How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya, Thailand 2024

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Pattaya, Thailand, I know that meeting hot Thai girls while you’re here can be both an exciting and daunting task.

The city’s reputation for nightlife definitely precedes it – however, actually finding the right ladies to engage with? That’s a bit trickier.

From my own experience – and that of many others – navigating the bars and clubs of Pattaya can prove difficult if you don’t have inside knowledge on how to go about it.

So if you’re looking for some tips on how to meet hot Thai girls in this part of Thailand, then read on!

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - hot girls in pattaya

It is a popular bustling beach town in Thailand and is home to tens of thousands of sexy Thai ladies with whom you can hook up for a date, night out or even sex any time of the day!

The nightlife here is simply electric and you get to enjoy with hot Thai chics at short-time bars, soapy massage parlors, malls, clubs and on the streets as well.

How to Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya?

  • The hot culture of Pattaya!

I have been to Pattaya numerous times in the past 3 years, twice in 2018 itself and I am all GAGA about the city, it’s people, customs, nightlife and of course, GIRLS!

By customs I mean to say that Thailand is a country where prostitution, hookers, and escort agencies are completely legal and in fact, these define the modern Thai culture. The girls who indulge in these professions are seen with respect and are treated as equals just like any other normal “Non-hooker” girl.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pattaya destination for tourists

The people in Thailand are perhaps the most mentally sort after individuals you can ever come across.

Why? Since the culture in Thailand is so supportive towards the women’s professions, NO ONE here will give you a weird disgusting stare when you walk into a restaurant with a sexy bar girl or hooker! In fact, they will smile at you normally.

Where else in the world would you find so much comfort and openness in hanging around freely with a hooker you just fucked or are going to?

  • Where to find Hot Girls in Pattaya?

Finding hot and sexy girls in Pattaya is not a difficult task at all. In fact, it is not even a task, because YOU ARE IN THAILAND! The country is considered a sex paradise by the entire world population and is flooded with beautiful and sexy Thai girls in every big and small city you can name.

If you don’t believe me, book your tickets to Pattaya, stroll down the streets and you will find a Thai hottie at every step you take along the street.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pick up lines for thai girls
Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya

With the knowledge and experiences, I have personally gathered from my previous visits to Thailand, particularly Pattaya, here is some quick information on the hot and happening nightlife and girls in Pattaya that you can expect to enjoy once you are in town!

The city is a bustling sex mecca, home to some of the naughtiest bars, night clubs, massage salons, and escort services in Thailand. Before visiting this city, I didn’t even know that something like a Blow Job Bar even exists!

So, read on to know more about the city’s nightlife and where you can pick up hot Thai girls with whom you can have the most mind-boggling experiences of your life, be it in bed or outside it!

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  • Hookers & Escort Agencies

Thailand is the land of sex and hookers at every corner of the street! Whenever you stroll down the famous “Walking Street”, you will come across countless hot hookers and prostitutes giving an inviting smile at you as you pass by.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - the walking street pattaya

Foreigners from all over the globe visit Pattaya in a count of millions every year usually to meet and fuck with hot girls! They usually simply “order” a girl from an escort agency will knock on the door of your hotel room or apartment once your call is booked. I have paid an average rate of 4,000 Baht to fuck with a Thai hooker for 2 hours.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pattaya girls and hookers

You may think that this rate is quite pricey, but you get to knock her for 2 rounds, which is not really common for a short time at this rate.

So the figures might seem expensive, but the quality and time you get to fuck her are pretty damn good! The rates are definitely lesser than what you have to pay to get laid with a hooker in Bangkok. The Bangkok standard for 2 hours is 5,000 Baht. Yes, I have done it in Bangkok as well!

  • Night Clubs in Pattaya

Most of the hottest girls in Pattaya will be available for a hook up during the nights.

It is considered the perfect time to simply go out and meet the beautiful Thai girls who are otherwise generally busy working at a coffee shop, restaurant or mall during the day. Pattaya’s Walking Street is the hotspot for some of the most happening nightclubs of the city and is home to around 90% of the night clubs in Pattaya.

However, though you will undoubtedly find the hottest chis in town here, be aware that these nightclubs are usually full of girls with normal day jobs working here as hookers to supplement their salary. If you are a rich spoilt brat and okay with this, then go ahead!

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - hot pattaya girls
Hot Thai Girls night clubs

Differ off Second Road in North Pattaya is perhaps the most exquisite and the most popular Thai night club that I have visited in Pattaya.

This club is bustling with foreigners from numerous countries and is also usually full of locals and Thais who come to Pattaya from other cities for holiday. The girls here are not usually hookers, so, don’t expect the girls to look and smile at you right away.

  • Soapy Massage Parlours in Pattaya

Soapy massages are really kinky! I have seen them a lot in Porn movies and they are a major turn on for me! Before visiting Pattaya, I had only dreamt of being on the receiving end of a wet and slippery soapy massage from a hot chic. But that dream soon changed into a steaming hot reality for me in Pattaya!

Pattaya is the best place in the world for you if you are looking for hot chic rubbing water and soap all over your body in the most erotic ways possible.

How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - pattaya massage parlors

The city boasts of some of the best massage parlors in Thailand and there are more than a dozen massage parlors spread across the town.

These parlors have steaming hot girls who can make you wet and rock hard between your legs just by looking at what they can do for you. Soapy massages in Pattaya are really one of the hot wants for tourists and even Thai Natives!

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How To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Pattaya - blowjob bars in pattaya

From the parlors that I have enjoyed in, Sabai Dee is my personal favorite and it is also the most popular one in town. You can also try out Honey 2 Body Massage & Sabai Room as well.

With more and more foreigners rushing into Thailand every year, there are new parlors popping into the scene every now and then, as a result of which this is one business that never runs into losses!  

  • What kind of guys has the best chances?

Pattaya is a popular holiday destination and, as expected, things are inevitably pretty materialistic. Therefore, the people who are rich and can afford the luxury offered are the ones who have the best chance.

These are men who can often seduce women without much to do, thanks to their fast cars, lavish hotel rooms and, above all, access to all the VIP evenings at the spa. Second, some women despise debauchery and loud parties; They prefer sensitive, friendly and emotional men.

Therefore, these men also tend to have good opportunities in Pattaya. After all, if you are a stranger and charming on your way, you are bound to do well no matter what!

  • Risks during the game

First, Pattaya is a beautiful seaside town with expensive luxury. It is important to stick to the budget and to fulfill it. Things can often get out of hand and you could spend much more than you expected.

In addition, it is known that Pattaya is an unsafe city. Therefore, it is a key element to protect your property and reserve money. Third, the biggest gambling risk in the city of Pattaya is a large number of ladyboys.

Now most men who know these children should not notice the difference, as they seem to be a woman with an inexperienced eye. The real surprise comes when both are naked to love each other in their room/suite.

He can also be blackmailed, cheated and caught. So do not think about pants. Be rational, avoid prostitutes and have sex with women only in accredited places where you are not on the wrong side of the law.

  • How can I be asked as soon as possible?

Perhaps the city’s greatest strength is to be as soon as possible in Pattaya. Therefore, it is not necessary to travel too much to find suitable sexual partners. To get into the air as fast as possible, you have to go to the busiest nights in the city.

In addition, you can taste popular restaurants and cafes. Go-go clubs are also a great place to chase sexy women out of the city. In addition, many exciting women dance in the halls of five-star hotels. You can definitely interact with them and retrieve them from there if you can afford them.

  • Prospectors and sugar babies

Pattaya is one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand. As a result, many women from small neighborhoods and cities travel to Pattaya to meet men and meet them romantically.

Just to be opportunistic and make money while living a luxurious life, receiving gifts and being pampered, only in exchange for sex with men, regardless of age. You can meet these gold and baby seekers in prestigious clubs, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, and western facilities.

  • Date the Hottest Thai Girls in Pattaya Online!

One of the most convenient ways to find hot Thai chic and get laid is through online dating websites. This is the best one and I have saved it for the last!

Honestly, I belong to that category of guys who don’t like to stroll down the street every day to find a girl to date or fuck.

blowjob bars in pattaya escorts

I’m not saying that it is not worth the effort, there are hot chics everywhere in Pattaya! But I’d rather make the same effort online with my phone or laptop through online dating sites.

Everything in the virtual internet world is easy and saves us a lot of time, so signing up to an online dating website and arranging a date with a hot Thai lady is perhaps the most convenient way to get “THINGS” done quicker.

Sexy thailand girls

Here’s the best approach to this! Jump online and sign up with ThaiFriendly, two of Thailand’s most hot and happening online dating websites.

Signing up is totally free, so you can try them out without paying a single penny. I have done that myself and the results were simply HOT! Before arriving in Bangkok, just log in, search, find your match and pre-arrange a date with cute and sexy Thai chics. Next up, just meet up with them once you land in Thailand!

  • Escort agencies in Pattaya

Pattaya Escort Girl A relatively new way to meet sexy girls in Pattaya is to simply “order” with an escort agency and in an hour she will knock on the door of your hotel room or room.

flat. This makes it the most convenient way to go to bed but with rates of 4,000 baht for 2 hours, it is also one of the most expensive.

However, some of the escort agency girls have an exemplary body and taking a girl out on the street costs you the same, if not more.

And you get 2 shots, which is not really common for a short time. And if you compare it in Bangkok, you get a standard of 5,000 baht for 2 hours.

There are not many Pattaya escorts yet, but the best known is Pattaya Gold Escorts.

  • Freelance girls in Pattaya

Pattaya Street Hooker The dividing line between “a normal Thai girl who has a daily job” and “a girl who sometimes sleeps for money with tourists” is very thin. Those looking for their clients in nightclubs are not easy to see for their colleagues or employers.

If they do not care, they do not have a job anyway, they desperately need money, or they are too young to enter legal bars or night clubs: these are the girls you find along Beach Road all day and all night.

Even if you can receive 1,500 or even 2,000 baht for a short time if you talk for a while and get hot with the girl, the current price will still be 1,000 baht.

Why should you find a girl online in Thailand?

That was just the summary! Over the past couple of visits to Thailand, I have mostly relied on hooking up with Thai chics through these two dating websites.

With so many hot girls with “normal” day jobs here and there, I got to easily and quickly connect with them and arrange dates.

The big plus of hooking up with a girl like this is that you don’t have to pay for sex every day if getting laid is only what you are looking for!

If you would otherwise go into a bar and take a girl out from there, you will have to pay 600 to 800 Baht as bar fine for one girl.

pattaya ladyboys

Instead, I play it smart and hook up and fuck with steaming hot girls I met on these sites. The experience has been easy, quick, and majestic.

It has been far more convenient for me to take out a girl I met on these sites rather than going out entering a bar and paying a big amount as a bar fine just to bring her out of there. In fact, you would rather spend that same amount of money on a one-month membership on ThaiCupid. This is something that most of the expats here do!

  • Tips for tagging with Pattaya girls (How To Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya)

Hang out with a Pattaya girl.
Let me give you some tips on how to get fucked in Pattaya:

Dress appropriately: Pattaya is a spa and most men go there with thongs and shorts, even in nightclubs. Do not do that. Dress well in shoes and pants to impress.

Speaks no money: Even if she is a prostitute, be nice and avoid talking about money. It’s a big problem for her.

Simple conversations: Most people think that they can win girls over-complicated conversations, but that will not work here.

Be funny and sociable, follow the river and you will find yourself in bed.

Tell him what makes you feel: Make the most of the conversations that glorify their beauty. Express your feelings to see how well you feel, how happy you are, etc.

What makes Thai women happiest is that they make you feel good.

Dark: Never be afraid to do anything after meeting them. Take it with you after the presentation and a private conversation.

There is no chance that she rejects you. Remember, Thai women can not say “no” to a man, he thinks he is rude.

In the queue: There are many working and non-working girls on the internet who want to meet a handsome foreigner, whether for a fast or long-term relationship.

This is a great way to tag a girl without being ashamed or thrown in the face. It’s also an easy way to find a friend for the holidays.

You can chat with her and set a date before you arrive and meet after landing. That way you get the kind of speech that changes.

  • Massage parlors

Massage rooms are like modern brothels. In these rooms, you can get a massage, a blowjob, a handjob or sex at the right price.

It’s a great experience to relax and be happy. If you are feeling well, read my review of the best happy ending massage in Pattaya.

  • Beaches

Since Pattaya is a coastal city, you can also meet and pick up hot girls on the beaches.

Jomtien Beach is ideal for meeting Russian girls in Pattaya. If you want to meet Chinese or Korean girls, head to Koh Larn Island.

  • The streets

The streets of Pattaya are full of sexy girls, especially when the sun goes down.

If you want to empty quickly without damaging your piggy bank, look for a street whore. Otherwise, you can go to Walking Street with real girls to have fun.

  • ThaiCupid

ThaiCupid is the oldest dating website in Thailand. Launched in 2002, it the most popularly used Thai dating website today with an active userbase of Over 1.5 Million Singles, both foreigners and Thai natives.

One of the favorite choices amongst foreigners, it is an internet hot spot for wild, horny and sometimes turbulent souls in Thailand that are looking for some erotic fun!

The website is a part of the well-established Cupid Media network and has been in the online dating business for almost 2 decades now and is trusted.

I have met so many girls through ThaiCupid and had some of the best sexual encounters of my life with sometimes shy and sometimes wild Thai chics. After using this platform, you would never have to ask how to meet hot thai girls in Pattaya.

The website helps you to find the perfect match, no matter where you are in the world, bringing Thailand to the ones searching for love. That hot Thai chic you talked to on the website will be all yours once you are in Thailand!

  • ThaiFriendly

ThaiFriendly along with ThaiCupid is one of the two most commonly used dating websites in Thailand. I signed up with ThaiFriendly simply because I wanted a change in my online adventures that would lead to my bedroom while I was in Pattaya for a leisure trip. It was my second time in Pattaya when I signed in.

Surprisingly the website is really active with over thousands of members online throughout the day, be it morning, afternoon, evening or even late night at 2 AM.

Thai ladies from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and all over Thailand are available online to chat with single men, whether Thai natives or foreigners like me!

ThaiFriendly is free to join and you can send your first free message in just two minutes. You don’t even have to find a match first and can easily send and receive messages with lovely Thai ladies for free.

The website is pretty effective even without having to upgrade to a paid account that would give you more features to play with.

I got what I wanted WITHOUT UPGRADING to a paid account, which according to me is the best thing a customer would need!

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FAQs | How To Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya

❓ What is special about hot culture of Thailand?

Thailand is a country where prostitution, hookers, and escort agencies are completely legal. They define the modern Thai culture.

❓ Where can i find hot Thai Girls?

You can meet Hot Thai Girls in various places like Hookers & Escort Agencies or Night Clubs in Pattaya. You may also register yourself on online dating websites like ThaiCupid and date them.

❓ Does dating online really work?

Yes, indeed. The websites like ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly are the most popular dating platforms in Thailand. They are totally legit. This is the best way to approach a Thai girl and also these platforms are free.

Conclusion : How to Get Laid – How To Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya 2024

Meeting hot Thai girls in Pattaya, Thailand is not as difficult as it seems. Once you know where to look and how to approach conversations, you will be sure to have success.

You must remember that the first approach is the most important and sometimes the only one you’ll need. Be sure to respect any boundaries, don’t expect too much on the first night, and always keep a good sense of humor!

Above all else, never forget your common courtesy and manners in dealing with any culture or foreign country. Be polite and respectful while being sure that both parties involved are comfortable before moving ahead with any situation.

Have fun exploring Pattaya’s exciting hidden gems which might just include new friends who could even become interesting romantic partners!

Hope you liked this blog on How To Meet Hot Thai Girls in Pattaya 2024.


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