Airweave Mattress Review 2024 : Is This Mattress Too Firm Or Just Right?

Airweave Mattress


I would recommend such mattress to the strict stomach and back sleepers because of its great edge support. Also, this mattress is a big plus in case of extra firmness.

Out of 10


  • Offers Great Edge Support
  • Best For Stomach and Back Sleepers
  • Great Firmness
  • Provides Cooling
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Shipping
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty


  • Not the best mattress for side sleepers
  • Not that typical memory foam


Price: $ 1000

My search for the perfect mattress was a long one. After visiting several stores and trying out countless beds, I felt overwhelmed with choices!

I eventually stumbled across Airweave online and thought why not give it a try? To my surprise, it ended up being the exact combination of comfort and support that I had been looking for.

Throughout this post, I’ll be sharing my experience sleeping on an Airweave Mattress so you can decide if it is right for your needs too.

Airweave Mattress Review  Overview

wake up refreshed

This Air-weave brand has a fascinating backstory: it began as a fishing line firm and evolved into a groundbreaking mattress made of similar construction. These make excellent mattresses for people who require additional comfort.

With all its air-fibre innovation, the initial Air-weave mattress provides an insane sensation while being ultra-durable.

Start by looking now at air-weave if you lay on your stomach or want a particularly firm mattress. Maybe it is just what you’ve been seeking.

Airweave Mattress Founder: 

Airweave Mattress is owned by Mr. Motokuni Takaoka, a Japanese sleep expert. He started this venture back in 2007. He has featured on Huffpost and other Asia Nikkeki like sites.

Mr. Motokuni Takaoka

Airweave Mattress Review : Specifications of Air-Weave

Air-weave began with and is currently recognized for its extremely firm mattresses.

Now, manufacturers also altered its very hard, narrow classic Air-weave Mattress to build a little softer variant, their originally Air-weave Mattress Improved, for people who still require such a hard mattress and therefore need some more padding.

Airweave mattress sellers- airweave mattress reviews

Mostly with the launch of ‘new’ mattresses, namely New Air-weave Mattress and the New Air-weave Mattress Advanced, Air-weave also passed through certain substantial advances, giving extra padding on its early models.

Later, we’ll go through the entries and breakaways of all these three mattresses, as well as their structure.

What is The Material of The Air-Weave Mattress?

This Air-weave mattress is just a one-of-a-kind design. To begin with, it’s not really a normal bed-in-a-box type; a few constructions is necessary. Its primary air-fibre component of the box is delivered in several distinct sections which users assemble under a zippable shell. Guys may even put a softer overlay if desired.

This is what you’ll find within the mattress once everything is put together.


The polyester cover is lovely and sturdy, therefore I believe it will last a lot longer. It can also be device washed, and that is a huge benefit! Next, there’s a soft layer, which is completely optional.

It provides a modest cushioning effect and even some adequate rest, therefore helps to balance the overall stiffness of a mattress.

Airweave airfiber mattress quality

Our air-fibre core makes up the majority of the mattress. This one is made entirely of polyethene, which is a food-safe & non-toxic materials. The substance seems to be a twisted pile of polymer threads twisted together.

It’s pretty springy, which contributes to the hard feelings, and even the air gap amongst all those knitted fibres makes it seem pretty airy and cool to rest on.

Quality of  material

Airwave’s technology was originally designed for fishing line, but it was subsequently adapted to be used in mattresses. The key is in the Air-fiber innovation, which provides improved airflow while still providing uniform support.

Airweave mattress layers- airweave mattres topper review

This substance, with its sophisticated metallic layer, is highly resilient and solid, and so it is utilized in all of their bedding.

We’ll get into exactly what’s in each one of these beds, as well as the distinctions between them.

This is what’s beneath their New Air-weave Mattress, which now is fewer stiff:

Layer 1: Its outer layer is composed entirely of polyester and has a sediment, chilling effect to it.
Layer 2: The cushion upper surface sits on top of the original Air-weave cushion surface and below the external layers.
Layer 3: Three 4″ polyethene Air-fiber pillows make up the cushion surface. These are really stiff and can withstand a huge pressure & load before contouring, making them excellent for belly sleepers. This is kept safe while resting by being covered in an inside layer.

The following are the contents of their Original Air-weave Mattress:

Layer 1: The outside cover is 100% polyester and moisture absorbing, but that does not stretch to suit’ the bed. It’s dangling from the mattress.
Layer 2: Two 4″ polyethene Air-fiber pillows make up the mattress level. These are quite strong and can withstand a great deal of pressure & load before contouring.

Finally, that is what’s underneath the Advanced Original Air-weave Mattress:

Layer 1: The outside layer is 100% polymer and moisture absorbing, and that does not stretch to suit’ the bed. It’s dangling from the mattress.
Layer 2: The upper surface is a detachable polymer cushion that gives a quite tiny measure of relief.


What Is The Sensation of The Air-Weave Mattress?

Mattress stiffness is a very personal preference. The firmness of bedding is determined by a variety of circumstances, including individual body mass and sleeping position.

 pressure points and firmness- advanced

For instance, I’m around 5’10” tall and 190 pounds, and I sleep on my stomach. As a result, my estimate of such a model’s hardness might vary from others!

This Air-weave mattress, from my perspective, is quite firm. You may attach a softer cushioned covering to the head of its foam.

I assign this covering an 8.5 stiffness score on a scale of one to ten to 10, where 1 is extremely soft and 10 being extremely firm. I won’t collapse further into the mattress anymore when I sat down upon this.

Likewise, I’d rate this an 8.5/10 stiffness score if the extra cushioned layer wasn’t included.

The mattress firmness provides incredible support, and that is ideal for spinal sleepers. For rigorous belly sleepers, I appreciate this bed because it keeps the back in a proper position and prevents your hips from sinking further into the mattress.

Essentially, you have the sensation of being on top of the covers instead of in it.

This Air-weave might be suitable for certain combination sleepers since it is springy enough to allow for easy position changes.

However, I believe it is too hard for side sleepers since it might place much more stress on delicate points such as the hip and pelvis.

Is Air-Weave Suitable for Back and Chest Sleepers?

Yes, like back and tummy sleepers like firmer mattresses, Air-weave is great for them. Experts think it’s much better for spine or tummy sleepers because Owen rests mostly on top of the bed rather than within it.

Airweave mattress customer reviews

The solid air-fibre slabs give a great deal of support plus maintain belly and spine sleepers’ spines aligned properly.

What about sleeping on your side or in a combination of positions?

If people lay on the sides, the appropriate response is no. Perhaps when you’re a back-and-tummy sleeper who alternates between the two positions. Side sleepers require a bed that is whether in the centre or on the milder side of the beach.

One cause for this is because individuals need a little more padding to relieve the various trigger points all along part of the body.
This bedding is not recommended for side sleepers.

If you don’t mind sleeping on your side, you might even be able to escape with any of these mattress. This does relax with usage, and switching position is a breeze, so you’re not cradled by the material as one is on a foam mattress.

Airweave Mattress Review : Effectiveness Reports of Air-weave Mattress

Airweave mattress customer experience

  • Off-gassing: This Air-weave mattress has no off-gassing since it’s not made of foam materials. Whether there are any odor, it will come out from plastic packaging and should go away in 24 hrs.
  • Durability: Researchers have still not had enough time to verify the Air-weave mattresses to determine if it was a long-lasting bedding, but buyer evaluations suggest it is.
  • Pressure relief: Users have reported that now the Air-weave mattress’s layout has benefited them alleviate the pressure as well as aches. And that is due to the Air-weave mattress’s strong and flexible construction, which has been proved to reduce the strain in several spine and tummy sleepers. This bed, however, will not be appropriate for side sleepers.
  • Motion isolation: As you and others expect from such a firm surface, movement isolation would be excellent.
  • Temperature neutrality: An Air-weave mattress provides temperature balanced due to its great ventilation, which prevents it from retaining heat.
  • Edge support: The Air-weave provides adequate edge assistance. Although you won’t be able to slide off from the bed lightly, there are many other beds with better edge support.
  • Noise: Since there are no springs and other such movable elements in the manufacturing of the Air-weave mattresses, it is completely quiet.
  • Intimacy: As already said, the Air-weave is indeed a fairly firm bed, which wouldn’t be ideal for intimacy. This is just as firm as someone on the ground, according to several people’s review. It also seems stiffer than more load is applied to it, which might make it extremely difficult to use under the combined total of two persons. In addition, the stiffness renders the bedding less bouncy, which is not really ideal for intercourse.

Pros and Cons of Airweave Mattress: 




  • Back and belly sleepers will benefit from the special air-fibre material.
  • For side sleepers, the mattress is too hard.
  • Sleeps chillier than springtime or memory foam.
  • Anyone expecting a typical memory foam will be disappointed.
  • Relieves inflammation and bodily discomfort.

Airweave Mattress Customer Reviews & Testimonials :

Great pillow
Review by Susan H.

This pillow is great for back and side sleeper. It’s firm on the side and the softer on the center. I like how you can also adjust the center for height. Pillow stays cool and doesn’t heat up.

Improving sleep quality
Review by Yumiko C.

I use it on the bed I’ve been using, and it’s much more comfortable to sleep in. I recommend airweave products to my friends.

I put this on top
Review by Michelle G. 

I put this on top of a memory foam mattress that was making me sore and hot. It’s wonderful to wake up with no pain! I’m a side sleeper and I was afraid this might be too firm but it is very comfortable.

Valuable shopping
Review by Yumiko C

It’s been about two months since I started using airweave top mattress luxe. There is no gap between my body and the top mattress, it fits snugly, it is easy to turn over and I sleep deeply. I thought the price was high, but after using it, I strongly feel that it is well worth it.

Makes the mattress a little firmer!
Review by Alexander K.

My wife and I bought our beauty rest mattress over a year ago with a no return policy and it turned out to be a little too soft for my liking (it’s perfect for her though). I was looking for something that could help make my side firmer and the airweave topper was perfect for that. I can tell a difference right away and also I can tell the quality is pretty high. A plus is that it’s made in Japan and we do love Japanese made products!

Amazing Mattress
Review by Susan L.

I was nervous that the futon mattress would be too hard, but it is perfect. It offers great support and is very comfortable. Would absolutely buy again.

Easy to assemble, sleeps firm
Review by Shih Y. 

Easy to assemble, sleeps firm and cool as I hoped. Firm in a supportive but not rock hard uncomfortable way.

For some reason this firmer bed made my old pillow feel better and more supportive/comfortable too. May have something to do with better overall body alignment while sleeping.

A bit on the pricey side but hoping these will last then this really would be worth the investment.

So far the best new purchase inside our new home. on Social Media:


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How is Airweave different from traditional mattresses?

Unlike traditional mattresses that use foam, springs, or latex, Airweave mattresses are constructed using a proprietary interwoven resin fiber material. This design provides a firm yet supportive surface while allowing for better airflow and temperature regulation.

Are Airweave mattresses comfortable?

Comfort is subjective, and different people have different preferences when it comes to mattresses. Airweave mattresses are known for their firm support, which some people find comfortable for proper spine alignment and pressure relief. However, if you prefer a softer mattress with more cushioning, Airweave may not be the best choice for you.

Does Airweave mattress provide good support?

Yes, Airweave mattresses are designed to provide excellent support. The interwoven resin fibers offer a firm surface that helps align the spine and distribute body weight evenly, which can be beneficial for people with back pain or those who prefer a firmer mattress.

Is Airweave mattress suitable for all sleep positions?

Airweave mattresses can work well for various sleep positions. The firmness and support of the mattress can be especially beneficial for back and stomach sleepers as it helps maintain proper alignment. However, some side sleepers may find it too firm and prefer a softer mattress that contours to their body's curves.

Can Airweave mattress be used with an adjustable bed frame?

Yes, Airweave mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames. The flexible nature of the interwoven resin fibers allows the mattress to adjust to different positions without compromising its structural integrity.

Does Airweave offer a sleep trial or warranty?

Yes, Airweave typically offers a sleep trial period, allowing you to try the mattress in your home for a specified period (e.g., 100 nights) and return it if you're not satisfied. They also provide warranties that cover manufacturing defects and structural issues, although the specific terms may vary, so it's best to check their website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information.

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Conclusion : Is Airweave Mattress the Best Supportive Mattress? Airweave Mattress Review

The Airweave mattress ticks all the boxes for a comfortable and reliable sleeping experience. Despite what you may expect from such a technologically advanced product, it feels quite natural like any other traditional mattress.

In addition, due to its unique airfiber technology, it provides superior support when compared to regular mattresses, making it ideal for people with back pain.

All in all, this well-crafted bed is Highly Recommended if you don’t want to compromise on comfort and quality as it comes with an unbeatable 25-year warranty!

The Airweave mattress is well worth the investment as I experienced excellent sleep quality & full body support during my time of testing – not to mention how effortless the setup process was too!

With its superior product quality and customer service excellence, Airweave has created a fantastic mattress that will guarantee to provide you with an uninterrupted sleep every night.

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38 thoughts on “Airweave Mattress Review 2024 : Is This Mattress Too Firm Or Just Right?”

  1. My old mattress was really just a glorified beanbag—it clung to my every bone sticking out and I had no clue whether I would wake up still in bed.The Airweave Mattress changed everything for the better! Now, when I get out of bed, it feels like getting off any other regular mattress. It’s so much more comfortable too—sleeping on this Airweave Mattress has been life-changing!

    Product description: The Airweave Mattress is perfect if you don’t want your sleep interrupted by sinking into the furniture underneath. In 8 inches tall with a pleasantly resilient feel, the airfiber material keeps you firm without feeling “too” stiff or difficult to move around in.

  2. I’ll be honest, when I first saw this mattress at my airweave store, I was worried it would be too hard with its extra-firm feel. But after spending the night on it, all of my worries were put to bed with ease because the mattresses are so comfortable! The most interesting part is that they don’t give off any kind of odor or chemical buildup—I just love how clean and crisp they feel.

    The best part? Airweaves also come in plenty of thicknesses, meaning you can get your perfect comfort level based on what works for you. I especially loved the 6″ one (no pun intended)—It really helps relieve some lower back pain issues that can happen periodically.

  3. In just a few minutes I was sleeping better. Users said it fixed everything from back pain, to restless leg syndrome, and calf cramps as if as soon as they got into bed – all before they even laid down! The airweave mattress also offers the perfect balance of comfort without being too soft or hard. And although it’s made out of space-age materials like BPA-free polyethylene and energy efficient fibers, its shockingly affordable too. This sounds amazing!

  4. There’s no denying that this is an expensive mattress. But you won’t regret the purchase once you sleep on it for one night. The texture of airweave mattresses always feels like your first time lying down on silk sheets – soft, silky, and comfortable.

    I don’t think I’ll ever need another mattress company again because Airweave has all my requirements! On top of being eco-friendly (composed only of recyclable plastic), their materials are durable and come with a guarantee. It’s perfect if you want to upgrade your bedroom without spending too much, or if you’re looking to make some money off by renting out your bed weekly (they allow subletting)!

  5. I’m finally off the ground! The Airweave Mattress is so much more comfortable than my coil bed. I could never find a gentle firmness at any price point, but the Airweave has made me feel exactly right. It’s not too soft or too hard—just heavenly. And it smells nice! I don’t have to worry about scratching anything on the surface because it’s all one unified material with zero sticking points for sheets and blankets to catch on. Plus, it ships in three pieces that will assemble easily with no help from an annoying salesperson trying to up-sell other products you’ll probably never need or want once you’re sleeping great on your new mattress!

  6. When I first bought my Airweave mattress, it felt a little too firm for me. It took time to get used to it and that’s when I realized how great the coil system is in this foam mattress. With an hourglass shape construction makes the bed more accommodating, and there’s no need for a box spring or foundation because of its three-inch height. The pillow-top design provides increased comfort while offering all of the benefits of a traditional foam mattress: resistant to dust mites and allergens, durable and supportive stretch-knit encasement cover that doesn’t need turning; water-resistant; fire retardant; safe for homes with pets or kids; carries limited lifetime warranty.

  7. The only thing you need to know about this mattress is: it’s changed my life. I used to live in severe pain and couldn’t sleep.

    But that all changed the day I bought the Airweave Mattress, which brings comfort into people lives like nothing else can! Forget about your back problems, your lack of energy, and sleepless nights – THIS MATTRESS SAVED MY LIFE!!!

  8. I love how the mattress doesn’t make noise. I’m always rolling through to my other side, and with Airweave there were no complaints from the wife! It is super comfortable and affordable too!

  9. I couldn’t get comfortable, and I tried everything to get rid of the furniture looking like it needed chiropractic care. Then, my friend lent me an airweave mattress! It was so different than our previous foam mattresses. It didn’t feel like we had some 7-year old on top of us while we slept and the house wasn’t left feeling like it just rained for days afterward either. We’re CRACKING UP with how soft it is too because both of us snuggle up at night now instead of one throwing their arm off the side or something weird. Not to mention that when you add that pillow-top they offer on demand, this bed is flat out OFF THE CHART COMFY!!!

  10. This doesn’t feel like my childhood mattress! When I unpacked this thing, it immediately went to my room. Like any kid who has their first coil-spring bed in the 80’s, that crinkling noise is comforting. The firmness is perfect too. For fellow live with back pain sufferers, the Airweave Mattress gets high marks for durability and comfort due to its solid core with minimal give. It was a little bit hard at first but oh wow am I sleeping better now!

  11. I tried sleeping on the airweave mattress the other night. Let me tell you what, I can’t get enough of this bed! It’s so different than anything else I have used before. The 8 inch height feels like it blocks out any of my partner’s sounds -phew!- and with that soft pillowtop for comfort? It really is hassle free all around. With company on the horizon tomorrow night, I don’t know if it will come in time to keep us cozy on christmas eve, but definitely worth looking into if you need some good holiday cheer your way!

  12. We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when we wake up in the morning and realize there are mysterious body impressions on our mattress. No matter how much time, money, or energy is spent trying to find a solution for this problem, it remains unsolved. Until now… I was so close to throwing out my $2000 latex-foam Airweave bed after just two years because of knee indentations because it seemed like I couldn’t do anything about them–but then I found this solution! The company offers an affordable 3″ replacement foam set made from their patented materials for old mattresses experiencing problems with compression depths greater than 1/2″. Shipping is expedited at no additional cost other than the standard $500 handling fee due.

  13. The Airweave bed is like sleeping on the astral plane. It’s mattresses are made of airfiber material which is super lightweight, durable, and recyclable; perfect for those who don’t want another heavy mattress to lug around or take up all their space! The price point isn’t too bad either-being only $2k doesn’t hurt my wallet at all so I can finally afford everything else I need after buying this.

  14. I was a sleep deprived girl for most of my life. After a few weeks of struggling to find a pillow that turned my sleeping situation from night into merely survivable, I finally received an Airweave Mattress Topper as a gift- and best gift ever! My favorite thing about this company is they’ve really honed in on pinpointing the root causes of bad sleep: poor alignment and outgassing.

    While some mattresses can use all sorts of chemicals to give off no smell whatsoever, your body might not appreciate those chemical reactions over time. This material is so durable because it contains polyurethane which has high durability and helps resist tearing or degradation than regular foam does.

  15. If I had to live with just three words, they would be “incredibly comfortable mattress.” Stylish, durable, and supportive are the top three things that come to mind when thinking about my Airweave Mattress. When you climb into bed after a long day of work or school it doesn’t matter what your budget is- this is not just for rich people It’s perfect for everyone!

    Product description: Stay cool on hot summer nights thanks to the new Airweave Hot Nights Collection! With one stroke of a button, your high efficiency cooling system starts working hard so that you can rest easy in the night. Temperature controlled materials make sure temperature fluctuations are kept at bay no matter how aggressive the heat outside becomes.

  16. My Airweave Mattress has saved my spine, back, neck and hips! I would never go back to coil/spring mattresses again.
    goldilocks likes the airweave mattress because it’s not too hard or too soft. iris is 6 months pregnant; she retired her old four-poster bed six weeks ago for this zen heaven of a sleep surface. With 1 in 10 couples applying for divorce due to sleep issues, trying out an airweave mattress before committing oneself sounds like the prudent thing to do. We’re giving you risk-free tryouts; what are you waiting for?

  17. A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be reserved for the rich. The airweave Mattress combines class with affordability- in addition to framing itself as environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and durable. We’re all saving money on utility bills when we finally replace that old mattress with an Airweave one!
    The bed is heavy duty but easy to assemble. I used my own large sewing kit to attach it together and was done in 5 minutes flat – no fussing or complications at all. My last foam mattress began breaking down after just a few months of use; this one seems much more sturdy and comfortable so far!

  18. Let me tell you about my new Airweave Mattress. I decided to try it out because the price is more than fair for a durable, high-quality mattress. Sure, it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for! The three pieces are shipped in one box with an attached cover that covers them like they’re sacred treasure (not too tight though). You can assemble everything with your bare hands or ask for help from another person if needed. Speaking of assembly—whenever I put something back together by myself after someone else has taken their turn at messing it up, the end product is usually less good than before they messed around; this time that wasn’t true!

  19. I’ve been sleeping in my Airweave Mattress for two weeks, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised. After years of struggling with allergies, my new mattress has helped me stop waking up congested every day! It took some getting used to the height–I had never slept on a bed that high before–but after that it was easy to settle into. Sleeping with the polyester pillow-top gives me just enough cushioning when I need it most at night.

    Product description: Turning your old mattress into an icky pancake is so 5th grade. You deserve more than quick fixes with smelly sweatshops producing lower quality materials down the street from each other so they can sell you something even cheaper tomorrow.

  20. Airweave Mattresses are perfect for couple because they give each person their own level of firmness. I know, it sounds crazy but that’s what makes them so awesome. You can sleep without worrying about your waves crashing on the other person while they’re fast asleep!

  21. Great product! I’m not even joking when I say that I slept like a baby for the first time in years. The Airweave mattress was so comfortable and catered to my needs better than any other mattress ever has.

    Product description: Just as well as the Health Premium Mattress by Serta, this is perfect for those who want something lightweight and easily movable but still maintain comfort and quality. It doesn’t matter what kind of bed type you’re looking for because this thing’s got it all – memory foam, hipster design, waterproofing capabilities… name it! It can do anything. Highly recommend if you’ve been searching around for a decade now and just haven’t found what you’re really looking for.

  22. I wanted my new mattress to be one that wouldn’t sag. I read the reviews, and was really impressed with how Airweave mattresses would stand up to testing done by air pressure machines. This is exactly what I need! And if it’s not firm enough for me, then I can always use their all-polyester foam pillow top. It feels just like an old school memory foam bed!

  23. Well, if you don’t mind your mattress costing more than some smartphones, this is for you. I bought one of these because it seemed like the reviews had more to do with hating on their partner then anything else. First off, I haven’t seen any reviews about how hard it was to assemble or that there were missing pieces given that all three are delivered rolled up in a package bigger than my dog––really not out of the ordinary for mattresses. The cover is admittedly made from some weird material but seems very durable and really helps reduce snoring or whatever other sound might arise during an intimate moment between two passionate lovers (yes I said love-making).

  24. For 8 years, I thought nothing of my lumpy mattress. It was too expensive to replace and what would be the point anyway? My body needed a change in the night– not the bedding! But one day while searching for a new car, I discovered how important memory foam is for your spinal alignment during sleep… so long story short- it was time to find a better bed. And boy, did I find it. The Airweave Mattress whisked me off into slumber land with no turning back every single time I laid on top of its lush thickness. No more insomnia from unhappy backs! So buy this thing—you won’t regret it.”

  25. I have never slept better than I have on this mattress. It took about 2 weeks to break it in, but now my back feels so much better and the pain is gone! What an unbelievable deal for a quality product! Thank you airweave!

  26. The most comfortable mattress I ever had! My back pain has been drastically reduced because these mattresses have a good balance of firmness and softness. The thing that really gets me is that you can’t feel it when people get in or out of bed.

    I love the easy washability aspect too, because I tend to move around a lot at night and so drool quite a bit on my pillow–those pillows are easy to throw in the washing machine without any trouble at all! Overall, this was an excellent purchase for me, and I don’t think there’s any other mattress worth buying over this one.

  27. I’ve never written a review for anything in my life, but this Airweave is amazing. It’s firm but not too hard. I’m sleeping better than ever before and it fits wonderfully into my frame with enough room on the sides to get comfortable. I was skeptical of getting this because of how light the mattress felt when they delivered it, but it holds up great through the night! The bed is structured well enough that there are no places for air to get caught or stuck unless you move around an ridiculous amount while laying down, which most people won’t do while resting at night anyways. All-in-all worth every penny if you’re planning on replacing your bed soon!

  28. The Airweave mattress has been on my wishlist for months and finally I broke down and saved up the funds to make the purchase.I have never slept so well before in my entire life! The Airweave Mattress is definitely worth every penny, so if you are looking for a premium product with state-of-the-art features, look no further– this is it!It’s soft yet supportive so your spine stays perfectly aligned during sleep.I’ll admit that at first I was pretty skeptical about buying an air fiber bed that doesn’t come with any springs or coils but after trying out the demo model downstairs at one of their retailers for myself — I was convinced. There’s really something special about being able to walk.

  29. Airweave mattresses are the best! I’d been stuck on a traditional spring mattress for years, ignoring my back pain and not being able to sleep through the night from discomfort. But when I finally decided to try Airweave, everything changed! Now I have no problems falling asleep or waking up in agony during middle of the night. Best part is, even with great comfort comes better posture thanks to its supportive but breathable material that distributes weight evenly while conforming to your body’s pressure points.

  30. 10/10

    I cannot live without my airweave. I sleep so much better now since it’s firmness fits me like a glove because of the increaed height – no more crawling back into bed after getting out because I’m too high up for my feet to reach the ground! The only thing that takes some getting used to is that you can feel EVERYTHING while sleeping on this mattress. Literally, ALL your movements are felt but once you get used to it, it really becomes comforting instead of annoying. But don’t take my word for what will work for you -on their website they have an individualized questionnaire where they ask for details about how often and how long you sleep every day in hopes of finding.

  31. As both an Airweave mattress owner and architect, I can definitively say that this company is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. They’re not kidding when they say this product is bouncy or “bouncy.” It’s like sleeping on a giant marshmallow with enough support that you could bounce off it. Plus, if you don’t know much about building materials, look no further than the UFLEX design for quality assurance.

  32. I have always wondered why they say it is hard to find that perfect sleeping position. We spend about 8 hours on our mattress each day, 7 of which are without the perfect sleeping alignment. Sleep becomes more elusive as time goes by and I am considering getting a new foam bed. That’s when I found the Airweave – an off-gassing free mattress with pillowtop for $599 or less? This seems like a steal to me! For this price, you might think there wasn’t much quality involved but it definitely meets my needs. The feeling of sinking down into the foam is wonderful and your muscles will thank you for not having to work so hard with thick memory foam support all around you. It has just enough bounce that.

  33. A common problem with regular foam mattresses is that the shape of your body penetrates through it and leaves an indentation. I’ve noticed this over time on my mattress—the memory foam cushions you in the places where you don’t need or want that kind of support, but leaks when carrying out tasks, resulting in long lulls when thinking about chores to do. The airweave has alleviated all these problems for me with its patented sleeping material which allows airflow so your pillowtop never gets too warm. It also solves the issue of restless leg syndrome since the materials are weighted just enough not to move around when laying down or getting up during nighttime excursions. What sets this release apart from others is that there are.

  34. I was really skeptical of this mattress at first. But, I tried it anyways and loved the way my back felt like sleeping on a cloud. Matter of fact, after trying out several types of mattresses for over an hour in different stores, the Airweave Mattress made me feel most comfortable (and I can attest to that with scoliosis). Besides having the softest pillow top layer by far, they also offer excellent foam support that lasts without sinking or getting too firm even months after purchasing it. That’s not all; you don’t need any sort of box spring because it hugs your body so well.

  35. I woke up energized, rather than exhausted. Best nights sleep I’ve had in years.

    The airweave is not your average traditional mattress. With an 8 inch height and a firm sleeping surface, the airweave provides you with quality of life that hasn’t come along before now. More space means less tossing and turning to find the perfect position for restful slumber—so let others have their sunken-in foam mattresses! As one customer clearly puts it, “air weave helped my back pain really go away.” If you’re looking to stop feeling hungover or emotionally drained every morning then this might be what’s on sale for you today!

  36. I’ve always wanted to be a product tester, but never got the opportunity – until now! I spent six months sleeping on an Airweave mattress and this is what I learned.
    What’s first-rate about the Airweave Mattress? It’s made of materials that are recyclable, so it won’t grease up your fingers when you move it around. The set-up process is easy with just three layers that fit together like puzzle pieces for assembly in less than two minutes. Did I mention that you can flip them over too? You can pick from six sizes so if there needs to be some snuggling involved all night long, no problem! It has air ventilation keeps things cool during those hot summer nights.

  37. The airweave Mattress feels firm at first glance, but there’s some subtle flexibility to it once you lay down. It does not contour closely to the body. This gives the mattress a resilient feel on top of being on the more expensive side of high-end mattresses up against competitors that are half their size and cost less. However, I am confident in its quality after sleeping for over three months with this mattress. The more surface area of your body that is touching an Airweave Mattress, the firmer your sleep experience will be!

  38. I used to suffer from back pain, but after I started using Airweave’s mattresses, the pain has subsided. When I feel my back is getting really tense, all I need is about 20 minutes on the mattress and it starts feeling much looser. It’s also a great alternative for my cat allergies because these beds are made of an Airex plate that prevents allergic asthmatics like myself from coming into contact with dust mites through any type of debris in the bedding materials.

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