Enjoy Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls In Koh Tao Thailand 2024

If you are looking for the perfect island in Thailand that offers everything: beautiful beaches, a wide selection of excellent Thai and Western restaurants, shopping malls, and many friendly Farang Thai women, you will find Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls In Koh Tao.

The largest island in the Gulf of Thailand (even larger than Koh Chang) has the liveliest nightlife and the largest number of Thai sex workers. In other words:

hot thai girls- Enjoy Nightlife & thai girls in koh tao
Enjoy Nightlife & thai girls in Koh Tao

Koh Tao has the best nightlife of the island in all of Thailand (if we ignore Phuket, which is technically an island but does not feel like it). And since there is so much to do and the girls’ nightlife and scene vary greatly depending on the beach, I think it makes sense to get an idea of ​​the daily conversation before entering each category.

Enjoy Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls In Koh Tao Thailand 2024

Koh Tao Nightlife Overview

In Koh Tao, 90% of the total Thai farang is in the coastal cities of the east coast of the island, including Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai (the English word for “beach”). Sorry, I would like to say that 90% of the nightlife is on Koh Tao on the east coast. There is literally nothing to sell on the west and south coasts. If you arrive by ferry on the island, you will see the west coast, as the ferry port is there.

It takes between 45 minutes and an hour to cross the island by motorbike from west to east.

Best nightlife in Koh Tao beach - activities

If you’re a single seeking fun and enjoyment with local Thai people (about 60 to 70% of all Koh Tao prostitutes actually come from Isaan), you should book your hotel on Chaweng Beach when you travel with your girlfriend and you’re not planning to Unpleasant trio, choose the most relaxing beach in Lamai, located a few miles south of Chaweng, and drive 20 minutes by motorbike.

Yes, there are also many brasseries and massage parlors (happy ending), but they are less numerous and I have also found that the quality of girls in Chaweng is much better than in Lamai. The boys and beautiful are exactly where the money is, the big hotels and the nightclubs.

There are also some South and North Coast hotels such as Bophut Beach, Maenam Beach and Lipa Noi Beach, but these places are best for reading books throughout the day and quiet seafood dinner in the evenings enjoy. Yes, there is a bar or a massage room, but it is nothing compared to Chaweng and Lamai.

I’m almost ready to explore the different types of nightlife in Koh Tao, but one thing I notice here is that the girls are very attentive and are screaming at you louder and more enthusiastically than anywhere else in Thailand.

Even if you pass a massage room, they try to grab your attention. In Pattaya, they did not bother with that and just looked up from their cell phones when they passed the shop, but here the girls seem hungrier.

What also struck me is that most Thai prostitutes in Koh Tao do not like Thai-speaking farangs. I used collection lines, not only for prostitutes, but also for normal store clerks, and they always answered in English. Some prostitutes were even angry and shouted at me literally, “I do not like Farang, Thai! Comments later, let’s go over some of this juicy from this guide.

Girly Bars on Koh Tao

The most famous theater on Koh Tao is Soi Green Mango in Chaweng. It is a horseshoe-shaped road that is about 300 meters long on Beach Road. It’s like Walking Street Light, with some bars, three nightclubs, and a dozen girls’ bars.

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Hot girls bar in koh tao - thai hot girls

The most popular place in Soi Green Mango is the Henry Africa Bar (see the first photo of the guide) which is visited every night by tourists, some ex-pats and many Thai girls who do not carry ID but are bar staff and are available to buy can pay drinks for 90-150 baht and later a fine of 400 baht at the bar.

Free pool, 80 bottles of baht change (or 120 pints baht), many TVs with live sports, and a modern and comfortable environment.

If you would like me to recommend the best bier in Soi Green Mango, then I would say that Chonticha’s (see photo above) are not just the most girls, but also some of the hottest girls in the world. pull off beer at 80 baht, lady drinks at 150 baht, sang som, including blender at 400 baht and bar fine at 300 baht.

They also had a free pool and table tennis. On some nights Chonaticha is so busy that it closes by 10 clocks.

But of course, red-light entertainment in Koh Tao is not limited to Soi Green Mango. There are countless beer stalls in Chaweng and Lamai (again, Lamais bars are not as crowded with girls as Chaweng’s).

I have highlighted the main access points of the bars on the map. They are often grouped with massage rooms (see below). The highest concentration of pubs in Koh Samui is in Soi Reggae on the Lake Chaweng Peninsula.

Night Clubs on Koh Tao

Chaweng Beach is home to the main nightclubs in Koh Tao. And three of the most popular places are on the Soi Green Mango Party Strip. The most popular is the Green Mango Club (so legendary in its 26-year history that the entire street was named in its honor).

Just do not make a mistake and do not come too soon, because the action starts long after midnight, when people are full of pubs and playing on outdoor dance floors. As with all other nightclubs, there are many Thai freelancers as well as “normal” girls who just come for fun and possibly spend the night with foreigners.

Best nightlife in Koh Tao - Girl bars

At the top is the Sweet Soul Cafe, which is smaller and seems to lose most of its potential customers in favor of the Green Mango Club, more sophisticated and impressive.

It’s always a good place for parties with bar stools on the floor in a circle, providing a perfect view of the club and the party stripes outside. Another good reason to try Sweet Soul Café is the special offer: One bucket of Four Shots Vodka with mixers of your choice for 100 Baht. Sound is the third and least visited club of Soi Green Mango.

If these places are boring, you can try the Q Bar, a more exclusive place on a steep hillside with stunning views of Lake Chaweng. The Ark Bar Beach Club is, as the name implies, a mix of the beach club, reggae pub (pictured) with live music and views of Lake Chaweng or, if you want to party in the Thai, how they do it, locals, with a bottle of whiskey and Thai music: X-5 on a quiet street near the airport.

Happy Ending Massage on Koh Tao

Do not expect 20-year-old Isaan girls in short skirts to shout, “Hello, handsome man! Massage! “Such places do not exist on Koh Tao and on Koh Phangan there are not many massage scenes on Koh Samui

However, if you do not care for the 30-year-old women who will give you a good massage and maybe a straw as a happy ending, you can find them at Sairee Beach. Sometimes it is difficult to say which type of massage offers a “special service” as everyone wears traditional massage dresses. However, looking at facial expressions usually makes this pretty obvious. There are also some lounges in Mae Haad Bay (near the pier).

Ladyboys on Koh Tao

Unfortunately, there are no ladyboy beer bars in Koh Tao, but if you can pay a few hundred baht more you will get more for your money in the ladyboy cabaret bars. There are two such places in Chaweng Beach and one in Lamai Beach (see map below).

best nightlife & good girls - ladyboy

They charge no entry fee, but drink prices are quite high, usually 260 baht, with the exception of Paris Follies, where drinks are available from 390 baht, but the island’s most popular shemale.

In these places, you can order a drink, enjoy the show on stage (costumes and incredible gestures, etc.), and it’s not difficult to have an attractive ladyboy by your side. If you like, you can meet them after work at 2 am to have fun in your room. Another great way to meet ladyboys for free, not only in Koh Samui but all over Thailand, is the popular online dating site. In addition, many massage parlors in Chaweng employ ladyboys, especially shops on the north and south end of the beach.

Night Market on Koh Tao

There is no designated area with a large night market or “walking street” in Koh Tao, but as you walk along the promenade of Sairee Beach, you will find many traders selling all kinds of garbage, clothing, and coconut.

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🤔 Is Koh Tao worth visiting?

Koh Tao is an island in Thailand with all the fun activities such as diving, skiing, etc. It is definitely worth visiting.

😍 Is Koh Tao a party island?

Yes, Koh Tao is a party island since it has night clubs and bars where you can meet sexy girls and have fun with them. The nightlife in Koh Tao is elegant and classic.

🥳 What is there to do in Koh Tao at night?

The nightlife in Koh Tao is surreal. you can visit bars and clubs. Some of such places are Coco bar, Pirate bar, Queen's Carabet, Chaweng Beach, Green Mango Club, etc.

Conclusion: Enjoy Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls In Koh Tao 2024

Outside of Sairee Beach, there is not much in terms of nightlife and Thai girls. Mae Haad Bay is where the ferries are. There are mainly restaurants and shops in this area and very few discrete bars and massage parlors. This generally means that there are no prostitutes and no happy ends.

Haad Sai Nuan, Ban Kao Ao Chalok and Freedom Beach are great places to swim in the afternoon (white sand, crystal clear waters), but they have nothing to offer in terms of nightlife and entertainment for the only traveler. There are mostly resorts on these beaches and all you can find are romantic (but quiet) bars and seafood restaurants.

Now you have an overview of the different Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls In Koh Tao …..

I think you noticed it when you read this post. There are too many backpackers here who seem to take up so much space that there is no room for sexy Thai girls. I’m joking, probably because they know that they can not get much money back from backpackers.

What I like about Koh Tao is the beautiful beaches.

I think 3 nights is the maximum time you should spend in Koh Tao (unless you come for diving), similar to Koh Phangan. The best nightlife in the area is, of course, Koh Tao, where you can easily spend a week in Chaweng and Lamai without getting bored.


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