Swanson Vitamins Coupon Codes 2024– Up to 70% Off (Free Shipping)

This article on Swanson Vitamins Coupon codes [Month] 2024 is surely going to save you some money, so that while thinking about your health, you don’t have to think twice about your pocket.

Swanson not only offers you vitamins, but it has a whole range of many more health foods, dietary supplements and a lot of personal care products and that too all natural.

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Swanso Vitamins Coupon Code with Review



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How to grab Swanson Vitamin Coupon Codes?

swanson vitamins coupon codes

  1. Click the discount button to directly head to Swanson’s website.
  2. Select the products of your choice and requirements, and add them to your cart.
  3. Apply the Swanson Vitamin Coupon Codes/ coupons/ discount codes if any, on check out, otherwise, if not needed, then simply just check out.
  4. You are needed to provide all the necessary information regarding placing the order.
  5. Pay for the products as per your convenience and get the product delivered to your doorstep without any hustle.

Review of Swanson Vitamins: Swanson Vitamins Coupon Codes May 2024

It’s better to just search everything good or bad related to your products before actually buying it, as that is going to save a lot of stress later. Swanson Health Products market vitamins, minerals, and various food supplements at discounted prices.

Coupon codes for Swanson Vitamins

Swanson vitamins are considered to be one of the cheapest in the market. They are in this business since 1969, and their first ever product was the vitamin only. They claim to be America’s Vitamin Superstore.

Swanson Health Product is a company headquartered in North Dakota, US. It was founded 50 years ago with just a single product i.e. Vitamin E, but today, they have a whole list of products to offer. Their products promise you the purity as they are completely and trustfully extracted from nature. Swanson offers over 26000 products, from vitamin capsules and food supplements to nature-friendly home cleaning products.


Also, they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is a non-profit organization, reporting upon business reliability. Swanson currently has a rating of “A”, which indicates that their business has got a score in between 94 and 96.99 per cent.

Someone who is looking for a high-performance vitamin at a low price, Swanson is really a good go-to choice, and they are highly recommended.

In terms of the guarantee, Swanson offers a 12-month, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on all its widely available products. If you are not satisfied with any product, the unused portion of that can be returned for a full refund, including even the postage.

Swanson also guarantees a double the difference guarantee, according to which, if you find the same product somewhere else, at a lower price than here, they would refund double that difference back to you.

Swanson Vitamins Products & Supplements: 


Amino acid supplements


Amino acids, as we all know are the building blocks of proteins and have read about them sometimes or the other. They are highly essential in all our metabolic activities within the body. They maintain overall fitness, they are also taken to strengthen the muscles, increase endurance, and help our immune system perform better.

At Swanson they are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and vegetarian options available too. All in all they are one of the highest quality AAs at reasonable prices.

Some of them are:

  1. L-Citrulline
  2. L-Tryptophan
  3. 5-HTP
  4. Taurine
  5. L-Carnitine, etc.

Vitamin B Supplements


As we all know, Vitamin B, sub-categorized in B1 to B12 are necessary for well-functioning of our bodies. They help in combatting stress and boost energy levels. Each B complex- from B1 to B12 has unique chemical structure and are needed to perform different specialized functions within our bodies.



What else can one ask for, other than a beauty regime for their skin? And when it’s all natural, I don’t think there’s any other thing better than that. Swanson offers a wide range of beauty products for your skin, hairs, and nails too.

Whether it be paraben free shampoos and conditioners or cruelty-free cosmetics and natural skin care products, they all are environmentally advance and safe. They in no way are going to harm your skin or hairs or nails.

Swanson’s products are going to save your skin from all the chemicals that are used in beauty products nowadays. So what’s the wait for? Give your skin and hairs the love that they deserve and that to cruelty-free and safe in every way.

Some of the products that they offer are:

  1. Hair, skin and nail combo packs
  2. Anti-ageing creams
  3. Moisturizing creams with Vitamin E and Castor oils
  4. Tea Tree oil shampoos
  5. Olive soaps
  6. Hyaluronic acids
  7. Argan oil
  8. Biotin
  9. Bath salt and sole
  10. Body wash and shower gel, etc.

Food and Beverages


Nowadays, everyone is busy and finding the right food, has become more complex. And finding healthy foods online, is a bigger task. But no worries, Swanson is there to help you with their high quality collection of delicious, healthy food products. They have protein energy bars, natural food and sports snacks, juices, apple cider vinegar, organic teas, and spices, honey, and baking products which are gluten free.

So, you can get most out of your days, with the foods and beverages that Swanson has to offer you. So, don’t wait, and fill up your stock with your choice of healthy products which are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and organic. Plus, they all are available online at best prices.

Apart from all these, there are many more products that you can scroll through and hunt for your favorite one. The one best suited for your body. They are:

  1. Memory and brain support
  2. Pet products
  3. Respiratory health
  4. Sports nutrition
  5. Multivitamins and minerals
  6. Liver health
  7. Vitamin A,C,D,E, and K
  8. Weight loss, etc.


Customer Support

If you have any question, queries, or complaints, feel free to call them or drop an email. They revert back within 24-48 hours.

Get help

Their customer service representatives are always there to help you out if you if you have any questions regarding your shopping experience.

Call – 18008244491

7am – midnight CT, MON – SAT

Email[email protected]

6am – midnight CT, MON – SAT

Live Chat – 7am – 11:30pm CT, MON – FRI

8am – 11:30pm CT, SAT

You can also head to swansonvitamins.com to get the complete corporate contact directory for customer care, human resources, Swanson retail store and Swanson international, whose email ids are – [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

Shipping policy

Flat $4.99 is charged as a shipping fee on any size order if you are ordering within US. If, you are ordering from a place farther away, or those which are international orders, you will be charged additionally, accordingly.

These days, no one has the time to shop for things in a brick and mortar store. More and more people are referring to just shop online that saves them a lot of time, stress, and when their stuff are delivered at the doorstep, don’t you think why would anyone go out and carry bags and buy things, that they can buy with such ease.

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How to choose a perfect online vitamin store?

Buying vitamins online was never this easy. Even after this, if you have any doubt as to how to choose your vitamin, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve got your back. Just follow these steps, and you fill find your perfect vitamin store.

Look for a large selection option

What is suggested here is that, opt for a store, whether online or offline, that has a lot of options to choose from, i.e. has more inventory and that too in two ways:


  1. Many options of the same thing that you are there to buy. Say, you want to buy a shampoo, so, if they are having that shampoo of different brands with different price rates, which would offer you a wider range to choose from.
  2. Also, if you are getting to go through a lot of other products, rather than just shampoo, as nail care, or skin care, that would be easier to buy as you’ll have to pay for the shipping and packing charges for just once and that would save a lot of stress.

Go through the shipping costs

When it comes to shipping price, buying online, especially vitamins can sometimes prove to be a wrong choice. So, one should completely research on that.

Look for cheap shipping prices, as you don’t want to spend half of your vitamin’s money for shipping alone.

If you are ordering internationally, make sure to check the shipping cost. Also, some products too are not available internationally, so make sure you ensure these two points prior to buying online and that too internationally.

You can also hunt for free shipping as many online vitamin stores provide that. Especially, when you are ordering in small quantities, it is financially suitable to look for free delivery, or at least minimum delivery charges. Swanson Vitamins has quite reasonable shipping rates when compared to others.

Look for a reward program

Many companies offer reward programs or bundle packs, which are reasonable when you are a regular buyer of such items. They will be easy on your pockets and save you a lot. Some stores offer a customer loyalty program too after each purchase. So, you can look for that too.

Some stores offer a program where you get some fixed points on a purchase of particular amount, which you can redeem later and avail it in your future purchases.


Some online vitamin stores offer a subscribe and save kind of plan where you can take a membership and enjoy your future purchases with discounted rates. This also helps in saving some extra bucks while shopping online.

Consider convenient delivery options

The only thing easy for online purchases is I think the delivery options, so they should necessarily be convenient. Look for stores which offer auto- delivery subscription in case you order same product frequently. Next, you can look for express – shipping I case you need your supplements to reach you really quick.

You can look for an in-store pick as that saves a lot of time as seldom the stores make it available at a store near you the same day and you can go and pick it up from there. While some other stores offer a quick reorder option which you can use by just logging in to your account and reordering the vitamin or other stuff you need. That really saves a good share of time.

Apart from all these points, you may also check if your products are guaranteed or not, just to avoid future stress.

Conclusion: Swanson Vitamins Coupon Codes 2024

Swanson vitamins are one of the cheapest in the markets as they offer a lot of discount offers and other facilities, site wide.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money will be refunded, even on your used items.

Swanson have a wide range of products (over 20000) to choose from satisfying different needs of yours from beauty to health and even home care products.

They treat their customers with frequent offers and discounts over a variety of products to ensure cheap and easy buying at their stores.

And last, but not the least, they offer a 365-day easy return policy which includes free return shipping.


Isn’t that all great? When you get so much options to choose from, and that too just by sitting within the comforts of your home. Who will not go for this easy option rather than standing in a queue to get your items billed?

Hope you enjoy shopping for your vitamins at Swanson’s. Grab the Swanson Vitamins Coupon Codes 2024 and get up to 70% OFF.


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