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Helix Sleep Mattress


If you're seeking a mixture of movement seclusion, softness, stability, and bouncy, the Helix Mattress might be the ideal option for both you and your spouse. It's completely adjustable, so you can choose the degree of hardness as well as the quantity of temperature substance you require. With such a 100-night trial and the option to replace the bed for a free replacement

Out of 10


  • Little Off-Gassing
  • 100-Nigh Trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • 14 varieties of mattress
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Free topper for firm feel
  • Free Shipping
  • Tiny Pocketed coils give pressure relief


  • Less choices for foam mattress
  • Some mattress retain heat


Price: $ 699

Welcome to the most detailed Helix Mattress review.

If you’ve done some internet mattresses searching, you’re aware that finding a suitable mattress isn’t always easy.

To begin with, thousands of businesses are vying for your interest (give or take). Even with so many promises, determining which bed is really the finest may be difficult.

To commence limiting down your options, choose an online mattress provider with a solid reputation for reliability and next just get through their varieties and see how many of them are a suitable fit.

Starting with the Helix brand is a wonderful idea. This respected internet mattress manufacturer provides a selection of types that are designed to attract a wide range of consumers. It’s very likely that you’ll discover a wonderful bed in this selection that meets your demands!

Bottom Line Upfront: Helix Mattresses are the perfect solution for those who need support and comfort. They offer pressure relief, bounce, and buoyancy so your body can relax and get a good night’s rest.

With two layers of comfort, it is the best option for anyone looking to switch from traditional mattresses to hybrids. The Helix Sleep mattress is perfect for heavy persons weighing above 130 pounds because of its pressure relief point feature. Further, the mattress gives you a 100-night trial.

And, the Helix mattress guarantees a 10-year warranty for helix foam mattresses and a 15-year warranty for the Helix Luxe mattress.

Helix mattress reviews by doctors

What Helix mattress would be the greatest fit for you? Continue on it for our in-depth Helix mattress review to discover more.

In Short, What I will discuss in this Helix Mattress Review and Answer Various Questions Here: 

What is Helix Sleep Mattress?

Why Helix Sleep Mattress is the best mattress for you?

How to get your hands on a Helix Sleep Mattress?

What are some of the benefits of sleeping on a Helix Sleep Mattress?

Who should buy this mattress and who shouldn’t?

What are the cons of Helix sleep?

What is the Helix Sleep Mattress made of?

How does it feel to sleep on a helix mattress?

Is there any risk involved with using a helix mattress?

Overview of the Helix Mattress : Helix Mattress Review (Is Helix A Good Mattress?)

Helix sprang to prominence among the first online mattress companies to provide fully customized mattresses, providing beds with two distinct compositions on each side to accommodate couples with differing sleeping requirements.

are helix mattresses any goof

While the business has recently scaled down its personalized options, it strongly dedicated to servicing a wide range of sleepers.
Helix now has six hybrid mattresses in its portfolio, each with a distinct hardness degree and plushness degree.

Here’s a rundown for those who are able to sleep on one of these beds and who might not.

Who Should Get Helix Mattress? 

  • Warm sleepers who require a cooling mattress.
  • People who require numerous alternatives to select from.

Who may not prefer Helix Mattresses?

  • Individuals who prefer a mattress that isn’t a hybrid.
  • People who do not require or desire coil assistance.

Who Owns Helix Sleep?

Helix Mattress is founded by Adam Tishman who has a sharp marketing mind and has worked with various brands before starting Helix Sleep in 2014. The company was co-founded by Adam with Jerry Lin and Kristian von Rickenbach.

Adam Tishman


Why Choose Helix Mattress? 

We have done thorough research about the background of the Helix mattress and why the Helix mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses out there.

One of the major reasons is probably because of its so many awards and recognitions from the sleep experts.

is helix mattress legit

The second is more reliable because it is personally recommended by the doctors.

Helix mattress reviews by doctors

Helix Sleep mattresses are the trusted brand among investors as well as reported by TechCrunch. Helix Sleep is also featured in Forbes.

How Firm is Helix Mattress? 

The Helix mattresses are available in a variety of hardness options, with both the softest being quite soft and the firmest being somewhat firm.

mattress firmness scale

Helix Sunset is now on the softer end of the range; we gave it a hardness rating of 6.5 out of 10 upon firmness measure. The Helix Midnight will be next, and we gave it a 6/10, which means it’s still gentler than normal.

The Helix Midnight and Helix Dusk fall somewhere in the centre of the range. Either of these beds scored approximately a 7/10, which is slightly harder than usual.

 midnight luxe firmness

The Helix Twilight and Helix Dawn are on the harder end of the scale, with both receiving a 7.5/10 rating.

Helix dawn mattress reviews

It’s vital to remember that hardness is a personal preference. Whenever it concerns hardness, you may rate these beds differ based on the mass and individual interests.

Heavy persons, for example, may find such beds firmer since they can drill down into the bed and reach the supporting layers. However, lighter people may discover that all these mattresses are softer since they are higher in the relaxation zone of every mattress.

Helix Sleep Mattress Product Reviews & Sleeping Experiences: 

We slept on the Helix mattress for a long period in order to get a clear image of how it would feel to rest on every variant in various positions.

Take a peek at what we discovered!

Helix Sunset Mattress Review:

Due to its high softness, the Helix Sunset didn’t seem nearly solid enough even for the spine sleepers. Our hips sunk a little too deep into the bed, causing the spine to become misaligned. Whereas the Helix Sunset’s firmness isn’t ideal for spine sleepers, it’s ideal for side sleepers.

sunset mattress

We were extremely relaxed in this posture since the firm mattress cushioned possible strain areas all around the neck and thigh.

In fact, this is one of the finest beds for hip discomfort that we’ve found.

Helix Moonlight Mattress Review

Helix moonlight luxe reviews mattress

While back sleeper, the Helix Moonlight was adequate but not exceptional. If you plan on sleeping in this posture for long, you’ll most likely want a thicker bed that provides additional support and comfort to maintain good ankle support.

The Helix Moonlight is an excellent choice for side sleeping due to its softness. We didn’t feel any unwelcome strain all around the neck or hip.

The Helix Moonlight, just like Helix Sunset, isn’t really comfortable enough for tummy sleeping. Our pelvis slid too deeply into the bed, causing the spine to misalign.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review

Helix midnght luxe mattress review

While resting on the Helix Midnight, we feel fantastic. We experienced a bit of pressure alleviation without losing the spine, thanks to the mattress’s excellent combination of guidance and convenience. It is the finest bed for back sleepers on this ranking.

Despite the fact that the Helix Midnight is stiffer than that of the Helix Sunset and Moonlight, we found it pleasant to sleep on our side on this bed. It provides adequate pressure reduction across the shoulders and hips, in our opinion.

Helix Dusk Mattress Review

Helix dawn mattress review-Is helix dawn mattress toxic

The Helix Dusk is much more firm than the other versions we’ve tested, which may clarify how we felt perfect when resting on our backs. Because of the mattress’s comforting quality, we’re certain that we’ll have appropriate spinal alignment all evening.

It’s perhaps not unexpected that Helix Dusk felt a little too hard for side resting given that we’ve moved towards the harder end of the range. We sensed considerable strain all around the neck and hip, which would certainly cause significant pain if you slept in this posture all evening.

Helix Twilight Review

Helix twilight luxe mattress review

The Helix Twilight was determined to be the greatest mattress for spine discomfort. It’s ideal to back sleepers who require additional assistance owing to increased load, back discomfort, or other factors. The stiffer construction of this bed aids in keeping the hips raised and balanced with the backbone.

The Helix Twilight ought to be a good fit with most belly sleepers since the mattress’ hardness should provide sufficient spine assistance in this posture.

Helix Dawn Mattress Review

helix dawn mattress review

Back sleepers who want a firm mattress will love the Helix Dawn’s high level of comfort. However, those who want a little pressure alleviation when resting on their backs may probably consider this bed to be excessively hard.

Helix Dawn is far too hard for edge resting, and you’ll end up with a lot of pressure points surrounding your neck and hips. One of the gentler versions will be considered preferable for side sleepers.

Helix Sleep Mattress Review : What is the Best Helix Mattress?

Are helix mattresses for heavy person

In our opinion, each of these Helix mattresses has some comfort level and a persistent level of firmness. Helix mattresses are designed for different types of sleepers:

– The Helix Dusk is a great choice for back sleepers who like something firmer than the Helix Twilight. It’s also a great match for side sleepers, providing support without neck strain.

– The Helix Twilight is great for stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress.

– Even if you have a hard time getting comfortable with your bed in the early mornings, try the soft comfort of the Helix Dawn. This mattress’s cool gel layer helps keep you cool during the night and wick away moisture that can lead to uncomfortable sweat build-up on your sheets and pillows.

If you are not sure of what Helix mattress is best for you, you can try the Helix Sleep Quiz which rightly predicts the type of mattress you need for a comfortable sleep.

sleep quiz

How Is The Motion Isolation On a Helix Bed?

The Helix Mattresses are good for motion isolation. Foam layers often absorb a lot of movement. The latex-like foam in the comfort part is not as bouncy as normal memory foam.

How Does Helix Compare to Other Brands? (Helix Sleep Alternatives)

This is how Helix stacks up against other famous bed-in-a-box brands you may have known or even seen.

Helix vs. Casper

helix vs casper mattress which is better

Casper, like Helix, is a huge fish with an internet bed pool and is probably a good online mattresses manufacturer today.

Casper, unlike the Helix mattress types, is composed entirely of foam, featuring localized assistance for specific pressure alleviation and stability, as well as neutral-foam relaxation levels.

As a result, it seems to have a moderate level of stiffness and a traditional, cool-toned feel that several folks enjoy. Because it lacks the coil supporting mechanisms seen in Helix mattresses, we suggest it for small or medium side sleepers.

Also Read: Casper Mattress Discount Codes 

Helix vs. Purple

is helix better than purple mattress

Purple is a unique online mattress, and it’s absolutely not comparable to the Helix Mattress. Purple is created lacking coils, and rather than foam, the outer layer is composed of Hyper-Elastic Polymers. This substance is identical to Dr Scholl’s insoles in terms of elasticity, softness, comfort, and stress relief, but it is much more lotion-like.

Purple seems to be the perfect colour for individuals who want a mattress that isn’t typical. It is worth noting, however, that it is slightly more costly compared to Helix.

Helix Mattress Customer Reviews & Testimonials 


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Here are some of the product reviews of Helix mattresses:

I am 6’4” and 305

I am 6’4” and 305 lbs and have never slept better – A couple of nights to get used to sleeping on a mattress rather than in a mattress.

The fact that the Helix was 1/2 price of the other mattresses I looked at didn’t hurt either!

Improved sleep

I was using the basic queen sized Bear mattress then switched to the king size helix plus midnight. The helix was softer than I had imagine but adapted to it after about 3 days and now sleep better than I did before.

Great Product! Very Satisfied!!

I love this mattress!! I have shoulder and next pain and this mattress has helped to elevate my pain. My husband and I were overdo for another mattress. We bought a different mattress before the helix and it wasn’t a good fit so we returned it. From my first night sleep on the helix, I have had reduced pain and have slept very comfortably.

Worth the money.

The order shipped faster than expected with no issues, the pillows are great, and the mattress itself is incredible. Absolutely worth the money. They advertise it as being a 2-3 out of 10 softness. Personally I think it’s a 4 out of 10 but I prefer extra soft. We got matched with the midnight on our quiz but we went with the Sunset anyway because we had a feeling there was a minor skew towards the “medium” feel.
Overall great!

Very Comfortable although Softer than Expected

Extremely simple ordering/delivery. Easy to setup. Very comfortable although much software than expected. We were used to a medium firmness spring mattress and the Helix is significantly softer. Overall we are pleased with the purchase.

Awesome frame, easy to assemble,

Awesome frame, easy to assemble, very strong/firm, arrived fast/on time.
No complaints yet, it’s close to 3 months since having it. I will order again to replace my other bedroom frame.

FAQs : Helix Sleep Mattress Review 

Do Helix mattresses have an off-gassing period?

Helix mattresses are made of high-quality material with little odor. You do not need to air our your mattress overnight. The faint smell will disappear within 24 hours.

How long is the Helix mattress warranty?

Helix Mattress lasts for 10 years whereas the Helix Luxe mattress lasts for up to 15 years.

What Do The Helix Mattresses Feel Like?

Helix's firmness is good for those who weigh more than 130 pounds. It also provides a lot of pressure relief and has two comfort layers to cushion and cradle the sleeper. The firmness may not be as good for those who weigh less than 130 pounds, but overall it is very good compared to other hybrid mattresses.

Do Helix mattresses need a box spring?

Helix mattresses are made with two layers. The first layer is foam. It feels comfortable. The second layer is springs that are wrapped in fabric so they don't move much when someone else moves on the other side of the bed.

How much does shipping a Helix mattress cost?

Helix sleep provides free shipping across the US. However, the shipping charges may be incurred outside US.

How thick is the Helix mattress?

The Helix Midnight is a 12-inch thick mattress that has springs on the bottom and foam and memory foam on top. Helix sells different types of mattresses, but they recommend them based on the weight and sleeping position of you.

Can you flip a Helix mattress?

The Helix mattress is not designed to be flipped over. The ordering of the layers is important for how the mattress will perform. The logo should be at the bottom of your bed and have a sticker on it.

Does the helix mattress sag?

There is a less chance for mattress like Helix mattress to sag.

How long does it take for a helix mattress to expand?

Normally, Helix sleep mattress takes 30 ro 3=45 minutes to expand well.

Helix Mattress Review

In our Helix Mattress Review, we have answered various questions and covered various topics which we thought was important for our readers: 

Are Helix mattresses made in the USA?

Are Helix mattresses non toxic?

Do Helix mattresses have chemicals?

Do Helix mattresses smell?

How long does helix mattress last?

Is Helix a good mattress?

Is Helix mattress good for hot sleepers?

Is Helix return free?

What does Helix do with returned mattresses?

What is the best helix mattress?

Quick Links : 

Conclusion : How Good Is Helix Mattress? Helix Mattress Review

If you’re seeking a mixture of movement seclusion, softness, stability, and bouncy, the Helix Mattress might be the ideal option for both you and your spouse.

It’s completely adjustable, so you can choose the degree of hardness as well as the quantity of temperature substance you require. With such a 100-night trial and the option to replace the bed for a free replacement, there’s very little reason not to give the Helix Mattress a chance.

Here is our verdict on Helix Sleep Mattresses: 

Features: Helix has a unique memory foam micro coil design that keeps your sleep cool and comfortable, while also maintaining the high density comfort of a memory foam mattress.

Advantages: You can sleep on a bed that is custom designed for you. In other words, you can design and customize your own mattress by choosing foam thicknesses, compression levels, firmness and support. The price is low enough to consider for all sleepers.

Benefits: When you purchase Helix, you get the choice to customize your sleeping experience to match your body type.

Helix goes to considerable efforts to come near to becoming the best mattress for everyone. People know they are getting everything they spent for when their beds are separated into colours that suit their identities. You’d have a hard time finding this level of quality at this pricing anyplace else.

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Helix Sleep Videos 


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37 thoughts on “Helix Mattress Review and Prices 2024 : Should You Buy? (Pros & Cons of Helix Mattresses) | Helix Sleep Reviews”

  1. The moment I put my hand on it, I was in love. Helix mattresses are incredible! They’re reasonably priced, offer great levels of comfort and convenience, and can work with any sleeping style.

  2. I needed a mattress big enough for my husband and I, so it was perfect when this one came out with its California King sizing. We tried it out for the first time on vacation in Big Bear, CA — before actually purchasing, because hotels are expensive! It’s now our bedtime home away from home.

  3. I was scared to buy a mattress, but this one felt perfect for my back. Look, I’ve had like five of them over the last three years and they were all garbage. The old ones dug into me after an hour or two of use; the new ones didn’t fit on my bed or took up too much space; some hurt my neck; others would make me sweat like crazy at night…yeah you get the point.

    The Helix is what saved be from throwing out all my furniture and starting fresh again because it fits any room completely worry-free since it has different sizes available (just measure carefully!)

  4. I’ve been having so many problems with my crappy mattress. I have the right size bed, but it feels really crammed and uncomfortable most of the time because I’ve been sleeping on a tiny twin-sized mattress for my whole life. Most people don’t know that a twin bed frames only measure 54 inches wide. This is too short to fit a regular queen size pillow-top mattress comfortably! Luckily, Helix mattresses come in two different sizes – standard or Luxe – which are wide enough to provide me with some extra space as well as comfort.

    It was no surprise when this industry disrupted company helped me finally decide it was finally time for an upgrade! In person reviews give insight into how their company can benefit you if

  5. Helix mattresses live up to the hype. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first started looking into mattresses because I was struggling with sleep and just needed something that would help me get a good night’s rest. When my husband and I we took an inventory of our needs, we determined we were both seeking different experiences: he wanted more support while sleeping on his side, and I needed less stiffness for back sleeping. We found Helix beds fit us both – and now we can finally enjoy not tossing and turning during our nightly shifts! The polyester stretchy cover is soft but also breathable which helps keep you cool at night; it’s not as heavy as cotton or wool so there’s no clam.

  6. I would totally buy the Helix mattress if it weren’t for one small flaw – I can never find a place to put all of my boxes. That might not seem so bad, but try having to take out your ladder every time you want to change sheets!

  7. I’ve had back pain for years, and my old mattress has never helped. i was so happy the last time I woke up without any pain! this is really an amazing product. they also have a great warranty program in case anything does happen to my mattress. they’re always helpful when you call them with questions too.

  8. I recently bought a Helix mattress and I absolutely love it! The customer service was fantastic – friendly, helpful, and quick to answer all my questions. As soon as I got the mattress in the mail, I found that they included a soft cover for me to unzip over the new mattress right out of the box- perfect since I just moved into an apartment with more roommates than beds! These mattresses are so comfortable too- these mattresses really hug every curve around your body while also dispersing heat throughout accordingly. All around great product!

  9. The Helix Mattresses are literally Heaven on Earth. I literally have 150 thumbs up thumbs up out of 160 for this product, so go try it now!
    I literally sleep like a baby with my new Helix mattress that’s SO supportive, comforting, and just perfect in every way.
    The only thing is the price being slightly high ain’t ain’t bad-d…uhhh I mean bad. But it totally worth the cost because luxury having its price tag 😀 **fast wink**
    (the company might have received indirect or incidental benefits from this post but this is all unbiased)

  10. I honestly don’t know how I’ve existed without this mattress. It’s so plush, your body melts into it like you’re laying on a cloud of cotton candy. This is the lease of heaven!

    Product description: Imagine waking up in Elite Comfort at Dawn with Tencel fabric that guarantees softness and comfort while keeping cool- no matter the time of day!

  11. I’ve never once slept better than I do with my Helix mattress. It was the best decision I could have ever made. Why would anyone want to sleep on anything else?

  12. I can finally get a good night’s sleep. I love this mattress! The dual layer design has never failed me before, but the Helix goes one step further by adding layers of cozy foam topped with high density foam for support. The day after I got my new mattress, I took three naps and felt so refreshed when I woke up each time! Thank you so much Helix Mattress company-you’re game changers in my book.” — Bobo Swift

    It doesn’t matter what type of sleeper you are or how old or young you are-Helix mattresses will bring an end to your nightly tossing and turning once and for all. Built using double layers that incorporate different types of comfort padding depending on the model you like.

  13. I am usually not one to write reviews but I had such a great experience with this mattress that I felt obliged.

    The Helix Mattress was just what my husband and I were looking for – springy coils without too much motion transfer, relatively affordable price, and we didn’t want anything super plush or luxurious either. This suited our needs perfectly! We love the hybrid design which uses both coiled springs and foam layers coupled together like a beautiful ballet dance: at times you feel like you’re lying on firm, springy coils and other times it’s more supportive as the comfort layer is giving out some relief; all of these changes happen seamlessly throughout your sleep cycle.

  14. I was a little concerned about size and softness when I bought this for my King bed. The twilight mattress has been really good to us, it doesn’t take too long to heat up either which is a major plus.

  15. I never appreciated a good night’s sleep until I got this mattress! Truly worth the price. Have been using it for about a month now and I feel like my bad back has lessened, which is surprising to me considering how many mattresses make your pain worse.

    Product description: This Helix bed might be too firm for some, but you can’t say they didn’t warn you in time before purchase! For someone who has spent their whole life sitting on the ground or on something hard, having this felt so great when I first laid down in it. My back hurts all of the time due to chronic pain but after buying the elixir cover with cooling memory foam that really helped reduce swelling in my joints. A+ !!!!

  16. I have never had a better sleep. Every morning I wake up to a well rested, refreshed mind and body.

  17. The Helix mattress has been a lifesaver for me. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the first thing my doctor said to try after medical treatments and therapy was changing my bed. After researching mattresses, I found that coils give the most motion transfer out of any style because they’re all just strung tightly together on each side. What Mattress People told me about how coil springs allow air circulation made sense–the cool night’s breeze coming through our window had blown up all our blankets during those long winter nights so it makes sense than airflow could help keep us cooler as we sleep since we don’t sweat anymore like we used to when we were younger! Plus, because coils are individually wrapped so there’s no motion transfer.

  18. I’ve been sleeping on my Helix mattress for just over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to switch. Since then, my sleep has improved tremendously and that’s not hyperbole! For those who don’t know, this thing is like a hundred bucks less than its competitors and provides an unbelievable experience all around!

  19. Got a great night of restful sleep with the Helix mattress from Solaterra. With so many mattresses on the market, it’s hard to know what will be best for you. But I have faith in my new Solaterra Helix, and there are so many features that make me feel confident about the quality of this product. For one thing, we all understand how important getting enough sleep is for our health and wellness; that includes spending much less time tossing and turning or waking up because we’re uncomfortable or hot (or cold). The cooling gel layer inside my new bed does its job: no more restless nights! And as an added bonus? It doesn’t trap heat like those other old-fashioned foam mattresses.

  20. This is the best mattress in is price range. I’ve had it for a few months now and have yet to see any visible wear on it, even after moving in my sleep so vigorously. It was delivered quick too!

  21. This company changed my life. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and thought it was because I needed a new mattress. But my Helix Mattress came today and now it’s like taking a dip in my very own pool of blissful sleep every night! The people at the store were so helpful and made sure I got what would work for me, since not everyone needs/wants the same type of mattress. Now, instead of being constantly sluggish all day, I’m full-of-energy-ready-to-take on each day with vigor. If you might sleep better too give them a call or come to their store !!

  22. The Helix Dynamic Foam Hybrid Mattress is the perfect solution for someone looking to switch things up without switching mattress brands. The design, engineering, and comfort of this hybrid mattress are among the best I’ve seen in the market today. From what I understand through talking with friends who have tried other mattresses it can be hard to change after so many years of sleeping on your old bed. But anxieties about exchanging their favorite bed are not necessary- yes you can sleep soundly on a new mattress even if you’ve never slept on one before! This seems just as good if not better than my previous bed that cost around $1,000-$2,000 more easily online at first glance.

  23. I cannot say enough good things about this mattress! I have been sleeping on a traditional spring mattress for all of my life and always wanted a nice plush memory foam bed, but they were way out of my price range. Then one day I was shopping in Target and there it was: The Helix Mattress. It’s an amazing product with the durability of a traditional spring with softness from its two polyester comfort layers. Not to mention, since they are fully customized, you get to pick every detail from the edging style to the different pillow tops you want on your certain model! This is perfect because nobody can really tell what firmness level they’re going for when looking online- the only true test being in person at a showroom.

  24. I just want to start this off with an emphatic “YES” so you can probably tell how I feel about Helix. My old mattress was sinking in the middle but my new one isn’t doing any of that, and it’s so comfy! The ability for them all to move independently is amazing too. It only took a few hours for me to adjust and start sleeping like a baby again- not something I could say before…

    The foam feels really high quality as well, even though it conforms nicely to your body – never clumps up awkwardly or anything like that. If you’re looking at mattresses online I would definitely recommend taking the time to see if Helix is on there: they might end up being exactly.

  25. I’ve never slept better than the night I spent on my new mattress. And if you find it in your heart to come and visit me in person, I could show it to you and tell you all about what’s underneath: a layer of comfort foam who will cradle your body like an old friend; a layer of latex whose buoyancy may startle when unwrapped from its compression packaging below – but if handled with care, this strength is an excellent resilience against accidental spills that would cause many other materials to suffer unintended stains or tears; and topping everything off is a quilted pillowtop made from cotton for added cushioning. Hints of lavender brush past one another as we walk over them, leading us through the lifetime

  26. Before I go to bed, I make sure that everything is turned off. My work computer, my TV, the lights are all out. But sometimes there’s something not quite right about my bedroom… That slight discomfort when you try to relax your eye lids for an evening of peaceful slumber? It might be your mattress working against you. You need a luxurious rest because you deserve it! So if yours feels too firm or too old or just plain uncomfortable, check out this new Helix Mattress product with never-sleeping technology and breathable fabric cover! The Plus version includes even more upholstery detail so now the only thing better than staying in bed late morning Sunday can be laying on one before sleep evades us once.

  27. My husband and I really enjoy this mattress. Not only does it have a stretchy, fabric material on the inside for cooling, but it also has room for two sleepers to move without moving each other’s position or making one person uncomfortable. We feel better rested after sleeping with the Helix Mattress every night.

  28. Sheets move on Helix mattresses. And so do you! With the individually wrapped coils and no motion transfer, I can get out of bed fast in the morning without waking up my partner all over again! Traditional spring mattresses require a lot more work getting around obstacles, but with this innovative hybrid design I’m free to bounce it off.

  29. We wanted a mattress that would be perfect for a small apartment and living room combination. There is more than enough padding to sleep on comfortably without requiring too much space. The fabric feels great, looking sleek with its geometric design of deep blue and white. I can also appreciate the texture of this fabric as it creates a smooth sensation on your skin as you lie down against it after getting out from underneath the sheets. It doesn’t weigh very much so I was easily able to move it from our old bedframe to this one with minimal struggle even when I tired myself up from work by running back home earlier in the day before my wife reached home from her job at 2:10 am – a makeshift alarm clock courtesy of a digital notification on my smartphone screen.

  30. I never considered myself an All-American type of sleeper but after sleeping on top of my new Helix mattress, I might as well be waving the stars and stripes all night long.

  31. Thanks to the luxe feeling pillow top, I’m finally sleeping soundly! No more waking up during the night with a sore neck or back. It’s been great for my girlfriend too, she was having trouble breathing at night on her old mattress and now it doesn’t bother her as much. A+

  32. I’ve been sleeping with a Helix mattress for about a week now and I can’t say enough how wonderful this product is. It’s so crisp, fresh, and cool without being chilly. The Luxe has been giving me back my energy from the day with just a few blissful hours of sleep. The 10 year warranty speaks volumes too- buying one was an investment that’ll guarantee years of comfort.

  33. I’ve had my Helix mattress for a few months and every night I am woken up to its beauty. As soon as I lay down, I am magically sent right to sleep. It’s like magic!

  34. I have never had a mattress so soft. I’m not one to jump out of bed in the morning, but with this mattress, waking up is easy! It’s perfect for my back because the material helps cradle me while I sleep – it feels like it hugs me through the night. I also love that there are transition layers inside of it to make transitioning from side sleeper to stomach easier on my body.

    I would recommend Helix mattresses if you’re looking for something that will work for your needs!

  35. If ever I needed a new mattress, which let’s be honest – Who doesn’t? The Helix mattress company is one of the few companies out there that actually listens to what we really need and want in a perfect sleep. With their affordable price point and impeccable customer service, any buyer would feel at ease (no pun intended) with the purchase. Aside from giving you an opportunity to customize your bedding it also offers all natural materials for optimal comfort. No matter what kind of sleeper you are; side, back, stomach or whatever else (!), having this mattress will make your life better!

  36. I’ll be the first to admit that I was looking for a replacement mattress. My back flared up, my spine ached, and even though it wasn’t too long before I found this helix company website; It first arrived on my doorstep at one in the morning (delivery time zone was major plus). Once unpacked, it took me less than two minutes to figure out exactly how everything went together! The staff gave clear instructions beforehand about the best way to set up their product, which totally helped reassure me amidst all of these great reviews. All mattresses are 12 inches tall but you can opt for different firmness levels or pick something with pillows that will allow you to watch TV without hunching over every move like I did.

  37. If you’re looking for a new mattress, Helix might be the one for you.
    The thing I love about Helix mattresses is how customizable they are. You can choose from a variety of firmness levels and coil configurations in the comfort layer to suit your needs. Interested in ridding yourself of tossing and turning with motion transfer? The hybrid models let two people sleep right next to each other with little discomfort! My favorite part about Helix though is the breathability factor: even if you get too hot during the night, just toss on another blanket or put up more fans – it doesn’t matter because air circulates through easily which keeps things fresh and comfortable no matter what climate you live in.

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