The Top 5 CBD Oil Subscriptions In 2024 | {Best Pick}

Do you use CBD oil on a consistent basis, or are looking to dip your toes in the water? We have prepared a list of our top 5 favorite CBD oil subscriptions for those who would like to put their CBD needs on autopilot.

Here Are The List OF Best 5 CBD Oil Subscriptions

  • 1. Dollar-a-Day CBD

  • 2. HerbBox – CBD

  • 3. HempleBox

  • 4. Hemp Crate Co

  • 5. Green Girl CBD

So let’s Get Started,

1. Dollar-a-Day CBD

Dollar-a-Day CBD

After carefully vetting the number of CBD subscription options out there, Dollar-a-Day CBD has come in at the top of our list.

Dollar-a-Day CBD serves a different purpose to the others on this list, unlike the other options,

their sole mission is to keep the cost of your CBD oil low, whilst still maintaining extremely high quality. 

In order to achieve this, they only offer one product, which is a 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil tincture and give the option to receive 1, 2 or 3 bottles every month.

By being a subscription service, they are able to cut out the distributors and retailers, offering a product to their customers at the same price as competing brands would need to sell to the distributors. 

Starting at $1 a day, this company is hard to go by when it comes to receiving an effective, high-quality CBD at a price that is truly affordable.

2. HerbBox CBD

HerbBox CBD

This is a great option for those starting out in CBD, who would like to experience a range of different CBD products. Offering a starter kit with 450mg of ingestible CBD

products and 50mg of topical product for $60, they are not the cheapest option on the list but will give you a great introduction and variation of CBD products,

for those people who might get bored of using the same product every day.

If you intend on purchasing the individual CBD oil tinctures, they also offer individual purchases and offer their 250mg for $39.

3. HempleBox


Hemplebox is another great option for your CBD needs, they offer 4 different subscription options starting at $49.99 a month, offering a range of different CBD brands and products.

Again, this is perfect for those who either have a family or number of users in need of CBD products.

Our only criticism of this brand is the difficulty in finding information on how many mg you will receive with each subscription option, as well as a $20 flat rate shipping cost. 

4. Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co

Again, Hemp Crate Co offers a very similar service to the numbers 2 and 3 on this list, but provide some really reputable brands in their monthly “crates”.

Their subscription options start at $44.95 a month and they get pretty fun with it, including everything from cans of CBD soda,

CBD lollipops and different CBD food varieties, these boxes are perfect for lovers of all CBD products.

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5. Green Girl CBD

Green Girl CBD

Last but not least, Green Girl CBD have their way onto this list. This company offers plans starting at $69.99 a month,

this plan includes a 300mg tincture, 100mg worth of gummies and a 10mg Lip Balm, totaling 410mg of CBD.

On top of this, they also offer their products sold individually, with their 300mg tinctures retailing at $59.

If you are inclined to subscribe to their email list, they will also offer you an additional 15% off your order.

They have their lab reports listed very clearly on their website which is nice and have linked the page below



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