How To Clean Your Mattress At Home With Household Cleaners | Proven Steps {Guide To Deep Clean A Mattress}

Owning a good quality mattress is a committed investment where you need to ensure that the life of the mattress can stretch up to at least 10 years.

For the mattress to have durability it is important that it is cleaned properly over the years and you monitor its wear and tear on a regular basis. There are a lot of things that can spoil a mattress.

  • Pet hair
  • Mites
  • Dirt settling into the mattress
  • Spilled drinks
  • Food granules
  • Dead skin
  • Oils
  • Sweat
  • Other stains
  • Fungus growth

Even if you are not suffering from any allergies you need to take cleaning your mattress at home seriously. It is important that the mattress being used at home is free of dust mites, odour and stains to have good sleep.

Dirty mattress- mattress cleaning guide

Deep cleaning your mattress is not as difficult as you thought. The process that we will be following is pretty standard and will not be specific to any particular stain removal or bacteria treatment as if you are following this process regularly then you will be happy to see a healthy and clean mattress.

Proven Steps to Deep Clean the Mattress

This process is something that needs to be done to keep your mattress clean and fresh in a general sense of the way. The steps that need to be followed are quite systematic and simple and the results will definitely bring a smile to your face.

If you would follow the below process every 6 months then you will increase the life of your mattress.

  • The very first thing that needs to be done is to remove all your bedding from the mattress. By bedding, we mean everything, the bedsheets & pillows, mattress protector and pad.
  • You should start with vacuuming the mattress from all the points, usually, everyone misses the base of the mattress but if you can then flip that mattress around and vacuum. The slower you keep the movement of the vacuum cleaner the better the results.
Vaccuming the mattress- how to clean mattress
Vacuuming your mattress
  • Now you need to take your mattress to an open, dry and clean area where it can sit in the sun. But before you let the sun sanitize it make sure to apply baking soda to the mattress. Use your hands (wear gloves) and make sure you evenly spread out the baking soda on the entire mattress.
  • Baking soda helps in fighting bad odour and removes excess moisture from the mattress. Try to be generous with the Baking Soda and let the mattress sit out in the sun for at least 24 hours.

Baking soda for mattress- how to clean mattress
Baking Soda for mattress
  • After 24 hours you will have to vacuum the entire mattress again making sure you get every last bit of the baking soda from the mattress.
  • Make sure that you dust the mattress properly and get the mattress back into a clean and sanitized room.
  • There is no point in going through the entire process of deep cleaning your mattress if you are not going to clean the bed. Once you have cleaned up the entire bed properly you can always consider using polish for the wood.
  • Place the clean mattress on the bed and throw over some clean and sanitized sheets.

How to Fight Mattress Odour?

It is not uncommon to have a bad odour coming from a mattress, usually when you have a habit of eating on your bed or you have babies and pets at home. Your best option is a good Enzymatic Cleaner.

Spray the cleaner on the areas that have stains or seem to be the region where you are getting most of the smell from and give it a good rub. If you have the time after you have cleaned up the spots you should spread a little baking soda on the areas and let it rest for about 24 hours.

Once the process is done vacuum the mattress again and checks if you have rid your mattress of the odour.

Removing Tough stains from your mattress

One of the most painful things to see is a coffee or tea spill on your mattress.

There are stains as such that are tough to manage but there is always a way.

1. The first thing that you need to do is blot up all the excess liquids from the mattress immediately. You need to use a clean cloth to do so, if you have a clean sponge then that should be the best thing to use.

mattress cleaning cloth

2. Now spray the Enzymatic cleaner on the clean cloth and not directly on the mattress as we do not want excessive fluids entering the mattress and reducing their life.

Sparying your mattress- how to clean a mattress

3. Gently apply the solution to the affected area of the mattress and ensure that you do not rub the area too hard. If you apply too much pressure then the leftover liquid of the stain will seep into the mattress deeper and we don’t want that.

4. After applying the solution, use a wet cloth to clean it up, make sure that the cloth is not too wet as the water will seep into the mattress and the entire process would be for nothing. Keep blotting the affected area with the damp cloth till you see the stains vanishing.

5. Allow the mattress to dry and then use a vacuum cleaner to clear up all the leftover dust and particles.

6. If you want the dampness and the odour to go then you will have to apply baking soda to the affected areas and dry the mattress under the sun for a good 23 hours to see the best results.

Removing Yellow Stains from the Mattress & Pillows

If you have yellow stains on your mattress then it is a result of body oils and sweat. Your best friend here is hydrogen peroxide and lukewarm water. You may even add a dish liquid if the results are not as good as you want them to be.

Dirty pillow from saliva stain- how to clean your mattress
Dirty pillow from saliva stain.

Once you have prepared the concoction, you can start by applying the liquid to the mattress. Ensure that you do not pour the liquid on the mattress directly, either use a spray bottle or a cloth to do so.

Scrub the mattress gently with a brush so that the stains are covered with the liquid. Let the mattress sit for about an hour so that the concoction can do its job.

After an hour, rub the yellow stained areas with a damp cloth and check to see if the stains have gone. If there are still signs of the stain then repeat the process. You need to make sure that the mattress is dry before you start using it.

How To Steam Clean Mattress? 

If you own a Steam cleaner then you should always use it to maintain your mattress. For tough stains, bad odour and an overall clean mattress a steam cleaner is definitely recommended. There are a lot of benefits of using a steam cleaner to clean your mattress.

Steam clean mattresss- how to clean mattress

Fights Pest:

Dust mites on your mattress can be a real problem. You cannot spot the dust mites while you clean your bed or mattress. You will only realise that you have an infestation once you start feeling the itch. Steam cleaners are highly effective against pests on the mattress.

Tough Stains and Odor:

In the steps mentioned above for cleaning your mattress and removing stains if you add steam cleaning to the steps then you will see much better results. The process needs to be done before you vacuum your mattress.

Healthy & Clean Mattress Lasts Longer:

Your best chance of increasing the life of your mattress is by keeping it clean and maintaining it the right way. Steam cleaning is a great way of doing this. It also helps you save money as you need not change your mattress very soon.

Use Mattress Pads To Protect Mattresses:

Mattress pads for mattress protections

One of the best ways to reduce damage to your mattress is by using a good quality Mattress Pad. The Mattress pad helps in providing an extra layer of protection to your mattress. Though mattress pads are a great way of keeping your mattress clean it does not mean that you need not clean the mattress pads now and again.

A good mattress pad and protector helps your mattress avoid drink spills, dust mites and other such problems. You can check out some amazing mattress pads at Covers And All.

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