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Contrasted with numerous other direct-to-buyer bedding organizations, Luma Sleep’s Slumber Systems enable you to redo the vibe of your sleeping cushion, while their utilization of Talalay latex guarantees to convey normally sumptuous solace.

Discussing normal, Luma’s site discloses to us their sleeping pads just contain four fixings: latex stashed curls produced using a mix of ensured reused American steel, Tencel texture, and a high-thickness froth base.

Together, Luma discloses to us these fixings make their sleeping pads agreeable and steady as well as reasonable and naturally neighborly.

The HighYa group has checked on numerous prevalent bed-in-a-container organizations throughout the years. Joined with what we realized amid our examination, we’re here to enable you to settle on a more educated choice about Luma Sleep.

Bedding Type and Components:

Luma Sleep offers latex half and the half and latex beddings. Three models are as of now accessible:

  • The Luma Mattress is a half and the half including a solace layer made of Talalay latex. The help center is built with took curls and a high-thickness polyfoam base layer, and the cover is Tencel® lyocell.
  • The Luma Hybrid Latex Slumber System has an adjustable solace framework with a best Talalay latex layer that can be swapped out for a layer with an alternate immovability, alongside a settled base layer additionally produced using Talalay latex. The help center highlights stashed loops, and the cover is produced using Tencel® lyocell.
  • The Luma 11″ All Latex Slumber System has a solace framework with the same exchangeable best layer of Talalay latex, trailed by a base layer of Medium Firm Talalay latex. The help center is produced using Firm Dunlop latex, and the cover is Tencel® lyocell.


  • Different outline and immovability alternatives
  • Close acclimating and great weight help
  • Free White Glove conveyance in the touching U.S. for All LatexSlumber System
  • 100-night rest trial with no compulsory break-in period


Luma works and offers only from its own site. This guarantees they keep up control over their supply and the nature of their items, yet it likewise implies that there are fewer sources from which to discover client surveys. The Luma Mattress isn’t accessible on Amazon, and Luma isn’t an individual from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Luma does, in any case, have an audits segment on their site. Of all the aggregated audits, clients have given Luma a normal of 4 out of 5 stars.

A 10-year guarantee comes standard with the Luma Mattress. This covers maker’s deformities and also some wear and tear that may happen after some time, such as listing, breaks in the froth, and broken zippers.

How Do Luma Sleep’s Mattresses Work?

Charged as a characteristic contrasting option to flexible foam, Luma’s sleeping cushions come in three diverse immovability choices:

  • Plush – A light and cushy feel perfect for side sleepers or lighter people.
  • Medium – This may be a perfect alternative in the event that you every now and again change positions while you rest.
  • The firm – Ideal for back sleepers, the individuals who lean toward a more significant feel, or bigger/heavier people.

Despite solidness, Luma’s sleeping pads are intended to work with pretty much any strong surface that can bolster the weight, regardless of whether box spring, establishment, stage base or even the floor.

By consolidating Talalay latex, Dunlop latex, and in excess of 1,000 exclusively wrapped pocket curls, Luma reveals to us their beddings give dynamic help that enables you to keep your stance idealize in any rest position.

As indicated by Luma’s FAQ, their Tencel spreads and Talalay latex froth are affirmed per Okeo-Tex Standard 100, and their polyurethane froths are confirmed to Certi-PUR-US models.


Luma Sleep’s items are estimated as takes after:

  • Mattresses: $695 – $1,195
  • Latex Hybrid Slumber System: $1,195 – $1,895
  • All-Latex Slumber System: $1,595 – $2,595
  • Accessories (pads, toppers, establishments): $60 – $495

Luma’s beddings and Slumber Systems accompany free delivering inside the mainland U.S., while AK and HI occupants will be charged an extra $100 for S&H.

While Luma’s sleeping cushions are transported to your entryway in an 18″ x 18″ x 46″ box, as per their FAQ, they could weigh up to 200 pounds. You’ll likely need no less than a moment individual to lift into put.

During checkout, you can pay a one-time charge for White Glove Delivery, which incorporates a two-man group who will put your Luma bedding in your preferred room, set it up on your bed casing, and discard any undesirable bundling. For another $50, they’ll expel and reuse your old sleeping pad.

Luma Sleep’s beddings accompanied a 100-night trial and free returns. Subsequent to giving it a month, call the organization, and they’ll have somebody lift it up and either give it to a nearby philanthropy or have it reused.

Luma’s beddings accompanied 10-years guarantees, while their Sleep Systems are warrantied for a long time.

Regardless of whether to ask for an alternate solace layer, restore a bedding, or process a guarantee assert, Luma Sleep’s client support can become at 813-956-3765 or [email protected].


Luma Sleep is a bed-in-box organization that works and offers rest items solely on the web. Their leader item is the Luma Mattress, a latex crossover sleeping pad made with Talalay latex and took spring curls.

Luma offers two different sleeping cushions; one is another cross breed with adaptable solace layers (Luma Hybrid Slumber System) and the other is a 100% latex bedding (Luma II All Latex Slumber System).

Notwithstanding beddings, Luma Sleep produces pads, bedding toppers, and establishments. The Luma Mattress has been accessible for buy from Luma’s site since 2015. Since its initiation, it has gotten by and large great surveys from clients.


Key characteristics 

  • Customizable solace: The Luma Mattress is accessible in three distinctive immovability alternatives. Sleepers can trade their Luma Mattress for an alternate solidness choice whenever amid the main year at no cost.
  • Highly responsive: High-quality Talalay latex is utilized as a part of the creation of the Luma Mattress. This material is profoundly receptive to the forms of the body, giving back, neck, and joint help.
  • Breathable: Open-cell Talalay latex is all-common and more breathable than adaptable foam. The Luma Mattress highlights ventilated Talalay froth to additionally build wind stream.
  • 10-year guarantee: The Luma Mattress accompanies a 10-year guarantee from the producer. On the off chance that any deformities are found in the sleeping pad amid this period, Luma will repair or supplant the bedding at no cost to the client.


  • Movement confinement

A bedding with great movement separation will keep a sleeper from being bothered when another sleeper changes position. The capacity of the Luma Mattress to confine movement relies upon the solidness level chosen. The medium and firm choices are accounted for to disconnect movement well, however, a few clients have griped that the rich choice does not. This additionally implies the rich choice has more skip, which a few sleepers may lean toward. At last, a sleeper’s inclination amongst bob and movement disengagement is the vital factor to consider.

  • Edge bolster

The edge bolster gave by the Luma Mattress depends, once more, on the immovability level picked. A few sleepers rest nearer to the edge of a bedding or let their arms and legs dangle off the bed. If so, a sleeper ought to pick a bedding that doesn’t hang at its edges when weight is connected. The extravagant choice hangs more at the edges since it is made with milder froth, yet recall that there is just 1.5″ of froth, so the drooping is insignificant. Firmer Luma Mattress choices have better edge bolster.

  • Sturdiness

The Luma Mattress is made with astounding Talalay latex, which is referred to for its responsiveness and additionally its strength. Its internal springs are stashed and secured by a firm base layer. The Luma Mattress is made with materials that are regularly found in extravagance sleeping cushions and doesn’t contain additional lighten or filling. Hence, the sleeping pad is very solid. In the event that it’s dealt with appropriately, the Luma Mattress can be relied upon to most recent 15 years, which is somewhat higher than the ordinary life expectancy of a half and half sleeping pad.

  • Immovability

Immovability is estimated by a solidness scale, with 1 being to a great degree delicate and 10 to a great degree firm. The Luma Mattress is accessible in three distinctive solidness alternatives:

  1. Plush: Firmness rating of 4. The rich sleeping cushion by Luma is made with a delicate Talalay latex comfort layer. This layer will soak ineffectively, which may not be perfect for heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers. This choice has more skip and movement exchange and might be favored by side sleepers or sleepers who like a delicate bedding.
  2. Medium-firm: Firmness rating of 6. This Luma Mattress is substantially firmer than the extravagant choice, which may abandon a few sleepers unsatisfied, however, a rating of 6 is said to be perfect for all sleeper writes. A sleeper who picks this alternative can expect low movement exchange and slight skip.
  3. Firm: Firmness rating of 7. The third choice is very firm, and a few sleepers have whined that it’s caused a few a throbbing painfulness. This immovability level is prescribed for heavier sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Temperature

The greater part of the materials utilized as a part of the Luma Mattress advance wind stream. Froth is the slightest breathable sleeping cushion material, but since the froth layer in this bedding is ventilated and thin, it doesn’t consider warmth to develop. Talalay late

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CONCLUSION – [Updated May 2024] Luma Sleep Coupon Codes

Luma Sleep relatively difficult to discern whether a bedding feels extraordinary with somebody drifting over you in a store, and surely not by pointing and clicking, so we made we modify whenever Slumber Systems.

These genuine extravagance beds include a three-inch thick, tradable Talalay Latex Comfort Layer on a dynamically strong base sleeping pad.

What’s more, if something in your life changes not far off, you can reboot your Slumber System with another solace layer for considerably less than buying another bedding.

With 20+ years of bedding building background, we have admitted bed nerds. We know how to source the best responsive materials and how to make extraordinary beds.

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Luma Sleep Coupon Code


Get latest Luma Sleep Coupon codes, Discount Coupons, Free Shipping Code, Voucher Code and Promotional Code to save money.

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