DreamCloud Mattress Review 2024: Is It As Dreamy As It Seems? DreamCloud Reviews, Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

DreamCloud Mattress


DreamCloud sells a luxury hybrid mattress and if you want a great mattress that offers you great edge support, contour, and cool sleep, then definitely opt for this DreamCloud mattress.

Out of 10


  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Best For All Type of Sleepers
  • Range of sizes available
  • Foam certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Moderately Priced
  • Hybrid materials for optimal comfort and support
  • Soft Hybrid Construction


  • Firmness scale cannot be selected
  • Not for someone who needs traditional memory foam.


Price: $

Looking for a mattress that feels like sleeping on the cloud? Read the Dreamcloud Sleep mattress Review further.

There are a lot of good quality mattresses that are available online, which can make selection quite a task. So if you are on the lookout for a good mattress that does not have any weight limit and provides a balanced comfort as well, then you must look into the DreamCloud Mattress Review.

The DreamCloud mattress is one that is a combination of the best memory foam, latex, and cashmere.

It is a super-premium and luxurious hybrid mattress of 15” which makes use of the best hand tufting as well as coil technology to give its users a good consistent sleep.

The queen-sized model of this mattress is being reviewed and this DreamCloud mattress review will give you all the information you need about DreamCloud. 

Table of Contents

DreamCloud Sleep Mattress Review: About DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury mattress is one of the most popular brands currently whether online or in retail stores. These are hybrid mattresses that are a perfect blend of support, relief and comfort.

This hybrid mattress fits most types of sleepers and body types as it is a combination of multiple coils pocketed in foam.

Dreamcloud sleep mattress overview

The DreamCloud mattress gives a 365 day trial for its users. It’s one of the best on the market. DreamCloud maintains a really good review score on online platforms and has been a consistently good performer.

Earlier, mattresses of this quality could be purchased only via retailers and were sold at a huge markup. However, this is not the scenario these days.

DreamCloud supports a variety of sleepers as well as preferences in just one product. The mattress is quite good for those who have a lot of weight and though it has many memory foam layers, it keeps quite cool. Check out the DreamCloud mattress to have a look at the various mattresses.

This DreamCloud Mattress Review is based on our experience while testing the mattress and its performance.

The DreamCloud mattress is compared with many other similar hybrid mattresses which are quite popular. The review also focuses on aspects like the construction of the mattress, the pricing, the return, warranty, and shipping. 

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The Man Behind DreamCloud Sleep Mattress

DreamCloud is owned by the same person that owns Nectar Sleep. It is founded by Craig Schmeizer. Craig is a sleep expert and amazing entrepreneur that knows best about sleep products. He has been featured in CNBC, Forbes and other editorial sites where he shares his journey and other stuff.

Craig scheimeizer dreamcloud founder- Dreamcloud sleep mattress reviews
Craig Schemeizer- Dreamcloud Founder

Who Is DreamCloud Mattress Best Suited For?

DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress and if we were to talk about sleeping types then the best fit would be back sleepers and combination sleepers as it has great support without compromising on the comfort levels.

The coils of the mattress are divided along with the mattress and work best for couples as the movement of one of the partners can hardly be felt by the other. This also works great as you are very less likely to spill drinks on the mattress as not all parts of the mattress move while applying pressure.


The DreamCloud Mattress is preferred by many people if they are light or heavy-bodied as its combination technology gives great comfort and support.

Talking about the type of sleepers that will be comfortable on this mattress.

For Side Sleepers the mattress provides great comfort to the hips and the shoulders hence providing a sound sleep without any adverse effects.

This mattress is very comfortable for back sleepers. The Foam gives good support and protection against back pains and irregular sleep patterns. For back sleepers this particular mattress is known to help in getting a good posture.

The combination of foam with coils offers excellent firmness for stomach sleepers as well, it keeps them from drooling into the mattress. This is one of the best options for Combination sleepers too.

 People who feel hot when they sleep: A lot of people will find that they wake up suddenly at night and find themselves completely drenched in sweat.

This could be due to the mattress which traps the body heat and the heat is directed back to the person. In DreamCloud, you will not face this situation as the foams are gel-infused and coils promote airflow.


DreamCloud Mattress Specifications

  1. Offgassing – Requires a day for clearing
  2. Level of Firmness (Scale 1-10) – 6.0
  3. Warranty – Lifelong 
  4. Trial Period Offered – 1 year


DreamCloud manufactures a hybrid mattress that is about 15” thick and is medium-firm.

DreamCloud sells weighted blankets,  bed frames, sheet sets, pillows, and mattress protectors, along with mattresses.  Beneath a cashmere cover are two layers of comfort; the upper comfort layer is made of 1” polyfill and 0.5” of polyfoam that is sewn together to create a luxurious quilted Euro-top.

Below this lies memory foam which is gel-infused of 1.5”. After this lies a transitional layer of 2.5” of very soft conventional polyfoam. The support core consists of pocketed coils of 8” which has 1.5” thick polyfoam beneath.

Read through the DreamCloud mattress reviews to know more about what consumers think about the DreamCloud mattress.

How Comfortable is DreamCloud Sleep Mattress?

So, Is DreamCloud enough comfortable for any type of sleepers?

When it comes to average-weighted sleepers this mattress is quite functional. Average weighted back sleepers get good comfortable sleep and the perfect balance for their backs.

It is important that the back is well supported during the night as muscles need to be relaxed during sleep.

For average weighted side sleepers, the mattress helps in sinking in just enough to provide support to the hips and thighs so that they do not develop neck pain problems, however, this mattress performs well, some side sleepers do complain about the firmness of the mattress so you need to definitely try out the mattress and see if it is a fit for you or not.

For stomach sleepers, this mattress would not be a good choice as it is firm. They would not get the right support for their backs and later on create a lot of issues.

This mattress is a great fit for most of the people using it but some people with heavier bodies tend to feel a little discomfort no matter how they sleep.

As for me, I would recommend that a little time should be given to the mattress to get accustomed to it. The extended trial period is the best way for you to know how well the mattress fares for you.

DreamCloud Mattress Performance Highlights

  1. Soft, Weightless, and Supportive Feeling

The memory foam of this mattress adds some contour, however in case you wish to have a mattress with a memory foam that focuses on the sinking feeling, there could be a bit of disappointment.


Though there are many memory foam layers, they are very thin in contrast to the coil.

This is combined with latex and is best suited for people who wish to avoid the sinkage and do not want to compromise on the contour.

The mattress is very soft, supportive, and is quite weightless. Irrespective of whether your weight is 120 pounds or above 200 pounds, this mattress can take it all. You can read through the DreamCloud customer reviews wherein a lot of users have spoken about the supportive feature of the mattress.

2. Firmness


In the mattresses from DreamCloud, there is no specific option related to firmness.

However, the mattress has been constructed in such a way that it is quite comfortable for partners with different preferences related to the firmness of a mattress.

The firmness of the mattress has been rated by DreamCloud as 6 of 10 wherein one is feather-light and ten is similar to a concrete floor.

3. Reduction in Motion Transfer 

Coils usually are good in relation to breathability as well as edge support, however, they usually lack in the reduction of motion transfer, especially in products that have continuous coils.

However, in DreamCloud mattress, this issue has been countered with two amazing features:

(i) The Coils have been wrapped separately and they are encased with foam. So, in case there is pressure on a certain area, it will not affect the continuous coils, thereby not disturbing your partner even if you move.

(ii) The mattress has many memory foam layers that ensure the motion is absorbed and the mattress is stable. 

4. Ability to Reduce Heat 

DreamCloud mattresses have included a few features which ensure the sleeping is cool. They are:

(i) The latex used is naturally breathable

(ii) The initial layer of memory foam is gel-infused and traps the body heat

(iii) The Coil units have been designed to be breathable

These features ensure that any user will not be interrupted by hot sleeping.

5. Durability 

If you wish to buy a mattress for the long-term which will take care of all your sleep woes, this mattress from DreamCloud is ideal. The mattress is long-lasting due to:

(i) Double-tufting wherein the cashmere blend is tied to cover the bed’s memory foam base.

(ii) The mattress consists of natural latex and memory foams that are dense

(iii) The coil unit is strong

The DreamCloud reviews on Reddit will tell you how the durability of this mattress is appreciated by most users.

6. Edge Support

Edge support ensures that the user gets support even when you sit or lie on the mattress edge. In case your weight is on the higher side, it is quite tough to find yourself a mattress that gives you enough support especially at the edge.


This makes transitioning also a problem. In case you have experienced such issues, then you must look into the mattress from DreamCloud, as it offers exceptional edge support.

The outer edge, as well as the coil unit of the mattress, is encased with foam, which in turn provides good edge support.


Dream Cloud hybrid mattress is crafted from premium materials that are designed to outlast a lifetime of nightly dreaming and backed by the Lifetime Warranty.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Lifetime Warranty

😩  Cons

Firmness cannot be selected


DreamCloud sells a luxury hybrid mattress and if you want a great mattress that offers you great edge support, contour, and cool sleep, then definitely opt for this DreamCloud mattress.

Rating 5/5

What does DreamCloud mattress consist of?

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is a combination of micro coils and foam. The quality of foam used in the mattress is grade A, which means that no chemicals are used to manufacture the foam providing you with safe sleeping space.


The DreamCloud Mattress consists of 5 layers: 

  • Mattress Cover
  • The Comfort Layer
  • Sink in Layer
  • The support.
  • Base

The Mattress Cover: The mattress cover is made of cashmere and quilted foam. The intention is to make the sleeping experience quite luxurious even over a bedsheet.

The Comfort Layer: To avoid the mattress getting too hot, DreamCloud uses Get Memory Foam so that the mattress is breathable and cooler at night. The memory foam also adjusts to the body by taking its shape to give good comfortable sleep.

The Sink In Layer: The memory foam helps in making the mattress firm but at the same time quite adjusting to your body shape. You will not sink into the mattress and harm your back or neck.

The Support Layer: Multiple coils are pocketed into the mattress foam to add a little bounce to the mattress. This also makes sure that your partner sleeps comfortably if you are a combination sleeper. Another added bonus is that the mattress becomes spillproof as you do not spill beverages due to heavy movement on the mattress.

The Base Layer: Another heavy foam has been placed in the base to make the mattress more durable. You get better support on the overall mattress due to this added layer. The base is ensured to be quite strong and it makes the mattress more durable for a longer extension.

The Best Bed Frame For DreamCloud Mattress

This is one area you need not worry about as there are multiple options available in terms of bed sizes. The mattress works with most of the used bed types.


If you are uncertain about the fitting you can always compare the dimensions online and on the warranty. The mattress should be compatible with slatted bases, adjustable bases and box spring bases too.


Sizes Available: 

  • Twin Bed
  • Twin XL
  • Full Size
  • Queen Size
  • King Size
  • California King Size

DreamCloud Company Policies

DreamCloud offers free shipping for their mattresses. Earlier, the beds were sent across compressed in protective bags. But, of late, the company has switched to making use of cardboard boxes.

The mattress is quite thick and you would require assistance from a second person to set up the mattress.

The packaging has to be removed, unrolled, and has to be allowed to pop out into shape. The process requires just a  few minutes.

DreamCloud Cooling Performance

Hybrid mattresses are generally not known for great cooling and are usually preferred by people living in colder places. That does not mean DreamCloud has not worked on this issue. Though the foam on the mattress does get hot and could cause discomfort the most preferred mattress in the market currently is a Hybrid Mattress.

DreamCloud mattresses are layered with a gel technology that helps in keeping the foam cooler during summers and the results are great.

The innerspring coils too have been placed in such a way that good airflow is produced through the mattress all night giving you a very comfortable sleeping experience. It is called a “Luxury” Hybrid mattress for a reason. This technology is known to increase the airflow which keeps your body cool during the night.



You need not worry about setting up the mattress as DreamCloud offers a white glove delivery, an in-home setup, as well as the removal of the mattress for a fee.

The service is not offered in all areas so be sure to check out the website of DreamCloud to know about it. In case you wish to know where to buy a DreamCloud mattress, you can get the details on the website of the company.


In contrast to other products in the market, where the prices of similar mattresses could be around $6000, DreamCloud mattresses are quite affordable due to their online business model. Check out the DreamCloud mattress price for its various luxury mattress offerings:

  • Twin: Priced at $499
  • Twin XL: Priced at $699
  • Full: Priced at $899
  • Queen: Priced at $999
  • King: Priced at $1,199
  • Cal King: Priced at $1,199


Maintenance and Warranty

In case you are on the heavier side, require cool sleep, etc., the features of these mattresses will be much appreciated by you.

The best feature is that the mattress comes with the longest trial period of 365 nights. In case you wish to buy this mattress, you can check out 

The company provides the Everlong warranty wherein the mattress is covered for the whole period of owning the mattress.

Return Policy

If you find manufacturing issues with your mattress your mattress shall be replaced by the company. The replacement shall be free of cost for 10 years straight and after that DreamCloud charges a nominal fee for it. DreamCloud offers a convenient warranty to its users. If you have other claims then their customer service is on point.

You can reach out to the customer support team on weekdays till 4 pm each day. If you would like to get help online then you can write to [email protected] or chat with a representative on their website for assistance.

Supposedly, you are not quite happy with the mattress within the trial period of 1 year,  DreamCloud will refund the money completely and also get the mattress picked up for no extra cost.

DreamCloud offers the “Everlong” warranty for their mattress, wherein you will be covered for as long as the mattress is owned by you.

Unboxing the DreamCloud mattress

DreamCloud offers doorstep delivery so the mattress arrives home at your convenience. Make sure that you place the mattress in your bedroom before you start unboxing it.

The mattress has been boxed in and will take around 2 days to off-gas and decompress after it has been unboxed. Some people find the odor a little discomforting but that is just something that needs to be tackled. The odour is due to off-gassing.

As off-gassing is something that needs to be done, it is recommended that you open the doors and windows wide open and air out the room as soon as possible. The mattress should be used not before 24 hours of its unboxing.

Is the DreamCloud Hybrid good for side sleepers?

People who sleep on their sides will usually like this bed. But if you weigh over 230 lbs., the bed might be too firm for you. People who sleep on their backs hopefully will like it.

Pros and Cons of DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Pros Cons
  • The manufacturer offers a very long trial period of about a year
  • It would not be the best mattress for people who want a traditional feel of the memory foam 
  • The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The firmness level cannot be selected
  • Hybrid construction is suitable for different people with different preferences
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified
  • It is best suited for those who wish to have a slight feel of the memory foam 
  • It is suitable for every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach as well as a combo of these)
  • Even people on the heavier side can use this mattress
  • It is good for people having a budget of  $1,000-$1,200 (the queen size mattress is available in this price)
  1. It would not be the best mattress for people who want a traditional feel of the memory foam 
  2. The firmness level cannot be selected

You can have a look at the DreamCloud bad reviews, which just give you an idea about the issues faced by users and some of the cons of the mattress.

There have been no DreamCloud complaints other than the lack of options in terms of firmness levels. 

Comparison of DreamCloud Mattress with Other Brands

  1. DreamCloud vs WinkBed

When you compare the mattresses from DreamCloud and WinkBed, you will observe that both are high-profile and hybrid mattresses.


The WinkBed mattress has a thickness of 14.5” in contrast to the 15” of DreamCloud’s mattress.

Some sleepers would want a high-profile mattress as it minimizes the amount a sleeper has to bend so as to get in as well as out of bed.

Both the mattresses are made using top quality materials and they are well-constructed. Both mattresses are quite responsive and feel similar, however, they differ when it comes to the materials used for the comfort layer.

Both the mattresses include a foam layer that is gel-infused, however, the WinkBed mattress also has microcoils as well as a lumbar pad made of cotton.

The mattresses are quite similar in terms of motion isolation, as well as temperature neutrality.

However, the WinkBed mattress does not generate a lot of odour due to the different materials used in the comfort layer. The WinkBed offers great edge support. 

The WinkBed offers four firmness options. The Luxury Firm is similar to DreamCloud, and they are medium-firm with a rating of 6.5 on the firmness scale of 10-points.

If you are a Lightweight sleeper who feels that the mattress from DreamCloud is very firm, you can go for the WinkBed option soft which rates 4.5 in terms of firmness.

Also, WinkBed Plus has a rating of 8 in terms of firmness which makes it perfect for people weighing above 300 pounds.

2. DreamCloud vs Casper

The Mattress from Casper is similar to DreamCloud. It is a high-profile and hybrid mattress that has been constructed using a pocketed coil along with a support core of dense polyfoam.


The Casper mattress tunes to the body, hence it is best suited for people who like the feeling of being “hugged.”

The DreamCloud, on the other hand, is quite responsive, and it does not tune to the body like the Aurora.

The layers are quite similar to DreamCloud. Casper also has phase-change material which is copper-infused, along with polyfoam as well as gel memory foam.

The phase-change material is known to be deeply conforming and is the reason behind the unique experience offered by this mattress.

The mattress from Casper gives better pressure relief as it tunes to the sleeper’s body. The Casper mattress offers excellent motion isolation.

The DreamCloud has a rating of 6.5, or is medium-firm, on the firmness scale. Casper has three firmness options for sleepers to choose from based on their weight and support required.

The options offered by Casper are soft – 3.5, Medium- 5.5, and firm -7.5.

3. DreamCloud vs Saatva


Both the DreamCloud as well as Saatva mattresses are quite responsive than conforming, even though the DreamCloud mattress is hybrid and the mattress from Saatva is innerspring.

Both the mattresses do not offer their sleepers the sinking sensation. Both mattresses offer excellent temperature neutrality as well as edge support.

The DreamCloud is quite a high profile with a thickness of 15”, whereas the Saatva mattress has two thickness options of 11.5” and 14.5”.

The Saatva also has an option of an additional profile that is useful to those sleepers who do not want a mattress that is high-profile.

The Saatva mattress has three firmness levels. The medium-firm is quite similar to the mattress from DreamCloud. The option of medium-soft has a rating of 4 is a good option for lightweight sleepers. 

FAQs On DreamCloud Mattress 

✅ Can the DreamCloud mattress be financed?

Yes. You can opt for financing the mattress with the easy financing facility offered by DreamCloud. In order to pay for the mattress over a period of time, select Affirm while checking out. You can get 0% APR financing on the purchase for about 24 months. Note, there might be a need to make a down payment.

Will I have to flip the DreamCloud mattress?

The mattress generally has less longevity in contrast to other mattresses. It could last you for about seven years. However, in case you go for the two-sided kind of mattress, the mattress can be flipped, which can help in increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Is the mattress from DreamCloud eco-friendly?

DreamCloud provides mattresses that are high-quality and hybrid and support every single sleep position. The mattresses offer cool sleep and they are eco-friendly.

Can the DreamCloud mattress be cleaned?

The Cashmere cover can be cleaned easily. You just have to unzip it and use a mild detergent to spot clean it. It is advised to make use of cool water along with mild dish detergent for routine cleaning so as to get rid of dirt and stains.

How to purchase the DreamCloud Mattress?

You can check the official website to see the closest store in your location to go and purchase the mattress. Or you can also buy online using our special link.

⚡ Is a bed necessary to place the DreamCloud Mattress on?

No. You can place the mattress either on the bed or on the floor. The mattress has been designed in such a way that it will always give you great comfort while you use it.

What is the life of the DreamCloud Mattress?

The life of the mattress totally depends on how well the mattress is maintained and used. However, DreamCloud claims that the mattress will last between 7 to 10 years.

Does DreamCloud Mattress offer a trial period?

Yes. The DreamCloud Mattress comes with a 365 day trial period for you to confidently make the purchase. If you are not happy with the product then all you need to do is apply for a refund and someone from the store will come over to pick up the mattress and refund your amount.

⭐ Is DreamCloud shipping free?

Yes. Shipping of the mattress is free. The mattress is delivered right to your doorstep. This service is not free in Alaska and Hawaii and there is a fee that is charged by DreamCloud.

What is the warranty on the DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. So you can be sure of purchasing the product.

Dreamcloud Mattress Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Customer Reviews

Here are more reviews on DreamCloud Mattress:


Review by Sharon D.
I am so glad I took a chance buying this mattress, it’s the best one I have ever had. I was very skeptical about buying a mattress in a box, but it was easy to unpack and is the most comfortable!!! I love love love this mattress!


Review by MELISSA P.

Am absolutely in love with this mattress. Such a great mood in the am. I know it is thanks to a new bed.


Review by Susan H.
Mattress is soft, but very supportive. Sheet sets fit this mattress well. I love the thickness/look of the mattress as well. Sweet Dreams are abundant on this mattress.


Review by Kim T.
We have been sleeping on this bed for two months now. What a difference for our sleep patterns. We had two other very expensive beds in the two years before we purchased our Dream Cloud Mattress. I am a very large man, who destroyed the memory foam and spring systems in our other two mattresses. Not this one.
It continues to provide excellent support, and yet it provides great comfort all night long. I have never been on such a wonderful mattress. This system is everything, and more, that it claims to be. Thanks so much. I am finally sleeping through the nigh in bed, rather than having to move to my recliner at 3 or 4 in the morning. This is a great product.


Review by Eugene S.
I am a side sleeper and I was getting shoulder and back pain on my old mattress. That went away within a couple days after sleeping on my dream cloud. I used to toss and turn all night, but now I can sleep through the night almost every night. Great mattress.


Review by Samantha P.
We are in love with our new mattress. We went from memory foam to this, and I didn’t expect such a difference. It’s soft and cozy, but just the right firmness!! I used to have back and hip pain in the mornings, and haven’t noticed it with our new mattress. It’s a lot of money to spend, but an important piece of furniture, and we are super pleased with our purchase.


Review by Jamie S.

Quality, affordable, great support without hurting hips or back for sides keepers or back sleepers. I already had my friend get a dreamcloud and she loves hers too.

DreamCloud Sleep On Social Media:


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Conclusion: Is DreamCloud Sleep Mattress Worth Its Price? DreamCloud Mattress Review 2024

The DreamCloud mattress offers great support and the contour offered by the memory firm is quite beneficial. The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is quite heavy, and the queen-sized one can weigh 94 pounds.

When I was looking for a mattress online there were multiple options available but making the right decision was difficult for me.

Once I checked out DreamCloud and found out about their lifelong warranty, free shipping, doorstep delivery and the quality of the mattress, I took the decision of going for it. It was really easy for me to choose DreamCloud as there was a 365 day trial period.

The unboxing of the product was also fun though I recommend that it is not done alone. 

During my use, I did not find the mattress to get hot during the summers also due to the gel technology and I was able to get quite comfortable using it. One of the best things about using this mattress was sleeping with my partner as I have a habit of changing positions while sleeping quite frequently and earlier this would irritate her.

Now it’s so hard to tell due to the coil placements on the mattress. If you are looking for a good quality mattress then you should take the trial as it would really help you in getting good sleep. 

The unboxing of this mattress could be tough, and you could either seek assistance from a friend or pay a fee for the white glove service offered by DreamCloud, which consists of the setup of the bed in any room you want, and the removal of the old mattress.

The manufacturer offers an Everlong warranty and a trial period of 365 days which is not offered by many online brands.

DreamCloud sells a luxury hybrid mattress and if you want a great mattress that offers you great edge support, contour, and cool sleep, then definitely opt for this DreamCloud mattress.

Hopefully, this DreamCloud Mattress Review will help you in choosing the best Mattress for you.

Want to know more?

Check out Dreamcloud Mattress About us page and FAQs.

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39 thoughts on “DreamCloud Mattress Review 2024: Is It As Dreamy As It Seems? DreamCloud Reviews, Pros, Cons & Final Verdict”

  1. Immediately on first lying down on the DreamCloud mattress, we were impressed by how supportive and noticeable its four layers of comfort felt. It was like sinking into a soft cloud of love–plush and cloud-like at the same time. We all thought this is by far the most comfortable bed we have ever had in our house. Even Mister Man had nothing but good things to say! The quality that can be found for such an affordable price just makes these mattresses irresistible.

  2. I’m a night-shift nurse and my old mattress was starting to wear out. Inevitably I would wake up sore, have killer back aches, and never go into deep sleep. With DreamCloud, no more! It’s not going to be a fit for everyone – but you owe it a try if you’re a restless sleeper looking for an affordable luxury mattress with quality materials that will meet your needs!

  3. Honestly, I was not expecting this to be the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. But after sleeping on it for one night, I can tell you it’s worth every penny!

    I found the DreamCloud Premier Rest to be luxurious and perfect for someone who is claustrophobic.

  4. I sleep like a baby with this mattress! I never knew what was out there in the world of mattresses, but the DreamCloud Premier is seriously cutting-edge. Not only do they use pocket periods that you can adjust according to your preferences to always get the perfect sleeping experience, but it’s also customized for everyone. The other customization aspect would be how supportive each zone should be; which brings about yet another one of its advantages over old traditional mattresses. Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase and confidently recommend this product to all who are sitting on the fence still.

  5. This mattress is great. It was very easy to set up – it took maybe 10 minutes? I haven’t slept this well since before my last baby. The firmness is just enough, and the breathability is amazing. I wasn’t sure if I would like a hybrid one.

  6. I’ve always loved trying out new technology, so when my partner and I decided to upgrade our old mattress, we jumped right on the chance to try something different. As someone who sweats while sleeping (yes it’s gross, but some people do!), quality is essential for me in a mattress because without that cooped-up moisture release, back pain becomes an all too frequent occurrence. So before making any purchase decisions on mattresses with poor reviews about sweat issues– despite what you might think of hybrids– I did the legwork myself. Cue DreamCloud! Chief among these considerations was its cooling gel memory foam layer; let me tell you why this makes all the difference.

  7. We first opened the box to find a flat, vacuum-packed mattress on its side surrounded by an outer layer of white cardboard. The packaging was very easy for one person to move around, so set up is hassle free. Simply cut open the end of the bag with scissors or a box cutter, unfold the mattress into place, and watch it inflate within minutes.

    Once inflated you can immediately see that this dreamcloud luxury hybrid lives up to its hype! Constructed of ultra plush double-sided foam encased in quilted microfiber coversthat are made from breathable materials with features like motion isolation technology for reduced partner disturbance, plant based natural latex designed with gel memory foam stuffing for durable comfort.

  8. The Dreamcloud Mattress is a luxury mattress at an affordable price. I would recommend this to back sleepers who want pressure relief, side sleepers looking for some more stability, and hot sleepers because of its cooling properties.

  9. I have always been particular about the firmness of my mattresses. The DreamCloud didn’t disappoint! If you are looking for a mattress that is medium-firm, this is your Mattress match. It sleeps cooler than most other hybrids and I am really feeling it in all these hot Houston winters we’ve had. Good buy for the money (got mine on sale!).

  10. This mattress is everything it’s promised to be. I was skeptical at first of the low price of the Dreamcloud, but now that I sleep on it every night, I know why this great mattress has such a high rating. It sleeps insanely cool and feels so so SUPPORTIVE without sacrificing its amazing plushness. The design is both classic and refined – my girlfriend loved the look on first sight! She curled up with me under our favorite coverlet, feeling like she had just laid down in some 5-star luxury hotel suite that you would never find more than an hour outside New York City.

  11. I sleep well on the DreamCloud, it’s not too firm, nor is it overly soft. I feel like it’s just about right for me. It gives enough to keep me feeling propped up on my side or on my back and still sink in a little bit where needed on occasion. For that reason, I would recommend the Dreamcloud to anyone who needs a medium-firm hybrid mattress–especially those who are looking for a good value price.

  12. My mattress has an ideal amount of layering. The core is made up of 2 inches’s worth of regular memory foam, six inches’ worth of firm contouring beans, and two inches’ worth of soft quilted duvet. I can feel the bounce under my body as soon as I lie down on it. As a side sleeper, help keep me supported without applying pressure to any one spot for too long because there are four layers instead just two or three that have no give whatsoever.

  13. The most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had. I don’t want to get up in the morning. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes! There’s even an eco-friendly option for those of us mindful shoppers out there. Worth every penny – will be buying this for life.

  14. When I saw what you can get for this price, I thought it was too good to be true. But the Dreamcloud mattress really is an amazing product at a fantastic value price. The hybrid construction gets all of the benefits of both latex and memory foam, combined with cooling gel material that helps keep your sleep more comfortable throughout the night. All of those features work together to offer strong support for your back as well as soft comfort no matter how much tossed and turned throughout the day or night.

  15. DreamCloud is the only authorized Sleep Innovations dealer in Southern California, and they specialize in amazing hybrid mattresses. I’ve had my DreamCloud for about 3 years now, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other hybrid on the market. It has some of the softness of a memory foam bed but also provides supportive luxury you won’t get from many hybrids.

  16. I have been sleeping on a 10-inch DreamCloud Mattress for the past week and all I have to say is that it is absolutely incredible. It’s soft, but still has enough edges to be supportive, as well as being great at isolating motion. The materials are top quality components with only organic fibers packed in every inch of its luxurious comfort. This mattress is perfect if you want a more medium experience or need extra back support from your bedding–it’s even better if you’re looking for a new hybrid mattress sold at a value price!

  17. It’s a great product that I very much enjoy. I feel both supported and cushioned, but can also feel the coils if I’m feeling particularly sensitive to pain. It requires a few cycles of sleep before people just melt into it as compared to an innerspring unit with memory foam overlay, but it still provides excellent relief from any aches or pains you might have acquired through your day.

  18. I had my doubts about mattresses considering I thought we could never afford one and we needed a new bed anyway. With the DreamCloud mattresses, we were able to get a better sleep at an affordable price and it is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever owned. It is perfect for back and side sleeping because it is soft enough for me but also supportive so that bother soothing worries are eliminated.

  19. I can’t believe how much I love my new DreamCloud mattress! It has given me the sleep quality and comfort that I was looking for. The #BBQ2016 two-night trial ensures you find the perfect fit, and if not, we will take it back within one year of purchase to ensure you are satisfied with your product. You won’t regret giving this mattress a try–I sure don’t!

  20. At first I was a bit hesitant about buying a mattress online because it has so many layers to it. But the DreamCloud exceeded every expectation! It came very well-packaged, and upon opening it up all I could say was wow. And that is an understatement. The cover of this mattress is made from 100% seamless encased foam, which provides complete protection for the internal support foam core and high quality polyurethane elastic coil springs within. This ensures each sleeper gets uninterrupted comfort as they lay on the bed rather than having their weight distributed unevenly. The plush quilt envelops you with lavish memory foam insulation as you roll over to achieve your best sleep yet!

  21. The DreamCloud mattress is a 3-layer hybrid that saves you money without skimping on quality. For the price it retails at, I was surprised to learn the DreamCloud has 638 individual pocketed coils. That’s because they’ve outfitted this mattress with layers of premium foams like Avena foam and Memory Foam for excellent support. It also comes equipped with Visco Elastic Polymer (the latest breakthrough in cooling memory foam), ensuring this sleep surface won’t get overheated during the night no matter how warm your partner is.

  22. Quality, affordability, and comfort are three of the most important attributes for a good night’s sleep. I’ve found that the DreamCloud makes me feel refreshed in the morning because it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. I particularly like how there is no mattress smell when you first take out your new frame-and-foundation set from its vacuum seal thanks to technology that absorbs odor. As someone who typically wakes up with painful aches after my spine bends during sleep, spending undernerscent on this type of product was worth every penny when you use cashback sites like cashflare to earn rewards for purchases or when using credit cards which offer 2% back in rewards each month!

  23. We’re not exaggerating when we say this mattress is divine. DreamCloud considers itself a hybrid for the people, which explains why it delivers such soft cushioning and such sturdy support in one low-priced package. Measuring 14″ thick with 3″ of combined high-density foams, the bed provides plenty of bounce without sacrificing its firmness. Unlike other hybrids, DreamCloud trades in latex foam for gel: these cooling crystals allow air circulation to last longer into the night and overcome that sometimes sweaty feeling you get from memory foam mattresses (no joke; we’ve all been there). Today’s hottest technology — copper infusion — also ensures durability and antibacterial properties while odor protection guards against unpleasant smells like sweat or cooking gone bad.

  24. I have had a few bad experiences with mattresses in the past, so I was hesitant to buy such an expensive mattress without first trying it out. However, the DreamCloud website allowed me to see what my personal measurements were and they recommended products that would work for me. The company does not bother you with unnecessary emails or ads; all I get are relevant product updates and news about discounts.

  25. When I bought my DreamCloud Mattress, it felt like a good investment. Ths was the heaviest mattress I’ve ever seen and I could tell right away that this was going to give me great support and help promote better posture at night. The fact that it’s sold for such a low price is amazing! High-quality materials without having expensive prices taglined with them–the DreamCloud definately delivers value on all levels!

  26. I had moderate lower back pain for about two years after sliding down a few flights of steps on an icy surface. The doctor put me on some medication that I couldn’t sleep too well with, so he had me try this DreamCloud mattress, which turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I told the doctor that since starting out with this Dreamcloud Mattress it’s hard to believe my low back has improved significantly!

  27. I just want to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE my DreamCloud! It is so comfortable and durable. I recently moved and it didn’t phase the mattress at all – no bunching, tears or stains came up. I was so surprised because my last mattress always left me feeling stiff and hurting in the mornings, but Dreamcloud has really done an awesome job of providing a pillow-top mattressexpeciially for people with back pain. The customer service team even called me to make sure everything was OK after moving!

  28. I could analyze this mattress for hours. Structurally, the DreamCloud is solid – never did I feel like it would buckle beneath me. The handmade in the USA construction has given this company its own unique quality in an industry currently flooded with overseas knock-offs . And yet one thing remains well above average: The price. This luxury hybrid does not carry that hefty retail price tag that most mattresses come diluted with nowadays.

  29. First of all, if I could give this product a 12/10 rating, I would! It’s nearly perfect. That said, here are the pros and cons for this dreamcloud mattress:

    Pros: This is by far the best quality memory foam combo on the market. It has no off-gassing or “new-smell” to it. The horizontal coils allows for maximum customized comfort without any numbness after a while – you don’t have to sleep with your arms at your sides or prop up pillows anymore. For those that want an eco-friendly solution – DreamCloud is made fully from recycled products – that’s right! Every inch of DreamCloud comes from either used material from within their manufacturing process.

  30. Seeing as affordability is a major issue, I thought it would be important to write about DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress. This hybrid model uses memory foam and pocketed coils just like the company’s flagship bed – but it comes in at $1,400 less than its counterpart. Measuring 12 inches thick and weighing 105 pounds, the DreamCloud Premier Rest may not be compatible for all needs – so please do your research before buying. However, this luxurious model does use high-quality materials and has the same number of coils as its expensive counterpart – so there are some benefits to having a lower price point!

  31. I’m Sarah and I am a hot sleeper. I also sleep primarily on my stomach and back…Here’s what’s great about the DreamCloud Mattress: it meets all of my needs as a hot sleeper, giving me just enough pressure relief from being on my stomach to provide support. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, without making that too hard for me!

  32. I’ve tried my fair share of mattresses over the years – brands like Sealy, Simmons Beautyrest‍—and I was always dissappointed in one way or another.
    The Dreamcloud mattress my partner and I bought 6 months ago is hands down one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever slept on – it feels like lying on an unstable stack of pillows every night. Foam mattresses were equally bad- they felt like layin gonktears all night long (literally). That led me to look at hybrid options – but even hybrids that are even remotely comfortable cost upwards of $2000 these days!

  33. As soon as I heard about the DreamCloud mattress, I was hooked. It sounded like my kind of mattress; comfortable but supportive, soft yet firm -based on everything I had read online it seemed like it could really be the dreamiest (pun intended) bed for me. And then…I got to test out this lofty hybrid in person! After sleeping on it for months now, first under trial period warranty and now happily ever after past the return date, there are several things I absolutely love about this mattress.

  34. I ordered my DreamCloud mattress after my old one was eaten alive by bed bugs, and they delivered it right to my door. It came in less than 24 hours, which is crazy because I live out in the boonies! They charged me $499 for this amazing luxury hybrid that makes sleeping like royalty feel so easy. The company even has a warranty in case anything happens too soon under normal wear and tear. And when I bought my mattress…guess what? I used their free online design service to personalize mine! That’s not all – you get access to graphs on your sleep cycle every day with notifications when things are off track or if there’s an issue detected.

  35. I was exhausted and in pain my whole life before I got this mattress. I’m finally getting some sleep, my body feels relaxed each morning, and my back doesn’t ache anymore. This mattress is ideal if you’re always sore when you wake up (but don’t want to break the bank). The DreamCloud Mattress isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it for many reasons. You can rest easy knowing that your budget-conscious purchase also goes towards helping plant trees in the company’s native Argentina!

  36. When I first started sleeping on my dreamcloud, I was skeptical. Why would a $399 be any better than other similar mats?
    -The instant it started to unroll I could tell the quality was much higher than what’s found at retailers like ikea or lowes—it feels so soft and luxurious! This is not your typical spring mattress; DreamCloud has its own patented pocketed coil system that matches the support of coils but without the bouncy feel. That means you’ll sleep like baby all night long (even if you’re pregnant!)

  37. I’ve never fallen asleep so quickly in my life! After nine months of sleep deprivation, insomnia, tension headaches, and pretending to be an adult human being on most days it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas day without falling down dead asleep. But this dreamcloud mattress was the perfect remedy for tired bones once I found myself between it’s fluffy threads. Right off the bat they hooked me up with a foamcore pillow that has ergonomically designed cervical neck support which eliminated the need to prop pillows around my neck- always waking up too hot because pillows are stupid when you’re sleeping anyways right? Like they even come into play toward the end of every snooze session when I’m contemplating getting out of bed– all they do is hurt.

  38. I was pleasantly surprised when I first laid on the DreamCloud. It’s a very nice mattress with a medium firmness to it. You can tell as soon as you lay down that this is not your average run of the mill, totally generic foam-rubber hybrid from China! I have been sleeping great on my new bed and am so glad I made this investment in myself.

  39. Seeing as affordability is a major issue, I thought it would be important to write about DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress. This hybrid model uses memory foam and pocketed coils just like the company’s flagship bed – but it comes in at $1,400 less than its counterpart. Measuring 12 inches thick and weighing 105 pounds, the DreamCloud Premier Rest may not be compatible for all needs – so please do your research before buying. However, this luxurious model does use high-quality materials and has the same number of coils as its expensive counterpart – so there are some benefits to having a lower price point!

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