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Solay Mattress


Solay Mattress has a really nice balance of firmness and softness, which makes it easy to sleep on for long periods of time without feeling like you are sinking into the bed or too hard to get up from in the morning. The layers provide plenty of support while still being responsive enough so that your body moves as needed during sleep.

Out of 10


  • 101-Night Trial
  • Less expensive than others
  • Comfortable temperature control
  • Superior Quality Materials
  • One of the most durable hybrid mattress options
  • Bed-in-box mattress
  • Easy returns policy.
  • Excellent Support Structure
  • 15-Years Warranty


  • No Pillow Top
  • Slight Off-Gassing is possible


Price: $ 899

Finding a mattress that is comfortable and durable can be difficult. Having to choose between comfort and support is a problem that most people have.

Moreover, Sleeping on a poor quality mattress can cause you to wake up with back pain and soreness. You deserve a better night’s sleep, but high-quality mattresses are expensive.

So, what’s the solution?

The short answer is Solay Mattress. 

Most mattresses are either too soft or too hard, but not Solay’s hybrid mattress. It provides both comfort and support for the best sleep ever. In this Solay Mattress review, I have got some amazing reasons to buy a Solay mattress for you.

Bottom Line Upfront:

I’ve been impressed with how comfortable the Solay mattress is. It has a really nice balance of firmness and softness, which makes it easy to sleep on for long periods of time without feeling like you are sinking into the bed or too hard to get up from in the morning.

The layers provide plenty of support while still being responsive enough so that your body moves as needed during sleep. In the end, a 101-risk free trial and 15-year warranty is a big plus. Grab the Solay Mattress with 20% Discount along with 2-free pillows.

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What is Solay Sleep Mattress?

Solay creates hybrid mattresses that have recently been made available to the market. It is said to incorporate excellent quality multiple layered foaming and has a Quantum Edge Coil system which provides maximum comfort and durability.

The coiling system aids in having a soft and pliable sinking cushion feel when sitting and all the while providing uniformity during sleep. The mattresses are usually 11 inches thick and are ideal for beds of all sizes.

Solay Sleep Mattress discount coupons

Using a Solay sleep mattress myself, I can’t stress enough as to how much it has helped aid in my sleep and back pain. This is the most honest Solay mattress review I could give, after experiencing comfort and peace like no other.

Solay mattresses are made of the highest quality materials, with innovative design features to ensure you get a great night’s sleep every time. They come in different sizes (twin, full, queen etc.) and have different comfort levels (soft or firm) so there is one for everyone!

I know, you must be having various questions about Solay mattress which I have covered in my review: 

1. What is a Solay Mattress?
2. How does the mattress feel?
3. Is it easy to set up?
4. How long will the mattress last?
5. Do they offer any warranties or guarantees?
6. Why should you buy a Solay Mattress over other mattresses on the market today?

Why Use Solay Sleep Mattress?

Solay Sleep mattress provides comfort like no other. The cushioning of the mattresses are suitable for all types of body weights, adjusting accordingly.

Weight distribution is done in such a manner that discomfort is minimal to nil. The foam mattresses are made are of superior quality, having a mixture of latex and memory foam thereby neither producing an excess cocooning effect nor being too bouncy.

The best part is, it helps in pain relief. The mattress is capable of releasing specific pressure points, changing and adjusting according to sleep posture and position. The mattress adjusts according to your needs of a medium feel to medium-soft feel, allowing comfortable stomach sleeping as well.

In this Solay mattress review will go on to list the reasons as to why owning a Solay sleep mattress might not be such a bad idea.

Solay sleep review

The good thing about buying a Solay sleep mattress and availing a Solay discount coupon is that for every mattress you buy and own, a child in need is provided with a mattress and box spring.

Thus, not only are you availing utmost comfort and peace for yourself but buying this mattress also helps you put forward a good deed for someone in need. I’m sure knowing this will definitely help you have a more peaceful sleep than before.

This Solay mattress review will give you a better and clearer idea as to why we personally believe using this mattress will surely provide for a peaceful sleep sans discomfort and irritation.

Features of Solay Mattress:

The features provided under this Solay review are what makes it the best buy amongst its contemporaries. See it to believe it! The mattress is composed of six sturdy and comfortable layers, which include a Tencel cover. The 6 layers are as below-

  • The Tencel cover which is made up of eucalyptus fibres provides for a smooth and silky touch and helps keep the overall temperature in check.
  • A one-inch gel foam that helps to tackle any form of overheating at the top layer. Since this layer is composed of cooling gel, it helps to maintain a cool surface at all times.
  • A two-inch Energex motion foam layer provides an innerspring that helps transfer any and every kind of motion when compared to regular foam. What even better is that it absorbs any form of movement thereby reducing disturbance when your partner shifts in bed.
  • A one-inch support layer made of high-density foam. This foam helps provide compressional support which prevents the body from sinking too deep and prevents compromising the support provided to your back.
  • Six inches of pocketed spring coils which help intensify contouring by adding more support helps to boost in cooling and also reduces transfer caused by motion. What’s more, is, it helps to create a bouncy feeling to the overall experience. However, what is to be kept in mind is, the number of coils varies according to the size of the mattress.
  • A one-inch foundational foam at the base, made of polyfoam helps to complete the mattress’ core support structure. This layer ensures that even the heaviest of sleepers face no discomfort during their sleep, seeing to it that the mattress lasts longer and doesn’t sag.

Layers of Solay Mattress



Comfort Layers of Solay Mattress

Some of the Additional Features: 

  • Solay mattresses work fine on any bed size, even if it is an adjustable bed.
  • Solay mattresses fall under the ‘universal comfort range’ when calculating its firmness – the range of which is around 5.5-6.5 out of 10. This range ensures that irrespective of the body type and type of sleeper, everyone enjoys a smooth undisturbed sleep.
  • The Solay sleep mattresses are made up of new age cooling technology which helps the foam breathe and that in turn helps to keep your sleeping surface cool and comfortable all night long.
  • Solay Sleep Mattresses come in six different standard sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King.
  • Solay Sleep Mattresses use a six-inch coiling system which helps to have reinforced coils around the edges of the mattress. Having this coiling system helps to make a strong foundational core so that the foam has a good base to rest on. Thus, while the top layer is soft and does sink a little, the layers below are strong enough to withstand any movement and weight, making an overall sturdy structure.
  • If you don’t intend on opening the packaging of your mattress immediately, you can keep it packaged for a span of 90 days (from the order date)!

Other than the product features what makes it an attractive buy is the easy shipping and return policy, details of which are given below.

Solay Sleep Products:

Solay mattress products- solay sleep review

The Solay sleep gives affordable mattresses which include Solay Classic and Solay Luxury mattresses as well.

Solay Classic has got a top cooling layer with the infused foam inside of that. It has a 10″ foam with a layer of spring with individually wrapped coils that provide relief from back pain.

Solay Luxury has a top layer of Tencel cover with 11′ of foam and spring. It has got more unwrapped coils of 6′ which provides more relief and cushion to the bed. Finally, they have got the Quantum edge for enhanced support.

You can also get the base for Solay Sleep. Choose the Foundation base if you have chosen the size of your mattress. These both bases work well with Solay sleep mattresses. The adjustable base has more applications as it can be folded when needed.

Premium Foam Pillow

Besides this, the company also give the pillow that is stuffed with the cooling foam making it neither too heavy nor too hot. The foam pillows are available in both the king as well as the standard sizes.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Mattress:

Free Trial

The good thing about owning a Solay sleep mattress is the hassle-free buying procedure. If you wish to take a trial of the product before buying it as we did, they have a 101-night risk free trial option wherein you can try the product in your house for a span of 101 nights, a time span which is enough to try out a mattress and know whether it suits your needs.

The best part is, if you are not satisfied with what you’ve been sent, you can opt for a hassle-free return and get a full refund for the product.

Also, worry not as to whether you’re going to be sent a used mattress to test because mattresses which are sent back after they aren’t preferred are sent to a local charity to help someone in need.

Solay promo codes

Solay Sleep mattress when bought from their official website ships to your home within 3-7 business days and shipping charges are absolutely nil – that is to say, it is FREE! They ship to all 50 states using UPS ground.

They take care of the rest. Once you’ve returned the mattress, they send it to local charities for use – (provided the mattress you’re returning is usable.)


Solay Sleep mattresses come with a warranty period of 15 years! Yes, 15 long years – a time frame which most companies don’t offer, showing how confident they are of the product they sell.

However, there are a few facts to keep in mind when looking at the warranty of the product, such as – the warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the mattress, from the actual date of purchase.

If the purchaser sells off the mattress to someone else, then the new owner must accept the mattress ‘as is’ – with every fault and defect.

Certain other must-knows with regards to the warranty of a Solay sleep mattress are –

  • Warranty is covered when there is some flaw in the craftsmanship of the product which may have caused some form of deformity or physical damage to the mattress, foam or coil, in spite of being set up properly.
  • Warranty is covered when the mattress suffers deterioration, that is to say, when a mattress suffers from a loose spring or sagging or causes discomfort due to a disturbance in the base and foundation.
  • The warranty covers any flaw in the craftsmanship of the cover – that is the upper layer including the zipper and seams. In such a case, Solay may take it upon themselves to repair and/or replace the mattress cover. In case it is replaced, Solay will provide for the latest design and style, which may vary colour and material from the original product.

Certain cases in which Solay sleep mattresses warranty doesn’t apply are –

  • If there is a normal increase in the softness caused by the foam of the mattress, something is normal and in no way affects the comfort provided by the mattress.
  • Warranty doesn’t apply according to change in comfort preference. This is to say that, if there is a sudden change in the preference of the comfort provided by a Solay sleep mattress, they are not liable to change or replace it.
  • Damage caused to the mattresses due to usage, such as burns, cuts, tears, staining, soiling and liquid damage. In such a case, Solay is not liable to replace the product.
  • Damage was caused to the mattress due to an improper bed frame, platform bed, adjustable base, and foundation.
  • Solay is not liable to replace the product if it has been brought from a reseller who is not an authorized retailer.
  • Solay sleep mattresses which are sold under the following tags – ‘as is’, ‘preconditioned’, ‘reconditioned’ ‘used’, ‘comfort return’, ‘returned’, or ‘previously owned’ and any other such similar tag which shows that the mattress is not new or ‘first quality’ indicating that it has been owned previously, are not liable to be replaced.

Solay Sleep Mattress Pricing Review

Solay Sleep mattresses come in six different varieties, as has been mentioned earlier. The pricing varies based on the size you opt for.

Pricing size-wise is given below –

Twin  $899
Twin XL  $949
Full  $1099
Queen  $1299
King  $1499
Cal King  $ 1599


Solay Sleep Pricing Review

Does price seem a little high for your budget? Solay mattress gives discounts and offers on their mattresses. Use these coupons and these mattresses are quite reasonable.

Also, Solay mattresses are currently running a promotion so any mattress you buy, you get it for a discounted rate, the information of which you will be able to find on their official site.

Sounds like a worthy buy, doesn’t it? We thought so too, and trust us, we don’t regret our decision one bit!

Pros and Cons of Solay Sleep Mattress:


  • In comparison to other hybrid mattresses that are available in the market, Solay sleep mattress is slightly less expensive.
  • An excellent discount option is available, for every bed size with the use of a Solay discount coupon.
  • Excellent warranty plan.
  • A brilliant offer of 101 trial nights, helping to know and use the product before being 100% sure of it and buying it.
  • Excellent overall support structure.
  • Comfortable bounce.
  • Easy returns policy.
  • Comfortable temperature control and undisturbed sleep from absorbed motion sensors.
  • Best in its class with superior quality materials being used to provide you with the ultimate comfort.
  • If you are looking for longevity, then Solay sleep mattress is the way to go.
  • If you are a side sleeper, then you’ll have comfort like no other because the soft foamy layer of the top layer helps to contour your body which in turn helps relieve pressure from your shoulder, knees, and hips.
  • If you hate getting sucked into your mattress because the foam of your mattress compresses a bit too much, then Solay sleep mattress helps to vanish that worry because of the foam recovers quickly.


  • There may be a little off-gassing. Off-gassing is basically a slight odor that you might get when unpacking the mattress, since it is tightly packed and compressed, causing air unable to flow and giving out an unbearable odor, initially. However, this is temporary and the smell goes within a few hours.
  • It has no pillow top, this doesn’t really give a plush feel like other hybrid mattresses.

As we can see, the pros and cons although almost equal in number are not exactly the same and the pros do weigh heavier than the cons. This does suggest that a Solay sleeping mattress can be considered a must-have if you’re looking for comfort, durability, longevity, and precision.

Customer Support

In case you ever face any problem with a Solay sleeping mattress you can get in touch with their prompt customer support. You could email them your queries through their official site or give them a call at – 800-806-2801, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Eastern Time).

Solay Mattress Customer Reviews

Solay sleep customer reviews

By the end of the Solay Mattress review, I have answered various questions about Solay sleep such as: 

1. What is a Solay Mattress, and what are the benefits of buying one?
2. The different types of mattresses that you can buy from Solay?
3. Why the Solay mattress is better than other brands on the market?
4. How to order your new Solay mattress online?
5. Shipping information and delivery times for your new mattress?

Features: Solay mattresses are made of the highest quality materials. The mattress is supported by a high quality base that absorbs pressure and helps provide comfort without the support of a board or springs.

Advantages: Solay mattresses are of great quality with comfortable latex coils. You get to choose which firmness you want. You also have the option to select multiple fill levels, so that you get the best amount of comfort from your mattress.

Benefits: Everything is done for you, from picking a mattress to the packaging and delivery. It’s just like going out to buy a sofa or car. Why should you spend time doing all that?

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Conclusion: Is Solay Mattress Worth Its Price? Solay Mattress Review 

If we were to give a completely honest final verdict based on our Solay mattress review, we would say that buying a Solay mattress would be a good investment.

I’ve been impressed with how comfortable the Solay mattress is. It has a really nice balance of firmness and softness, which makes it easy to sleep on for long periods of time without feeling like you are sinking into the bed or too hard to get up from in the morning. The layers provide plenty of support while still being responsive enough so that your body moves as needed during sleep.

Plus, their customer service team was fantastic when we had questions about our purchase! All around this seems like an excellent product at a great price point that will last even longer than expected thanks to its high-quality materials.

Yes, the prices are a little high and might draw a big hole in your pocket but then it is an investment which will stay with you for a really long time (unless you intend on replacing it or getting rid of it.) and that is the sole reason we have added a Solay discount coupon code for you so that you may avail a slight decrease in the price when you buy it.

I hope this Solay Sleep mattress review will assist you in finding the right hybrid mattress for you.


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