How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya, Thailand 2022

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The Pattaya Dating Guide explains How To Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya and how to meet local women in Pattaya. Travel, enjoy and have fun with single girls and you could even meet the love of your life. In Pattaya, Thailand, discover how to date Thai women, where to find sex and how to fuck.

Pattaya is one of the two biggest cities in Thailand that attracts the majority of tourists and foreigners from all parts of the globe. The city has a nightlife that is simply amazing and comparable to none! Bangkok may be the capital city, but Pattaya is better than the capital in many ways.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - hot girls in pattaya

It is a popular bustling beach town in Thailand and is home to tens of thousands of sexy Thai ladies with whom you can hook up for a date, night out or even sex any time of the day!

The nightlife here is simply electric and you get to enjoy with hot Thai chics at short-time bars, soapy massage parlors, malls, clubs and on the streets as well.

How to Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya?

  • The hot culture of Pattaya!

I have been to Pattaya numerous times in the past 3 years, twice in 2018 itself and I am all GAGA about the city, it’s people, customs, nightlife and of course, GIRLS!

By customs I mean to say that Thailand is a country where prostitution, hookers, and escort agencies are completely legal and in fact, these define the modern Thai culture. The girls who indulge in these professions are seen with respect and are treated as equals just like any other normal “Non-hooker” girl.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pattaya destination for tourists

The people in Thailand are perhaps the most mentally sort after individuals you can ever come across. Why? Since the culture in Thailand is so supportive towards the women’s professions, NO ONE here will give you a weird disgusting stare when you walk into a restaurant with a sexy bar girl or hooker! In fact, they will smile at you normally.

Where else in the world would you find so much comfort and openness in hanging around freely with a hooker you just fucked or are going to?

  • Where to find Hot Girls in Pattaya?

Finding hot and sexy girls in Pattaya is not a difficult task at all. In fact, it is not even a task, because YOU ARE IN THAILAND! The country is considered a sex paradise by the entire world population and is flooded with beautiful and sexy Thai girls in every big and small city you can name.

If you don’t believe me, book your tickets to Pattaya, stroll down the streets and you will find a Thai hottie at every step you take along the street.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pick up lines for thai girls
Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya

With the knowledge and experiences, I have personally gathered from my previous visits to Thailand, particularly Pattaya, here is some quick information on the hot and happening nightlife and girls in Pattaya that you can expect to enjoy once you are in town!

The city is a bustling sex mecca, home to some of the naughtiest bars, night clubs, massage salons, and escort services in Thailand. Before visiting this city, I didn’t even know that something like a Blow Job Bar even exists!

So, read on to know more about the city’s nightlife and where you can pick up hot Thai girls with whom you can have the most mind-boggling experiences of your life, be it in bed or outside it!

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  • Hookers & Escort Agencies

Thailand is the land of sex and hookers at every corner of the street! Whenever you stroll down the famous “Walking Street”, you will come across countless hot hookers and prostitutes giving an inviting smile at you as you pass by.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - the walking street pattaya

Foreigners from all over the globe visit Pattaya in a count of millions every year usually to meet and fuck with hot girls! They usually simply “order” a girl from an escort agency will knock on the door of your hotel room or apartment once your call is booked. I have paid an average rate of 4,000 Baht to fuck with a Thai hooker for 2 hours.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pattaya girls and hookers

You may think that this rate is quite pricey, but you get to knock her for 2 rounds, which is not really common for a short time at this rate.

So the figures might seem expensive, but the quality and time you get to fuck her are pretty damn good! The rates are definitely lesser than what you have to pay to get laid with a hooker in Bangkok. The Bangkok standard for 2 hours is 5,000 Baht. Yes, I have done it in Bangkok as well!

  • Night Clubs in Pattaya

Most of the hottest girls in Pattaya will be available for a hook up during the nights.

It is considered the perfect time to simply go out and meet the beautiful Thai girls who are otherwise generally busy working at a coffee shop, restaurant or mall during the day. Pattaya’s Walking Street is the hotspot for some of the most happening nightclubs of the city and is home to around 90% of the night clubs in Pattaya.

However, though you will undoubtedly find the hottest chis in town here, be aware that these nightclubs are usually full of girls with normal day jobs working here as hookers to supplement their salary. If you are a rich spoilt brat and okay with this, then go ahead!

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - hot pattaya girls