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Chelsea Green Coupon Codes May 2024

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Origin of Chelsea green

Chelsea Green is a company that deals with the publishing of books. It is an American company and specializes in the publishing of non-fiction books. It was established in 1984. It has its headquarters located in White River Junction, Vermont.  The founders of this company our Ian Baldwin and Margo Baldwin. In 2012, Chelsea Green became a company which was an employee-owned. It publishes books from different genres and background. They have variety in publishing books on topics like politics and healthy living. It is actually a platform for authors more than for the readers or customers.


The company aims at imparting knowledge and improving the living standards of the readers. It is a leading publisher of books on the environment. It mainly focuses on politics and practicing sustainable living. They work for the authors and then the customers. They have a proper procedure for the writers to submit their book. They have a well-established distribution system. Just because it has a big brand name, it is great at doing publicity.

The first book they published was “In a Pig’s eye” in 1985. The founders had an interest in topics like politics, nature, and travel from the very beginning. They transformed their idea into reality by publishing books on these topics and making people read them.


They publish books from authors who provide information about health, politics, farming and the environment. The publishing quality has been maintained for the last 30 years. Their tagline is “The politics and the practice of sustainable living”.  The company was established in 1984 and is still continuing the legacy. It has been publishing one of the finest books under their supervision and publishing. The website deals with the authors more than the customers. It is a platform that invites authors to publish their book. The customers also keep happy because they are extremely satisfied with the quality of books published.


It is advantageous for the authors as the company publishes and publicizes the book under their famous brand name. Their books generally talk about politics, economics, healthy living and different types of farming practices. They even have books on business, community resilience, and renewable energy. Chelsea Green has classified their books in categories like New Releases, Audiobooks, books with offer and sale for the loyal customers. That is not all, they even have recommended reads and seasonal journals for the reader’s mind to work and get refreshed.


Why is it best?

  • The company has received many awards, including New York Times Notable Book Of  The Year, a Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist, 800 CEO Read Business Book of the Year Award, ALA and Booklist Notable Books of the Year Award
  • The website helps the author in proofreading by themselves and with the help of advisors provided by the company before the publication of the book.
  • They make a connection between the author and the reader. It reduces the hustle and makes it easier for the author to reach the readers of the book. The stress of selling the books is also reduced with Chelsea green.
  • They have high-quality customer care service for the authors to ease their communication with the company advisors.
  • Inspiring readers is one of the main aims of the website just because they provide the customers with high-quality material. All the material published is well edited and highly recommended for readers.
  • The website has books on organic farming and a healthy lifestyle to improve the living conditions of the readers. It will improve the health and life standards of the reader.
  • The books are easily accessible and that too at affordable prices. All the books are sold at a minimum price just to ensure heavy reading by the customers.
  • They keep the customer’s confidential data protected. They do not disclose any of the buyer’s information.
  • The quality of books and other material is authentic and good for the readers to read.
  • The company also offers affiliate courses for those who wish to earn extra money or income.
  • Studying is also one of the options. Chelsea green provides an online library for those who want to read online.

What makes it different from its competitors?

  • Catalog: – It gives you an idea of what type of books is being sold currently in the online store or the market. It gives you a brief outline on what to buy and what is available.
  • Newsletter: – this is only available for subscribed readers. The new or the pre-existing customers are informed about new books which are being introduced in the market. It will keep the customers well informed.
  • Customer service: – the company’s customer services are unbeatable. It is available all over the world. They answer all the questions asked by the customer as well as the authors. Although they answer the questions of the customers their main focus is to deal with and help the authors. The customer can ask questions according to any of the products sold on the website.
  • Discounts: – all the loyal customers are rewarded with a discount on certain products. They will get offered only when they buy books in large quantity from the online store.
  • They have experts to advise you on what to study or read according to the availability of the book.
  • The even have audio books for people who do not have much time to read books literally.

The popularity of the website

These awards have made the company gain a lot of reputation. Chelsea Green has been recognized as a leading company in the publishing industry. It has a wonderful expert and advisory base. They have qualified editors who proofread the material written by the authors, before publishing. It publishes books from different has a highly qualified team of editors on their panel. They edit and proofread the book before publishing.


They work thoroughly on the manuscripts before it is designed and published. The brand name is itself quite effective for the publicity of the books of a particular author. They even have books for sale that are signed by popular authors. The company has been awarded many awards like New York Times Notable Book of the year award, Booklist Notable book of the year award. Chelseagreen has been news also several times. They provide books which are of high quality and provide great knowledge to the reader. Most of the focus is given to books related to politics, farming, and healthy living. They have more focus on books related to environment for the time being. They even carry out summer and winter sale to attract customers and provide more publicity for the author’s book.

The popularity of the website is increasing day by day. Now it has become a company that is an employee-owned. It is all about books on progressive politics and habits and tips on sustainable living for the readers.  The publishing company has published more than 400 books since it started in 1984. Every year it releases from 25-30 titles.

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Conclusion:  Chelsea Green Coupon Codes May 2024

If you are in search of a company that can publish your book, you are in the right place. Chelseagreen. Com is a site which will publish your book. Not only that, before publishing they edit and proofread your book with the help of a panel of highly qualified editors. The best part is their popularity which gives a great amount of publicity to your book.

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