Ashley Madison Review 2024 – Is It Legitimate Dating Site? Tips To Hookup For Free

Ashley Madison Review


AshleyMadison seems to be a genuine website for all those people who are looking to get laid out. The interface of it is pretty basic, and it is easy to connect with people if you have purchased the membership.

Out of 10


  • You can make your favorite list
  • Travel Feature lets you message 30 more people
  • Wink feature shows that you are interested in someone
  • It is easy and quite reasonable
  • The interface of it is pretty basic


  • Website is not totally free


Price: $ 49

This post is about Ashley Madison Review 2024.

If you are someone who is already into a relationship but still wants to explore the world like you are single, then AshleyMadison’s Review is going to help you a lot.

Here, we are going to cover every single important piece of information which you must be waiting to get started.

To keep it very clear, AshleyMadison is a different website from other usual dating sites. It is only formed for the people who are in a relationship but still wishing for an extramarital affair.

It’s full of married men and women who want someone to talk to, flirt with, or just get it on with.

If you’re feeling lonely, bored in your marriage, or just need some excitement in your life then this is a great place to find it!

Bottom Line Upfront: The website’s purpose is a little controversial, but it is essential for the basic needs of the couples. If a couple is taking a break from their relationship, they can’t let go of their needs. An extramarital affair can fulfill their needs, give them some time to figure out the problem with their relationship, and after a bit of time, maybe give them the sense to resolve it.

AshleyMadison seems to be a genuine website for all those people who are looking to get laid out. The interface of it is pretty basic, and it is easy to connect with people if you have purchased the membership.

Check out Ashley Madison now.

Ashley Madison On Social Media  Ashley Madison On Social Media  Ashley Madison On Social Media 

Ashley Madison Review

AshleyMadison is going to help irrespective of your interests as the website caters to all the people no matter if they are interested in open relationships, monogamous or polygamous.

They are open to all. And since they have made it easy for everyone, the website managed to gain popularity in a very short time.

Back in 2015, AshleyMadison’s database was hacked, and the personal information of their members got released to the public.

But in a very short span of time, the website managed to rebuild its reputation again. Now they came back with a much safer environment for all their members.

Table of Contents

Ashley Madison Review 2024 – Free Hookup Site ❤️

‘Life is short, have an affair is a controversial tagline of Ashley Madison. This controversial tagline is the reason why this website is extremely famous today.

The purpose of the website is a little controversial in itself. This is slightly different from most other dating websites.

This website is for those who are already in a related or are married and are looking for an extramarital affair.

This website is a boon for a lot of people. If you are looking forward to exploring singles across the world even though you are in a committed relationship, this is the best place for you to be.

According to them, there is nothing wrong with being in an extramarital relationship.

Across the Earth, some people are fed up with seeing and having intercourse with the same person every time, some people have gotten into the wrong foot, some are regretting being in a relationship with their partner but for some reason can’t get out of it yet, some are so open-minded that the couple agrees to have extramarital affairs separately,

And after all, there are a lot of people who enjoy being cuckold or staying in an extramarital relationship. This website mainly aims at these people. However, the reason for an extramarital relationship can be many. Log-in details

If you are already impressed with the overview of AshleyMadison and want to sign-up for it, then you need to first register yourself on it.

As the leading dating website doesn’t want to retake any chance with the privacy of its members, you will be asked a few more questions than any other dating website would ask to sign-up.

However, the questions are easy, and you can answer them in 30 seconds.

To make your account on the AshleyMadison dating website, these are the things you will be asked to sign-up.

Ashley madison review search your love

  • Your marital status- you need to tick on single or in a relationship.
  • You need to choose a username, but don’t worry if you want to stay anonymous. It’s not necessary to reveal your identity.
  • Password- you can check with the website if the password you have chosen is strong or not.
  • Your email address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your current location and zip code- It is important as they will get help to get you a region-based match.

Pro Tip- There is nothing wrong with being extra safe. Hence, we recommend you to make a separate email address before you sign up for the AshleyMadison dating site and use that email address here.

Strictly do not use it for any other personal work to avoid any leaks of information.

Once you fill in all the information required, your profile will be ready.

The best part of the website is that you don’t have to fill in a lot of information visible on your profile as it is not required. You can simply put a unique username instead of your name.

Millions of people search a partner - ashley madison review

Things like your basic information, your city, location, age, zodiac sign, gender, and some little yet important details about the kind of relationship you are interested in and things that excite you will be visible.

You can anytime edit and change this information if you want to.

  • Their audience

As mentioned clearly in their tagline, AshleyMadison is focusing on people who are already in a relationship or married.

They are not like any other usual dating website that targets single people and bring them a match.

If you are in a relationship and you don’t mind having an extramarital affair, then this website can be the perfect option for you.

However, even if you are single, you still aren’t prohibited from the website. You can always try your luck.

  • Membership Criteria –

Check out the full membership guide in Ashley Madison’s review.

Before you start thinking if AshleyMadison is free or how to message on AshleyMadison without paying, then we do have good and bad news for you depending on your gender and interest.

Ashley Madison Review is for everyone

If you are a woman who is looking for a man, then yes, AshleyMadison is free for you. You can use any feature of the site for free. However, if you are someone who falls under the categories such as

  • Women seeking women
  • Men seeking men
  • Men seeking women

Then AshleyMadison isn’t free for you. You need to purchase some credits if you want to enjoy the website and initiate communication with other members of the site.

Again, unlike other websites, there is no monthly subscription required. For using the premium features, you only need credits that you can buy per package.

There are three different packages available-

  1.  Elite
  2.  Classic
  3.  Basic

The names of the packages are self-explanatory. Elite requires 1,000 credits, classic required 500 credits, and for the basic one, you only need 100 credits.

Credits needed for the features are also not the same, and hence, you need more credits for some specific features.

Features such as sending priority emails, collect messages, and initiate emails will cost you 5 credits each.

Once you reply to the people whom you have contacted previously, you will not be required to use the credit every time you email them again.

For using the chat feature, you will again need credits. For 30 minutes, you need 30 credits, and for 60 minutes, you need 60 credits.

Virtual gifting is also available on the website. If you want to send a gift to your match, you can use 20,30 or 50 credits and send them one.

chat with love birds

For buying the credits, you can use various payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, Interac money transfer, courier, mail, and western union.

Overall, the pricing doesn’t look unreasonable as compared to the features and safety the website is offering to its members.


Ashley Madison

💰  Price

$ 49

😍  Pros

Wink feature shows that you are interested in someone

😩  Cons

Website is not totally free


AshleyMadison seems to be a genuine website for all those people who are looking to get laid out. The interface of it is pretty basic, and it is easy to connect with people if you have purchased the membership.

Rating 4/5

Extraordinary Features

AshleyMadison is a perfect website when it comes to offering features to its members.

It will never fail you, and the chances are that you will get amazed by some of the features they are offering. So, let us take a look at them.

1- You can make your favorite list ❤️

We all have our likes, and we find some people interesting. So, here, you have the chance to curate your list of favorite AshleyMadison profiles.

You can add up to 100 profiles to your list, and the best part is that this feature is available to every single user, and it is free of cost.

2- Upload a discreet photo

Some people don’t like showing their real identity, and it is understandable.

And if you are on the AshleyMadison website, then you have an option to upload a discreet photo of yours.

While you upload them, you can also blur the image or add any face mask and sensor to protect your identity.

And again, this feature is available free of cost and every member can use it.

However, when you meet someone who meets your criteria of liking, then you can give them the key so they can access the clear version of your photo.

Spend to your time with love

3- Travel Feature

If you are someone who likes traveling or who travels more often, then by paying a little amount, you can get the option to message a maximum of 30 women who live in that area, and in this way, you can get to know them better.

4- Wink

This feature is not very new but still is an interesting one.

If you are sending a wink to someone, it means that you are telling that you are interested. Whenever you open any profile page of any person, you will find an option to wink.

5- Message Plus

We have mentioned this feature in our AshleyMadison review earlier as well.

You will get a trial of 30 days, which is free and in which you can message and talk to anyone you had contacted before. But the free trial will only be available after buying a credit package.

6- Priority

This is a paid feature that will make your profile look stand out among all the profiles available on AshleyMadison.

If you use this feature, your profile will get a boost, and it will appear different on people’s searches.


7- Body Type

It is a mandatory feature that is available for both men and women. While making your profile, you are required to tell your body type and real weight to make it an easier choice for others.

8- Affair Guarantee

Now, this is truly an interesting feature which you would hardly see anywhere else.

The feature ‘Affair Guarantee’ is the one where members can apply to get the refund of their three-month subscription (1000 credits) only if they are fulfilling the conditions given below-

  • You need to create a full profile and upload a photo of yourself. You have to leave your profile visible at least for the first 3 months.
  • Now send a qualifying priority mail message to at least 20 different members every month, excluding the winks.
  • Send around 5 Ashley gifts in a month.
  • Participate in live chats for at least 60 minutes every month via the AshleyMadison website.
  • Follow the affair guarantee program rules and their terms and conditions.

If you have followed everything mentioned above and you still haven’t met someone in person to have an affair with, you are eligible to apply for a refund of USD 249 plus the taxes.

But make sure that you request within 30 days of program expiration.

Ashley Madison Review 2024

Signup 9.0/10
Making Contact: 9.0/10
Profile Quality: 8.0/10
App: 9.0/10
Real Life Review: 9.0/10

5 of the Best Alternatives to Ashley Madison

1) Hush Affair:

hush affair dating

The web prioritizes privacy on its website. Create an account using a valid email address. Then, build a password and username and begin browsing profiles of singles you’re interested in meeting.

It’s easy to discuss what you’re searching for in an affair with someone, which makes catching up and enjoying a fun time much better.


They have 3 VIP plans for you.

VIP Membership SMS –
  • INR 200 – For 7 days
  • INR 422.22 – For 30 days
  • INR 555.55 – For 90 days
VIP Membership Dotpay –  
  • INR 222.22 – For 15 days
  • INR 355.55 – For 60 days
  • INR 533.33 – For 180 days
VIP Memebership Paypal –
  • INR 222.22 – For 15 days



  • They offer live chats
  • No mobile application is available
  • Profiles are kept private hence it is secure

2) HeatedAffairs:

heatedaffairs review

Heated Affairs is a common site for men and women seeking steamy, intimate encounters. These individuals decide what they want, and it is something relaxed and enjoyable. With over 48 million members, there are loads of singles looking for a fiery fling.


They have various features and hence different sorts of pricing.

Gold membership – Standard Cost –
  • $ 39.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 80.85 ($ 26.95 per month) – For 3 months


  • $ 3 ($ 0.02 per credit) – For 200 credits
  • $ 6 ($ 0.01 per credit) – For 500 credits
  • $ 10 ($ 0.01 per credit) – For 1,000 credits
Adult movies –
  • $ 2 ($ 0.67 per day) – For 3 days
  • $ 18.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 38.85 ($ 12.95 per month) – For 3 months
Search Highlights –
  • $ 9.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 26.85 ($ 8.95 per month) – For 3 months
Private Chat Room –
  • $ 9.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 20.85 ($ 6.95 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 35.70 ($ 5.95 per month) – For 6 months



  • Authentic and verified profiles
  • Too many men and a very few women
  • All the profiles are informative

3)Victoria Milan:

victoria milan review

Victoria Milan claims to be the world’s most famous affair website. Its popularity is a result of the many privacy and protection measures taken by the platform to keep its users secure.

Users of Victoria Milan can use the Anonymous Blur feature to conceal their identities from future players. There is a panic button that can whisk you back if you suspect anyone is monitoring you on-site.


They offer 3 premium membership plans.

  • $ 149.97 ($ 49.99 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 239.94 ($ 39.99 per month) – For 6 months
  • $ 359.88 ($ 29.99 per month) – For 1 year



  • The Panic Button feature is an excellent way to prevent detection and maintain a sense of security.
  • It’s very costly
  • It is entirely discrete.


illicitencounters website

If you’re interested in married dating in the United Kingdom, Illicit Encounters is the place for you. It’s a website populated by users from the United Kingdom who want to pursue someone outside of their marriage or are comfortable dating someone married.


They have 2 membership plans and a credit plan to offer.

Gold Membership –
  • 139.99 GBP (35 GBP per week) – For 4 weeks
Gold Plus Membership –
  • 169.99 GBP (42.50 GBP per week) – For 4 weeks
  • 199.99 GBP (16.67 GBP per week) – For 12 weeks
IE Credits –
  • 19.99 GBP (0.01 GBP per credit) – For 3,000 credits
  • 49.99 GBP – For 20,000 credits



  • Subscription can be purchased anonymously
  • Communication is limited
  • Customer support is nice

5)Seeking Arrangement:

seeking dating site

It is one of the leading sugar daddy dating platforms, with over ten million users. There is a reason for the site’s success. It is not scary for first-time visitors.

They promise interactions with no strings attached. Additionally, they have a section in which experienced sugar daddies give tips to young sugar daddies about how to prevent scams.


They have various premium plans and a diamond plan to offer.

A premium membership for successful members plans –

  • $ 89.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 239.85 ($ 79.95 per month) – For 3 months

Diamond membership for successful members plan –

  • $ 249.95 – For 1 month

Premium membership for attractive members plan –

  • $ 19.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 44.85 ($ 14.95) – For 3 months



  • Quick and easy sign-in
  • Expensive in contrast to other dating sites
  • In the trial membership itself, you can see all the member profiles and images


AshleyMadison is an online dating site that started in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern.

This site is basically what you call heaven after hell; many people that are married have this feeling that having one is not enough.

For them, is heaven, as this is all about having affairs and secret relationships.

Quick Links

FAQs | AshleyMadison Review 2024

- How much does AshleyMadison cost?

The website has many options to offer. Also, there are plenty of free features available that you can use, but for a limited time. And if in case you want to use the website without any restrictions, then these are the few plans given below- 1-100 credits for $59 2-500 credits for $169 3-1000 credits for $289.

✍️- Does AshleyMadison work?

Yes, AshleyMadison works well for everyone. The dating website is open for all, irrespective of their gender and interests. They also have the affair guarantee feature for their members, too.

- Is AshleyMadison legit?

Yes, AshleyMadison is a legit and real website. You can make your account free of cost. And if you are a woman seeking for men, then this website is exclusively free for you. However, if you fall into some other category, then you might have to buy some credits, but the website would work 100% in both cases.

I am a woman new to Ashley Madison. Is there any way my husband can find out about me using this website?

It is improbable that your husband finds out about your relationship with anyone from this website? You can first make sure that your husband is not using this website.

Can I find young people here too?

Yes, the website is not only about married people but those in committed relationships as well. Also, we have seen many profiles here of young men and women who are not in a committed relationship and yet had made an account because they want to date mature men or women. So yes, you will find a lot of young people here too.

✔️ Is there any way that can help me check whether my wife is using this website or not?

Ashley Madison respects the privacy of each of their users. There is no way you can check whether your wife on this website from their side.

Is it ethical to write about hacked Ashley Madison users?

It is unethical for them to utilize data without the agreement of the people. That may even be the case if the data is anonymized since it is very unreliable. Keep in mind the fact that these dating websites are not hackers who wish to steal your details. They are on this platform and trusted by many users, including celebrities, because they have earned this respect. They are there for business, and they will try their best to keep your details safe at all times.

Sex, Lies, and Cyber Attacks review – where's the big Ashley Madison reveal?

The movie is good. It is entirely based on these controversial websites. But, the website is 100 % legit and safe to use.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Ashley Madison?

Personal reviews and testimonials posted by people on various websites can be fake and may not be trustworthy. However, websites like ours can be trusted as no websites want to scare away their regular readers. Therefore, we would never unknowingly spread rumors and fake information. On the other hand, you do not have to trust anyone. Just give Ashley Madison a try and get to know how good it is for you.

‍♀️What can I do if I have a question about Ashley Madison?

In case you have questions for Ashley Madison, you can directly contact them from here.

‍♀️Is Ashley Madison trustworthy?

Ashley Madison is a 100 % legal website and is entirely trustworthy. Even celebrities have been using this website, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Is Ashley Madison worth paying for?

Credits are worth acquiring if you get additional credits, although half of them will likely be spent on bots. Spending money on Ashley Madison, on the other hand, is advantageous if you are serious about having an affair and dating someone outside of your marriage.

⁉️Is Ashley Madison worth it?

Yes, it is a legitimate dating website where you can find hundreds of singles and form a connection with them online.

Can you read messages on Ashley Madison without paying?

Yes, the Ashley Madison app is entirely free to use. First, however, you must register on this website. Following that, you choose a membership plan or a one-month free trial. Therefore, sign up for a one-month trial, and you will be able to send and receive messages for free.

⁉️Is Ashley Madison free?

Women may access the site for free. However, male users must pay a minimum of $ 49 a month for 100 credits to access the site.

Are there fake profiles on Ashley Madison?

Not really. There are hardly any fake profiles at Ashley Madison. However, some users have reported bots talking to them. Even if this is true, they still have enough men and women on their website that can help you get hooked up within a week max.

‍♀️What does a green dot mean on Ashley Madison?

On Ashley Madison, the green dot indicates that the individual is online. This indicates that the individual is logged into Ashley Madison and actively conversing or viewing the website.

Does Ashley Madison use bots?

According to Annalee Newitz, editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, who investigated the 2015 data dump, Ashley Madison used over 70,000 bots to send bogus female messages to male members. However, according to Reuters, CEO Rob Segal, and newly hired President James Millership said in July 2016 that the business had eliminated bots by late 2015. So we can say that there were bots on Ashley Madison earlier when it didn't have many profiles. But as of 2021, it has millions of male and female users, which made bots absolute, and hence now, there are hardly any bots on Ashley Madison.

‍♂️Can I find out if my husband is on Ashley Madison?

Examine his browser's history. While many users erase their browser history and utilize incognito mode, they sometimes mistake and neglect to mask their trace. If you locate the website, you will determine whether or not your significant other is a member of Ashley Madison.

Is Ashley Madison a dating site?

Yes, you can say Ashley Madison is a dating site. However, it is more of a website for married users looking forward to cheating and extramarital relations. This can involve something as familiar as dating to something like hooking up or marrying.

How much do credits cost on Ashley Madison?

Women may access the site for free. However, male users must pay a minimum of $ 49 a month for 100 credits to access the site.

Does Ashley Madison send fake messages?

You may find a few fake messages on Ashley Madison. However, Ashley Madison still has many users and can get you hooked up in a week max.

‍❤️‍What is the best dating site for a married?

The best dating site for married couples or extramarital affairs has always been Ashley Madison. No other platform can match the number of people looking for intermarital affairs like this one.

What were celebrities on Ashley Madison?

The celebrities that were on Ashley Madison were – Celia Walden Jionni LaValle Hunter Biden Josh Taekman Jason Dore Sam Rader Jeff Ashton Josh Duggar

Is Ashley Madison for Sugar Babies?

Ashley Madison is specifically for intermarital affairs. Those who are already married but are looking for affairs outside of their marriage. However, if you are a sugar baby and married, we can recommend using Ashley Madison. You will find you, sugar daddy or mommy, here.

Conclusion – Ashley madison Dating Site Review2024

The Ashley Madison Dating Site provides an opportunity for anyone looking to add a spark of excitement to their otherwise dull and regular love life.

With its high-end reputation, simple membership fees, and active user base, the website is sure to have something that will cater to all types of romantic needs.

It has features such as message boards, private chats, photo galleries, videos, and more that make it more exciting than typical dating sites.

In conclusion, Ashley Madison Dating Site is worth considering for anyone who wants to spice up their life and try something new!

Furthermore, although there’s no guarantee it’ll work perfectly for everybody at all times; its effective measures in ensuring potential users’ anonymity and data privacy make this website worth taking the risk for those interested in pursuing online relationships.


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  1. Best website for affairs. I recently dated women from Ashley madison and damn she was just amazing. Thanks to Ashley madison. Im looking for more women now. ‍❤️‍
    Highly recommended

  2. comparing to other website found Ashley madison so genuine and authentic .The community and people have soothing aura.

  3. Ashley Madison is an online dating site with a difference. It is the place to go to if you’re looking for an affair. Ashley Madison is the number one dating site for people looking for an affair.

  4. It is outstanding amongst other undertaking sites. I likewise know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can meet ladies through great hookup locales like NoStringsAffair and AFF. A few dates through those destinations also. However, it is consistently a similar story: Keep as a top priority that ladies get many messages so they can be meticulous about reacting. They are exceptionally forthright about what they need yet they actually hope to be treated as women!

  5. Enthusiastically suggested worth the membership I met my genuine romance at this site and we are glad

  6. I’ve been now and again AM for many years and have had some great encounters for certain women I’ve met here. Along these lines, the uplifting news is there are in reality genuine ladies there. However, it’s a numbers game and it’s anything but a great deal of tolerance and abilities.

    My tips are: Avoid profiles that are unrealistic. Think carefully. Try not to pursue young ladies under 30 in the event that you are 50+. On the off chance that they appear to be into you they are in all likelihood sugar darlings or simply attempting to trick you.

  7. I joined Ashley Madison and have found the fulfillment I needed to return to my husband a satisfied partner. It’s completely removed the anxiety from our marriage.

  8. Connecting with a man of a different culture or someone taller or much older – something that my husband will never be, it is all okay.

  9. AshleyMadison is a free prive to all! The site features over 37 million active members dating, hooking up and having more fun than ever. I have found the most fun connections here that I never would have met otherwise. Watch this video of me getting laid in different places while on vacation with Ashley Madison and see what you’re missing out on!

  10. AshleyMadison is awesome! It’s like all the good parts of Tinder in one app. Unlike regular dating apps, AshleyMadison provides a platform for people to find out what they want and achieve it. Whether you’re still on the hunt for “the one” or just want to have some casual sex with no strings attached, AshleyMadison has helped millions of singles like us first get laid – then find their match!

  11. If a couple is taking a break from their relationship, they can’t let go of their needs. AshleyMadison changes all that and continues to give each partner what they need without compromising the other person’s feelings or commitment. Two-timing? No way! As long as both parties are in agreement about leaving for their own pursuits, take advantage of this website instead to stay satisfied while you’re giving your heart some healing time.

  12. AshleyMadison will help you find someone who can keep up with your sexual appetite.

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