JapanCupid Review 2024 ❤️- Is It Best Dating App? Your Bride To Be Is In Japan?

Japan Cupid Review


JapanCupid is an excellent choice for the dating platform: a reasonable price, no message restrictions, easy navigation, and complete design.

Out of 10


  • Standard members (free) can send and receive emails
  • Standard members can upload up to 5 photos to profile
  • Multiple Languages allowed
  • Simple Search Filtering option
  • Advanced search option


  • Video and chat functions for paid members only
  • Only paid members can add interests & hobbies


Price: $ 34.99

Are you looking for your perfect match in Japan?

The wait is now over. With the world’s leading Japanese dating website, JapanCupid, finding true love has never been easier.

From its intuitive search and messaging functions to its secure online communication platform, it’s clear why so many singles turn to JapanCupid when seeking their true soulmate.

As a leader among international dating sites, it offers an incredible array of features that help connect compatible couples from around the world with one another in no time at all.

In this review, customers will learn more about what makes JapanCupid such an attractive place to meet quick matches or long-term relationships alike quickly and safely!

Bottom line Upfront: How to find online date on JapanCupid? What are pros and cons of JapanCupid.com?

JapanCupid is a fantastic dating website for all men. You can discover many hot and seducing Japanese ladies out there on the website and choose among them based on your preferences and likings.

This website is easy to use and keeps your chats and calls private. You can approach sexy ladies and seduce them with your flirts and pick-up lines.

You and your partner can start making asexual bond and enjoy the entire night. Try Out JapanCupid Now.

Japan Women gif

This is a fun and sensual website where many horny women wait for men to chat or video call them. They want men’s attention and seduction a lot.

Women of all ages who are above 18 sit holding their phones or PCs and craving sexy texts from hot and alluring guys on this website.

You have to register on this website for free, but you will get access to limited features such as finding hot ladies and chatting with a few of them only.

After a while, you can improvise a lot of different features.

This website enables you with various language options, and the platinum participants will get a service that will translate their talks very impressively.

After doing these initial processes, you are all set to talk to sexy and seductive Japanese ladies to replace your lonesome nights with a sexy one.

Japan Cupid Dating - How to Date a japanese girls

Table of Contents

Japan Cupid Review: Is it Worth It?

  • Japan Cupid Review

JapanCupid.com is a leading Japanese dating site that has been operated by Cupid Media for over a decade. This dating site offers locals and foreigners the opportunity to meet beautiful Japanese girls.

Initial registration is free, and you get limited features like finding singles and chatting with specific members without paying a dime.

However, you will need to upgrade at some point to get more features. JapanCupid offers many language options, and those who are platinum members have access to the impressive translation service.

If you’re one of those men who dream of having a beautiful and well-educated Japanese girlfriend or wife, this Cupid of Japan review is for you. Continue reading!

  • Is Japan Cupid worth it?

One of the most rhetorical questions is whether this page is good enough.

There are various opinions that you can find on the Internet, but I prefer to draw conclusions based on my personal experience with JapanCupid. Here is a list of things I like and dislike about this dating site.

  • User-friendliness

Japan Cupid is simple and practical to use. The website is easy to navigate and offers many language options. It also has a mobile app to make your online dating experience more transparent.

It is fairly easy to search for profiles after registering with your email address and name.

Profiles are filtered based on your search criteria, including appearance, account creation date, cultural background, and member profile.

Japan Cupid - match your love dashboards

  • Is JapanCupid safe and secure?

Your information about JapanCupid will not be shared with third parties without your permission, and your profile details are very secure.

Japanese Cupid is a subsidiary of Cupid Media, an accredited online dating company with 35 niche dating sites.

That is why you are in good hands.

Are There Scams on Japan Cupid?

There will always be little people online trying to take advantage of others. The good news is that JapanCupid.com’s great reluctance drastically reduces this and makes it easy to avoid them.

You can report dodgy members right away, and if you simply don’t send money to women you haven’t met, it’s impossible to get scammed.

JapanCupid.com - members testimonial

Japan is also probably one of the most political countries in the world so that I wouldn’t worry for a second. I have never seen a single woman who tried to take advantage of me during my stay.

Registration Process

As always, the first step is to create an account. On the home page, click the Show Singles button.

The registration form is displayed. You only need to fill in 5 fields: your name, your gender, your age, your email address, and your password.

Or you can do it even faster with one click if you have a Facebook profile. Click the Join Facebook button, and you will complete the registration in seconds.

If you want to leave the site and are looking for a button to delete a JapanCupid account, you must first access your profile settings.

There you will see the option to deactivate below. Click the link to deactivate your membership. Enter your password and the reason why you want to leave the site.

Ease of use of the JapanCupid Website

Yes, this page is fairly complete and easy to use. Although it doesn’t have a very original design and you have probably seen similar decisions online on other dating sites I see it as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Once the free JapanCupid registration is complete, the homepage will appear, which looks like a member profile table.

The list of people you can see there has been tailored to the answers and settings you mentioned when completing your profile.

If there is someone you like on this list, you can click the chat icon below the profile picture and start talking to them right away.

You can click on the profile picture, and you will be redirected to the member’s profile page.

Japan Cupid Dating - How to Date a japanese girls
JapanCupid Dating – How to Date Japanese Girls?

There you can learn more about this person by reading basic education or marriage information to learn details like the presence of body art or favorite hobbies or food.

If you don’t find anyone you like from this list, click the Search button. Advanced search options will appear.

You will even find a person who has a certain hair length or certain cultural values ​​such as their religion or their Chinese character.

For me, this is a great opportunity for those people who are looking for someone very special.

There are also a few other options to improve communication and find new matches on this site.

One of them is the Activity tab, where you can see which member has seen your profile or added to your favorites. You can also check the list of favorite members that you have created yourself.

  • Making Contact

JapanCupid is an online dating site where you can search for friendship, love, pen pal, or a romantic date. It offers different ways of connecting with other singles.

However, some of their contact functions are blocked for standard members. Therefore, for an unlimited online dating tips, you may want to purchase a premium membership and use all the features related to it.

JapanCupid - how it works to find your match

But here too, standard members can contact each other using the free contact functions of JapanCupid. They can also show interest, add members to favorites, and comment on photos.

  • User account

Now we have come to the most interesting part of this Japan Cupid review: a member’s profile. Since you can use the advanced search to provide many details, everyone has found a place in the member’s profile.

JapanCupid com - features plan

For this reason, the user account appears a little complicated at first glance, with too much information. But I divide it into two logical sections: the general context and a more detailed description of a member.

What can the first section tell us about a user? –

Almost everything you need to know if it’s right for you: a photo, a name, an age, a location, studies, children, bad habits, and a brief explanation of a perfect match for them.

If that’s not enough for you or if you want to get to know a user better, scroll down, and you’ll see a large table with around 40 elements.

In this table, you can get not only very confidential information about a member but also find further details about the person you are looking for.

To start a conversation with a user, click the message icon in the upper right corner of the user profile. There is only one communication channel on this website. However, since it’s a live chat, you don’t have to wait long for replies.

As soon as a member sees your message and gives an answer, a conversation begins.

  • Quality of Girls on JapanCupid

In general, Japanese women want a long relationship or true love for a man. And more recently, Japanese girls love foreign men compared to native Japanese men.

These women are even ready to move out of their city for love.

Your search for love is made easier by chatting with JapanCupid.com.

Want To Chat With Hot Japanese Girls Join This Best Japan Dating Website 

JapanCupid Dating - Chat with japanese girls

You have access to thousands of profiles on the website, both domestic and foreign, from around the world. Some of these girls are well educated and speak English fairly well. Cupid’s Japanese girls smoke.

You just have to be nice to them with cute little talks and voila! You’re gone.

JapanCupid App

JapanCupid doesn’t just have a website version, it also has a mobile app version. Even without a computer, this is no longer an excuse to connect online. The Japan Cupid Review is quite good.

Japanese Dating - Get it on google play - japan cupid review

The version of the mobile application is as functional and interactive as the corresponding website. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

However, it is not currently available for iOS users.

The JapanCupid Mobile App was developed for over 18 users and required Android version 5.0 and higher.

Pricing Plan – JapanCupid

To access the full JapanCupid experience, you need to choose a Gold or Platinum membership, as the standard membership that you automatically receive after registration gives you very limited options.

The price range between gold and platinum subscriptions is not significant, just a few dollars.

So, think twice before choosing a gold membership, as platinum may be more beneficial to you, and a few dollars isn’t a high price to pay for it.

Both memberships have three packages and four payment methods.

Platinum membership:

  • 1 month – $ 34.99
  • 3 months – $ 69.98
  • 12 months – $ 149.99

Gold subscription:

  • 1 month – $ 29.98
  • 3 months – $ 59.99
  • 12 months – $ 119.98

JapanCupid com - Upgrade pricing plan

You can use one of the four payment methods to update your account.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
  • Standard members (free) can send and receive emails from and to other members, including gold and platinum members.
  • Instant messaging / video and chat functions are only available to paid members.
  • Standard members (free) can upload up to five photos to their profile.
  • Adding interests and hobbies are only available to paying members.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • Simple Search Filtering.

User Testimonials

Read Testimonials

Japan Cupid Testimonials - 2 Japan Cupid Testimonials

5 of the Best Alternatives to Japan Cupid

1)  Tapple:


Rather than creating a profile or swiping to connect with other people, you are paired based on shared preferences such as food, movies, or sports.

According to Tapple’s numbers, 7,200 people find lovers each month, and 4,500 new users register each day.


They charge in Yen. They have various premium plans to offer. Also, the website is entirely free for women. These plans are only for male users.

  •         3,700 Yen  – For 1 month
  •         3,200 Yen (1066.67 Yen per month) – For 3 months
  •         2,800 Yen (466.67 Yen per month) – For 6 months
  •         2,234 Yen (186.17 Yen per month) – For 1 year
Pros Cons
  • The website is entirely free for women.
  • The interface of the website is not very satisfactory.
  • It has a unique feature that matches people based on their hobbies.

2)  Omiai:

omiai datingThe term ‘Omiai’ applies to a Japanese tradition in which prospective marriage partners are presented to one another.

According to the Facebook app listing for Omiai-jp.com, it is the largest online dating service in Japan that utilizes the Facebook social network.

You will use 24 different parameters to choose your dream mate, including age, ethnicity, salary, and personality. On other pages, users may conceal their identity on Facebook until they are comfortable sharing with the other party.


It is free for women but costs 1,980 Yen a month for males.

Pros Cons
  • It has applications for both Android as well as iOS
  • The application is only limited to the Japanese community.
  • The application Is entirely free for women

3)  Pairs:

pairs review

Pairs is a popular online dating service with more than 150,000 users. With over 950,000 Facebook fans, the platform is very active in its web marketing.

They seem to target men rather than women, judging from the messages on their Facebook page.

All names will be denoted only by initials, and none will be shared on individuals’ Facebook accounts. You may customize your partner’s tastes by clicking on the shown choices.


I work on both the premium membership and coins system. It works with the Yen currency. The website is entirely free for women. These plans are only for male users.

Premium –

  •         3,480 Yen – For 1 month
  •         6,840 Yen (2,280 Yen per month) – For 3 months
  •         10,680 Yen (1,780 Yen per month) – For 6 months
  •         15,360 Yen (1,280 Yen per month) – For 1 year


  •         990 Yen (99 Yen per coin) – For 10 coins
  •         2,560 Yen (85.33 Yen per coin) – For 30 coins
  •         7,190 Yen (71.90 Yen per coin) – For 100 coins
  •         35,930 Yen (71.86 Yen per coin) – For 500 coins



  • The website is entirely free for female users
  • The website I only available in Japanese
  • A lot of Japanese women available

4)  My-Qpit

myqpit review

It enables users to find friends based on their age, profession, and hobbies. Two people will begin sharing messages on the app by liking each other’s profiles.

They will then check out each other’s actual Facebook profiles after exchanging messages twice.

Pricing: The platform is famous with women and is entirely free to use — but men must pay a monthly charge of 2,500 Yen to use it.



  • The website is entirely free for women
  •  Not very appealing layout
  • The interface is pretty straightforward

5)  AsianDating:

asiandating dating

Although the website is not specifically for Japan, it has many Japanese. In comparison to several other platforms, AsianDating.com has a comprehensive correspondence mechanism that enables you to select matches dependent on various factors, including racial and cultural backgrounds.


They have two different types of memberships to offer.

Gold Membership –

  •         $ 29.98 – For 1 month
  •         $ 59.99 ($ 20 per month) – For 3 months
  •         $ 119.98 ($ 10 per month) – For 12 months

Platinum Membership –

  •         $ 34.99 – For 1 month
  •         $ 69.98 ($ 23.33 per month) – For 3 months
  •         $ 149.99 ($ 12.50 per month) – For 12 month



  • The mobile app is quite simple to use
  • The interface is a little difficult to catch for the new users
  • The application is legitimate and safe


Japan Cupid Review

💰  Price

$ 34.99

😍  Pros

Standard members can upload up to 5 photos to profile

😩  Cons

Only paid members can add interests & hobbies


JapanCupid is an excellent choice for the dating platform: a reasonable price, no message restrictions, easy navigation, and complete design.

Rating 4/5

FAQs | JapanCupid Review 2024

Can JapanCupid give free trial?

There are three membership levels at JapanCupid.com: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Standard membership is free and allows you to send interests to other members and communicate with gold and platinum members.

Where can I date a Japanese girl?

You can start dating Japanese girls with JapanCupid. JapanCupid is a dating platform to help find the match.

What kind of girls can I find on JapanCupid site?

The women are real but cannot understand English they are mostly looking for husbands.

Is JapanCupid scam?

No JapanCupid is not a scam but there are many fake accounts so be alert.

How easily can I get laid with women?

It's hard to get laid with women on JapanCupid as most of them are looking for husbands and others are fake.

Can I make a connection with young teen Japanese girls?

Yes, girls slightly above the age of 18 are still teenagers for a while, and you can date a girl who is 18 or 19. You can date women of any age above 18 as per your preference. You can have sexy texting with girls or women and make your impression.

Is this website safe and private?

Yes, Japan Cupid is a safe dating website, and your private talks won't be shared with any third person/group. Therefore, you completely safe and secure while using the website.

What are the pros and cons of having a Japanese wife or girlfriend?

Pros are caring, affectionate, have the perfect skin, open-minded and agreeable. Cons are low libido, sometimes dull, passive-aggressive, and a little hard to communicate.

❤️What do I need to know about dating Japanese women?

You must know that most Japanese women look for casual relationships but are afraid of long time commitments. There is always going to be a language barrier, they take cleanliness as respect, so you have to be and keep your surroundings extra clean.

✅Are Japanese girls nice to date?

Yes, they are entertaining to date. However, foreign men prefer Japanese women only for casual relationships and long-term relationships.

I’m going to Japan soon. How hard or easy is it to get a girl to have sex with you in Japan / How easy/hard is it to date a Japanese girl in Japan?

It depends upon what you need. The easiest way is paid sex. You can go to a massage parlor or red light area if nothing works out. The best way would be calling for escort services, hitting upon women in various locations like clubs and bars, or trying to join a group.

What do you do when another guy touches your girlfriend in public?

Try staying calm. Try sorting it out usually. But don’t just let that mango; you have to confront her if you think the touch was intentional. Also, don’t be scared to punch him in the face. You may get beaten up later, but you have to take one for yourself, girl.

How do I find and approach girls in Japan? I want to marry one. / I need a Japanese wife. How can I get her?

This won’t be easy. It won’t take much time to take a Japanese girl to bed, but it will take a lot of effort and patience to approach her to marry. Be patient and loyal, and you may get her.

What is it like to have a Japanese girlfriend or wife?

Incredible sex and jealous guys would be my answer. I’ve had one, and dominating her was the best feeling for me in the world. In a nutshell, it’s great. Probably the best you’ll ever have.

How To Get a Japanese Girlfriend?

Confidence and asking the right way is the best way you can get a girlfriend. It Is precisely the same how you do it in other countries.

How to Lie and Get Laid in Japan?

Be confident while lying and research well regarding this topic before doing that. Living is probably the easiest way that can get you laid.

Is it true that it is widespread for men to have affairs in Japan?

Not only for men but women too it is getting widespread especially in big cities. This increases your chances of getting laid too.

I used Tinder in Japan. Is it good?

Yes, Tinder is a great application recommended by us too. You must make use of it.

Is getting a blow or hand job in Japan easy?

Yes, many getting those is pretty easy in Japan. The best way you can get these is by visiting a massage parlor.

How can a solo traveler get laid?

The best way is to look for women online. You can also go for escort services or red light areas. Or you can hit on women in bars and clubs.

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Conclusion – JapanCupid Review 2024

Overall, JapanCupid offers an impressive platform for those interested in discovering love within the Japanese culture. It has a comprehensive selection of potential matches organized by location and compatibility.

The website is easy to navigate and provides an intuitive user experience for singles looking for companionship.

Whether you are seeking someone with similar interests or someone who shares the same beliefs as yourself, JapanCupid can provide an array of possibilities!

With its detailed profiles, thorough search features, chat options and messaging services, talking to another member will be very straightforward.

There’s much to appreciate about JapanCupid’s understanding of the different needs that any single individual might have when it comes to finding a compatible partner.

Its commitment to protecting users from fraudulent activity should also be commended, making this one of the safest sites out there.

All things considered, if you are considering joining an online dating site tailored specifically for finding a Japanese match then JapanCupid certainly deserves your attention.

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  1. I’ve tried other online dating sites, and I have found Match to be the easiest to use, as well as providing a constant stream of potential suitors that I may otherwise not have noticed. I am comfortable using this site because of the Privacy they have provided.

  2. I’ve tried other online dating sites, and I have found JapanCupid to be the easiest to use, as well as providing a constant stream of potential suitors that I may otherwise not have noticed. I am comfortable using this site because of the Privacy they have provided.

  3. I like its awesome Easy online contact. Plenty of women answer your messages. Beautiful ladies. Lots of choices. All looking for men with wealth.

  4. Clear and easy to utilize. I’ve met the most extraordinary woman in my life, she took my heart which I thought was not made for affection. I needed to track down a genuine lady, quite far from Europe’s “princesses”

  5. It began with “hi wonderful woman”. I answered “how tall are u?” .. that was practically a straightforward discussion. I didn’t anticipate evening appreciate conversing with him consistently. We both fail to remember how rapidly time pass. We then, at that point chose to at last make it official 3 days after the fact. Also, meet in Japan following seven days. Presently we are pressing onward and I’m simply the most joyful. More than “glad” would mean It resembled enchantment how I began to look all starry eyed at the main sight.

  6. I joined JapanCupid for having sex and hookups I never thought I would find the love of my life. Thanks to JapanCupid for this wonderful recommendation

  7. Met my first love through JapanCupid and 2 lives are modified boundlessly to improve things. It shifted for what seems like forever direction thus gotta bless your heart! I now live in Tokyo with my sweetheart and ferret and I wouldn’t transform it for anything. Much appreciated to such an extent! 2 years as of now and pressing onward.

  8. Clear and easy to utilize. I’ve met the most unique woman in my life, she took my heart which I thought was not made for adoration. I needed to track down a genuine lady, beyond what many would consider possible from Europe’s “princesses”

  9. It’s a little hard to find at first. What with it being discreet and all, but once you’ve found the place where all the Japanese singles are chatting away, you’ll never want to go back to something more “in your face”. If you’re an introvert, or just like things that give your eyes a break from staring at screens for too long – JapanCupid is perfect for you.

  10. Okay, this is the best app you can download. JapanCupid was great because it just worked flawlessly from the start. It’s never crashed on me and I was able to chat with everyone without any problems happening.

  11. Japanese people are really different than you! That’s what I learned when I met my girlfriend online. And while it was a little hard at first to read everything she wrote, and to understand her culture so well, the slow process of getting to know each other made our relationship far more meaningful.

  12. On my first visit to JapanCupid.com, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find like-minded girls in the same city as me. So far I’ve already made several new girlfriends that are just really cute and cool people.

  13. I have to say that I never thought that the idea of a Japanese dating site would work. But after trying it out, I am so happy that JapanCupid is here! Going on my first few dates with lovely ladies has been great and getting messages from other interested girls makes me chuckle each day.

  14. I can’t stop smiling. I just got back from a weekend in Kyoto with my new girl who I met on JapanCupid.”
    It’s not all about love… there are plenty other benefits of being on the site too.

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