Online Texting Mistakes That You Often Make (Revealed) 2024 : Must Read

Online texting mistakes that you often make to put him off.

Can’t seem to get all the dates you want?

There are hidden mistakes in your texting.

You’re messing up your dating life with these small, dangerous mistakes.

So stop cockblocking yourself, and find out what they are!

Make sure you aren’t offending your man by texting mistakes! 

#1. Ping Texts

An example of a ping text message is:

  • Hey
  • What’s up
  • Yo
  • “the guy’s name”

The ping texts place the responsibility on him to develop a meaningful conversation rather than on you.

Your actions suggest that you are attempting to make him chase and put his trust in you. The problem is the way it does so. It’s now he’ll be thinking:

Him: Hey… I heard from her.

Are you interested in my comments?

What’s the point of even trying?

Rather than trying to kick the ball to her (I hope she gets it), I’ll just send it back to her instead.

Ping Texts


Here is another example of the same mistake repeated twice.

She gets a chance to express her thoughts after the first text that was pointless.

She shifted the burden back to me (demanding I elaborate) instead of crafting a meaningful message.

Now, if we were close, I might have thought about explaining. However, we were too far apart to demand so much of her time and attention.

She sincerely wished me well and we had a good time together, but she didn’t respond to my last text.

#2. Low Investment Text Messages

The more messages you send him, the more he will write, the less effort you have to put forth.

The “let him invest” tactic suffers from the same disadvantage: less discriminating men will chase you.

People with a greater sense of social awareness will be annoyed.

  • “and..”
  • “so… ?”
  • “…”
  • “?”

Races to the bottom only go one place: to the bottom

Low Investment Text Messages - Online Texting Mistakes That You Often Make

#3. Powerless Woman Texts

The texts I refer to as “rudderless boat texts” used to be called that.

Where does this come from?

Communication allows the woman to relinquish control over her life.

In surrendering one of the most important aspects of her life, what does that say about her?

It is hilarious when rudderless texts display such timeless idiocy:

  • “I love spontaneity” (like do we have to wait to run into each other?)
  • “Let’s see” (what will we see)
  • “I don’t know” (who knows at that point)
  • “I believe in destiny” (those are the reasons you’re single).

You will appear indecisive with rudderless texts, even if you’re on the fence.

You can do better if the excuses are related to your unwillingness to meet him. Consider your options carefully if you’re unsure.

If you really like him, then take the initiative (or other women will do so).

No plan is a plan to fail

#4. Rage-Texting

Powerless Woman Texts - Online Texting Mistakes That You Often Make

It is reassuring to him when you get angry because you demonstrate your emotional investment. He clearly has you in mind when he says that.

Getting snippy has two possible outcomes:

  1. Backtrack and apologize -it only proves that he is a wimp
  2. You know the guy is under his thumb when he laughs -since you’re living under his thumb-

Moreover, you appear to be a woman incapable of maintaining a polite, respectful conversation. Women who are angry do not attract high-quality men.

Do you have any thoughts on being in a relationship with a woman who often screams and yells? It sucks, that’s for sure.


To encourage her to drop her bragging tone, I replied in a joking manner.

Even so, she became snippy and I knew she truly wanted to impress me and was emotionally invested in the interaction.

She could have sent the message more effectively by stopping communication if she was really upset.

However, making a joke about it and moving on was the best course of action. She would have gained some points if she had done that.

Something like:

Women Who Get It: Yeah, I like to make sure people know they’re dealing with a big shot all the time :D. All kidding aside…


A Woman Who Gets It:LOL, it’s all about you bringing your best game around me :D. All kidding aside…

She replied as if she was completely dependent on me.

Additionally, her relationship skills are lacking!

Stay cool or ghost out trying

#5. Bored Texts 

Being bored is one of the things that scream low-quality women more than anything else.

My phone is too full of examples for me to look at them: don’t do it.

#6. Talk To Me Texts

You can send him a text asking him to talk to you if his silence is bothering you.

I think both are true, and sometimes it’s good, to be honest, and vulnerable.

However, if they do it too frequently, it will signal neediness and insecurity.

Some examples:

  • “you don’t talk to me”
  • “why don’t you reply to me”


There is an opportunity, in the second part, for you to emulate the first text.

As if to say, “Come and get me”.

This is not a good beginning. On an emotional level, she appears insecure and overbearing.

Don’t force him; make him want it

#7. Selfies Texts

Selfies Texts - Online Texting Mistakes That You Often Make

You might want to avoid texting selfies unless you’re a teenager or unless you’re already in a relationship.

Those statements scream attention-seeking and waste of time.

When you’re just starting out, a cool guy won’t know what to do with your pictures.

Ideally, he would prefer you to be physical with him and not in a byte-based version.

7.2. Sexting

In addition, the worst kind of photo is the unrequited (half) naked selfie.

There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s a major warning sign for men who have been around the block a few times.

At 5:56 I knew it was a bad idea..

Nobody knows what will happen to those pictures unless you get married and have a happy ever after.

Avoid sexting at all costs.

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Summary | Online Texting Mistakes That You Often Make 2024

I could continue to make this list of horrible texts if I wanted to.

The seven I have listed here are some of the worst texts I have encountered.


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