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This post is about the famous Ayutthaya Nightlife from Thailand 2023.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is popularly known as Ayutthaya. This tiny place in Thailand has a lot of archaeological sites such as temples, palaces, monasteries, and the like.

It is located about 80 kilometers to the north of Bangkok and this makes the city an ideal location for a day trip if you wish to travel from Bangkok. Though the Ayutthaya nightlife might not appear to be quite appealing in contrast to the Thailand nightlife.

You can tour Ayutthaya Thailand in the evening and visit the temple ruins. The historical sites have spotlights on the ground which contrasts with the dark black sky and makes it beautiful and also surreal. the entire place I have taken to a completely different level with the lights and the contrast.

Ayutthaya nightlife - Local Bars & Night Clubs
Ayutthaya nightlife – Local Bars & Night Clubs

Besides the river cruises and the night tours, when it comes to Ayutthaya nightlife, the city has very little to offer to the tourists. Drinking is treated as unwinding and chill out experience and mostly takes place in a local guesthouse instead of heading to a party house or a dance club.

The Ayutthaya night markets provide a lot of drink stalls and the local beers are a must-have, as they are simply the best available.

Enjoy the Ayutthaya nightlife | Local Bars & Night Clubs

In order to experience the real action of the Ayutthaya nightlife, you will have to take a tuk-tuk ride all the way to an area that is popularly known as the Grand Market. The Grand Market of Ayutthaya is the Ayutthaya red light district and this is the place where you get a lot of karaoke pubs, beer bars having live rock music as well as bar girls who will always be by your side.

The bar girls never seem to leave you alone. Many of the guys who make a trip to Ayutthaya prefer making it just a day trip, as it is only a one hour drive if they take a minivan from Bangkok. Also, most of the guys are unaware of the interesting Ayutthaya night market and the Ayutthaya nightlife in the tiny city of Ayutthaya, which was Siam’s former capital.

spend night with hot thai girls in red light district

Obviously, there might not be many Ayutthaya massage parlors or Ayutthaya girl bars or many nightlife spots in this city in comparison to the numerous hotspots that can be found in Thailand.

However, it is recommended to increase your stay in Ayutthaya to a minimum of two nights, as this will help you explore the city, have lots of fun and also meet a really nice girl if that is what you are on the lookout for.

Overview of the Ayutthaya Nightlife

In Ayutthaya, there are only two nightlife areas : 

(i) The Grand Street

Grand Street is quite popular in the city of Ayutthaya. In fact, it is the unofficial Ayutthaya red light district.

When you reach this area, what you will notice first is the various karaoke bars that are Japanese oriented and have a lot of young ladies sitting in the bar, or waiting for the customers outside the bar. In addition to many happy ending massage parlors and beer bars, it also has the best night club in the city.

(ii) The Soi Farang

Soi Farang is officially known as Naresuan Soi 1. Soi Farang is situated in the Old City which is quite near to all the very famous temples of the city Ayutthaya.

At present, it has about 8 different bars wherein about 80% of the customers are Farangs and approximately 70% of them are backpackers who are 30 years or below. So if you intend to meet a lot of Thai girls, you must head right to Grand Street.

Wat phra soi rattana mahathat temple - thailand

However, if you intend to unwind, relax and enjoy some cheap but good cocktails with your friends or girlfriend then you must be in Soi farang. Some of the famous hotspots in Soi Farang is the Jazz Bar, Chang House, and Planet Earth. 

These two locations are quite far away from each other, in case you wish to take a walk from one area to another. The distance between the two areas is about 4.7 km. It is recommended to rent a motorbike. You can rent it at approximately 300 Baht for a full day i.e., 24 hours.

The Farang Bars located in Ayutthaya

 The Cowboy Bar is located on Grand Street and is one of the very popular Farang bars that you can find in Ayutthaya. The Cowboy bar has some great settings, they have half open air and also have a live band that plays every single night starting from 9 pm.

They also have a pool table which gives you the opportunity to meet many people, make friends and have a great time. The staff at this bar is super friendly as well.

 The Lady Sexy Bar is located directly opposite the Cowboy Bar and you can find a lot of lovely, talkative girls right behind the bar. There are many more bars, though smaller, which can be found if you stroll the grand Street area and you can have a lot of fun in these places, even if it is just a beer.

For instance, you can check out the Farang Bar, which is indoor with the aircon, or the Bar Rin. However, the main action can be found in the Cowboy Bar and The Lady Sexy Bar. 

  • Prices:

A majority of the bars offer very reasonable prices. Small beers might cost you about 70 Baht and the big beers might cost you about 110 Baht. Spirits such as Gin Tonic or the Red Label Soda can cost you around 100 Baht too.

The cost of these drinks is about 50% lesser than what it could cost you in the tourist areas of Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket, or Pattaya.

  • The Karaoke Bars located in Ayutthaya

If you intend to have fun and enjoy yourself with some of the hottest and attractive Thai girls that you can find in Ayutthaya, then you must check out the karaoke bars, as these are the go-to places to find the best girls.

Though these bars are mostly oriented towards the Japanese men, even the white guys are welcome, as there are many ex-pats who work for various Japanese companies located in this area.

Most of the Ayutthaya girl bars can be found on Grand Street and you can find many of the other smaller and naughty bars at Talat Grand Soi 8 – these bars offer you the “boom boom” (or sex) immediately.

You can negotiate the amount charged as the “bar fine” and this can be done with the manager, post which you can select the girl you like and take her to your hotel.

Karaoke Bars located in Ayutthaya - Live music, beer bars
Karaoke Bars located in Ayutthaya – Live music, beer bars


The beers in the bars will cost you around 120 Baht. The lady drinks will cost you around 180-200 Baht. The rental for the Karaoke room is around 500 Baht. And if you wish to spend some time with a girl or girls in the hotel, it will cost you anywhere between 1,500-2,000 Baht.

  • The Night Clubs of  Ayutthaya

One of the very popular Ayutthaya night clubs is the Klong Pleng 3. It is very famous in the area. If you are able to converse a bit in the Thai language and you have sufficient money to buy a bottle of whiskey, this will help you make a lasting impression on the girls and you can have a lot of fun in this place.


There is no admission fee charged in this club. A beer will cost you around 140 Baht, a Johnnie Walker Red Label bottle of whiskey will cost you around 1,700 Baht (and the mixer such as soda will cost you 50 Baht and ice about 30 Baht).

  • The Happy Ending Massage of Ayutthaya

The small streets that can be found in Grand Street are loaded with a lot of tiny happy ending massage parlors or salons. There are about a dozen or more of such parlors in this area. Just like any other place in Thailand, many of the girls here are not locals but belong to various different Isaan provinces.

massage parlors in ayuthaya


Many of the salons will charge you about 200 Baht for a good Thai Massage and about 400 Baht for a good Oil Massage. A Handjob will cost you about 500 Baht most of the time. However,  sex is not permitted in the salons.

  • The Ayutthaya Ladyboys

Well. there are not many ladyboys in this city of Ayutthaya. However, there are a few transgenders or ladyboys who can be found near the massage salons in the area of Grand Street. If you wish o meet ladyboys and have a good time with them, you can check out some dating sites or visit other areas of Thailand.

 The Local Bars of Ayutthaya

 When it comes to the Ayutthaya nightlife, there are many cool local bars spread out all over Ayutthaya which you must visit. The 

Amuse Bar, as well as The Terrace, are some of the very popular Ayutthaya night spots. They are quite popular amongst the local Thais. You will also find some really beautiful and attractive central Thai girls in these local bars. Most of the Thai girls are quite shy and do not flirt with foreigners, especially when they are with their friends.

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thai girls sexuality -More satifying one night stands, girlfriends

These local bars are very popular and are great dating spots as well and are very similar to the local bars that can be found in Soi Farang.

(i) Chang House

The Chang House is one of the most popular hangout places that has a mixed crowd of foreigners and Thais. The Chang House was set up in the year 2003. It provides local beers, cocktails, and spirits in addition to western and Thai food. The place has partly outdoor as well as indoor seating, has a big-screen TV that is good for live sports and it also has live band music almost every night.

Opening Hours: It opens at 12:00 noon and is open till midnight.

Location: It is located on Naresuan Soi 1.

(ii) The Cowboy Bar

The Cowboy Bar is quite a popular hangout place in the evenings and nights. It is a cowboy-themed bar that offers local beer and Thai food at a very reasonable price. It is located in the neighborhood of Grand Market which is Ayutthaya’s red-light district.

It is literally not discovered by foreigners or tourists. So in case you visit the place, you must be prepared to be meet the local crowd.

soi cowboy red light district, bangkok enjoy nightlife

There is a live band that plays Thai pop, country, as well as rock music every night.

Opening Hours: It opens at 17:00 in the evening and closes at 02:00 in the morning

Location: It is located at Grand Market on Rojana Road (which is near the Ayutthaya Grand Hotel)

(iii) Moon Café

The bright-red façade of Moon Café’ and the huge hand-painted cursive sign of this café cannot be missed. This laid-back establishment provides great live band music, mostly after 11 pm, which consists of western rock as well as Thai folk songs. It offers an assortment of Thai as well as western food at very reasonable prices. The drinks consist of beers, cocktails, and spirits.

The clientele includes mostly foreigners, backpackers, and some locals.

Opening Hours: It is open from 5 pm in the evening and is open till midnight

Location: It is located on Naresuan Soi 2

(iv) Street Lamp Bar and Restaurant

The Street Lamp Bar and Restaurant appears to be a house rather than a bar because of its non-descript joint appearance. There are some wooden tables as well as parasols out in the front. The interior lobby area has a bar and a pool table.

There is live solo music, that consists mainly of western rock, the tunes of the ’60s and ’70s and starts right from 8 pm till the closing time.

Girlie bars in bangkok - Lady Drinks for thai girls

 Opening Hours: It is open from 7 pm till midnight

Location: It is located on Naresuan Soi 2

(v) Wang Chan Kasem Night Market

The Wang Chan Kasem Night Market is flanked by the river Pa Sak in the front and the Wang Chan Kasem Museum at the back. It is the perfect place if you want to relish a cheap meal with some picturesque river views in the center of the area. At sunset, many metal tables, as well as plastic chairs, are lined across the market square for the diners who come in.

There are many food stalls lined up that occupy a side of this market, and they offer almost everything – ready-to-eat meals, Halal Food, grilled chicken, etc., whereas the other side has a lot of stalls selling fashion accessories and clothes and the like.

Opening Hours: The Market is open from 5 pm till 11 pm.

Location: It is located on U-Thong Road, which is around the Wang Chan Kasem Museum.

Price Range: You can find anything within your Budget (food as well as clothes)

  • Jazz Bar located at Soi Torgorsor

This Jazz Bar shares the food menu with the Chang House located right next door, however, the soundtrack offered here is way better. 

  • Street Lamp located at Soi Torgorsor

Street Lamp provides a wooden seating that spills right into the street that is in front of the guest house attached. The evenings have some great live music provided by the very charismatic Mr. Noi who plays some rock classics in his faux-American accent and he also invites the audience to pitch in.

Street Lamp located at Soi Torgorsor - enjoy nightlife

  • Wat Yai Coffee

This is a very small and nice coffee shop, and you will be served by staff who are very friendly but shy. It could cost you anywhere between 25-45 baht.

A lot of the bars of Ayutthaya can be found in the Soi Trogorsor area which is located on the west of Chao Phrom Market that is in between the Naresuan Road and the Pamaphrao Road.

The majority of the bars are open till 1 or 2 am in the night but these bars are much quieter than the ones that can be found in cities of Thailand such as Bangkok or Phuket. However, there are many sports bars in the area if you wish to catch up on some sports.

 The Chao Phrom Market is a very popular night market and is the best way to enjoy the Ayutthaya night market when you stay in Ayutthaya. The market caters to the local’s needs than that of the tourists.

However, if you want an authentic Thai experience then this is the market to be in. You can get some great deals on clothes and enjoy some cheap yet tasty Thai food. The best time to visit this market is at night, as the stalls open only in the evening and stay open till late in the night. 

In Ayutthaya, nighttime cruises are very popular due to the canal and also the river system which surrounds this small city. you can also view temples at night by hiring long-tailed boats at a very reasonable price and enjoy the lit-up scene for an hour. you can also find a good cruise buffet at times.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How many areas are available for enjoying nightlife in Ayutthaya?

There are two most famous places in Ayutthaya to enjoy your nightlife. The Grand Street and The Soi Farang are so popular among the tourists.

❓ What is the pricing in Farang Bars?

These bars offer very reasonable prices. Small beers cost 70 Baht & the big beers cost 110 Baht.

❓ What local bars are found in Soi Farang?

The local bars like Chang House, The Cowboy Bar, Street Lamp Bar, and the Moon Café are very popular and are great dating spots as well.

Conclusion: Ayutthaya Nightlife | Find Anything Within Your Budget

Thus, the nightlife in Ayutthaya might not be as crazy as in Pattaya but surely you find fun. If sex is on your mind, do visit Grand Street and Soi Farang and you will surely find a girl or two to have your fun for the night. 

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