Walk-In Lab Reviews 2024 | Is it Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

Walk-In Lab offers lab testing wherein you do not have to visit a medical provider. The service is quite convenient and affordable as well. As per the Walk-In Walk-In Lab Reviews,  they are quite safe, confidential, and also claim to provide easy and fast results.

They offer consumers an array of blood tests along with ensuring confidentiality, which indicates that the results are provided to the consumer directly via email.

Consumers can fulfill the tests at any of the thousand laboratories that are spread all over the country, and they do not require a physician’s order.

The Walk-In Lab Reviews also indicate that they are the best as they enable consumers to get their blood test orders placed online. Walk-In Lab ensures the hassle is reduced to a minimum and guarantees a low price. 

The Walk-In Lab focuses on swiftness and confidentiality. The Walk-In Lab itself does not conduct the blood test. However, the orders are generated post which the consumer can take the order to any of the independent labs located throughout the country.

They have partnerships with many medical labs across the country, which makes it very convenient for the consumers to get their tests done easily. 

Walk-In Lab testing - order online

Walk-In Lab takes care of all your paperwork, and the test results are delivered through a very secure portal. There are a lot of tests as well as panels that provide consumers with access to every single test they might need.

They also offer consumers the choice of customization of the panels. Walk-In Lab Reviews multiple test facilities are quite easy to use, have access to many labs all over the country, have a wide variety of tests, and also offer a low price guarantee that makes them surpass their competition.

Why Choose Walk-In Lab Tests?

1. Convenience

Walk-In Lab Reviews indicate that the company enables the consumer to order as well as pay for the blood test labs online right from the comfort of your home.

Walk-In Lab gives you the doctor’s order as required by the lab, which enables you to order any lab test now selected by you based on affordability and confidentiality [1, 2]. 

Walk In lab Tests
Walk-In lab Tests

The customer service team of Walk-In Labs can assist you from Monday to Friday between 7 am – 8 pm and between 8 am – 4 pm on Saturday (Central Time).  The lab results are sent confidentially to the online account provided six days a week.

2. Affordability

The Walk-In Lab Review states that the service of Walk-In Labs are quite affordable and can be accessed by people with or without insurance. Generally, a blood test without insurance prevents many people from getting crucial blood tests [3] done.

The Walk in lab is very affordable

Walk-in Labs gives you the tests at about 85% savings in contrast to the standard lab prices.  

3. Confidentiality

The lab work results get uploaded to the personal online account of the consumer through a secure portal. These results do not get shared with others. For the convenience of consumers, they can fax their results to their physician directly once they log into their Confidential Lab Record [4].   

The Mission Of Walk-In Lab

The mission of Walk-In Lab is to give direct-to-consumer tests, which are affordable and convenient solutions for any medical laboratory requirement.

They commit themselves to operational excellence and have a very innovative approach. Walk-In Lab provides a variety of lab tests without the need for a physician’s referral.

This empowers individuals to have complete control of the costs of their health care and monitor their overall health. Their aim is to offer the best of customer service with their team of dedicated and professionally-trained staff. 

Mission Of Walk In Lab

Preventive testing, as well as early detection of any disease, are vital.  Mostly, sexually transmitted diseases, inclusive of HIV, get transmitted by those patients who were not aware that they had been infected.

A lot of diseases are there that develop without any symptoms, for instance, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer, etc.

This is why we urge all our customers to be in charge of their bodies right now.  A simple lab test done regularly helps in detecting a lot of medical conditions. 

Walk-In Lab ensures that the tests are of the highest quality, and the results are most accurate. We are also associated with the fully accredited and CLIA-certified medical laboratories of the country. We abide by the rigorous Privacy as well as HIPAA Policies.

Walk-In Lab Testing Value

Walk-In Lab Testing accepts many payment options, such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and most of the health savings cards [5].

The firm also does not bill either Medicare or the insurance companies. The prices offered by Walk-in lab are competitive and the cost depends on the number as well as the complexity of the tests that are performed.

The consumer will pay the amount online once they sign-up. No fees have to be paid at the lab. The company ensures that its customers get the best value for the dollar.

Price And Fees

The Price Range

The price for a basic serum test is around $21 and can go up to $899 for tests like the Antinuclear Antibodies Comprehensive Blood Test Panel.

Payment Options

The payment can be made online by way of debit cards, PayPal, credit cards, Money orders, and Health Savings Account (HSA)

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Walk-In Lab Review indicates that Walk-In Lab testing offers discount programs on particular test panels almost every month, which are about 15%. Discounts are also offered to those who add some individual tests. The discount amount varies depending on the number of tests that are added and it ranges from about 10% – 25%.


Affiliate programs are quite common on the Internet and these offer the website owners an extra way to earn revenue through their site. The Walk-In Lab Affiliate Program is via the Share-A-Sale and anyone can join it for free of cost. The sign-up process is quite simple and easy and does not require any technological know-how. 

Affiliates are the ones who generate sales for the company “Walk-In Lab” and they obtain a commission payment based on every sale done. You can visit Share-A-Sale right way, sign-up, and get your custom link and begin earning commissions.  

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

Share-A-Sale supplies a range of textual links as well as banners that the affiliate must place on their site. Whenever the user clicks on any one of these links, the links direct them to the website of Walk-In Lab Testing, and the activity of these customers is tracked via the affiliate software of Share-A-Sale.

The Affiliate Program

Once the customer makes a purchase through the traffic sent by the affiliate, the affiliate earns a commission. For additional information, contact Share-A-Sale at (312) 321-0487 or you can drop an email to [email protected].   

Pros And Cons Of The Walk-In Lab Testing


  1. They provide customizable panels
  2. They guarantee the lowest price
  3. They have a partnership with labs all across the country
  4. They offer home tests as well for a few things and this saves on time
  5. The customer can get the test results online when it’s available
  6. The test results are shared directly to the customer through a secure portal
  7. There aren’t any hidden processing fees
  8. The results are confidential and provided within a duration of 24-48 hours
  9. The customer does not need to get the doctor’s order.
  10. The Online results history is kept in the Confidential Lab Record (CLR)
  11. The customer can select between LabCorp [6] or quest diagnostics walk in [7]
  12. It offers an array of Home Test Kits  
  13. Various modes of payment are available -Visa, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, money orders via mail, Health Savings Cards
  14. They offer the Best deal for uninsured consumers
  15. They offer the Best deal for elective procedure labs that do not have an insurance cover.


  1. There are many restrictions regarding the usage of the discount codes.

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Conclusion: Walk-In Lab Testing 2024

Health expenses are ever-increasing and the answer to these expenses is Walk-In Lab testing. You can order the tests at an affordable cost through Walk-In Lab and be in charge of your health as well as the associated health costs right away!

In addition to this, you can also save about 85% off the retail prices.  Walk-In Lab also provides its customers with a private as well as safe Confidential Lab Record (CLR), thereby giving customers a total, 24-hour access to their lab test records.


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