Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review 2024: Does It Really Work

Read my unbiased Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review with anti-snoring features and some great discounts.

About SleepTight Mouthpiece

Designed by dental specialist eDr Mike Williams, SleepTight Mouthpiece might be a patent incomplete, FDA cleared bubble and-chomp alternative that guarantees to delicately hold your jaw and tongue forward, open your aviation route, and avert tissue vibration that can cause wheezing.

The website claims that it takes 5 minutes or less to suit your mouthpiece, which consists entirely of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Then, merely place it in your mouth, shut your teeth into the custom imprints, and position your tongue forward into the airway opening (unless you have nasal obstruction, of course).

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Coupons with Review

SleepTight tells us their mouthpiece is so effective that it can help reduce snoring the first night. And if it doesn’t, it is refit to probably solve the matter.

Together, the manufacturer tells us that SleepTight can help stop you from interrupting your partner, improve your relationships, get a better night’s sleep,

and have more energy during the day. They claim it can also be used for other purposes, such as night guard to reduce clenching and teeth grinding,

a sports protection mouth guard, a CPAP spare when traveling, and even as a TMJ bite guard.

In this post, we’ve shared the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Discount Offers whihc has a special anti-snoring device to help you reduce snores. 

Best Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Coupons & Offers

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Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review 2024

The world of snoring is as aggravating as it is consistent. No matter however you come back by the manner of your snoring, the actual fact that it persists to keep you up in the dark is enough to utterly drive you mad.

Snoring isn’t a tangle that you just need to measure with indefinitely, so that means you are likely looking for some sort of anti-snoring solution. Today, we will talk about an anti-snoring mouthpiece known as SleepTight.


As the name implies, SleepTight is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that seeks to help you alleviate your snoring symptoms while bringing back a comfortable night of rest.

What Is SleepTight Mouthpiece?

SleepTight was designed and developed by a dentist from the United States, Dr Mike Williams. Dr Williams has been a member of the yank Academy of Sleep drugs for years and he has additionally worked within the UK as a mouth guard development and man of science knowledgeable.

This decorated background shows that Dr Williams didn’t simply luck into his SleepTight design. Instead, SleepTight was a product that was developed out of need, based on science and experience.

Dr Williams in person suffered from snoring and visited nice lengths so as to deal with the problem on his own. After multiple surgeries and experiments testing a good kind of totally different product,

he knew that he had to create something of his own, so he began working on SleepTight. After years of work, he managed to craft what many have claimed to be the most effective mouthpiece on the anti-snoring marketplace.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece anti snoring

So, with that introduction out of the way – what is SleepTight? Well, SleepTight fits into the category of mandibular advancement devices (MADs).

Mandibular advancement devices area unit product that you just wear in your mouth whereas you sleep. The goal of a jaw device is to easily alter the positioning of your jaw so as to alleviate a number of the pressure that’s coupled directly with snoring.

The devices area unit is well-regarded by folks that struggle with snoring as a result of these products directly address wherever snoring occurs: in your throat.

While snoring might not look like AN actual issue to the majority, the truth is quite the opposite. Snoring is a large downside in your life and for several totally different reasons.

Let’s concisely verify what SleepTight will shield you against by description what snoring really will to someone.

  • Snoring can cause chronic fatigue throughout the day.
  • Snoring can bother your life partner and cause individual pressure inside your relationship.
  • Snoring can prompt low confidence and affect your disposition impressively.
  • Snoring can likewise be symptomatic of a more prominent medical problem, for example, rest apnea.

There is going to be a lot to learn about SleepTight and mandibular devices, so let’s move on and focus on how this little device actually works.


What Causes Snoring & How Do Mouthpieces Like SleepTight Relieve It?

From a physical perspective, snoring is caused by tissue vibration at the rear of the throat as air passes over it, that tends to relax (like most of the opposite muscles in our body) as we sleep.

Other factors that can increase this relaxation are some medications, alcohol consumption before bed, being overweight, nasal deformation, and illness.

Snoring is different from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which occurs when this tissue blockage leads to periods of no breathing that can last anywhere from seconds to minutes.

SleepTight mouthpiece walmart



In some instances, OSA can be life-threatening. Snoring, whereas annoying, isn’t generally grave, although it can cause potential side effects like frequent waking

and poor quality sleep (and exhaustion the following day), heart disease, increase the likelihood of stroke, gastroesophageal problems, and even mental health issues.

To help address its physical cause, snoring mouthpieces like SleepTight move the lower jaw slightly forward to decrease the likelihood that the tissue will collapse and cover the airway. Some choices even feature tongue suppressors to forestall it from interference the airway likewise.

Mouthpieces are one of the most common over-the-counter options for addressing snoring since they’re usually moldable for a custom fit,

accommodate a variety of users (the ends can often be cut to accommodate smaller mouths), are typically inexpensive, and seem to provide at least some level of relief for most users.

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How Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Works?

As we already discussed, SleepTight is what is known as a mandibular advancement device. This is a giant phrase for a comparatively easy line of merchandise.

Let’s take a moment to really lay out how this kind of product works so that we can more fundamentally educate you on how it impacts your throat in order to improve your snoring issues.

Mandibular Advancement Device – A inframaxillary advancement device is an associate degree oral anti-snoring mouthpiece that you just wear in your mouth in the dark.

These special devices help to prop up your jaw and jut it forward in order to help re-align the muscles in your neck. By doing this, products like SleepTight alleviate the pressure in your throat that is linked directly to snoring.

how to stop snoring

When you visit sleep in the dark, the muscles in your body all begin to relax. As the muscles in your body unwind, your tongue additionally starts to unwind.

When your tongue unwinds, it starts to fall backward, impacting and potentially obstructing the airway coming up from your throat. When your airway tightens, you start to struggle to breathe.

This restricted airway options dense tissue compacting and vibratory in response to every one among your breaths. That vibration creates the sound that we have a tendency to square measure all manners too acquainted with: snoring.

With SleepTight, your jaw is held in a position where your airway will not be impacted or obstructed. When your throat is unbroken comparatively clean and clear, you are able to push away the different steps that lead to snoring.

Advancement devices like SleepTight are known for being immediately effective, but for now, let’s focus on what makes SleepTight unique in comparison to other products on the marketplace.

How Is SleepTight Mouthpiece Different?

The mandibular advancement device marketplace is booming with products. You could pay a whole afternoon researching completely different MADs

and you probably wouldn’t get close to the tip of learning everything there’s to grasp. With that being said, all MADs are not made the same and they certainly don’t all function in the same capacity.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Coupons

Dr Williams spent years developing SleepTight into one among the foremost distinguished anti-snoring mouthpieces within the world.

Along the way, Dr Williams enforced a number of distinctive twists and turns to the standard anti-snoring mouthpiece. Let’s act and state these distinctive options.

Dual Laminate style –

The primary feature that we have a tendency to feel compelled to focus on is that the twin laminate style.

This is a singular feature not seen before in anti-snoring mouthpieces. So, what is this dual laminate design? Well, the planning describes,

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece discount code

However, SleepTight is factory-made with special, flexible plastic in order to help give you an accurate ‘bite’ during the boil-and-bite fitting routine.

With the twin laminate style, you’re obtaining the foremost dead fitted anti-snoring mouthpiece for the duty.

Snoring –

We’ll be going to continually vouch for merchandise that is backed by business professionals over similar ‘as seen on TV’ competitors.

Dr Mike Williams spent years of his skilled career finding out science in America and therefore the UK so as to search out the correct product for treating snoring.

The fact that Dr Williams additionally struggled with snoring solely adds to our impression that this is often an efficient tool for treating snoring and delicate apnea.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece reviews

Extraordinary Refitting Flexibility –

With most enemies of wheezing mouthpieces, you will need to experience a bubble and-nibble fitting everyday practice so as to coordinate the item to your mouth.

Lamentably, these fitting schedules can be genuinely off base. SleepTight is worked with exceptional, dependable material and it has been painstakingly created to hold genuine uprightness.

Therefore, SleepTight can be altered more than four or five distinct occasions. I’m not catching this’ meaning?

Generally, the most enemy of wheezing mouthpieces just enables you to re-heat up the item a few times since anything after that will begin to affect the respectability of the item.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece testimonials

While jaw advancement devices aren’t utterly distinctive within the anti-snoring world, products like SleepTight are looking to shift the paradigm toward more science-backed anti-snoring solutions.

Let’s move on with our review in order to detail the custom fitting process, how Dr Williams used science to impact the process, and why SleepTight is more effective than many competitive alternatives.

Pros and Cons Of SleepTight Mouthpiece


  • Has an enormous airway route opening (6mm) that takes into account expanded airway current during the evening
  • Was designed by a dentist who understands the challenges of snorers
  • FDA cleared for both snoring and (mild to moderate) sleep apnea
  • No adjustment tools
  • You can try it for 30-days for only $9.95 to see if it works
  • The device cannot be adjusted incrementally and relies instead, on fitting it correctly using your fingers, holding your lower jaw forward and pressing the material firmly against your teeth
  • The airway can shrink, or be less open than it should be if the fitting handle isn’t kept in place properly during fitting
  • Maybe too big/ bulky for some people

Where To Buy Sleep Tight Mouthpiece?

Sleep Tight Snoring Mouthpiece devices are available online in the official site which you can by clicking the link below.

Also, Sleep Tight Mouthpiece devices are available on Amazon stores as well.

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Sleep Tight FAQs:

✅ How do I use SleepTight Mouthpiece?

Just place the STM into your teeth imprints and position your tongue forward. This positioning allows for gentle retention of the tongue to help open the airway and reduce snoring and help sleep apnea.

😴 How much time does it take to improve snoring with STM?

It would take two to three weeks to reduce snores depending on the adjustments.

🔥 How is SleepTight device cleaned?

It is recommended to use a very soft toothbrush and use any liquid antibacterial soap to remove debris. Stain, Odor, Freshness and Hygiene A once a week complete cleaning of the STM is recommended.

⚡ Can STM be used with the dentures?

In some cases. it might work. If you have partial dentures, then it would work but if a person has got the full dentures, then AveoTSD is recommended.

💲 How much is STM?

Sleep tight mouthpiece costs $9.95 as a trial. After the trial, it costs $69.95.

Conclusion: Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review 2024

Compared to many other anti-snoring mouthpieces, SleepTight can last up to two years, which, when combined with its lower price than much of the competition, might deliver improved overall value.

It’s additionally one among the few boil-and-bite choices presently on the market that enable you to breathe through your mouth.

SleepTight can’t be balanced, yet it’s boil-and-bite configuration additionally implies that it very well may be refitted 4-5 times (the organization claims it starts to harden after that and turns out to be less malleable), giving you some adaptability on the off chance that you don’t skill diminished wheezing immediately. 

You might have got an idea of this

Just keep in mind that (and the vast majority of MADs) are only FDA cleared, which means they’ve been found to be “substantially equivalent to another legally marketed device.”


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