to be one of the largest search engines used to search for flights all around the world, helping people from across the globe to compare flight prices.
  • Aviasales – A Russian site, it is considered the leading search engine when looking for flights in Ukraine and Russia.

How do Travel Payouts Work?

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To earn through Travel Payouts, you will have to complete the following steps –

  • You will have to at first join the Travel payouts Affiliate Program community.
  • The next step would be to add the Travel payouts tools to your website. It is to encourage visitors to your site to engage in booking flights and hotels.
  • Visitors will be intrigued to search and book for hotels and flights via the Travel payouts tool(s) available on their site.
  • Once the visitor books a flight or hotel from your website’s Travel payouts tool, you will be paid up to 70% from their revenues.

Why Opt for Travel Payouts?

why should you choose travel payout coupons

We would rather ask, why not opt for Travel payouts? This is earning money simply by attaching a few tools to your website. That way, you help increase traffic on their site, and they help you earn a good amount of money for it.

It seems like a win-win situation for both. All you have to do is join their Travel Affiliate Program, and you are sorted.

How Can You Make Money with the Use of Travel Payouts?

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We being travel bloggers, there are four ways using which we can earn money from Travel Payouts–

  • Direct Link –The best way to earn money using Travel Payouts is by posting a link to their search engine with the help of a text link or through the high-quality banners provided by them in their affiliated areas.

For example, suppose we are writing a travel blog about our latest vacation to Corsica.       At the end of the blog, we can attach a link to a page of Travel Payouts with which the visitors of our blog can book their hotels and flights.

  • Search Forms – The next option would be to use a travel search form on your site. Travel Payouts provide readymade search forms that you can easily use and copy-paste to your own website. This way, whenever a visitor uses the given search form to book a flight or hotel, you receive a specific remuneration for the booking.
  • Mobile Application – This can be considered a widely opted option, thanks to the huge traffic on mobile applications. The way to use a mobile application for this is to attach or link the Travel Payouts link to mobile apps. That way, once the visitor of your blog installs the application, you will end up earning money from every reservation they make for a year. (This way, you won’t have to worry about having a fellow competitor overwrite your cookie, nor will you have to worry about the length of your affiliate cookie).
  • Second Tier Affiliates – The last way to earn money via Travel Payouts is via their two-tier affiliate program. Through this program, you can earn money merely by referring Travel Payouts to fellow travel bloggers and website owners. Through this two-tier affiliate program, you will get to earn 5% of the income made by Travel Payouts from the income they generate through your sub-affiliates.

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Allowable Traffic Types

Given below are the various traffic types which are allowed in accordance with the Travel Payout affiliate program.

discount for travel payouts

  • Contextual advertising – Allowed through White Label but forbidden if it is to the following domains – com,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • Brand ads – Brand ads use of their name and/or derivatives in advertisements is forbidden.
  • Teaser advertising – Teaser advertising whereby an advertising campaign is shown in a series of ads, without a complete reveal of the product or brand till the end of the series. Teaser advertising is allowed.
  • Doorways – Doorways are created for deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. It helps sites that might have low traffic but are still able to generate sales. Doorways are allowed.
  • Click-Under – This is basically aggressive advertising. It gives no regard to the wishes of the user and opens up the advertisers’ site under the user’s current window. Click-under is forbidden.
  • Pop-Up – A Pop-Up is another form of aggressive advertising. It usually happens when you click anywhere in your original site, and a pop-up window opens up above the current window. A Pop-Up is allowed.
  • Pop-Under –A Pop-Under is also a form of aggressive advertising. It allows a new window to open up at the background of the current window, thereby causing no disturbance to work being done by the user on the current page. This window loads the advertised site. A Pop-Under is forbidden.
  • Email Marketing – SPAT will be forbidden by default. Using one’s affiliate links and using of own email addresses database will be allowed.
  • Groups and Pages in Social Networking – Advertising on Facebook, VK, and other social networking sites will be allowed.
  • Targetted ads in social networks – Ads that will be sent to a specific catered audience in every social networking site (Facebook, VK, and the like) using features of the advertising network to target ads are forbidden.
  • Messengers (Telegrams, Viber, and similar apps) – SPAM will be forbidden by default. Using affiliate links as well as other promotional materials on any messenger platform is forbidden.
  • In mobile apps – Using built-in advertising or advertising via ad networks through mobile applications is forbidden.

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