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Awara Mattress Review


Awara being very bold gives Forever Warranty unlike most mattress companies offering a 10-year warranty. It makes sure that you like it before you are committed, by offering a full 365 nights to try it out before you purchase.

Out of 10


  • Natural/Organic mattress which many individuals prefer.
  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% Organic and GOLS Certified
  • For every mattress purchase, Awara plants 10 trees.
  • Best choice for individuals of all shapes and sizes
  • Motion Isolation


  • Does not give sink-in feel
  • Not the cheapest mattress


Price: $ 899

Looking for the detailed and unbiased Awara Mattress review? Here it is!

Are you a person with an eco-friendly mindset?  Concerned about health when buying each product to your home? Breathing fresh air inside the home matters to you? 

Then you are on the right platform.

In this Awara Mattress Review, we will discuss the features and everything you have to know before buying this best Eco-Friendly Mattress.

The Awara hybrid mattress an eco-friendly mattress is a gift to the world of bedding. Have you tried Green Bedding?  

Then you must go for the Awara mattress as the organic material mattress will lead to overall better sleep. The concept of going green will actually help to get good sleep.

Being a Sleepologist here is my Awara Mattress Review.

About Awara Mattress

Organic doesn’t stop at the grocery store, Awara mattress company has also been proved to provide a 13-inch organic hybrid mattress since 2018.

The natural materials including latex and a cotton wool blend keep our planet vibrant for future generations. These mattresses are 100 % made in the U.S.

Why Awara

Climate Partner is an organization that plants a tree for every Awara mattress sold. Unlike memory foam, it won’t smell as it’s VOC free.

Without compromising on breathability, Awara does a pretty good job combining contour and bounce. So, it’s exciting to share the results of my testing of this Hybrid Awara Mattress.

Awara Specifications

Awara, a latex-focused hybrid mattress uses GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex.  (Latex: all-natural foam material made from the rubber tree) Unlike memory foam, the Awara mattress has naturally got bouncy properties and a much more responsive feel. 

Latex stands first in Overcoming chemical sensitivities and allergens compared to synthetic foams. Hence safety of family members is taken care of.

Sustainability also has been focused by Awara, by the promising breath of fresh air. To support climate protection, trees are planted with every purchase of mattress with a certification of Climate Partner.

Construction (Material & Quality) of Awara Mattress

The mattress is rolled and compressed when shipped, so to take a shape of a mattress might take a few hours. 

The set-up of the mattress is facilitated with a series of hand-sewn handles on both sides, which makes it easier to lift and set on any base which has solid, slatted platforms and adjustable bases.

The cotton is natural wool that fosters surface comfort and wicks away heat and moisture. The top of the mattress is furnished with a breathable natural cotton pillow-top.  13 inches of bedding is covered by the luxurious cover.

  • 4 inches of organic, all-natural Dunlop latex covers the first layer.  Made sure that the sleeper is relaxed as the curves of the body are comforted and repositioning is facilitated by this soft and durable material with the fostering surface.
  • 9 inches of the premium coil is used for the second layer, which gives a deeper bounce and sustains support and alignment. Individually wrapped coils take care of the Specific areas of the body by compressing at varying amounts to foster a neutral sleeping position that distributes weight evenly.
  • A row of stronger perimeter coils provides edge reinforcement to support increased weight along the sides.

Construction & Material

Quality of Material

High-quality GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex, organic cotton, zoned coil systems, and other naturally sourced materials are used in Awara Mattresses. 

To know how well Awara mattresses work with your body we will have to walk through each of their layers.

  • Top Layer: To keep things soft and cool, organic cotton and a luxurious with tufted design natural wool quilted cover are provided on the top layer.
  • Comfort Layer: Medium soft in its firmness similar to those used to memory foam, the first comfort layer is 3” of 100 % GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. The pressure of the hips and shoulders is relieved as it is responsive.
  • Support Layer: Along with the hips and shoulder pressure relief, the middle spine is also well supported by these 9” premium individually wrapped coils with 5 zones.

Firmness (Support & Feel) of Awara Mattress

The rating of firmness is based on our ten-point scale. A1 is the absolute softest while A10 is compared to hammer.  Awara’s score is A6, a medium feeling mattress that supports a gentle cradle while sleeping.

Sleeper’s body is comforted by the Latex on top. Coils act as the support centers which simultaneously sports bounce.

A good amount of bounce to spring out of this bed should be expected by sleepers. This feature is good for the combination sleepers as the medium-like firmness the Awara fosters comforts any sleeping position

Awara Hybrid Mattress

Materials in the mattress are designed in such a way that the Back sleeper’s shoulders and hips are comforted by filling in the gap that rests between them. Sleepers find the support of the coil system as well.

Soft latex reduces the pressure on the shoulders and hips. This can be felt by Side sleepersFinding a mattress for stomach sleepers that fits their needs are often hard. Due to lack of support many mattresses cause hips to sink down in the bed.

Awara gives the support they need as the latex acts as secondary support to the coils beneath and it is comfortable.

Though the company does not specify a weight limit the large majority of customers including larger individuals should enjoy the feel of this bed.

Features of Awara Mattress

Overall Comfort

Awara Mattress Customer’s report consists of majorly happy customers who describe a good mix of support and pressure relief leading to longer sleep.

They find the Awara mattress exceptionally comfortable. It’s thicker than many other popular standard latex hybrid mattresses. Its 13” in height and brings more comfort for the money.

They are slightly firmer than the medium and more supportive compared to other hybrid mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

Sleepers in all positions are benefited from Awara Mattresses as it contains 5 zones of pocketed coils to the thick latex comfort layer. Zoned coils will support the middle spine and relieves the pressure in the hips and shoulders.




As latex naturally sleeps quite cool and together with the airy coils and temperature regulating wool cover heat retention shouldn’t be a problem to customers.

Motion Transfer

It’s noisy whenever someone gets into the bed or wakes up. with the bad motion transfer (amount of movement and how far the motion travels across the surface), sharing a bed with someone becomes uncomfortable.

One might expect poor motion isolation in this bed considering the amount of bounce.

Springs are pocketed and separated in this mattress, unlike olden time coil beds. So the next time you get into bed those movements are kept in place by the coils. Keeps your partner fast asleep by highly reducing the motion.

Edge Support

Edge support comes in handy when Some partners take most of the bed, leaving the side of the bed to the other partner. 

A bed with strong edges gives comfortable sleep whereas a bed without edge reinforcement will make you feel like stumbling onto the floor. Awara has reinforced edges just to ensure a secure sleeping space.

Things To Consider Before Buying Mattress

Awara mattress free trial and shipping


Though the price for the coil count is high, Awara offers a forever Warranty. You can take advantage of the warranty if your support starts to wear out. Few warranty claims were denied on the other products for things like stains on the cover.

So, you have to be careful and take proper care of your mattress. Awara mattress consumer reports are very positive thus, one should not hesitate if your requirements match the features of the mattress. So, it’s always better to buy a mattress protector to prevent stains. 

Set up

It’s best to place the Awara mattress on a suitable frame or box spring.  No huge investment is needed. As long as the mattress is off the floor, it reduces the chances of developing mold and provides maximum durability and breathability

Awara Mattress Review: How Much Does Awara Mattress Cost?

Your mattress should ship within 24 hours of purchase. It takes around 2-5 business days for the arrival. If you have no one to help with unboxing, you can opt for white glove delivery for a small extra fee.

As latex products are difficult to maneuver, this is a great option to choose from. Shipping times could be a little longer.

No money in your account to buy it now? Don’t worry. Awara offers 0% financing for qualified customers. If you are thinking of buying here’s what you can expect to spend:

  • Twin – $899
  • Twin XL – $999
  • Full -$1,149
  • Queen – $1,299
  • King – $1599
  • California King – $1599


Awara Pricing

Other Buying Considerations

  • Trial Period – 365 -night trial can be enjoyed by customers, which permits them to try out this bed and return within that time.
  • WarrantyForever warranty is given for this mattress.
  • ShippingThis brand offers free shipping and returns within the contiguous U.S., with available shipping to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional fee
  • Optional White Glove Delivery ServiceA service where professionals install your new mattress and remove your old sleep product.
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedThis certification indicates the natural latex is sourced responsibly and sustainably, checking on the production line from the forest to the factory to ensure ethical manufacturing.

Things to Consider before Buying

Best Option for People of Different Sizes

  • For Heavy People

Yes! it is a great option for heavy people. The coils, thickness, and firmness of the mattress make it really supportive and durable. It will be free from making deep impressions and wearing down for a lot longer than the standard all-foam bed.

We usually say heavy body types to be 250+ lb, but the features mentioned in the mattress are nicer even for the heavier body side of average, say 200+ lb.

  • For Average/Petite Individuals

Anyone who is average-sized and even some petite folks will like Awara. Since it’s just too firm, it’s a definite no-go for petite folks who sleep on their side even a little bit. But Awara is the best for everyone else who isn’t a strict side sleeper.

Awara mattress customer reviews suggest that customers are very happy and satisfied using the mattress. 

  • For Couples (Is Awara Mattress Good For Couples?)

If you are sharing your bed then these two features will amaze you.

Great Edge Support: Awara gives great edge support. When you and your partner try to spread out on your mattress, you feel like you are about to roll right onto the floor. This is when edge support comes in handy.  If you want your partner to fall out of bed then you will have to push them.

Motion Isolation:  If you or your partner is a light sleeper, then this feature is very important for you. It prevents you from waking up each time you or your partner gets out of bed.

Awara Mattress Review - couples

Awara has got good motion isolation. We have no complaints with good motion isolation as this bed is filled with coils and responsive and spongy latex foam.

Pros & Cons: Awara Mattress Review


  • Natural/Organic mattress which many individuals prefer.
  • Good for Back and Stomach sleepers (and certain combo sleepers)
  • The Best choice for individuals of all shapes and sizes (even heavier people)
  • For those who want the security of a long trial (365- night risk -free test period)


  • College students and a few other people who want a $500 mattress
  • Anyone that wants a memory foam, sink-in feel 

Customer Reviews


Awara Customer Reviews

I had been suffering for years from back pain that went away 30 minutes after getting up. Not one doctor said that it could be my mattress, a popular all-foam brand that comes in a box. I researched pocket coils and the Awara, have been sleeping on it for one week and my back is already on the road to recovery. Thank you for making a healthy, affordable mattress for improving back health!

The latex is perfect for the slight contouring for the body and the coils give great strong support even to the edge. This thing is solid for anyone looking for the on top of the bed sleep with natural stuff in it.

This was my second online mattress purchase. My first one felt nice in the special store that had many online mattresses to try. But turned out too soft causing back aches. Went back and selected the one that felt most firm (almost too firm) and it’s perfect! I like the quick response to movement that memory foam doesn’t give. If you want a perfect firm mattress this one has been great for me.

Night after night I’m getting 8 hours of solid, continuous sleep!!! I love Awara’s motion isolation, my spouses’ tossing and turning doesn’t wake me up anymore!!! And my spouse loves that the mattress doesn’t sleep hot.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! Mattresses come covered in toxic chemicals to make them “safe” in a house fire. The main reason I purchased this mattress is because it’s 100% organic and chemical free. It’s not hard, at all, which I was worried about because I purchased it for my toddler. It’s very comfortable!! I would recommend this brand to anyone! By far the best!!

We love our Awara! My husband said he sleeps like a baby on it!

FAQs: Awara Mattress Review

Where are Awara mattresses manufactured?

Awara sleep is a sister brand of Nectar and DreamCloud, offering a 13” mattress made of coils and Dunlop Latex, and even topped with organic cotton and a wool batting cover. It’s creating a brand to directly compete with Avocado. However, it looks like similar to Nectar and Dreamcloud, Awara is not made in the USA

Is Awara GOLS certified?

Mattress manufacturers strive to achieve to be GOLS certified or GreenGuard Gold. Awara holds GOLS certification. It also holds certification with a climate partner, which plants trees for every mattress purchased.

Is Awara mattress good for Side sleepers?

Awara is a great mattress for back and stomach sleepers. It’s too resilient for side sleepers. A bed as firm and responsive as Awara, pushes against a side sleeper’s pressure points, rather than accommodating them.

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Conclusion: Awara Mattress Review 2024

I really love it when there is a use of natural materials in any product. Awara is the best example of this. With Awara, the entire sleep surface is adequately supported a long way.

Awara being very bold gives Forever Warranty unlike most mattress companies offering a 10-year warranty. It makes sure that you like it before you are committed, by offering a full 365 nights to try it out before you purchase.

It’s a valid concern of those who worry about the coil count since you pay around a thousand bucks. If you enter promo code JUDGE200, that will knock $200 off the total, which’s more reflective of the innerspring quality.

Comfort zone along with the cover proving to be highly durables on the plus side. Wear and tear of Awara is a slow process, unlike other mattresses where it’s too early.

Overall, the use of natural materials along with the longer than average sleep trial and warranty does a great job, making up for the low count. So, Awara Hybrid Mattress is a great buy. I hope you liked this Awara Mattress Review.


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35 thoughts on “Awara Mattress Review 2024 : Best Supportive Latex Mattress? | Awara Latex Hybrid Mattress Reviews, Pricing, Pros & Cons”

  1. I was a little frustrated with the very hard mattress from my days in college dorms. The Awara mattresses has been a real blessing for me because it is soft, but firm enough to support my back. The only problem I really have had is that when you get up close to it, there are noticeable indentations where I sleep all night! But overall, this is a great mattress and an amazing value!!

  2. My only concern was having just one firmness level- my sleeping partner has back surgery so this was an important consideration when choosing our mattress, but luckily they feel okay on the bed. Overall I think this is a great product for couples or individuals who are looking for quality at an affordable price!

  3. “I am of the belief that there is no perfect mattress, but I do know what makes me happy. The Awara Mattress has made me very happy over the past few years. One small downfall, which some may see as more than an inconvenience, is how hard it can be to transport on one’s own. But with any purchase worth it weight in gold (a lot of gold), getting help with transportation is recommended.”

  4. Every single morning my back is the same. I have to gather all of my energy just to get out of bed, and if I’m not careful how I move too much, it’ll ache for the rest of the day until bedtime comes around again and night can provide some relief. But when we got a new mattress, everything changed. Now instead every morning, my back feels great; or at worst, not as bad as it used to be! The Awara Mattress has been life-changing thank goodness we don’t need any more Nyquil like before 😉

  5. After completely falling in love with my latest mattress purchase, I just knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts about the Awara. Don’t let its price scare you away- Believe me when I say that this hybrid is worth every penny!

    The interior lining of the Awara combines pocketed innerspring coils with what they call “foam over coils”. I can tell you firsthand how amazing it has been to sleep in comfort night after night-in fact, I think it’s safe to say that this one actually helped lull me into a deep sleep by warping perfectly around my body.

  6. If you’re like me and need your mattress to do a little more than provide adequate support for your customers, the Awara is perfect. I sleep through the night when I’m on it but wake up refreshed in the morning when I get off of it! The latex really makes or breaks this deal because if you prefer your mattress with foam materials, then my friend, I fear that you will not be satisfied with what these guys got coming out of Satya’s lab…hint: they don’t use any ingredients made by the chocolate factory around here.

  7. I love the Awara Mattress. It was so easy to unpack and set up, fits my different-shaped bed perfectly, and it’s super comfortable with the firmness that I wanted.

    Awara is perfect for people who enjoy its stability and rigid support alongside its plush feel. The mattress is thicker than other mattresses of similar price points, but after sleeping on it for five years or more, you won’t even notice that difference!

  8. After having mine for about a month, I can confirm that the Awara is by far one of my top picks. As someone who hates feeling stuck to the bed and loves the bouncy feel to each motion, the alternative latex hybrid has been all I’ve needed to make an already solid mattress experience even better.

    I didn’t expect much at first but after sleeping on this for a night or two, it became evident: The transition from firm foam and memory form mattresses was seamless and led me into an incredible dreamland every morning. This may sound weird since we know what 1% of people think about mattresses (kidding!), but there’s something special about the balance between softness and support that.

  9. I was really skeptical to try out this mattress, because I thought it would be very firm. Actually, the best way to describe the feel is plush and luxurious! Turns out that you can have a great night’s sleep on a hybrid support core 🙂 Not only is the entire thing just over a foot tall, but its also pretty light. The cover comes with a zipper closure which makes for easy removal and washing – not to mention that it keeps all of those coils from escaping into your bed clothes. This latex-hybrid mattress really feels like sleeping on clouds; soft enough without giving up any of the good support qualities that give you restful sleep. It rolls back up super easily by folding in half (it usually takes me less than a minute)

  10. I love this mattress. When my back is hurting I can’t stand for more than fifteen seconds without feeling like my pain is intensified by 100%. But now, when I wake up in the morning after a long night of laying on my Awara, it’s as though my body has been gifted with newfound flexibility and mobility that lasts for hours! It just feels so natural to move around on. The thing that sets this mattress apart from any other I’ve tried out before is its bounce-like quality; you can really feel it beneath your weight, training your muscles to be active at all times!

  11. I’m so excited! I just got my new Awara mattress in the mail and it’s amazing. It is soft to the touch but provides excellent back support when needed – perfect for side sleepers! If you are looking for a hybrid mattress that won’t cost you an arm and leg, this might be your guy.

  12. I know Awara markets itself as the bed for people who hate when they sink in, but that wasn’t my experience. Whenever I turn or move around at night, I felt like my body sunk into the mattress rather than bounced at all. The Wool cover was great to sleep on and feel covered with warmth (not too hot), though!

  13. I’ve never slept better than I do on my Awara. Granted, I’m usually so tired that it’s the only thing in the world that puts me to sleep. But seriously, this mattress is amazing!

  14. I cannot say enough good things about this mattress and the company. I was hesitant to drop $300 on a bed because I’m not that high maintenance when it comes to sleep, but I now know that the extra money was well worth it.

    This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. It’s beyond soft and supportive, as hard as that may sound! (makes you less likely to toss and turn all night) Of course, if you prefer harder beds then this might not be for you. That would be unfortunate though because everything else about this mattress is amazing: from how sturdy it is, quality construction– even natural latex products inside of it show how much love and care went into making each one individually- so no need to worry.

  15. I’ve never slept on anything like it. Hands down, this is the most comfortable mattress that I’ve ever had the pleasure of crawling into every night at the end of a long day. It has pillowy-like latex under any pressure points and firmness throughout for my back to find great relief in. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, bones were no longer tired or stiff after sleeping all night on this bed because you sink so deep into it – there’s just no place else for your body to go!

  16. I’m still not sure of who this company is or what they do, but I’ll take one.

    I love my new Awara Mattress. It delivered practically at lightning speed and has been immensely comfortable so far. My only concern is it’s mysterious origins, though the timing proved to be great for me on that end as well. Sleeping like a baby again!

  17. I experience more of a luxurious sense of sinking into my mattress on this bed than I do lying flush to the surface with other mattresses. The latex that’s represented in its construction provides just enough “give” for you to feel like there is behind your back and beneath your thighs, but without sacrificing too much produce when it comes time for an easy change of position. Moreover, I tried finding some comfort or relief with respect to my previously mentioned allergies by flipping the sheets over every morning- all with no luck! With the Awara Mattress satisfying my needs, there weren’t any costlier replacement options necessary…thankfully!

  18. Awara is one of the best mattresses I’ve ever slept on.
    As a latex hybrid, the mattress stands out for its bounce, making it a top pick for people who hate feeling stuck in the bed and prioritize a mattress that’s easy to move on top of. The cover of the Awara is made with organic cotton and wool, and the Dunlop latex in the comfort system is certified for its sustainability by the Rainforest Alliance; we also donate a portion of our sales to Trees for The Future which donates trees to Africa.

  19. The design of the Awara is obviously a huge selling point, but honestly I was skeptical about the mattress because organic cotton and wool usually make for a very firm surface – not my favorite kind. But this one has some serious bounce to it! I love how easy it is to roll off in either direction without ruining any momentum. It’s also a dream come true for people who always feel like they’re sinking into bed or stuck on top of their current mattress. The latex absorbs movement from high pressure points giving your body the feeling that you’re gliding across water at night when you should be sleeping soundly! With all that extra bounciness, switching positions never feels jarring or uncomfortable, which makes for sweet dreams all night long.

  20. The motion transfer on the Awara is a little stronger, but I find it makes my sleep feel deeper and more restful. The one firmness option is a bummer though. But with two handles per side and its 14-inch profile, it’s not exactly hard to move around or store under your bed. Plus, you know how much I love the price considering I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a solid year now!

  21. When the company sent me the mattress, I wanted to set it up in one of my spare bedrooms to get an idea if it would work for us. One problem: I didn’t have any room. The bed is too tall, and there’s like 10 other beds already! Soo…I had to move them all downstairs into my living room (except for one that got pushed upstairs as a guest bed) just so this thing could lay down on its side and be with family.

    But once we got sorted out, oh boy—this thing sleeps great! It has a different feel from most mattresses because it doesn’t use foam or those squishy fibers they’re using now a days. There’s this super supportive latex layer under it.

  22. After 2 months of restless nights, I finally decided to switch from a memory foam mattress to the Awara. Although comfort is subjective, my first night’s deep slumber was proof positive that this mattress will make you drowsy.
    It may be expensive up front but if you can’t sleep at night it’ll save on medical bills and lost productivity.
    The one major drawback for me with this bed is the motion transfer – those who share a bed should know they’ll feel each other’s movements more than with most beds because of its bounce– so kids looking for new mattresses beware!

  23. After going the distance with a foam mattress, I was eager to spice up my sleep life. Luckily for me I found Awara! My favorite thing about it is how easy it is on my back and its bounce volume. Downside: it’s not great for people who need maximum support from their mattresses! Overall…solid purchase.

  24. The Awara mattress is soft enough for me, but not so soft that it wears out too quickly. I like the firmness and stability of the bed.

  25. The Awara’s motion transfer might be bothersome for couples who sleep close, but the medium firmness of this mattress feels good to most. Unfortunately, there are no other options. The Awara is heavy, so it may be difficult to move by oneself.

    I have had my Awara for three months now and I can tell you that it’s been a very comfortable bed! It feels better than every memory foam bed I’ve ever slept on before – plus I love how light-weight all the covers are!!
    However, since motion can still travel through this material without much interruption it really cannot promote any sharing with your parter unless they don’t mind share space due to someone else’s movement during sleep time.

  26. I really like this mattress. It is on the firmer side of things, which I had come to enjoy with my previous memory foam bed. My back is really starting to feel better–no more waking up in the morning with that sore, achy pain.
    This was seriously so easy. And it saved me $150! Plus it’s comfortable, too–nice and soft for anyone who sleeps next to me.

  27. I couldn’t be more excited for this mattress. I knew that it would be comfortable, but what I didn’t know was how much easier my back and shoulders were going to feel. Nothing can compare–there’s something special about latex and pocketed coils because you really get the best of both worlds: Eight pounds coil support with a concoction of 14 pounds elastomer pressure relief. It’ll compress as I sleep so that it will further alleviate any pressure points on my body without giving me too little or too much support.

    Product description: Ready for a good night’s sleep? If you’re looking for a luxurious sleeping experience from head to toe then the Awara is the mattress for you! Built with industry leading coil springs.

  28. I’ve had an Awara for 5 years now, and I’m so happy with it. Their mattresses are so comfortable the second you lie down on one. And not to mention, they’re durable! The bed has hardly moved since I got it all setup, which is what you want when you use your bed frame as storage for other things–like me! If there were any cons about this mattress that would be that its weight can make moving it around either difficult but considering the price point of this product, I think it’s definitely worth checking out if durability is something you’re looking for in a mattress; plus how great does this look?!

  29. When I first looked into a new mattress, I was going to go with a latex one. But when it turned out that the price was too high for me to afford, an Awara hybrid sounded like the perfect thing. Sure, there were other options — like foam– but what sealed the deal for me (this is coming from someone who deals with posture issues…) was how self-adjusting and flexible this creation seemed.

    Even though it has been about nine or ten months since we got our vinyl pure memory foam pillow top king size bed frame and box spring set (which we love, by the way), my back never felt better than on an Awara Mattress!

  30. My last mattress was so bad I thought it might have been a prank. It felt like some joker stuffed a bunch of straw-filled pillows with cotton. But the Awara hybrid mattress blows away all my expectations for what sleeping on your back or side can be! The support is just right, and I’m no longer waking up every three hours from being uncomfortable because my hips are asleep. It feels weird to describe something as “comfortable,” but that’s exactly what this is!

  31. I have never slept so comfortably on a mattress before. The Awara is incredibly soft but also really supportive–so much more than any other I’ve tried or even thought about getting in the past. It was like sleeping for the first time in years! This thing feels genuinely amazing and allows me to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long, which is exactly what I need when I’m running my own business and barely ever get enough sleep. Trust, you won’t regret trying out this one!

  32. I’ll start by saying this mattress is so incredibly comfortable. The top layer of the mattress conforms to my body perfectly, which really helps me stay asleep through the night without being woken up by pressure points or discomfort.”
    “I love that it was developed in Germany where I know they take their sleep seriously-there are no short cuts taken with the Awara.” “My favorite part about using this product is that it’s relatively inexpensive for a mattress because it offers such good value for money! It’s also perfect if you don’t want all those overly complicated features because there are only one inner layer and an outer layer. Lastly, I enjoy knowing that I’m investing in something built to last!”
    “The downside? Well,

  33. The Awara bed may be the best mattress investment I’ve ever made. The feel is soft, but the bounce back is pretty impressive. It’s life changing! I’d never want to sleep on anything else now that I’ve experienced this revolution in mattresses.

  34. I had read reviews of the Awara and knew that it wasn’t just a normal mattress. I was interested but also wanted to see what would happen if I slept on it for some time, so my wife and I rented an apt in NYC for two months.

    We carried our couch including all of its furniture up one flight of stairs five flights, set them up on the higher floor, then lugged everything back down again every few days to take care of things like laundry during our stay without having access to a washing machine. We’re glad we did! After hundreds of airport-style security checks at every turn with 5 big rolling suitcases, bags with clean clothes or food loaded into them 24/7–I mean through hallways.

  35. I was hesitant to buy a mattress online, but after hearing so many good things about this one specifically, I decided to take the risk. I’ve had my Awara for two years now and it is still just as comfortable as when I first laid down on it in that big showroom! As an eco-conscious business with climate change impacting vulnerable communities all over the world, I can feel better knowing that by sleeping on my new bed, plants are replanted in Africa. With a perfect bounce and great appeal for people living with chronic pain who want a dry twist of latex inside their padding, this mattress couldn’t fit my needs better. Buy with confidence!

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