Vitagene Promo Codes 2024: Get Upto 20% Off (5 Stars )

This is an article featuring Vitagene Promo Codes May 2024 where you get some coupons active on their products, and not just this, you will also get to know about their products’ review so that you better know about the products before actually buying them.

Vitagene Promo Codes 2024: Get Upto 20% Off

Vitagene Promo Codes -Pricing Plan

About the company

Vitagene offers products that are curated in a way that you can totally rely on them. Their careful research ensures accuracy and precision in the medications that they prepare so that their customers can get all the benefits out of them.

Every human being has almost 99.5% the same composition inside them, but only 0.5% is the proportion that makes everyone unique in the way that they feel, look, or react. These differences in our DNA, which are called variants say a lot about your nutrition, exercise, and your dietary supplementation as well as your ethnic composition.

Vitagene Promo Codes -Vitagene

And that is why they use the DNA in the cells of your mouth through your saliva, by taking a sample of it, and work on it, and give you the information of your present and future health, as well as your proper suited medication. Once the sample is completed, it is analyzed by the research team, and provide you with your unique and personalized report using scientific and medical research that is totally reliable in the fields of nutrition and genetics.

Your DNA contains unique information about your health and your condition, which can guide you in making proper decisions to keep yourself fit and healthy. Along with DNA, the environment that you live in, the food that you take, and the nutrition and lifestyle that you chose play a major role in your health outcomes. And this is what Vitagene understands and makes use of, by taking your saliva samples, and preparing personalized reports for you, so that you take medications as per your body requirement and condition.

Vitagene Coupon Codes May 2024

Vitagene Coupon Codes would help you get some discounts on the products that you buy from them. So, don’t wait, just visit the site and use the coupons provided below to vail the active offers:

  • Get up to 20% off on Vitagene products on amazon

Yes, you read right. There is a sale going live on amazon where you can avail a discount of up to 20% on products from Vitagene.

  • 20% off on all Vitagene products – DNA Test kit, plus health, plus Ancestry Reports

Use the coupon code DEAL20 and paste it at check out when you shop at Vitagene to avail the benefits of this offer.

  • Up to 75% off on DNA Testing kits at eBay

No specific coupon code needed to avail this particular offer. Just head to the site now and scroll through the products and find what you need and get discounts on them.

  • Get your DNA testing kit starting from $79

You don’t need any coupon code for this. There is this sale going live in which you get the chance to make use of this exciting offer.

  • 10% off on your purchase from Vitagene

Use the promo code VITAGENE17 to avail this offer where you get flat 10% off on your products that you buy from Vitagene.

One more, a great thing is that you do not need any coupon code for this. Just shop for your products at Vitagene’s official site and get free shipping on them.

Not just this, you will get many more exciting offers and exclusive and special deals when you sign up for the Vintage Emails. So, what is the wait for? Go, and sign up today to get some exclusive discount offers for yourself.

How to grab Vitagene coupon codes?

Vitagene Promo codes

There is no rocket science behind this. You just need to follow some quick and easy steps to avail these coupon codes. Those steps are:

  1. When you tap on the coupon codes provided here, you will be taken to the official site of Vitagene.
  2. There, you can scroll through the products available at Vintage, and add the required ones in your cart.
  3. Once the products are added to your cart, add the necessary details about your address, and whatever needed.
  4. Select the payment mode, and apply the coupon codes were needed as applicable and proceed for check out.
  5. Pay as per your convenience and place your order.
  6. Once the order is placed, sit back and relax and the products that you ordered would reach your doorstep, and that too without any hustle.

Vitagene Products:

Vitagene has got the extensive collection of products in the arsenal and is considered best for having your DNA tests. You can complete data on DNA, Health and get supplements for keeping up to your health needs.

  • Health+ Ancestory Reports: It gives you the complete data and history of your ancestors and the stats about your health. You get the reports on the type of exercises and supplements that are best suited for your DNA.

Vitagene Promo Codes -Health Ancestory


  • Health Reports: The Health reports for the kinds of vitamins and dietary needs that your body needs. You can get the vitagene wellness report on your mail.

Vitagene Promo Codes -Health Report


  • Vitality & Vigor Bundle: With Vitality Bundle, you get the reports for your skin, dietary needs, supplements and exercise for your DNA.Vitagene Promo Codes -Vitality Bundle


  • Smart Supplements: Get the Personalized daily supplements pack for your kind of diets. Map and analyze your DNA with Vitagene and you will get the right guidance for the supplements that you need.

Vitagene Promo Codes -Smart Supplementary



How all this DNA thing works?

A lot of you would be wondering as to how this works?

coupon codes for Vitagene

Like giving your DNA report and planning your medications around it. But Vitagene has all the details as to how everything goes. So, here you will know step by step of the whole process that is involved in this:

  1. Order

When you order your DNA kit at Vitagene, it will reach you within 3-5 days.

  1. Swab

Once the kit reaches you, all you need to do is, send the samples of your DNA to the lab using the prepaid mailer.

  1. Analysis

At this step, the research team at Vitagene analyzes your sample and processes it, completing your online health questionnaire.

  1. Receive your reports

Once the lab gets your samples, the reports take 3-4 weeks to reach you after the complete analyzation

And in case you already have your DNA report, all you need to do is, Upload your DNA report and you will be able to discover your optimal diet, supplements that yo need to take, exercise and what not. This process takes lesser time.

Vitagene Promo Codes -How it Work

Do not have second thoughts about the process, as the clinical labs at Vitagene meet all the standards set by The Clinical Laboratory Amendments of 1988 which ensures accurate and reliable test results of your DNA samples. The DNA report is analyzed through sophisticated algorithms that compares them to a database which is extremely comprehensive based on the latest research on genomics, nutrition, and exercise.

How they protect your privacy?

  1. The DNA samples that you send and your results are stored without a name or any other common identifying information, they store them with numbers on them for identification.
  2. Once your DNA sample I analyzed, it is destroyed immediately.
  3. The information that belongs to you, is not shared with any third party without your consent.

What you get?

  1. Diet Reports

You will get to know hoe genetics influence your diet and also get to know about the right choices of food for you to involve in your diet.

  1. Supplement Report

Based on the reports of your DNA, you will get personalized reports on what supplements to involve in your diets to benefit you in a better way.

  1. Exercise Report

Your DNA will also tell you as to what exercises, of what intensity, and frequency you should involve in your daily workout regime so that you get the best out of it.

Vitagene Pricing Plans:

Vitagene Promo Codes -pricing Plan


  1. Health + Ancestry DNA Tests and Reports

You will get a DNA based diet plan, exercise plan, as well as supplement recommendation, and along with all this, an Ancestry included.

Kit Cost: $79

  1. Premium Health + Ancestry Reports

In this kit, you will get a genetic based diet, exercise and supplement guide, and skin recommendations too. Ancestry included!

Kit Cost: $119

  1. Premium Health + Ancestry Test & Reports + Supplements Plan

With this kit, you will get personalized reports on your dietary supplements subscription along with free DNA kit, and genetic based diet, exercise plans, and skin recommendations, all wrapped in one. Plus, Ancestry included.

Kit Cost: $169


Vitagene Pros and Cons

Vitagene Pros:

  • Affordable Pricing: Vitagene is considered less in cost when compared to its counterparts such as 23andMe or Fitness genes.
  • Vitagene Scholarships & Discounts: It also offers the Vitagene scholarship for the health-focused students. You can get various discounts on these health supplements.
  • Quality Supplements: Vintage gives you a personalized list of supplements they recommend for you based on the information contained within your DNA and the report they compile.
  • User-Friendly: You don’t need to present your data again if you have previously used their competitors. They gather the data from their competitors such as 23andMe.
  • Privacy: Vitagene takes the DNA thing seriously and thus offers anonymity for each DNA keeping them separate until you have given permission to share with anyone else.

Vitagene Cons:

  • Vitagene currently delivers the report and products to United States.
  • Sometimes the reports are generic and need no necessary diets or supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does it take to obtain the results/

You can obtain your DNA report within maximum 4-5 weeks, once the laboratory gets your samples.

  1. How to complete the DNA sample?

You will only need a simple DNA cheek swab for the sample. Once you obtain your DNA kit, there will be a whole set of instructions that you need to follow as to how to swab the inside of your cheeks. And with the order, you will also obtain a pre-paid return mailer to where you need to send your samples, which makes it completely easy and cost free.

  1. Does Vitagene sell information of their customers to the third party?

Obviously not. Vitagene business model is in no way dependent on such models where they use selling or licensing of your genetic information to any third party, or any pharmaceutical company. However, and anonymous version of the reports are used to learn and further improve so that they can provide safe and accurate prescriptions to you.

  1. What information is used to form any personalized recommendations?

Latest scientific research and studies in nutrition and genetics used by Vitagene to analyze and prepare a report for you about your medications and plans. This also involves the medications and supplements that you have been taking currently as they also have an impact in that.

  1. How can the ancestry be determined through the DNA report?

Every human being is unique in some traits or the other and that is because of the difference in DNA that we all possess. But they share some common connections to family members of your past generations. Scientists, with their researches and studies can now unfold those connections using your DNA.

DNA can be taken as a template that a body uses to make what you really are. Even though the DNA of every individual is very different from the other one, parts of your DNA was passed down to you by your ancestors as a hereditary trait. These similarities are the ways through which the scientists link you and your ancestors.

  1. Does Vitagene ship internationally?

No. Vitagene currently does not ship their products out of United States. However, you can join their international waiting list by contacting them at [email protected].

  1. Does Vitagene offer any special discounts?

Yes, Vitagene offers various special discounts and scholarships for the students. If you are using the Vitagene app, you can get the best discounts and deals on the Vitagene products and report through notification.


Vitagene reviews

Contact Vitagene


Drop an email at their email address in case you have any query or doubts about any issue:

[email protected]

Support Hours:

9 am – 6 pm PST,


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Conclusion:  Vitagene Promo Codes 2024

Vitagene is one of the best companies in the medication and health supplement industry today. Plus, the way that they innovate the whole medication process is commendable. Like, using your unique DNA samples to prepare reports that are personalized for you, so that you can get the maximum benefit out of what you take inside your body, or how you work out. All this sums up to make Vitagene one of the trusted companies today.

They offer complete transparency in the way they work, their whole process, and everything. They are totally reliable and trustworthy when it comes to sharing your personal DNA reports to any third party. They do not have such work ethics. They keep it all unidentifiable until you provide any kind of consent for it. What else reason do you need to go for this?

Plus, with all the benefits, you are also getting some great, money-saving coupon codes that would help you greatly while shopping for your health kits, or products or any other medicinal supplements, anything and everything.

So, do not wait, hurry up and visit and save some bucks using Vitagene promo codes on your applicable orders.


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