Best Places To Find Hot Girlfriend In Khon Kaen 2023

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The girls of Khon Kaen are among the best in Thailand. Almost every city in Thailand has an area where you can find beautiful girls to play with. Khon Kaen is one of the largest cities in Isan and has one of the largest universities in the country. Where there is a great university, there are many girls who need money. Read a more detailed review of How To Find Girlfriend In Khon Kaen.

During the day Khon Kaen is busy with traffic. At night it calms down to a few points. The best place for non-Thai people to have fun with a beautiful Thai girl in the Pullman and Kosa hotels.

There are other entertainment options for Thai girls in the city that are geared towards Thai men. If you are not intimidated into being in a club with all Thais, ask a tuk-tuk driver to take you there.

Finding a girl in Khon Kaen is not as easy as finding a girl in Pattaya. You will not be able to pick up a girl in Central Plaza like in Pattaya, but there are certain places where you can find beautiful sexy girls in Khon Kaen.

There is an area in the city center where the Pullman and Kosa hotels are located. These hotels are excellent and easy to find while driving. Besides, every tuk-tuk driver knows where he is.

In this area, there are some ex-pat bars that treat foreigners with western food and beautiful girls.


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Also in this area, you will find a soapy massage and some happy ending massage places where the stones are removed.

Best Places To Meet and Find Girlfriend In Khon Kaen 2023

Soap Khon Kaen Massage

Khon Kaen has some places that are types of soapy massages. Some are more beautiful than others and more expensive than others. Charoen Thani Hotel has a place called Lily.

The price is 2000 baht for 2 hours, all-inclusive. There is also a group of fishbowl girls who offer normal massages (and other services you can talk about later) at 450 baht for 2 hours.

Hotel Kosa has a place called Nuat Kao Khon Kaen, which is located on the ground floor when the reception is over. Turn left through an outside door and Nuat Kao is on the right. This place is the most expensive in the city, but also has very beautiful girls. The girls pay between 2,500 and 2,700 baht for one and a half hours, all-inclusive.

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online khon kaen dating

On the third floor you will find another place of massage that offers lower prices, namely 450 baht for a Thai massage and 650 baht for an oil massage, both at the same time. Additional services can be arranged with the girl.

The Cesar massage on Sri Chant Road (or better known as Soi Khao Niao) is a great place with beautiful girls for a reasonable price. The girls are divided into four groups and the price is 1,300, 1,600, 1,800 or 2,000 baht for 1.5 hours, all-inclusive.

Bar Scene in Khon Kaen

The highest concentration of bars in Khon Kaen is located on Pracha Samran Road, a 5-minute walk from Pullman Hotel, and a 10-minute walk from Central Plaza. This is the kind of place where most of the Thai people hang out but are still very open to foreigners, some are very well equipped and most have live music and live sports television screens.

As with most of these places, the dividing line between the bar and the disco is very thin. Some have a large “red” or “black” sign on the outside indicating that Jonnie Walker whiskey is being sold inside. That’s how they promote nightclubs. Whether it’s a bar or a disco, it does not matter. There are no fees for bars or discos in this area. So you can come in, order drinks and see if you like them.

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Among the most beautiful and popular bars on Pracha Samran Road are 99 vintage, Levels Up, Rads, and Farang’s Blue’s bars. These are all common bars, and again, no women are hired as partners for the male clientele. “Ordinary” girls in the country are quite easy and affordable if you take the first step.

#1 Secret Tip to get Thai Girls is to smell good because smell – or a man’s scent – has been proven through experiments to be the #1 factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential date!

Female bars in Khon Kaen

Abroad, there are only a few bars that are geared to girls and bars where you do not have to go to Khon Kaen. As for Khon Kaen, this is a small disappointment.

So, if you stay longer than a few nights, you can easily visit the other places listed here that use dating sites or take a van to Farang Paradise, Udon Thani It’s just about every hour from the main square (1.5 hours, 100 baht).

The best bars with the most attractive girls in the little strip are My Bar, Happy Bar & Erics. All are located on the street between the Pullman Hotel and the Kosa Hotel. Most of them have pool tables (free) and live sports and/or YouTube TV screens.

The drink prices in the bars of these girls are very reasonable, and if you have just arrived from Bangkok, you will be amazed. Most have happy hour until 9 pm with beer for only 65 baht and never pay more than 80 or a maximum of 90 baht for a beer afterward.

Lady drinks are also priced at 110-130 baht. The bar is a good 400 baht in all places. As at any other location, they close at midnight or at two o’clock in the morning in accordance with the rules in force with the officials. So you can wait for the girl you pick to finish her job, which the Thai people do.

The best nightclub to meet Thai women in Khon Kaen

The surprising fact is that most nightclubs are located in a small area around the Pullman and Glacier Hotel, making the transition from one club to another much easier.

The only question that can be asked is the best disco to meet a Thai woman in Khon Kaen.

The underground bar is by far the most famous nightclub and really a place to be. The club has a great dance floor, daily events with varied music by renowned local and foreign DJs.

Another interesting feature of the club is that it is not uncommon for Thai celebrities to leave. The drink prices are moderate and you can expect to pay about 200 baht for entry.

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Find Hot girls in Khon Kaen

5 places to meet Thai girls in Khon Kaen

This nightclub is the perfect place to relax after warming up at the bars as many beautiful local girls decide to go there.

In general, the girls of Khon Kaen are unbelievably open and friendly, but you have to approach them as they usually go out in groups. The working hours are from 20 to 2 o’clock.

Another great nightclub on Pracha Samran Road is 99 Vintage. The hotel is within walking distance of the subway bar and if you’re looking for a crazy nightlife in Khon Kaen, this is the place.

The club is open until 3 am and is full of attractive and young local students. The club organizes daily events and offers live Thai music or local DJ / EDM / DJ mixing pop music. This is probably the best club to meet local Thai women, as the number of attractive women celebrating here is huge.

Finding a girl in the bar in Thailand is not that difficult, but if you are a beginner you need to spend a night or two before discovering the life of a girl in the bar in Khon Kaen.

In addition, the club is known for its gay, lesbian, and ladyboys scene. Remember to be active and approach women because they generally have fun in groups. Do not worry, the girls in Khon Kaen are incredibly accessible and friendly, especially when they see a stranger, as the club is full of locals.

Thai brothels in Khon Kaen

In Soi Na Muang 25 you will find some pretty dark brothels. Drive past the Glacier Hotel late at night and you will see some old houses full of young girls.

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The last time I was in this area, I found only one brothel (occasionally run by officials) with a teenager sitting outside, and Tom in his forties, who was obviously the manager, told me that they did not have fishballs here while they showed the dining car in front of them. Did I order fish balls? Yes, only fish balls.

They did not serve strangers, at least not in this place, or at least not this girl.

Ladyboy in Khon Kaen Ladyboys in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is one of the best places in Isaan to meet hot women. The girls’ bars in front of the Pullman Hotel are among the places to be found. Especially Happy Bar has a very naughty ladyboy.

She would suggest things like, you know? Buy one, get one for free, “if I see you go out with a woman, or” has 3 balls.

How much do you have when playing billiards with someone? Another great place to meet ladyboys in Khon Kaen is the Central Plaza, especially in fashion and beauty stores as well as in advertising kiosks. And of course, as everywhere else, the easiest and most convenient way to meet them is the Thaifriendly online dating site.

Where can you find normal Thai girls?

Khon Kaen is home to Isaan’s largest university, and the city is undoubtedly a stronghold of vibrant nightlife.

There is no great foreign scene, so many girls do not speak or have the guts to explain things in English.

It is best to visit some of the most popular bars of university students (if you are looking for a younger woman). Check out Tiki Tiki Bar, Happy Bar, My Bar, U Bar, Vintage 99, Ban Gru, and Full Frame.

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The best place to meet Thai girls in Khon Kaen (and vicinity) is definitely ThaiCupid. You can make an appointment and bring a girl to a nice bar for a date. You can get premium access to the application, which gives you many more features and freedoms.

It costs $ 25, but you can request a refund after a month.

Additional tips to Find Girlfriend in Khon Kaen

Follow these additional tips and you will have more opportunities to meet beautiful and attractive Thai people in Khon Kaen:

  • If you meet Thai girls in Khon Kaen, always dress well. Nice jeans and a shirt can do the trick.
  • Visit some bars earlier in the evening as students usually attend college.
  • When chatting with girls in Khon Kaen, always be friendly, open-minded, and do not forget to joke. The girls love it!
  • Use ThaiCupid to organize your appointments. All you have to do is create a profile stating that you are looking for women in Khon Kaen.
  • Try your luck if you are looking for a whore.
  • Karaoke bars are the perfect place to meet beautiful girls. Expect about 300 baht for a girl and remember that she will not be able to play karaoke until it is her turn (usually around 2 am).
  • Soapy massage is one of the easiest ways to meet a woman. Prices range from 1,000 to 5,000 baht for all-inclusive massages.
  • If you are looking for a ladyboy in Khon Kaen, just visit a website to meet ladyboys in Khon Kaen.
  • Learning a little Thai will help you a lot with the girls.

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FAQs | Find Girlfriend In Khon Kaen

😍 How to date Khon Kaen Girl?

Khon Kaen girl is crazy ....!!! If you want to date a girl then follow some tips to enjoy a date. Talk girls as possible as politely Be honest with khon kaen girl. Go on the long drive with the girl Give some cool stuff in the gift Take a lady drink for cute khon kaen girl.

😍 What are the types of Massage offered in Khon Kaen?

The Khon Kaen is known for its Massage offered by girls. The types of massage are Soapy Massage, Shower Massage, Happy-ending Massage, Khon Kaen Massage, Lily's Massage, Caesar's Massage.

Conclusion: Best Places To Find Girlfriend In Khon Kaen?

OK, this city seems to have covered and to know-how. If you have specific advice or want to correct outdated information here, do not hesitate and comment on it.

In a coastal town, there are not many tourist things to talk about. You will receive 32 Baht per dollar and you can find hotels in Khon Kaen through this link or hotels in Ao Nang.

Do not forget to contact the single women of Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid before you imagine if you would like to have a better chance of being sex during your trip.

This includes our best places to meet girls in Khon Kaen with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.


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