ThaiCupid Review 2024 – Thai Spa Or Thai Sex? Is This Dating Site Legit?

ThaiCupid Review


ThaiCupid is a fun dating site that allows single people everywhere to meet beautiful sexy Thai ladies.

Out of 10


  • You can sign-in with facebook
  • It is easy to use
  • Meet individuals from varying backgrounds
  • Cupid Tags available
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Sign-up is completely free
  • Thaicupid provides advices on social media networks
  • Thaicupid provides Android as well as iOS apps.
  • There are a lot of girls who do respond to texts quickly
  • Genuine profiles


  • Customer support is average
  • You need membership access to video call people


Price: $ 11.67

In this blog, I am going to discuss ThaiCupid Review 2024 ❤️.

When it comes to sex, the first name that comes to mind is Thailand? Apart from being a beautiful destination, Thailand has a lot more to offer. One of the best things about Thailand that can’t be missed is the women of Thailand.

This is one reason why Thailand is one of the best places across the world for single men. Also, Thailand is highly visited by bachelors for their bachelor parties due to the availability of many sexy women, always ready to have sexual relations with men and especially foreigners.

Women with different sexual desires worldwide visit and sometimes stay in Thailand. Believe me, and you will find a significantly huge number of Thai women on this application. It feels like almost all the women in Thailand are using this website.

Bottom Line Upfront: The website has a straightforward interface, and there a high number of sexy and attractive Thai women on this website. Women here are very open-minded and hence are ready to do almost everything you want from them. 

ThaiCupid On Social Media

If you are willing to sleep with stunning hot Thai women, no place can be any better than ThaiCupid. ThaiCupid is a fun dating site that allows single people everywhere to meet beautiful sexy Thai ladies. Check ThaiCupid now.

ThaiCupid Review 

It’s the playboys’ paradise for all the men out there and is the ticket to random sex.

In an unknown city, your search for a partner to stroll around parks, spend a lazy weekend binge-watching game of thrones, or just silently stay in bed.

What’s a better way than finding a companion online? 

ThaiCupid Review - Try It

When you visit Asia, you look for exotic and sexy Thai ladies, and that is the truth.

Their beautiful dark skin that tastes like a fine wine, thin and graceful bodies that can move in ways, that the Brazilian or any white girl simply – can’t.

Thai girls are feminine, they know what their men desire. Be it a small peck on the cheek every morning or a memorable night. 

If you visit Thailand with these dreams in your head and have no clue how to achieve them, if you are also not a person hitting clubs in Bangkok and scoring girls, we are here to help you out.

ThaiCupid is a dating app that helps users to fulfill their golden shower fantasies.

The creation is done in a way where you can meet and greet ladies and take forward the way you desire.

It is also the platform for random hookups, or you can easily explore your erotic desires.

With over 1.5 million registered members, ThaiCupid claims to be one of the highly mobile dating apps in Thailand.

If your partner is in your neighborhood or a nearby coffee shop, ThaiCupid will give a kick start to your fairytale. 

Thai Women Gif

How To Log-in On ThaiCupid?

You can easily open an account with much inconvenience on both work areas and cell phone gadgets.

You additionally have the choice to sign in with Facebook if that’s what you need.

It’s implied that the more urgent and intuitive highlights of the site are bolted behind paid enrollment membership with the essential membership going about as a mystery for the paid highlights.

The sign-up procedure is genuinely straightforward on ThaiCupid with 3 fields to top off and choices for picking sex and age.

When you complete the enrollment structure, you can straightforwardly go to your homepage to include profile data or peruse the site at your recreation.

You can see individuals accessible for a visit from the homepage of your profile.

ThaiCupid has an essential yet intriguing UIX that effectively consolidates blue and lime green on a white foundation to make each section of the site particular and reasonable.

Thaicupid review - hot girls

The route bar at the highest point of the page is remarkable as it appears to elevate clients to transfer photographs by organizing a transfer catch at the exceptionally top of the bar.

What Types of Women Use ThaiCupid?

While browsing, you’ll run over a couple of various kinds of young ladies. The young ladies here, do in a general search for something more genuine than ThaiFriendly, for instance.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ladies looking to hook up, however.

Thaicupid review - hot girls hookers and girls

With such gigantic participation, there’s actually something for everybody. In case you’re curious about “farang”, it is virtually a nonexclusive word utilized by Thais to depict an outsider.

Outside guys in Thailand, for the most part, have high status because of the view of having cash and furthermore having a lighter composition.

These things don’t go unnoticed by the ladies, and there are a lot of farang trackers that are hoping to connect with an outside man.

Thaicupid review - hot girls thai hotel girls

You’ll never be out of dates in Thailand that is without a doubt. Regardless of whether you’re white, dark, Indian, or Asian, there are sufficient ladies in there to keep any man occupied for quite a while 😉

Membership Criteria

Paid Vs. Free ThaiCupid Membership 

ThaiCupid Review - Platinum Plan

When signing in, there are two choices you have with regard to getting an enrollment. Let’s go over the upsides and downsides of each. 

1. Paid Membership

ThaiCupid Review - Golden Plan

  •   Send boundless messages.
  •   Propelled search features.
  •   A simple approach to discover quality ladies. 
  •   Message all the limited individuals (most sizzling young ladies). 

2. Free Membership

  • Seriously restricted hunt capacities.
  • Can’t react to messages. 
  • Can’t message most sizzling young ladies. 

As you folks can see, it’s an easy decision to get the paid form.

You can pursue the freeway just to investigate; however, you can’t send a solitary message and not go through some fantastic features.

Extraordinary Features of Thaicupid

1. Cupid Tags 

Thaicupid review - hotel girls ladyboys

You can place tags on your profile with words that best hotshot your great qualities.

These are designated “Cupid Tags.” These labels help you since your profile springs up at whatever points these tags are being looked at. 

2. Block List 

If you have gotten hostile messages or met individuals you don’t care for, you can undoubtedly put them in your blocked rundown so they won’t have the option to get in touch with you. 

Membership Features

3. Verify Accounts

You may pick to confirm your record by transferring a distinguishing proof archive on the site or sending them an email at [email protected]. This will reinforce your validness. 

4. Instant Messenger 

This is a live chat with a camera and texting. Though, a Standard part can just speak with Gold or Platinum individuals. Gold and Platinum individuals can convey to anybody paying little respect to participation grade.

Read Testimonials ❤️

ThaiCupid Testimonials

5 of the Best Alternatives to ThaiCupid

1. ThaiFlirting:  

thaiflirting dating site

With over 500,000 users, it is one of the most famous Thai dating sites. Also because it’s totally secure, has an active group, and allows for free message sending.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a completely free Thai dating site to meet Thai singles but don’t want to pay some money, you can give your crush interactive presents and kisses.


It is entirely free to use. However, to enjoy extra features, you will have to buy coins.

  • $ 10 – 100 coins for a month
  • $ 25 – 250 coins for 3 months
  • $ 40 – 400 coins for 6 months



  • The profiles are very detailed
  •  No iOS application available
  • The free membership has almost everything you need, and even the premium membership is very cheap.


2. ThaiFriendly:

thaifriendly review

It is one of Thailand’s largest online dating platforms, with over 1.7 million active users. While they provide options to move to a premium subscription, most essential features are available for free. The web is elementary to use due to the site’s well-structured layout.


They have 4 different premium subscriptions to offer.

  • $ 19.99 – For 1 month
  • $ 49.95 ($ 16.65 per month) – For 3 months
  •  $ 69.95 ($ 11.65 per month) – For 6 months
  • $ 119.95 ($ 9.99 per month) – For 1 year
Pros Cons
  • Instant Messaging is included in the Premium Plan.
  • Only uses Mastercards and PayPal
  • You can begin using the app immediately after registering on a device.


3. Date in Asia

dateinasia dating

Although the website is based in Asia, it has many Thai people desperately looking for partners. It has a sizable number of female Asian participants outside of Asia.

The majority of female members continue to reside in Asia, especially Thailand. In comparison, most male representatives hail from foreign countries, especially the United States.


The site is entirely free, and you do not have to pay anything for any extra premium features.

Pros Cons
  • The site is entirely free to access; there are no subscription fees or other hidden expenses associated with its use.
  • Certain nations, including certain Asian ones, are excluded from membership due to the site’s regional filter.
  • DateinAsia has over a million active users, which means you have a decent chance of meeting your ideal Asian mate.


4. AsianDating

asiandating site

AsianDating’s membership base is undeniably divided by gender and age. The majority of its male participants are between 35 and 44, and the majority are of Caucasian ethnic origin. Although the website is in general for Asians, a huge population of Thai people can be seen here. 


They have two types of memberships,

Gold membership –

  • $ 119.98 ($ 10 per month) – 12 months plan
  • $ 59.99 ($ 20 per month) – 3 months plan
  • $ 29.98 – 1 month plan

Platinum membership 

  • $ 149.99 ($ 12.50 per month) – 12 months
  • $ 69.98 ($ 23.33 per month) – 3 months
  • $ 34.99 – 1 month
Pros Cons
  • Without an updated account, you will be able to answer members
  • The interface of the website needs a lot of changes
  • Paying memberships are less costly than a large portion of the market


5. OkCupid

okcupid review

OkCupid was established in 2004. It was classified in Time Magazine’s Top 10 dating websites in just over 3 years. The dating site’s membership base has consistently grown over the years, so there are plenty of profiles to peruse. Even now, the dating service has a sizable number of active users.


They have two different types of subscriptions and a credit system for boosts to offer.

A-list basic subscription –

  • $ 7.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 19.05 ($ 6.35 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 23.70 ($ 3.95 per month) – For 6 month

A-list premium subscription 

  • $ 24.90 – For 1 month
  • $ 68.70 ($ 22.90 per month) – For 3 months
  •  $ 119.40 ($ 19.90 per month) – For 6 months
Pros Cons
  • Identification options are very good
  •  The video chat option is not available
  • Most of the services in the app are free to use


FAQs | ThaiCupid Review

How to use ThaiCupid for free

Standard membership is free and allows you to direct interest to other members and communicate with Gold and Platinum members. Gold members can communicate with all members of the site regardless of their membership class.

How much does it cost a girl in Thailand?

The fines are expected to be between 600 and 1000 baht. For a short time, it will be around 2000 baht. Add another 1500 baht for a long time.

❤️ How much does a Thai girl cost per week?

Happy Holidays Hiring a Thai barmaid as a friend, as a companion is the easiest thing in the world. In addition to 2-3,000 baht a day, it also, unfortunately, costs to rent the girl. So you also have to pay cash every day. It gets expensive.

How are girls on ThaiCupid ?

The women are beautiful and genuine, interested in long-term relationships. The women are very warm and friendly.

How to use ThaiCupid ?

Thaicupid is as easy to use as any other dating app. Create an account for free, complete your profile, browse through the different user profiles on the platform and send messages to the girls or guys you like the most.

Do girls prefer serious relationships or short-term romance?

I've seen both types of girls here some prefer long term whereas some prefer long term some are ready for a one-night stand or for a night out to party.

What kind of women use Thai Cupid?

There are many gorgeous and attractive women on this website. You will find several women with almost all sorts of desires, majorly for one nightstand for long-term sexual relationships. Women here are from almost all cultures, ethnicity. Most of them are either heartbroken, single, widowed, or divorced.

Can I ask a girl to marry me on Thai Cupid?

Women here are very open-minded. Different women here want different things. Some women are just looking for one-night stands, while there are women who are looking for long-term relationships possibly marriages as well. If you can catch the vibe, make her feel good and safe, you may score a sweltering chick wanting to marry you. Although you must start with knowing her first, talking to her first, and then slowly talk to her about marriage.

‍♀️Thai Girls: Easy, or Wife Materials?

Thailand and Thai females have a reputation for easy sex, and for good reasons, if you're a white tourist: you'll meet many females who come back to your house fast and effortlessly. But it could be misleading: Thai females are rather severe when it comes to short-term sex inclination. Indeed, just as there are more easy-to-sleep ladies, there are more reticent and sexually inexperienced women than in the West. Of course, more reserved Thai women are also more hidden: you won't encounter them at pubs and clubs: there are either hired professionals or promiscuous party ladies hunting for foreigners. To meet more reserved and wife-material Thai females, you need larger social circles. Day game is also excellent, but the significant first resistance of more traditional and shier women must be overcome.

How to Sleep With Thai Girls / Can I get laid in Thailand?

Yes, if you can't get laid in Thailand, don't expect to get laid in any other place on Earth. It's the most accessible place to get laid on. Be confident while approaching and be at the right place. Don't be too desperate or too polite. Keep trying, and do not make a fool of yourself.

What are Girlie Bars and Adult Nightlife Venues in Pattaya?

Most girly clubs are just host bars; they feature bikini-clad dancers, gro's, short skirts servers, and mamasans. Bars give ladies to any client who wants them. Usually, males buy females ladies beverages for the company (conversation). Adult venues and nightlife in Thailand are great. Thailand is called The Sex Capital of the World for a reason. You would plenty of girls here looking forward to getting laid with you.

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Conclusion | ThaiCupid Review 2024

You will find beautiful women on this website. There are women worldwide, and especially Thai women, desperately looking for eligible men to make them wet. There are many women in Thailand and this website and very few men.

This highly increases the competition and makes it very easy for the guys to pick up scorching girls from time to time.

People talk openly about sex on this website, and the best part of this application is that most of the women on this website are incredibly open-minded and hence are ready to do anything for the men they are or want to sleep with. 

ThaiCupid is a magnificent site for anybody searching for affection or sex.

Meet individuals from varying backgrounds. Sign up now!!

Go checkout Thaicupid on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube now.


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  1. I recently visited Thailand to meet my new girlfriend whom I met on ThaiCupid we roamed around visited many bars we had a one-night stand. Looking for some more girls on ThaiCupid

  2. It was definitely easy and mobile friendly. I had a bunch of matches which made browsing for a date fun. I am currently dating my girlfriend of over 3 years and we met on Match. So, I am very appreciative ThaiCupid brought us together.

  3. Lots of lovely ladies to choose from are available here, you have helpful hints in the comments. Best site that I’ve visited till now and would soon renew my subscription. Highly recommended for you

  4. I joined Thai Cupid out of disappointment with the UK dating locales. Thai women are quite a lot more aware and pleasant individuals. I addressed my now Thai sweetheart and we immediately associated, I currently anticipate the lifting of flight limitations because of Covid when I will venture out to meet her and ideally things will advance as we have arranged. Best of luck to you, I trust you discover the perfect individual, I did !!!

  5. She informed me just before I planned to surrender. We talked for a while before I moved to Manila to be with her. We live respectively now, and we are both truly glad! I flew from LAX to Manila. At the point when I showed up, we went out to eat and it’s been extraordinary from that point onward. The best web based dating webpage for Thailand.

  6. I have found someone really special here already. thanks to this site. couldn’t have been happier if I hadn’t found the love of my life only through video calling and texting.

  7. This site is a genuine site where you can meet genuine individuals. It’s anything but clogged with individuals and there is next to no rivalry. You can collaborate with genuine individuals. Individuals are quite cordial. I think cupid media must be the top dating destinations out there.

  8. Indeed, I at last discovered who I was searching for and filled my vacant soul. She is a lovely, basic, modest and awesome lady! Because of the whole group at, with whom I desire to share my satisfaction! Much appreciated again for the chance!

  9. I met the love of my life on ThaiCupid with a girl I can just be myself. Because of covid, we agreed to meet in Turkey because she can travel there without a visa during the pandemic. I’m so happy with my life now! I’m so happy with my life now! Part of the reason I’m so happy is that I found my partner through ThaiCupid. We’ve been on a lot of adventurous vacations so far, including a tour of Turkey. We can’t wait to spend more time traveling and exploring the world. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for your service!

  10. I would like to thank ThaiCupid for providing a platform that allowed me to meet many ladies online and allow me to maintain communication in order to easily get to know each other. I was able to meet a lady who is very compatible with me.

  11. I met with her two days before coming to Thailand, and we coincidentally met at the airport. Four days later, we hooked up, and a week later, I fell in love, and the rest is history. The app was very good! It made life easier for workers who want to find out who they should get together with after work. She took the after work and went to the sushi restaurant for lunch and then we went to the movies after that we went and had dinner together and then I walked her home.

  12. She messaged me right before I was about to give up. We talked for several months before I moved to Manila to be with her. We live together now, and we are both really happy!I flew from LAX to Manila. Upon arrival, we ate out and it’s been great ever since. The best online dating site for Thailand.

  13. I met him on ThaiCupid in October. He came to see me in Bangkok. We spoke to each other again tomorrow. I am here for checking the messages that we talked about in Thaicupid. I lost all messages with him. I kissed him and I know that those are the lips I want to kiss for the rest of my life Destiny

  14. The best way to find a life partner is by meeting Thai ladies. I have met mostly nice ladies, with the occasional exception. The lady I have chosen seems warm, honest, and caring. Actually, she is all the things I have asked for and in one lovely package. She is beautiful, inside and out. Thank you so much.

  15. I’ve found my perfect match on ThaiCupid! Tiffy and I are soon to be married and planning to make a family in Germany. Thank you so much ThaiCupid.

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