Pros and Cons of Online Dating 2023 : Is It A Boone Or A Bane

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Dating can be intimidating and looking for a partner can be tiresome at times. Friends and family used to set us up on blind dates, and we would go to dinner after dinner to find love.

How did Aunt Kate waste all that makeup on such an unsuitable date? We’ve compiled a list of the positives and negatives of online dating since a person can now find a match at any time anywhere.

Why Trust Us for Dating

Pros and Cons of Online Dating


  • Chat in your PJs.

You can watch Netflix while scrolling through potential lovers while wearing your dressing gown, putting on your face mask, and getting ready without having to get ready for hours.

There are plenty of opportunities to find a date online in 2019, which means you can spend less time, money, and energy on someone you’re not a great match for.

  • Choose your preference

You can now put filters in place within dating apps so that you’ll only see men who possess the traits you’re looking for. Since you cannot filter by age, height, gender, and location in real life, the ability to do so can help you find a match faster.

  • Skip the awkward silence

The first meeting with someone in a social setting might result in some awkward silences, or you might even down a drink just to reduce your anxiety. Safety (inter)net allows interaction without panic sweats. advantages.

If you’re willing to take the risk, you can meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet or talk to someone you know but have yet to speak with privately.

  • Say yes to guilt-free dating

Dating has never been easier since there are so many free dating apps. When it comes to finding ‘the one’, having all your potential partners in one or two apps can make life easier.

When you can message multiple people at one time, you can decide who to meet and who to delete. Also, don’t feel bad if you chat with others, since you are likely to find your conversation partners doing the same!

It is true that online dating has many advantages, but there can also be some negative aspects that you should know before you swipe right.


  • Online communication

In addition to being less stimulating and intimate than talking face-to-face, communicating over a screen can also have an impact on how your relationship develops.

Online communication

Perhaps you need to move on from this person if online chatting is more comfortable than having a dinner conversation with you. Communication and a sense of comfort with each other must go hand in hand for a relationship to survive.  

  • Beware of catfishes

Regardless of who they are behind the walls of the internet, people are free to be who they want to be. Through your phone, they appear as an interesting candidate for a conversation over drinks, but upon meeting they are quite creepy and you are prepared to fight or run.

It is extremely important to let a friend or relative know who, where, and when you’re meeting an unfamiliar person. Safety is paramount under these circumstances.

  • Choose your apps wisely

Most apps have various uses, but finding a partner seems to be the main objective. (According to a study done in 2017) eHarmony and RSVP are more regarded than Tinder and Bumble, so what does that mean for those looking for a long-term relationship?

People who use Tinder and Bumble may say they’re looking for a relationship but you’ll need to take them at their word. Together, these two apps boast more than 26 million global matches every day. 

It’s true that some people will desperately seek the ‘one’. However, others will be on the lookout for a ‘one night stand’. Make sure your heart is open, but not on show.

Even if you’ve been using apps for a while now or are brand new to online dating, protect yourself at all times.

Getting to know new people can be both exciting and fun, and flings can grow into meaningful relationships, so remember to have fun on your dating journey, even Princess Tiana had to kiss a few frogs!

Main Findings of Online Dating | Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Dating - Pros and Cons of Online Dating

  • A third of Americans date online
  • Online dating is used for various reasons – 48% for fun,9% for serious relationships, and a tenth for sex (12%).
  • Online daters share information too readily, with a quarter (25%) confessing they publish their full names publicly on their profiles. One in ten have disclosed their home address, and another one in ten have disclosed naked photos of themselves in this way, exposing them to risk
  • 57% of online daters lie to one another about their names, relationships, marital status, location, and appearance, despite the fact that it is one of the most hated aspects of online dating
  • Online daters are most concerned about security and privacy issues. 63% of people are concerned that their dating platform will be hacked or their personal information will be leaked.
  • In fact, 55% of respondents reported experiencing some type of threat when dating online. Furthermore, people who use online dating have twice the risk of experiencing an IT security breach as those who do not (39% vs 20%), most likely due to their increased online activity in general.
  • Online dating is also a concern for people who are concerned about protecting themselves. On average, only 27% of online daters protect their device with a security solution, while 16% see no reason to do so as they perceive no risk

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Conclusion | Pros and Cons of Online Dating 2023

Our busy lives today are time-consuming, and we rely on our digital devices to help us stay organized. Digital devices provide access to the world and to our relationships.

In the case of online dating, this is even more true. Our devices or digital platforms have completely revolutionized the way we form new relationships. Using online dating, people carry their dates literally in their pockets.

Despite the plethora of conveniences, this comes with a lot of risks. It can be difficult to meet strangers online, as it is with any kind of dating. When it comes to online dating, exchanging information with another person is necessary, which, if put in the wrong hands, could lead to abuse.

Our findings show that people who engage in online dating, and have never met or only recently met their date, are more likely to share sensitive information. The data is shared quickly as well. Also, they are at a heightened risk of experiencing a data leak or exposure due to an IT security issue.

Even so, they are ill-prepared to protect themselves, with only one-third using strong passwords or limiting the amount of data they share online.

It is very easy to blur the boundaries between online dating and real life. Once home addresses and personal information are spread, strangers can appear on doorsteps and hacked accounts can easily be used for blackmail or exposed to cybercrime.


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