Nightlife In Jomtien & Best Hot Thai Girls 2024– 9 Things To Do At Night

There are not many people taking a trip to Jomtien, as the largest neighboring province, Buriram, or the major centers of Isaan, such as Khon Kaen and Jomtien, generally, Hot Thai Girls & Nightlife In Jomtien.

Those who choose the “Land of the Elephants” not only have the opportunity to watch Thai national animals painting and playing football but also to meet some beautiful local girls in various nightclubs in the city.

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Nightlife In Jomtien & Best Hot Thai Girls 2024– 9 Things To Do At Night

Most of Jomtien’s nightlife is located on Sirirat Road and its side streets in the city center. There is a great mix of farang bars, Thai bars, discos, massage courts, karaoke bars, and also a nice night market which I will show you in this guide.

Jomtien has developed a small but very nice nightlife in recent years.

Now you can choose from dozens of beer bars, gentleman’s clubs, upscale restaurants by overseas ex-pats who want to get good reviews on TripAdvisor (I recommend “Indian by Nature” and “Natan’s”), massage parlors and independent girls choose a beach and even a go-go -Bar and a sky bar at much cheaper prices than in Bangkok.

Nightlife in Jomtien Overview

Most of the Nightlife in Jomtien takes place in the north of the city, from Thappraya Road via Soi 1 to Soi 7. The Rompho complex is a large square with about 40 beers. Bars It’s a bit like the only central area of red light in Jomtien.

These are the different types of meeting places for Hot Thai Girls & Nightlife In Jomtien: …

Best Hot Thai Girls & Nightlife In Jomtien Thailand 2024

1. What To Do at Jomtien Beach?

While at the beginning of tourism in Jomtien (1980 and 90) the holidays here were mainly dedicated to beach activities, in the 21st century Jomtien has become not only an independent but also one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Best place to meet with hot thai girls - thailand jomtien beach

Pattaya’s most popular residential areas. Areas with a clean infrastructure were increasingly developing.
Along Jomtien Beach Road and its many side streets, you will find more and more Thai, seafood and international restaurants, bureaux de change, travel agencies, souvenir shops and convenience stores, fairs, and lounges.

This is the Jomtien baht bus route map.

Massage agents and real estate, as well as several pharmacies, dental clinics, and optical clinics.

Although Jomtien’s shopping centers (most of the shops are rather small and specialize in souvenirs or beachwear) are not comparable to the business paradises of Pattaya or Bangkok, Jomtien will still best meet your buying expectations.

For example, the famous market Thepprasit Nightmarket (Thepprasit Road, Sukhumvit Road End), which takes place every weekend from Friday to Sunday night, is one of the most important and interesting markets in Pattaya and well worth a visit.

Just around the corner from Sukhumvit Road, there is a large Tesco Lotus store and the Outlet Mall, which offers discounted designer clothing.

Then there is the new and popular night market on Jomtien Beach Road north of Soi 9, which is open every evening. In addition to the usual market tricks such as souvenirs and clothing, this place also has many popular cheap food stalls among Russian tourists.

Near the intersection of Thappraya and Thepprasit Road, you will even find a large supermarket (“Foodmart”) catering to the daily culinary needs of tourists and long-term ex-pats.

And if all that is not enough to do your daily shopping, Pattaya, with its many shopping malls and markets, is only 10 minutes away by taxi, which should not cost more than 20 baht.

Beach and water activities include banana and jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing, deep-sea fishing and island excursions, scuba diving and snorkeling, to name but a few.

Best beaches- activities


Other popular hobbies of the day are bungee jumping, beach volleyball or football, jogging by the sea or if you prefer a visit.

Nearby attractions such as the famous Floating Market in Pattaya or a day trip to Koh Larn off the coast of Pattaya with its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters?

2. Go-Go Bars

The Thai version of a strip club, the go-go bars in Jomtien, is among the best entertainment options for tourists. These bars have a central scene with poles and sofas in front of these posts. Various girls dance around the bars, mingling with customers who give them tips.

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Best nightlife beaches - go go bars

Not only inside, but outside the go-go bar are girls who greet the passing crowds and try to invite them to join us.

A-Go-Go and Airport Club are two of the most popular go-go bars in the pedestrian area of ​​Jomtien. The experience may not be for everyone, but it is an undeniable aspect of the nightlife in Jomtien.

3. Girly Bars in Jomtien

There are now more than 100 girls bars (= beer bars) around Jomtien. The densest collection of them is in the Rompho Complex, a huge square with more than 40 bars of this kind, in which handsome young Thai people are entertained by visitors. the men (90% of them are of course farangs).

Most of these bars are similar: there are between 5 and 10 girls in each place, there are stools and comfortable sofas, TVs with sports clips or YouTube, and almost all the bars have their own billiard table.

Two of the best bars in the Rompho complex, where the friendliest girls are welcome, are usually Party Girls and OK Bar (photo). They even have free pool tables: in Jomtien, there are usually 20 baht per game.

Best nightlife places - Girl bars

There are more pubs, mainly in Jomtien Soi 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. However, they are more popular with old Farang friends (many Scandinavians and Germans here), and not much when you are alone and really looking fun with women, in this case, you better go to the Rompho complex.

Thappraya Road also has a few bars for girls, including my favorite bar for playing billiards in Jomtien: Country Road 3 (right photo).

The atmosphere is fun and great, there are great girls to play billiards, have a drink and talk to, but they are not as aggressive or business-oriented as in other places. Look, it’s a favorite of all time.

4. Gentlemen’s Clubs

Men’s clubs in Jomtien have shown promise as a possible compromise between Thailand’s importance and sensitivity to the place of prostitution and the attitude of the West on the issue.

The Thai people really do not like the girls’ desire and do not understand why the Westerners are so tired about it.

The beauty of having a good gentleman’s club is that everything is in front of the camera and I thought it would please the authorities, I was wrong. I think the point of discussion is that sex takes place on the premises, ie in rooms that are rented out for hours.

best nightlife & good girlfriend at Jomtien - Gentlemen clubs

This kind of thing is disapproved of by the authorities and falls on the wrong side of their definition of what constitutes prostitution and what does not.

Police and army have been focusing on these types of settlements in recent years, and I wonder what the future will look like. The Gentlemen’s Clubs initially provide enthusiastic customers with daytime entertainment.

The selection of these men’s clubs in Jomtien is better than in other parts of Pattaya. Here is a selection of options:

  • Passion Club: Get off while the baht taxi goes to Thappraya Road before turning right towards the beach. Instead, turn left and follow this path to the end. Only open during the day and there is a pool.
  • Rioja: It’s not easy to find and you need a motorbike taxi to get to Maeauen Lane. On the positive side, it is a good facility. If it’s still open, I’m not sure.
  • KitCat Lounge: very easy to find, right next to Thappraya Road, behind the popular Country Road Bar. The downside is that there are not that many facilities so I would choose the Passion Club for the pool and the utmost discretion.

5. Night Clubs in Jomtien

It’s really strange, but there are still no discos in Jomtien. I’m sure this will change in the near future as the city continues to grow and attract more and more tourists, but right now you have to stick to the bars of the Rompho complex.

Yes, technically they are all bars and not clubs, but the next place to go to a disco is “Tu Rock Live Music“. As the name implies, they offer live music every day, and it’s one of the few places to meet girls from Jomtien’s nightlife who do not work at the bar.

6. Sky Bars in Jomtien

If you want to take a break from the red light scene in Jomtien or impress your date with Thaifriendly, you should definitely go to the D Varee inspired bar.

place to meet girlfriend- sky bars

It is the best outdoor bar in town with breathtaking views of Koh Larn on the top floor of D Varee Jomtien Beach Hotel (38th floor) and is part of the same group that runs the famous restaurant (but much more expensive) Lebua in the open-air bar State Tower in Bangkok.

7. Jomtien girls and hookers

I have to admit that I have not really experienced dizziness in Jomtien bars and that the prettiest girls in Pattaya are generally found in bars abound.

Of course, there are so many chances that a rough diamond will appear here as elsewhere, and when that happens, the girl in question usually gets rid of the prostitution game a bit. This does not make her the type of woman I would recommend, so I advise you to find regular girls in non-touristy areas.

New girls who arrive at prostitution do not stay long without being contaminated, and most resort to more hidden places in Walking Street or the LK Metro.

It would be a mistake to try to save one of these Jomtien girls from the devastation of a vice life by becoming their friend since you would almost certainly be taken on an expensive journey.

However, if you’re looking for a pretty, smart girl who meets regularly for fun, it might work.

The presence of so many Thai / Western couples gives the process a slightly more respectable appearance, but the appearance can be misleading: Jomtien’s nightlife is always reserved for people who want to have fun, and you will not stand up to Germaine Greer. .. Thank God!

8. Happy Ending Massage in Jomtien

Of course, you will find in Jomtien also many massage rooms, which offer “extras” towards the end of the session.

hot thai girls- Happy Ending Massage in Jomtien

Most rooms are located in the same streets as the brasserie, but there are several on Thappraya Road, the main street that connects Jomtien with Pattaya.

9. Ladyboys in Jomtien

I did not mean to write about Jomtien’s ladyboys as though they were all hauling Pattaya, but I saw many of them during the day as they walked through the city.

However, there are no ladyboy bars in Jomtien. So if you really want to get to know one, you can take the Songthaew to Pattaya or just use the dating site.

How much do you pay the girl?

It depends on what you do and how long you stay with you.

  • Bring her to your room for a few hours: 1,500 baht.
  • She stays at night and you often enjoy it – 2,000 baht.
  • For every bad trick, you have to add an additional 1000 Baht.
  • Men’s clubs are the best deal: They usually have a fine of 300 baht (to use their room), so the girl usually only wants 1,000 baht. But you use the clubroom and are limited to 60 minutes (many wondering what to do with the remaining 55 minutes!) Haha). The rooms always have showers and a good bed, the bare necessities of course.

Be respectful !! She will treat you the way you treat her.

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FAQs | Best Hot Thai Girls & Nightlife In Jomtien

👍 Where is the nightlife in Pattaya?

Pattaya is famous for the hot & pretty girls. There are Ladyboy bars, Passion Clubs, etc for nightlife in Pattaya. The Walking Street is known for sexy girls in Pattaya.

🙆‍♂️ How much is a Thai girl for the night?

The girls in Thai usually cost around 1000-1500 bahts for spending an hour at night. The charges for full night range to around 2000-3000 bahts.

🤷 How far is Jomtien Beach from Walking Street Pattaya?

Most people that visit Jomtien, often visit Pattaya. The Jomtien is known for girls at Jomtien beach while the Pattaya is known for girls at Walking Street. Both these places are just 4 miles apart.

Conclusion: Best Hot Thai Girls & Nightlife In Jomtien

I think the nightlife in Jomtien does not appeal to most party guests who come to Pattaya all night. This is not the kind of place and the closure of the Rompho complex has seriously deteriorated.

However, this will continue to attract the attention of those who wish to prolong their visit. The small number of tourists in two weeks and the larger number of expatriates let many locals know differently and behave differently.

The life in Pattaya obviously differs greatly from the holiday. If you prefer a more normal and slower lifestyle, Jomtien has many benefits.

Easy access and lower prices (compared to the center of Pattaya) are two big advantages, but a better beach and some very good restaurants count as well.

Men’s clubs in and around the region are located in areas reserved for expatriates in the city, and Jomtien is no different.

The obvious reason is that men who live here tend to build relationships, which makes discretion a valuable product. Warming up in Jomtien’s adult nightlife is best for single men.


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