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  • Responsive surface
  • Traditional coil bounce
  • Three firmness options
  • Excellent edge support
  • Free Shipping within US
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Best for frequent side sleepers


  • No memory foam feel
  • Minimal but noticeable motion transfer

Verdict: Aviya Mattress is a great deal when it comes to money. You get extremely nice quality at a pretty affordable rate. The mattress also allows enough comfort for any user. The types of firmness it allows in choosing, really makes a huge difference.


Aviya is also one of the best mattresses to get Online. Further, you will find a detailed report in the Aviya Mattress Review on how much we liked the product.

Do you want to wake up every day thinking that you have spent your night on the bed of a luxurious hotel? Then, Aviya is the answer for you. Aviya makes the same types of mattresses that are delivered in hotels. 

Aviya Mattress Company Review

Aviya Mattress Review : Overview

Aviya is an online company, which sells its mattresses directly from the company to the consumer. It creates a hybrid design of the mattress which is a combination of foam and innerspring. Aviya sells exclusively due to its low price and comfort. The brand is based in the USA. 

A family-based company of mattress makers, which has been in the business for 75 years. They have poured all their expertise and knowledge of this field into making the Aviya. Right from choosing the right materials to delivering it right to your doorsteps. 

Aviya Mattress - Overview

The Aviya mattress is like an update from the traditional innerspring mattress. It has coils in the center and is covered by foam, which makes it a hybrid. This quality of being a hybrid gives it the advantage of not only the innerspring but also the foam. Thus, making the mattress, one of the best and very comfortable mattresses in the competition. 

Aviya Mattress Review : Why Should You Prefer Aviya?

Aviya not only is an affordable choice, but also of great quality. If you are looking for something which makes you comfortable and gives you a good night’s sleep, you should consider Aviya. 

It is a great fit for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. It gives maximum relief and your weight is distributed evenly on the mattress, not making you sink in.

The mattress also takes care of your pressure relief. Since the mattress is made up of foam on the top, you get enough coziness when you lie on top. The cotton quilt on the top gives a feeling of lying on a rich hotel bed as soon as you touch it. 

Aviya is also environment friendly, which also makes you a more responsible person if you opt for this mattress. The mattress guarantees to give you a peaceful sleep. Even then, you are not happy with your purchase, the brand provides a 100-day risk-free trial and you can return the mattress with a refund for the purchase. 

If you do end up buying the mattress, you get 10 years of peaceful, cozy, and comfortable sleep as that is how long the warranty period of the product is. 

Aviya Mattress Review : Construction & Material

Aviya has a couple of layers to complete it. We will be talking about every layer the mattress holds and the functions and the comforts attached to it. 

On the top, there is a quilted cover. It is attached to a cooling foam which is 1” thick. This layer has a pretty traditional feel to it. Comfortable and is very breathable, since the material used in making is cotton. It has a pretty cushiony feel to it and you can feel your pressure relief right from this layer. 

Second, comes the high-density foam layer. It is a firm layer and being high density doesn’t sag. The polyurethane foam doesn’t contour your body and acts more like a transition layer between the softcover and hard springs. 

Next, is another layer of foam, which concentrates on the support system for your body. It is a cushioning layer, acting for not only your spine and lumbar region but also your pressure points. Additionally, it also allows you to not feel the coils below and can be called as the second transitioning layer. 

Aviya Mattress Construction

Along the edge, after this layer is an encasing layer made up of high-density foam. This layer is added to give solid edge support to the bed. The layer is 3” thick and protects the coils of the bed from the exterior. The layer also allows a mild resistance to the sagging of the mattress. 

The layer above encases the innerspring coils, which happen to be individually wrapped. The coils are made up of 15-gauge-steel. This layer allows for amazing motion control and support. A queen-sized mattress holds around 800 coils, the number may change according to the size. The layer allows in temperature regulation as an advantage, due to the space between the coils. This coil layer works wonders for your body’s comfort.  

The next layer is a 1” layer which acts as a supporting layer for the coils. It helps in creating stability for the entire mattress. This layer is like a tying layer for all the layers above this. This is again made up of foam.         

The material palette is hugely constraining on foam. Some people may find the mattress to be very firm, because of the excessive use of foam. 

Aviya Mattress Review : Features

The mattress has a few commendable features

  • Airflow: The mattress is made up of innerspring coil, which makes the entire mattress, quite breathable. The top cover of the mattress is cotton. This material intervention makes it possible for the sleeper to avoid sweating at night and gives an amazing temperature regulation for the body. Not making the body wet with sweat. 
  • Strong Edges: The edges of the mattress are lined with a dense foam layer. This adds to the stiffness of the mattress and makes it seem bigger than it is because of the strong edges. 
  • Lumbar Support: Many mattresses avoid having this advantage, but when the sleeper gets lumbar support, your body seems to be releasing all its pressure. This allows maximum relief to your body. 
  • Sag-Free: Many people complain about how their mattresses sag after a while and make them have bad sleep. Although, Aviya is made in a manner that it won’t sag at all. The mattress has strong coils in the bed, balances the thin foam layers, and makes sure the weight on the mattress is distributed evenly. This does not allow the mattress to sag. 
  • Hybrid: Aviya is hybrid. This means that it has an innerspring coil and also has memory foam in making. This allows the bed to be doubly comfortable. 
  • Bouncy: The mattress is filled with hundreds of springs. This makes the mattress super bouncy and fun to sleep on. You get your bounce not only in the deep coil region of your bed but also on the top region where the memory foam is situated. This combination makes sth mattress even more bouncy. The bounce rather contributes to making you comfortable and nestles you pretty nicely on the mattress. 

These features that the mattress portrays, do add an advantage to the mattress when it competes with so many brands online. Features like lumbar support or the advantage of a strong edge are not found in many mattresses. 

The Firmness of Aviya Mattress

The Aviya is a medium-firm mattress. When you start placing your body in the mattress, you will be introduced with a very soft quilt and the smoothness of the first layer, which will make you bounce and sink a little bit in the mattress. But then you will be suddenly greeted with a firmer foam, which will support your body and transfer your weight further to the coil. Even if the foam supports your body, you are certainly going to feel the innerspring coil. 

Aviya provides you with not one, but three options of firmness levels. Namely, Plush, Luxury-Firm, and Firm. You can choose a mattress, from these options, which suits the best for your body type.

The three types of firmness that the brand provides, depending on the type of construction of the mattress. 

The plush mattress has a very soft feeling to it. This mattress is for those who enjoy having a soft bed. The foam present in this mattress is very soft and gives a feeling of sinking in the mattress, rather than being on the mattress. This mattress is usually liked by people who have a smaller body frame. It gives them enough comfort and enough sinking in. The sleepers don’t feel to suk in the mattress and can get up easily off the mattress. 

Luxury-Firm is the most sold mattress. The reason behind this is the average firmness it provides. It is not too soft, nor too firm. Which serves perfectly for most body types and many more types of sleepers. The mattress has the firmness of the high-density foam, but also the softness of the quilt, making it a major choice. This item reminds you of the luxurious hotel bed. 

The Firm is the most firm mattress the brand provides. The mattress is a solid hit for the people who have heavier bodies. The bed is firm but soft, not rock solid. Serves to the idea of being on the bed, rather than in the bed. Though the sale of this mattress is a constraint to a minimum.  

Aviya Mattress Firmness

You should also note that the mattress is not going to cradle you. Some people like the feeling of sinking into the mattress, so that it contours your body, making you more comfortable.

But Aviya, being inlined with spring, will pretty much keep your body on a flat surface. The firmness of the mattress also depends on body type. Here, is a detailed view of how the mattress will treat your body type. Take note that the following review is concentrated on the Luxury-Firm Mattress option.

Aviya Mattress Provides Comfort at its Best – Additional Features

If you are a stomach sleeper, you might get a little uncomfortable, and sink in the bed, according to your weight. But your knees and some other pressure points will be rested since the springs will allow a comfortable alignment. 

In case of you being a back sleeper, you will find your body to be properly aligned and supported, especially in your lumbar area. It will give quite a comforting experience. The weight of the body will be equally distributed over the mattress. 

Side sleepers have the advantage of releasing enough pressure, and still being supported properly by the mattress. The top layers will ensure that pressure is released on the mattress, with utmost comfort. You will feel more sunk in than usual since major body weight is concentrated on a smaller surface area. 

Heavy sleepers may want to choose the firmer mattress since the coils will sink in more than expected and make you uncomfortable. 

With three options to choose from, Aviya does make a good deal for major body types. You can choose whichever mattress you are comfortable with. Since the average of all mattresses is medium-firm, the mattress ought to deliver comfort for most people. 

Motion Control

Motion Control is a big deal for light sleepers and couples. In the case of Aviya, motion transfer is limited to being average. Memory foam offers an excellent shield from motion control whereas the Inner-spring coil is not a good motion controller. Aviya being a hybrid, does not completely stop motion control. It does help in minimizing the movement though.

The top layers are made up of foam. So if there is a slight movement on the opposite side of the bed, the memory foam absorbs it, making you sleep peacefully. If your partner is getting in or out of bed, the mattress can handle the vibrations. But if one decides to hop onto the bed, the coils will transfer the motion or the vibrations to your side of the bed. 

One might have to test the mattress and check if the motion control is appealing to them or not. 

Edge Support

Aviya Mattress has a strong edge. Since the third layer is foam which is aligned at the corners, the sleeper does get enough edge support to not topple out of the bed but enough flexibility to get in and out of bed easily. 

The mattress will support your body weight very easily if you are sleeping near the edge of the mattress. It won’t let you topple over and the shape of the mattress will be intact, giving you enough protection. 

Aviya Mattress -Additional Features

When you are sitting on the bed in a position to tie your shoes. The same output is observed. The mattress will hold your weight in a concentrated position and won’t make you feel like falling over your head while handling your shoes. It makes sure that the body is in position, but the shape of the mattress is intact. 

Aviya and the Environment

Aviya makes it a point to environment-friendly materials and gives a thought about the environment. It focuses on locally produced materials and takes pride in using them. The polyurethane foam that is used in making the cushioning is mixed with soy, to reduce the consumption of petrochemical substances. 

The brand is also CertiPur Certified, which declares that the mattresses are made without any harmful chemicals or metals like mercury or lead. No traces of volatile organic substances are found in the mattress. The use of materials that are not harmful also results in the minimum outgassing of the mattress.

Aviya Mattress Review : Pricing

The financial factor of Aviya Mattress is pretty appealing. The costing, like all other brands, depends upon the size of the bed. Down, below is a list about the same. 

Twin- $699

Twin Xl- $799

Full- $849

Queen- $999

 King- $1299

California King- $1299

Pricing Review

The cost, when compared to other brands, is pretty cheap and affordable, with no compromise in quality. The materials are of high quality and chemical-free. Due to these rates, the sale of Aviya is largely influenced. People tend to buy the mattress as it is at an affordable price, they get to enjoy the sleep in perfect peace and comfort. The price is appreciable.

Aviya Mattress Review : How to buy Aviya Mattress?

Aviya is an online-based company, hence you are going to have to order the mattress online. Once ordered, you will receive the mattress in a matter of 3-7 days. The brand is USA based and offers free delivery in the United States only. You can ask for the type of delivery you want. You can get it delivered at your doorstep free of charge, or you can pay another 100$ and get your entire bed set up. This is called a white glove delivery. If you want the removal of your old mattress, you can pay another 60$ and have the old mattress removed too. It all depends on your choice of preference.

Since Aviya is to be bought online, you should make sure that you are choosing the right mattress when you add it to the cart. Make sure about the size and the type of mattress. After your order is generated, Aviya comes straight from the factory to your doorstep avoiding the usual haggle in the middle and saving you some dollars. 

 How to order

Along with your mattress, you also get an option of buying your box spring. You don’t have to buy a new one if your old one is in good shape. Also, the mattress works properly with all kinds of beds. Even if you have a standard bed, adjustable base, or even a slatted bed, you need not have to worry, because Aviya fits in all types. 

The brand keeps you updated with the delivery of your mattress, checking up on the times you would be free and at home, delivering the product accordingly. The mattress arrives in a huge box and if you opt for a white glove delivery, you will get your entire bed set up by the company itself.  

Free Trial For 100 Nights – If Not Satisfied Then Return It

Aviya allows a great trial policy. Since you can’t spend time with the mattress, before you buy it, Aviya provides an excellent 100 day trial for you. If in any case, you are unsatisfied with your Aviya, you can return it within 100 days, since the delivery and expect a full refund back.  

Though I would recommend you use the mattress, for at least a month. The mattress takes a little time to adjust to your body type and sleeping type. Only when you are completely sure that you need to return the mattress, then you should take the necessary steps. 

Aviya Mattress also gives a 10-year warranty, like every other competitor in the field. Watch the video to see the Unboxing of the Aviya Mattress-

Customer Reviews

  •  Matt Wright-Love at First Sleep

After sinking into my sleeping spot for the last 3 years I finally upgraded my mattress and chose Aviya. I couldn’t be happier! It came right to my door and I set it up. Waking up without back pain is great!

  •  Jen Kinney-My back loves me now

We were attracted to the Aviya mattress because of its price and Aviya Mattress Review, the 100-Night trial program, and because our pillow top has sagged to the point of misery. We love the comfortable yet supportive feel of the mattress! No more springs in my back!

  • Jane W.-Very happy with our Aviya mattress

Amazing!! I absolutely love it! You guys have made a great mattress. It’s the best, greatly improving my sleep. Thanks so much.

Customer Reviews

FAQs : Aviya Mattress Review 

Will the mattress give off-gassing smell?

Yes, you will experience some mild smell of off-gassing since the mattress comes all packaged to your doorstep. But it is pretty minimal, you will get rid of it in less than 24 hours.

By what means is Aviya delivered?

Aviya is delivered via FedEx. The product is picked up from the company, where it is made and delivered straight to your doorsteps.

Is it okay for side sleepers to use Aviya?

Yes, absolutely. Since Aviya provides three choices of mattresses, side sleepers should choose the plush mattress as it gives maximum sinkage to your body and will be soft. This reason won’t allow the shoulder or your hand to pain, because of the concentrated weight of your body on it.

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Conclusion : Aviya Mattress Review 2023– Is It Worth the Money?

Aviya Mattress is a great deal when it comes to money. You get extremely nice quality at a pretty affordable rate. The mattress also allows enough comfort for any user. The types of firmness it allows in choosing, really makes a huge difference.

I would recommend you to go for the Average Firm, it is the right balance for any body type. But I would also suggest you buy the Firm one if you are heavy or are a stomach sleeper or the Plush if you are a side sleeper or have a small body frame. 

Aviya is a great option for people who occasionally complain about back pain. Since the coils provide a flat base to lie upon, your pressure points in the back are extremely relieved. Back and stomach sleepers can take maximum advantage of this trait. 

It provides great airflow and does not make you sweat at night. The bounce factor that the mattress adds due to its coils is commendable. And I am pretty sure you like a good bounce on your bed after all everyone enjoys a classic innerspring feel.

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20 thoughts on “Aviya Mattress Review 2023 : Pros, Cons & Testimonials | Aviya Mattress Customer Reviews”

  1. I have been dreaming of a mattress that is soft enough to be comfortable, but supportive enough for my back– and this is it. I would never buy a traditional innerspring model again!

  2. At this point, it feels like you either love or hate Aviya. When I first received mine in the mail, I actually did hate it. However, once my body decompressed and adjusted to the bed’s deep coil-pocketing system, I loved it! Coils are contoured so they push your spine into its natural alignment — which is great for back pain sufferers. The flip side of having coils means you have to be mindful about where you sit on the mattress because between the pressure points there are no foam layers acting as an offseason barrier to protect sensitive surfaces from indentations. This feature also makes changing sheets a tad more difficult than average; but in time I learned how best to maneuver around these areas when doing laundry.

  3. With a price in the four-figure range, Aviya is a premium mattress. The feel from these layers of foam and coils is luxurious and cozy—I could spend hours just lying on it. I have yet to experience any early sagging or shape deformities that can come from cheaper mattresses. In terms of comfort for my two dogs that jump on the bed every day, they were fine with this mattress as well!

  4. I’ve had my Aviya mattress for six weeks now and I am thrilled with it. Initially, I was hesitant about purchasing a hybrid model because my old innerspring mattress wasn’t so good. But the reviews on this mattress were so glowing that they convinced me to give it a try anyway. And boy am I glad! It is supportive enough to be excellent for back sleepers yet plush enough for side sleepers or folks who want just a little more cushioning than what most innerspring mattresses offer. This means that no matter which position you prefer, your hips won’t sink into the bed–and there will never be an ache in your shoulder when you wake up either!

  5. After moving to Ohio I had difficulty finding a mattress that would work for long-term. Finally, after an exhaustive search order the aviya at my recommendation of friends and loved ones. It is so comfortable with three different firmness settings! You will never want to get out of bed again!

  6. I was hesitant at first because I am a side sleeper and have been told that these mattresses are better for back sleepers. However, the Aviya mattress not only supports my back but can be easily flipped to meet my needs as a side sleeper. I’ve had it less than a week so far and love how comfortable it is! With pocketed coils, this mattress gives plenty of support while also being extremely comfy with its foam base layer. The support system of this mattress has increased the quality of my sleep since I started using it remedying any issues I was previously experiencing in that department. The warranty they offer on their products is also really nice when you need extra peace-of-mind!

  7. I was looking for a high-performance mattress but didn’t want to break the bank. I researched online and found Aviya, which sells mattresses directly to consumers. It took me about 3 weeks of trial and error with their customer service team before meeting my perfect match: the medium-firm Aviya Mattress in a California King size. The newest innovation is the adjustable layers — you can take out or add foam layers to your mattress depending on your preferences and needs! And if having an eco-friendly product isn’t enough, they also use organic materials like natural latex foam that’s CertiPUR certified (it’s free from harsh chemicals such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons).

  8. I’ve spent six months on the Aviya Mattress and I’m in love. The pillowtop is a nice, soft touch without being too squishy, and it’s cool to the touch when you lie down. It doesn’t look like much in pictures, but this mattress is a winner.
    I sleep with my laptop in my bed most days so I can work from there- no problem for me anymore! Very comfortable back support without being too anything else either way – just right…
    The delivery men were so sweet and one of them actually set up my new bed frame for me since he noticed my old one was starting to go out! Super chivalrous they were.
    My gut instinct told me that Aviya would be best for me.

  9. I’ve been sleeping on my Aviya Mattress for about a month and I love it! Before the Aviya, I had to sleep on an unstable mattress. It created all sorts of back pain and neck problems because it wasn’t providing enough support. But this new mattress is so comfortable that I don’t have any issues with my neck anymore! Getting some great rest has really improved how productive I am during the day at work, which in turn makes me happier too!

  10. I love that this mattress has kept my back pain-free. I bought the “invigorating” model because I wanted something different than an average medium firmness, but not so hard as to be too difficult for comfort. Fresh out of the box, it feels squishy and soft enough for me to believe it will remain comfortable over time. I’ve never had a good experience with buying mattresses online before, but after trying this one out in person at our local Aviya store-which is both physically present and very convenient-I decided to take the risk on their website. It was really worth it!

  11. I was hesitant at first because I don’t like innerspring mattresses (too stiff). However, this is not an innerspring mattress, it is hybrid. It can be firm or soft depending on your preference; but the best part about these mattresses are that you never get hot! They let air flow out and they make sure to take care of any funky smells while doing so (my boyfriend has very sensitive skin and he loves how well it tolerates his allergies).

  12. Until Aviya Mattress, I’ve been buying different mattresses from a variety of brands. Recently, it seems as though every mattress I tried has given me an issue. One gave me a back pain and made my joints sore, another was too hot to sleep on, and one even became uncomfortable after only three months use! What bothered me most about that last one is that the company sent out customer service representatives who told me I had to break in the mattress for an entire year before they would do anything about it.

  13. Aviya has never been the best mattress for me. Sure, there were times that it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud of pillows, but those plush moments were few and far between. I’ve gone through many mattresses in my time and this one is by far my least favorite. It would be more accurate to say that I only liked the Aviya Mattress at about 30% of what feels like its potential. For some people, though, it might be just as good as some high-end models you find in stores these days!

  14. I can’t believe I ever slept on a pillowtop mattress.
    I recently bought an Aviya Mattress and after a night of sleeping, I couldn’t believe that my body was feeling rested in the morning. The most instant gratification with this company is the fact that you don’t have to search for a luxury-level price tag. My former $2,000 bed made me not want to get out of bed every day – but Aviya put me back in charge. I work 12+ hour days which means my sleep time is limited so it’s crucial to get quality rest while still waking up before noon (hey, no judging). I’m really happy with the pocketed coil technology because these coiled springs are awesome.

  15. In the quest to find a luxury bed, many end up with nothing but sore backs and disappointment. I bought a high priced mattress years ago and spent most of my time balancing on a ball until my lower back seized. To make things worse, this particular mattress kept going flat after heavy use or almost no use at all due to “sagging”. It was impossible to snuggle up against it without feeling like you were falling into suffocating depths of what one might refer to as “bad sleep”. A new on-line company called Aviya had been mentioned in some financial media from time-to-time for being innovative and scientific when it comes to mattresses which is usually foreign territory for that industry.

  16. We’ve been sleeping on the Aviya Mattress for a few months now and it is, without a doubt, our favorite bed. The foam provides the great bounce back that we need while at the same time dampening noise from our leafblower downstairs. Within weeks of buying this mattress, developing deep grooves in our old mattress became a distant memory. Our sleep quality also improved significantly after 60 days on this mattress which made us happy because if there’s one thing we hate to do for fun then it’s going shopping while irritated!

  17. I had a hard time deciding between all the different mattresses I’d seen- but after going with Aviya, my decision was made. The Aviyah Mattress is really comfortable and feels like a nice hybrid of memory foam and innerspring– It has plenty of pushback that’s perfect for my needs.

    I tried the Aviya Mattress out at Geek Night 19 when they were giving away samples afterward. I gave it a go on an air mattress in our showroom, demo mattress from one of manufacturers we partner with, to comparison shop how mattresses slept side by side. When you compare them side by side it’s easy to tell what makes each model distinctively good or bad–the sole difference being.

  18. I was hesitant at first because I am a side sleeper and have been told that these mattresses are better for back sleepers. However, the Aviya mattress not only supports my back but can be easily flipped to meet my needs as a side sleeper. I’ve had it less than a week so far and love how comfortable it is! With pocketed coils, this mattress gives plenty of support while also being extremely comfy with its foam base layer. The support system of this mattress has increased the quality of my sleep since I started using it remedying any issues I was previously experiencing in that department. The warranty they offer on their products is also really nice when you need extra peace-of-mind! Overall.

  19. I have never slept better in my life. I used to wake up with my neck feeling uncomfortable, but that has changed since I shifted to the Aviya Mattress. The bed is so comfortable and soft-top!

  20. I still think about my Aviya mattress in the morning when I wake up and in the evening when I try to go back to sleep at night. And we’ve been sleeping on it for more than a year. Back then, we were looking for an eco-friendly product with long warranties and low-warranty costs…we wanted something that would be durable and supportive enough for me – but not so firm or bulky that my husband couldn’t use it comfortably. We researched, rated, and picked out our ideal set of criteria: green materials; easy maintenance; no need to flip/rotate – just standing is required per every 10months; organic cotton covers. When we found the Aviya mattress mentioned online, we knew we had found.

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